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Revealed: Top Selling Products on Shopify 2024!

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Revealed: Top Selling Products on Shopify 2024!

Here Are the Best-Selling Products We’ve Found on Shopify (+ Examples)

In the constantly changing world of online commerce, pinpointing the upcoming popular product trend poses a significant challenge. This highlights that having a visually appealing and high-performing store alone is not sufficient. For success in attracting customers, businesses need to stay updated with the top selling products on Shopify in their sectors, aligning themselves with the fluctuating demands of consumers.

Moreover, selecting the right product can notably enhance a brand’s sales and conversion rates.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is recognized as a leading figure in the e-commerce industry, offering a comprehensive platform for businesses to create, manage, and grow their online stores.

The platform is crafted to provide businesses with critical tools necessary to design an attractive online presence, manage inventory, process orders efficiently, and secure payment transactions. By simplifying the technical aspects of e-commerce, it enables businesses to focus on scaling their operations.

Shopify is a powerhouse in the world of e-commerce—it’s an all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and growing an online store.

The platform offers a variety of customizable themes, an intuitive interface, and a vast array of apps and integrations to enhance functionality. Among these, integrations tailored to Shopify enable businesses to offer customer-centric subscription services.

Such integrations allow for the efficient setup of subscription plans, the management of customer transactions, and the tracking of subscription analytics within the Shopify ecosystem.

Upscribe integrates with Shopify to enable customer-centric subscriptions.

What Are the Benefits of Selling Products on Shopify?

1. Easy-to-Use E-Commerce Platform

Shopify is renowned for its user-friendly interface, which suits both seasoned e-commerce professionals and novices perfectly. The platform’s intuitive design streamlines the setup and management of an online store, eliminating the need for technical know-how.

This simplicity enables users to focus on their products and customers, steering clear of complicated technical challenges.

2. Safety and Reliability

Safety and reliability are paramount in e-commerce. Shopify offers secure hosting and protection for online stores, ensuring that customer data remains protected. Stores remain operational and responsive, even during periods of heavy traffic or high demand.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

Running an online store often comes with its set of challenges or questions. To address this need, Shopify offers 24/7 customer support. A dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist with any concerns or inquiries, ensuring timely assistance is always accessible.

4. Customizable Themes

First impressions are crucial, and Shopify recognizes this by offering a wide range of customizable themes. These themes facilitate the creation of a unique and visually appealing Shopify store that aligns with a brand’s identity.

Whether the sales focus is on fashion, electronics, or art, Shopify’s themes are crafted to be versatile, guaranteeing that products are showcased in the best possible light.

5. Low Startup Costs

When launching an online store, it’s important to consider various expenses. Shopify offers affordable pricing plans that cater to a wide range of budgets, making it easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses to start their ventures without financial burden.

These plans are designed to scale with business growth, ensuring that expenses remain in line with success.

different kind of plans

The basic plan is competitively priced at $39 per month, suitable for those with tighter budgets. For entrepreneurs seeking more features and functionalities, there is a plan available for $105 per month.

Additionally, an Advanced plan is offered at $399 per month, providing access to premium features such as gift cards, abandoned cart recovery, and advanced report builders.

Criteria To Consider When Choosing Top Selling Products on Shopify

1. Supplier Reputation

Selecting top selling products on Shopify from reputable suppliers is essential for the foundation of a Shopify store. Reputable suppliers ensure the delivery of quality products on time, leading to customer satisfaction.

Establishing strong relationships with suppliers is crucial for a reliable and consistent product source, aiding in maintaining a reputable presence in the e-commerce world.

Understanding market trends is pivotal for those selecting top selling products on Shopify to sell. This method aids in identifying products that are in demand and align with current consumer preferences. Additionally, it is vital to consider the longevity of these products, focusing on items that are expected to remain popular and have a sustained lifespan.

3. Fulfilling a Unique Need

By emphasizing products that address unique needs or resolve particular issues, a Shopify store can set itself apart from competitors. Serving an unmet demand enables the targeting of a niche market, where there might be less competition.

Adopting this strategy can help in developing a devoted customer base and boosting brand visibility, establishing the store as a favored destination for distinctive products.

4. Demographic

Understanding the target demographic is crucial for the selection of top selling products on Shopify. It is found that different products resonate with various age groups, genders, and geographic locations. Tailoring product offerings to the intended audience enhances customer engagement, improves conversion rates, and achieves higher customer satisfaction.

By considering the demographics, product selection can be fine-tuned to align with the specific needs and preferences of potential customers.

9 Best-Selling Products on Shopify

Shopify boasts a wide range of products that cater to the varied tastes of online consumers. However, pinpointing the most sought-after items can be a task. Therefore, the following is a list of the nine top-selling product categories on Shopify:

  • Home Products
  • Beauty products
  • Pet products
  • Hobby and leisure items
  • Home office equipment and consumer electronics
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Digital products
  • Supplements
  • Candles

This list offers a better insight into the products that are currently popular among consumers on the platform.

1. Home Products

Home products account for a considerable part of spending among adults in the US, with the average person spending around $2,600.

This broad category includes a variety of top selling products on Shopify such as home décor and furniture, aiming to meet diverse consumer needs and tastes. Among these options, coverless duvets have gained popularity, indicating a shift towards more straightforward bedding choices, moving away from conventional duvet covers.

Coverless duvets are currently a top choice in home products, reflecting a growing preference for simplicity over traditional duvet covers.

Additionally, within the wide spectrum of home products, bedding emerges as a highly profitable sub-category, only surpassed by rugs. Companies focusing on bedding products often see profit margins up to 45%, taking advantage of the reduced manufacturing costs in this segment.

