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Ultimate Teelaunch Guide: Mastering POD!

By Sonaksh Singh Rawat on 1/30/2024 · 7 minute read

Have you ever thought of selling products without having to invest in manufacturing them? This is essentially what print-on-demand is!

Quite similar to several dropshipping services, it's a business model that revolves around the idea of manufacturing products only when a customer places an order for them. This makes things a lot simpler! To begin with, the business owner needn't spend money on manufacturing products and also doesn't have to worry about inventory management which also means reduced risk. He only has to get the product manufactured and delivered when customers order it. The Product customization and design depend on the brand. 

Teelaunch is a Print-on-demand service through which people can start their own online store without having to worry about the process. The entire idea revolves around the fact that you don’t need upfront costs and you don’t have to worry about having a warehouse, or manufacturing facility. You can just add products and they will be manufactured when a customer places an order for them

Print on demand (POD) has become an increasingly relevant fulfillment model for modern e-commerce businesses. Rather than maintaining excess inventory, POD allows online stores to offer a wider range of products without upfront inventory investment.

Items are only printed when an order is placed by the customer, enabling automatic fulfillment. This eliminates the risk of unsold stock and provides greater flexibility.

Teelaunch is one of the leading providers of print on demand services catered specifically to the e-commerce sector. It empowers online retailers to easily add custom branded merchandise to their product catalog. Teelaunch handles printing, fulfillment and shipping through integration with e-commerce platforms.

This guide will provide an in-depth look at how Teelaunch’s print on demand services can help take your e-commerce business to the next level. We’ll cover everything from their range of product offerings to order fulfillment, pricing, and integration. You’ll get a complete picture of how Teelaunch makes selling customized products simple and scalable.

Understanding Teelaunch Print on Demand

Teelaunch is a market leader in the print-on-demand space, offering a wide range of products that can be customized and dropshipped on demand. The company was founded in 2012 and has grown steadily since then to become one of the top POD solutions for ecommerce businesses worldwide.

At its core, Teelaunch provides an automated system to design, fulfill and ship custom printed products. Once a design is uploaded, Teelaunch handles printing it on products from their catalog and shipping the orders out when they come in. This allows online businesses to offer customized merch without holding any inventory.

Teelaunch print on demand as you know, is a print-on-demand service platform through which prospective business owners can connect with manufacturers, warehouses, as well as order fulfillment companies to start their own online store. POD services like Teelaunch print on demand can make the entire process easy as well as streamlined.

Some of the key features and benefits of using Teelaunch Print on Demand include:

  • Huge Product Selection - Tees, hoodies, hats, mugs, masks, and over 40 other product types available to print designs on. This wide catalog allows creating unique offerings.

  • High Print Quality - Teelaunch utilizes advanced printing techniques like direct-to-garment printing for vivid colors, soft feels on apparel, and durable mugs/socks.

  • Order Automation - New orders are directly sent for production and shipping. No manual order input needed once Teelaunch is integrated.

  • Fast Turnaround - Most items ship within 1-2 business days after order. Rush orders can ship same day.

  • Global Fulfillment - Warehouses in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada help efficiently reach customers worldwide.

  • Insightful Analytics - Detailed sales and customer data to optimize best-selling designs and products.

  • Top-Notch Support - Quick customer support across email, chat, phone to resolve any issues.

Teelaunch, in essence, acts like a middleman between the business owners and the services they need to run a business. Individuals can do the following and more with Teelaunch print on demand:

How Teelaunch Print on Demand Works

Teelaunch makes print on demand simple and seamless for ecommerce businesses. Here’s an overview of how their print on demand service works from start to finish:

Product Design

  • Upload your custom designs to Teelaunch. You can create designs directly on their platform or upload premade designs.

  • Teelaunch has templates for all products that you can use to create designs sized correctly.

  • Their online design editor allows you to add text, images, and customize products easily.

Order Processing

  • When customers order your print on demand products, the order details are sent directly to Teelaunch.

  • They handle payment processing and prepare the order for production.

Manufacturing and Quality Checks

  • Teelaunch has manufacturing partners located across the US and internationally. The closest facility to the shipping address fulfills the order.

  • Based on the product(s) ordered, they are printed and assembled. All products go through quality assurance checks.

Fulfillment and Shipping

  • Once the product is printed and meets quality standards, Teelaunch packages and ships the order.

  • They have integrations with USPS, UPS, FedEx and international carriers for fast and reliable shipping.

Integration with Ecommerce Platforms

  • Teelaunch seamlessly integrates with all major ecommerce platforms like [Shopify](, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and more.

  • Product listings are synced automatically. When an order comes in, it flows through to Teelaunch for processing and shipping.

  • Inventory and order tracking also stay in sync across systems.

