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Winning with Single Product Shopify Theme!

By Sonaksh Singh Rawat on 3/6/2024 · 5 minute read

For businesses centered around a single product, it is crucial that the store’s design and site structure accentuate the product’s features. This is where the single product shopify theme comes into play as not all Shopify themes are designed for one-product stores. So here’s a list of the best single product shopify themes.

5 top Shopify themes for one-product stores

The selection consists of the best-suited themes for single-page stores available on either the Shopify Theme Store or ThemeForest

1. Startup ($240)

The Startup theme (style Tech) by Pixel Union is made available for a one-time fee of $240 through the Shopify Theme Store This single product shopify theme provides users with access to ongoing support and updates. This theme has become a favorite among single-product stores, thanks to its ability to craft engaging, narrative-driven homepages.

Several key features make the Startup theme particularly useful for enhancing the shopping experience:

  • Cart page and cart drawer: Users have the flexibility to display the cart drawer on the right side across any page, offering a convenient reminder for free shipping conditions or special product promotions. Additionally, a standalone cart page can be included in the checkout process.
  • Cart notes: This feature allows for the addition of special instructions on the cart page for a more personalized shopping experience.
  • Quick buy: “Buy now” buttons can be strategically placed on the homepage or any other page, facilitating immediate product additions to the cart.
  • FAQ page: A dedicated page for frequently asked questions about products, shipping, and other relevant topics can be created, with the option to also feature an FAQ section directly on the homepage.
  • Image zoom: Customers are given the capability to zoom in on product images, allowing for a closer examination of details.
  • Sticky header: Essential links can be maintained in the header, ensuring visibility no matter how much a user scrolls.
  • Cross-selling section: This functionality supports the addition of related products or accessories under a product description to enhance cross-selling opportunities.
  • Breadcrumbs: Even for single-product pages, breadcrumb navigation can be integrated to improve user navigation.
  • Blog page templates with tag-based search and social share buttons: This one-product Shopify theme enables the creation of blog pages that can help boost the store’s search visibility, with features for tag-based filtering and easy social sharing.

2. Launch ($240)

The Launch theme(style Cool) from Pixel Union is a great choice for stores with a limited selection of products, available for $240. This theme includes free support and updates.

Highlighted features of the Launch theme include:

  • Slideshow: This feature supports animated elements and enables the creation of slides for a more informative homepage.
  • Recommended products section: For stores offering supplementary items alongside their main product, this section can encourage customers to add additional products, potentially increasing the overall order value.
  • Sticky header: This capability keeps the brand logo or name along with key pages accessible, even when users scroll through a lengthy page.
  • Image gallery with zoom functionality: Users can organize their product photos innovatively and make every picture zoomable.
  • Quick view: Enhanced catalog appearance is possible with the quick view option, which provides additional product information through hover or pop-up functions.
  • Video blocks: By incorporating videos on any store page, the content becomes more engaging. Video pop-ups can also be added and are activated by clicking a button.
  • Newsletter sign-up form: A form can be made available on any chosen page for capturing visitors’ email addresses.

3. Elomus ($56)

The Elomus theme, developed by Masstechnologist, is offered at a price of $56, which includes 6 months of support, extendable for an additional charge. It boasts over 30 pre-made homepage designs suitable for various niches, alongside multiple templates for other pages and site sections.

This single product shopify theme introduces features that enhance standard functionalities and potentially eliminate the need for certain Shopify apps:

  • Quick view: Allows for the expansion of product details in a pop-up when several products are featured on the homepage or collection page.
  • Layered navigation: Implements various filters that help customers refine their search without reloading the page each time new filters are applied.
  • Quick add-to-cart: Offers the ability to add products to the cart directly from the catalog view without needing to visit a separate product page.
  • Sticky add-to-cart: Keeps add-to-cart details visible at the bottom of the page as visitors scroll past product descriptions.
  • Color swatches: Enables customers to easily switch the color display of products.
  • Image auto-resizer: Automatically adjusts the size of pictures based on your settings.
  • Testimonials: Allows for the integration of customer reviews on your pages without additional tools.
  • Twitter and Instagram feed: Displays relevant tweets or photos to help build trust and attract more social media followers.
  • Video content: Enhances page aesthetics with videos that do not impact site speed, as they load only when a user scrolls down to them and plays them.

4. Votto ($39)

The Votto theme, offered by spacingtech_webify for $39, comes with six months of support and free updates. Customers are provided with over 10 customizable homepage templates along with a variety of footer and header options.

Features available with the Votto single product shopify theme include:

  • Color swatches: This feature allows visitors to navigate through different product variants by clicking on color swatches and viewing the color of their choice.
  • Wishlist: This feature is useful even for stores centered around a single product, as it helps remind customers of items they viewed and liked.
  • Reviews and comments: Sections where feedback from customers is displayed, offering a more informative view below product descriptions. This section can also display additional product details and embedded videos.
  • Sales pop-ups: To create multiple notification windows about sales, and to encourage subscriptions to newsletters or loyalty programs.
  • Stock counter: To show product availability, avoiding the order of out-of-stock items, and possibly increasing conversions by creating a sense of urgency.
  • Countdown timers: This feature is for highlighting the availability of products or upcoming sales events.
  • Social sharing buttons: To enable customers to share products or blog pages on social media platforms easily.
  • contact forms: For the contact page, making it easier for visitors to leave questions or feedback.

5. Fabulous ($34)

The Fabulous theme by ishithemes is available for $34, which includes 6 months of support and free updates. It currently features 8 homepage layouts, which provides ample choice for finding the perfect fit. Remarkably, the Fabulous theme maintains exceptional site speed despite being equipped with numerous additional features.

The theme boasts a range of beneficial functionalities:

  • Mega menu configurations: A mega menu can be designed to feature best-selling products or models, showcase promotions, and direct visitors to useful blog posts, enhancing navigation and engagement.
  • Smart search and filters: The inclusion of advanced filters for collection pages and an autocomplete search feature improves the browsing experience.
  • Quick view pop-up: This allows for the expansion of product details from any page, facilitating a quick and efficient shopping experience.
  • Currency and language selector: Supporting multiple languages and currencies, the theme offers a selector embedded in the store’s header, catering to a diverse customer base.
  • Advanced swatches: Products can be neatly organized by variants such as size and color, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Wishlist: The ability for customers to add items to a wishlist can prove advantageous, even for stores with a limited range of products.
  • Countdown timers: The incorporation of time-sensitive sales events encourages prompt customer action.
  • Slideshows: An unlimited array of banners and sliders can be crafted for use on any store page, enhancing visual appeal and engagement.

Choose the best theme for your Shopify store

For those in search of a single-product Shopify theme, there are options specifically designed for this business model. These themes feature homepage layouts that focus on showcasing one product, complete with various site elements to emphasize the product’s benefits. There are several Single product Shopify stores that found success with a Single product Shopify theme, and with the right one product theme, you can elevate your business too!

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