2. Beauty Products

Beauty products are an area of consistent interest, offering numerous opportunities for discovering new products. On average, consumers in America spend $1,754 each year on beauty and skincare essentials. Nonetheless, specific groups spend even more, with Generation Z averaging $2,048 and millennials topping the chart with an annual expenditure of $2,670.

What product categories are especially popular? Here’s a breakdown:

You should assess which top selling products on Shopify categories attract the most interest, here’s a brief overview of the same:

  • Skincare (30%)
  • Haircare (30%)
  • Makeup (10%)
  • Salons (9%)
  • Procedures (5%)
  • Other (4%)

Skincare, haircare, and makeup sectors are where the highest potential for customer engagement is found.

Caldera + Lab offers skincare enthusiasts a 3-product package known as The Regimen.

For example, a product package directed at those keen on skincare is known as The Regimen. This package is based on a straightforward approach using naturally derived, research-backed ingredients expected to deliver significant results. The efficacy of this strategy is enhanced through a subscription model, allowing customers to regularly receive their preferred products at a more accessible rate.

3. Pet Products

The global increase in pet ownership has sparked an interest in spoiling these cherished family additions. The market is flooded with a variety of pet products, aiming to deepen the emotional connection between individuals and their pets.

This variety spans from fun and recreational goods like toys and beds to health and wellness items, including supplements and specialized diets for pets.

Interest in dog toothbrushes spiked significantly in 2022, showing a sustained demand for such products.

Take dog toothbrushes as an example, which emerged as one of the top-selling products, there was a remarkable surge in demand in 2022, a trend that has continued.

For businesses that cater to pet owners, aligning with such trends by stocking these in-demand items can not only boost sales but also build customer loyalty, ensuring shoppers can always find their pets’ preferred products.

4. Hobby and Leisure

Hobbies and leisure activities open avenues for the commercialization of various products and services, including games, sports equipment, books, and digital subscriptions.

Monitors are crucial for avid gamers, presenting a lucrative opportunity for eCommerce platform owners.

Specifically, some of the top selling products on Shopify include monitors. Monitors are indispensable for serious gamers, offering a valuable prospect for eCommerce platform proprietors. By stocking monitors, these business owners can cater to clients looking to upgrade their gaming setups or those dipping their toes into PC gaming for the first time.

5. Home Office Equipment and Consumer Electronics

The rise in remote work coupled with technological advances has substantially increased the need for home office equipment and consumer electronics.

These items are in high demand due to their functionality, convenience, and adaptability, making it easier for people to establish efficient workspaces and stay connected. This has led to their widespread popularity and robust sales.

Mechanical keyboards are seeing a resurgence among younger generations—just look at the success of NuPhy, a leading manufacturer

In particular, mechanical keyboards have seen a resurgence in popularity, notably among the younger demographic. The success of top manufacturers like NuPhy highlights this trend. What makes mechanical keyboards so sought-after is the rich array of customization options they offer, ranging from switches and keycaps to cases and additional accessories such as picks and straps.

Complementing these keyboards, other peripherals like headsets, mice, chairs, lighting, and mouse pads are often marketed as part of sets, enhancing the overall user experience.

6. Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones have become indispensable tools in modern life, and their utility is often enhanced by accessories like protective cases, chargers, and personalized items. These accessories are designed to fulfill both the functional and aesthetic needs of smartphones, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of users, which in turn, boosts their popularity.

For example, personalized smartphone cases offer a twofold benefit. Besides providing protection against the daily wear and tear, they enable users to personalize their devices. By selecting custom designs such as favorite family photos, inspirational quotes, or unique patterns, individuals can express their personal style while ensuring their smartphones stay safe.

7. Digital Products

Digital products, pne of top selling products on Shopify, covers a diverse range such as games, ebooks, movies, music, software, and apps. Digital products have experienced a surge in popularity. The growth of the online marketplace contributes to this trend, highlighting the accessibility and convenience digital products offer compared to their physical counterparts.

A prime example of digital products' popularity is demonstrated by the emergence of platforms like Gumroad.

The growth of digital products is exemplified by platforms such as Gumroad, which empower users to launch an online store specializing in digital goods, including e-books and software, to art. These platforms, alongside others like Shopify, facilitate reaching a wider audience interested in digital offerings.

8. Supplements

Health-conscious individuals are increasingly drawn toward supplements as a means to boost their well-being. These products, known for their natural and wellness-oriented approach, meet various health needs, making them highly sought after. They offer individuals a proactive way to sustain their health.

A standout in this market is a product that exemplifies the potential of the supplement niche. This supplement includes 75 premium vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients, aiming to support the brain, body, and gut comprehensively.

Recognized as a leading supplement, it employs a subscription commerce model to enrich the customer experience. This approach allows for personalization and easy management of subscriptions, contributing to significant customer loyalty.

9. Candles

Candles are highly appreciated for their aesthetic appeal and ability to enhance sensory experiences. They create a calming ambiance while offering a wide variety of scents and designs suitable for various occasions.

Their versatility and emotional resonance have cemented their popularity across the board. It is a common misconception that all candles are alike. However, certain types often become trends in their own right, distinguishing themselves from the rest.

Certain types of candles have the potential to become trends, standing out from the collective candle market.

Among the varieties, fragrant or scented candles are currently enjoying a surge in popularity. Known for their robust aromas and their ability to complement home decor, these candles demonstrate the power of scent and style in enhancing any setting, underlining the widespread and versatile appeal of candles in home environments.


Shopify is recognized as a superior platform for starting an online store, but finding the top selling products on Shopify remains a complex task that carries certain risks.

The listed products and product categories represent some of the best-selling products on Shopify, serving as a potential launching pad. However, it’s important to acknowledge that there are many other valuable products not included in this list. Conducting comprehensive research is essential in pinpointing the products that best fit one’s store.

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