This complete integration allows you to sell print on demand products effortlessly on your store without handling production or fulfillment. Teelaunch makes the entire process easy and optimized.

Benefits of Choosing Teelaunch

Teelaunch offers several key benefits that make it an appealing choice for ecommerce business owners looking to integrate print-on-demand into their operations. Two of the standout advantages are the unique products offered and the competitive pricing model.

Unique Products

Teelaunch provides access to a wide range of products not commonly available from other print-on-demand companies. This includes offerings like puzzles, playing cards, notebooks, stickers and more. The extensive catalog gives you the flexibility to add unique merchandise that can boost your branding. Customers appreciate discovering one-of-a-kind products that align with your brand image.

Competitive Pricing

In addition to the expansive product selection, Teelaunch is competitively priced within the print-on-demand industry. Their wholesale pricing model ensures you can maintain solid profit margins even after factoring in your chosen retail markup. The pricing algorithm also adjusts based on order quantities, allowing you to keep margins high even on bulk orders. Compared to competitors, Teelaunch strikes a great balance between product variety and affordable pricing.

Teelaunch also simplifies the onboarding process so you can get up and running quickly. Their integration with platforms like Shopify streamlines your operations right from the start. Ongoing support and resources help troubleshoot any issues that arise. The user-friendly backend and intuitive workflow minimizes the learning curve.

Teelaunch Product Offerings

Teelaunch offers a wide variety of products that can be customized and printed on-demand for your online store. Here’s an overview of their major product categories:


Teelaunch enables you to offer customized t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, hats, and other apparel printed with your own unique designs. You can choose from various materials like tri-blends, organic cotton, polyester, and more. The prints are high-quality and durable, suitable for graphic tees as well as branded merchandise.

You have the option to customize the apparel by uploading your designs, adding text, choosing print locations like front, back, sleeves etc. There are no minimum order quantities, allowing you to test new designs without much risk. The apparel is available in a range of sizes and colors, providing enough variety for your target customers.

Home Goods

Expand beyond apparel by offering custom home goods like pillows, blankets, shower curtains, towels and more printed with your designs. The home goods showcase your brand on everyday household items that have a high perceived value.

You can choose from soft and comfortable materials like fleece, cotton, polyester, microfiber etc. The products can be personalized via your print designs, monograms, name text and other customizations. This allows you to create branded and personalized home decor.


In addition to apparel and home goods, Teelaunch also offers accessories like phone cases, notebooks, yoga mats, bags, water bottles and more that can be customized with your branding. This is a great way to make your products a part of your customers’ daily lifestyle.

The accessories showcase high print quality while using materials like neoprene, silicone, polyester, plastic etc. You can add custom designs, photos, art or text on these accessories to boost your brand visibility. The custom options allow you to tailor the products to your audience.


Teelaunch provides extensive product variety in apparel, home goods and accessories that can be customized and printed on-demand. You have a range of material and personalization options to create high-quality and unique products tailored to your brand and customers. This allows you to run a diverse ecommerce store without large inventory requirements.

Pricing and Profit Margins with Teelaunch

Teelaunch offers a competitive pricing structure designed to maximize profit margins for ecommerce business owners. Their base pricing is on par or lower than major competitors in the print-on-demand space.

For apparel, Teelaunch’s base prices start at just $7.95 for t-shirts, $19.95 for hoodies, and $9.95 for hats. These base prices apply to standard single-sided prints in small quantities. Volume discounts are offered on bulk orders above 50 units, reducing base prices further.

Compared to Printful’s starting prices of $9.80 for t-shirts, $28.50 for hoodies, and $11.50 for hats, Teelaunch provides more attractive base pricing. Similar savings can be seen across other products like mugs, socks, and tote bags.

Teelaunch also offers dynamic pricing based on quantity and size breaks. The more you order, the lower your per-unit cost will be. This incentivizes larger order volumes to maximize profit margins.

Unlike some competitors, Teelaunch does not charge monthly subscription fees. The only additional costs beyond the base pricing are small per-order fulfillment fees and shipping. Overall, Teelaunch offers an excellent value for money proposition.

Their pricing model empowers ecommerce owners to set retail prices at a level that yields strong profit margins. By saving on production costs, you can price competitively for customers while earning excellent profits per sale.

Analyzing profit margin projections across different product types and order quantities will allow you to fine tune your Teelaunch-powered product lineup. Focus on goods with the highest margin potential to maximize earnings over time.

Teelaunch Pricing

Quality, Shipping, and Fulfillment

Teelaunch offers some of the highest quality print on demand products and seamless fulfillment services in the industry. Their products are printed on state-of-the-art equipment with strict quality control standards to ensure you receive high-quality custom merchandise every time.

When it comes to shipping, Teelaunch has multiple shipping options available to suit your e-commerce business needs:

  • Standard Shipping - The most affordable shipping option with delivery times between 7-14 business days depending on the product and destination. Ideal for customers that don’t require rush delivery.

  • Expedited Shipping - For customers that need faster delivery, expedited shipping cuts delivery times down to 4-7 business days. This priority handling comes at a slightly higher cost than standard shipping.

  • Rush Shipping - The fastest shipping option delivers products within 2-4 business days from the time of order. Perfect for serving customers that need quick turnaround on print on demand merchandise.

Regardless of shipping method, Teelaunch leverages relationships with major carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL to provide reliable delivery across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Their expanding fulfillment centers enable global reach while keeping shipping costs competitive.

For U.S. based e-commerce businesses, Teelaunch has strategically located print facilities and warehouses across the country. This allows them to offer faster ground shipping to a wider customer base. Businesses can further optimize their shipping strategy by selecting the print location closest to their own operations.

By partnering with Teelaunch for fulfillment, e-commerce owners can focus on sales and marketing while Teelaunch handles swift, high-quality production and shipping of every order. Their streamlined fulfillment process helps businesses delight customers and foster loyalty.

Integrating Teelaunch with Your E-commerce Platform

Although, in terms of Integration with e-commerce platforms, Teelaunch may fall short by a little, it can be integrated with platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce quite easily. 

Let’s start with Shopify, Teelaunch was made for Shopify. This means you don’t have to do anything extra in order to sell your products on Shopify. Whenever you create a product and publish it, it automatically appears on your Shopify store as well, which makes things more efficient. 

But if you want to integrate it with Etsy or WooCommerce, head over to your Teelaunch dashboard, you can find the Teelaunch dashboard in your Shopify account. Now select the “Integration” option and you will be shown a bunch of options for Integration with e-commerce platforms, choose Esty and you’re store is now integrated with Etsy, you can repeat the process and choose as many platforms as you’d like! But there are a few platforms that you cannot integrate Teelaunch with like WooCommerce as yet, but we’re expecting that change in the near future. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to integrate Teelaunch with Shopify:

Step 1: Create a Teelaunch Account

Sign up for a free Teelaunch account from their website. You will need to provide some basic business information during signup.

Step 2: Install the Teelaunch App on Shopify

Log in to your Shopify admin and go to the “Apps” section. Search for “Teelaunch” and click on the Teelaunch app. Install the app by clicking “Add app”.

Step 3: Connect Your Accounts

The Teelaunch app will ask you to connect your newly created Teelaunch account. Click on “Connect” and log in with your Teelaunch credentials.

Step 4: Configure Product Sync Settings

You can choose if you want all products synced automatically or select products to sync manually. You can also set a margin percentage for your products.

Step 5: Add Teelaunch Products in Shopify

Now you can start adding Teelaunch products in your Shopify store. Go to Products > Add product and search for Teelaunch products using the app. Select a product, set pricing and publish.

Step 6: Manage Orders and Fulfillment

Once an order containing Teelaunch products is placed on your Shopify store, it will sync automatically with your Teelaunch account. Teelaunch will then print and ship the order directly to your customer.

That’s it! Teelaunch will handle the printing, packing and shipping once orders are placed. This eliminates the need to manually manage order fulfillment for Teelaunch products.

The integration enables easy scalability as your Teelaunch catalog grows. You can add new products anytime without operational hassles. The automation and seamless coordination between Teelaunch and Shopify saves you time and effort in managing your print-on-demand product line.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Here are a few reviews left by individuals who’ve used Teelaunch, let’s start with positive reviews:

  • Teelaunch has received a lot of praise for its high-quality products, and they deliver products of top-notch quality on a regular basis. 
  • Customers also love the easy-to-use platform 
  • Customers also love the fact that Teelaunch print on demand delivers products on time, always. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the negative reviews left by customers:

  •  Customers have stated that customer service is relatively poor

  • There are times when the production time takes way longer than necessary

  • There are a few customers who weren’t impressed with the quality of the products offered by Teelaunch.

Pros and Cons of Using Teelaunch

Here are some pros of using Teelaunch:

  • It doesn’t require any investment to have products manufactured for selling. Products are only manufactured when the customer pays for them. 
  • It allows business owners to concentrate on building the brand and marketing the products.
  • It helps streamline all the processes with the help of E-commerce business tools

Here are a few cons of using Teelaunch:

  • It offers lower profit margins, since every product is manufactured only when an order is placed, and the margin on profit is comparatively lower. 
  • You may not have control over the quality of products.
  • You may not have control over order fulfillment times. 

If you’re just starting out or have a small business, then Teelaunch may be the best place to start. First off, it is free, there are no subscription plans that you have to buy, there is no investment required, and it can help you build your brand with the help of Integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and more.

Teelaunch Alternatives

Here are a few alternatives to Teelaunch:

  • Gelato - Gelato is another POD service. It comes with subscription plans and has manufacturers all around the world. They also offer custom product creation options. 
  • Printful - One of the biggest names in the POD industry and they offer a number of printing options as compared to Teelaunch.
  • Printify - Yet another giant in the industry, Printify is connected to some of the best suppliers and order fulfillment companies in the world and their network is extensive and offers custom product creation options as well. 

When you compare TeeTeelaunch print on demand launch to any of the above-mentioned POD services, it does offer fewer choices of products in comparison to them. But on the other hand, there is no subscription fee, it's free to use and this works in favor of prospective business owners and start-ups. 

Marketing Teelaunch Products

Teelaunch provides online retailers with quality print-on-demand products that can extend their branded merchandise and help boost sales. However, the key to success is implementing effective marketing strategies to reach your target audience and driving them to purchase these products. Here are some best practices for promoting your Teelaunch merchandise:

Create Visually Appealing Listings and Imagery

High-quality product photography and enticing descriptions are key for converting browsers into buyers. Invest time into creating aesthetically pleasing listings with lifestyle imagery that helps tell the product’s story. Provide detailed titles, bullet points, and product descriptions to inform customers and encourage purchases.

Leverage Social Media

Promote new products launches, limited editions, sales and other announcements via social media channels. Create engaging posts with product imagery and captions conveying the lifestyle brands want to associate with. Hashtag campaigns around occasions like holidays help expand reach.

Send Email Campaigns

Emails are a great way to notify subscribers about new arrivals. Create product announcement emails with eye-catching designs and clear calls-to-action to browse the products. Promotional calendars help plan product launches and sales in advance for email campaigns.

Advertise on Relevant Platforms

Consider paid ads on platforms like Facebook or Instagram to promote your products to targeted demographics aligned with your customer base. Retargeting ads help drive traffic from site visitors into buyers. Google Shopping also provides exposure for your products when people search for related keywords.

Partner with Influencers and Bloggers

Influencer marketing raises brand awareness and provides social proof. Research relevant bloggers and influencers, and offer to collaborate by sending them product samples. Ensure their audience matches your customer base. Offer affiliate incentives to motivate influencers to promote your merchandise.

Streamline Cross-Selling

On your website or online store, showcase related Teelaunch products frequently purchased together under “You may also like…” sections. Recommending add-on products boosts order values. Ensure recommendations are contextual and personalized when possible.

Highlight Customer Reviews and Showcase Uses

Positive product reviews, ratings and customer images using your merchandise help convince other buyers. Make them visible on product pages. Curate and re-share honest favorable reviews on social media as social proof.

By implementing such strategies, ecommerce businesses can effectively showcase their branded merchandise created via Teelaunch and maximize their sales potential. Consistent efforts to connect with and engage your audience will help your products stand out in a crowded online marketplace.

Sustainability and Ethics

Teelaunch is committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. They use local suppliers and manufacturers for most of their production. This reduces their carbon footprint by eliminating long overseas shipping routes.

Their apparel is made from either recycled polyester or sustainably-sourced cotton. Their packaging and shipping materials are also eco-friendly, biodegradable options.

Teelaunch also places a strong emphasis on ethical labor practices. They thoroughly vet all their production partners to ensure fair working conditions and living wages for employees. Surprise audits are conducted periodically to guarantee compliance.

This commitment to sustainability and ethics sets Teelaunch apart. It allows them to enhance their brand image and attract conscientious customers.

Eco-friendly production processes and fair labor standards are now expected by most buyers. This gives Teelaunch an edge over competitors who have not made these issues a priority.

Brands that use Teelaunch’s print-on-demand services benefit from this halo effect. They can highlight Teelaunch’s sustainability initiatives to showcase their own values. This helps build trust and loyalty with target audiences who care about social responsibility.

In summary, Teelaunch’s focus on eco-friendly practices and ethical manufacturing gives them a competitive advantage. It enables customer brands to reinforce their own commitment to sustainability. This is a key factor that makes Teelaunch stand out as a leader in on-demand printing.


So it pretty much goes without saying that Teelaunch is definitely a great platform to start your business, it is quite similar to a lot of dropshipping services. It is free to use, and doesn’t require additional upfront costs and every work process can be streamlined. Teelaunch print on demand can be used for almost any type of e-commerce business and they are connected to reliable suppliers and order fulfillment companies.


  1. What is a POD service?
    A Print-on-Demand or POD service is a business model or an Online retail solutions where business owners don’t need to have a manufacturing facility or a warehouse and products here are manufactured only when a customer places an order for them. 
  2. Is Teelaunch print on demand free?
    Yes, Teelaunch is free to use. 
  3. Do we have to ship products ourselves?
    No, you don’t have to ship products yourselves, it will done by a shipping company partnered with Teelaunch.
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