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Quiz Your Way to Success with Shopify Quiz App!

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Quiz Your Way to Success with Shopify Quiz App!

hopify quiz apps simplify the shopping experience by helping customers find products without the need to navigate through an extensive catalog. This is done by utilizing engaging quizzes, these apps offer personalized product suggestions.

Benefits of a Shopify Quiz App for your Shopify Store

  • Increased conversions – Ease of finding desired products translates to a higher probability of purchases. Although bounce rates might not directly affect search rankings, they can have adverse effects on profitability.
  • Lead generation – Shopify quiz apps can also gather email addresses from site visitors. This paves the way to reconnect with those customers who initially were hesitant to make a purchase.
  • Audience insights – Collecting text-based feedback at specific stages provides critical data, including common responses and moments of potential user withdrawal. This information is paramount for grasping product preferences and conducting thorough market research.

The continuously evolving consumer expectations necessitate that online retailers modify their approaches to enhance both customer satisfaction and engagement with their platforms.

Product recommendation quizzes offer a dynamic solution by guiding potential customers through a tailored questionnaire. This approach not only makes the shopping experience smoother but also adds an enjoyable, interactive aspect, assisting shoppers in effortlessly finding precisely what they seek.

The integration of a product recommendation quiz into a Shopify storefront is streamlined through the platform’s comprehensive app support. Shopify caters to a variety of needs, enabling retailers to seamlessly implement these quizzes, regardless of the complexity of their requirements.

Best Shopify Quiz Apps

1. Quizive

Online stores have the opportunity to boost engagement and conversion rates through Quizive’s AI-powered quizzes. This particular Shopify quiz application enables stores to provide interactive, personalized shopping experiences that align with the preferences and needs of their customers. By harnessing the power of AI, Quizive skillfully connects customers with products based on their responses to quizzes, streamlining the product discovery phase and reducing the necessity for manual selection.

The quizzes are designed for effortless integration, featuring rapid load times and a customizable interface that can be adapted to match the distinctive style of any storefront without affecting performance. This enhancement not only elevates the user experience but also offers merchants crucial insights into consumer behavior. This further helps in the optimization of marketing strategies and product offerings.

Quizive is made available in both free and paid subscriptions, which are designed to accommodate the varying sizes and needs of different stores.

2. Octane AI

Businesses aiming for expansion and a more tailored approach have the opportunity to leverage Octane AI’s versatile platform. This Shopify quiz app encompasses quizzes, messenger & SMS automation, among other features, facilitating the creation of detailed customer profiles. This, in turn, significantly improves marketing strategies with its user-friendly tools.

Octane AI simplifies the process of crafting interactive quizzes that enhance customer engagement. It allows for the seamless addition of products or collections directly into the shopping cart based on quiz outcomes. Moreover, it integrates effortlessly with Klaviyo and Facebook Pixel, enabling the synchronization of responses and valuable data. Such integration proves instrumental in constructing effective Facebook Messenger & SMS marketing campaigns.

The platform is accessible via a 14-day free trial, followed by a starting charge of $29 per month.

3. Gobot AI Chatbot + Quiz

Shopify stores looking to boost their revenue and reduce support pressures may find that employing beautifully designed shopping quizzes and AI-supported chatbots is a transformative strategy. These tools, by enhancing sales and increasing email and SMS opt-ins, allow for more personalized marketing strategies through detailed buyer profiles, and significantly cut down on repetitive support tickets.

This Shopify quiz app offers the option of developing a Shoppable Quiz or a chatbot that effortlessly engages with customers, and remembers their preferences.

While the initial installation of the Gobot AI Chatbot + Quiz is complimentary, additional costs may apply.

4. Visual Quiz Builder

Shopify store owners have the ability to enhance visitor engagement and increase sales through the use of Visual Quiz Builder app by developing customized quizzes tailored to their store’s unique offerings. This Shopify quiz app renders the creation of recommendation quizzes simple, offering customers a fun and personalized shopping journey.

They hold full autonomy over the recommendations produced by the quiz, whether it be suggesting individual products, collections on Shopify, or specific product variants (SKUs). With an intuitive quiz creation tool at their disposal, merchants are able to make limitless modifications and preview their quiz to ensure its effectiveness before it goes live on their site.

Following a 14-day trial period at no cost, the subscription for Visual Quiz Builder begins at a rate of $9 per month.

5. Product Recommendation Quiz

The application offers an engaging shopping experience by inviting users to complete a quiz. This quiz assesses their answers and recommends products that meet their specifications, providing explanations for why these items are suitable. Merchants have the flexibility to tailor multiple aspects of the quiz thanks to an intuitive quiz builder.

The Product Recommendation Quiz app is available with a free plan, including a 14-day trial period, after which there might be additional costs.

6. Quizify

This Shopify quiz app allows businesses to recommend products to consumers according to their answers in quizzes. It tackles the issue of customers abandoning websites due to confusion by assisting in discovering ideal products. Additionally, it furnishes insights into product and store feedback, aiding in the enhancement of targeted advertisements and the increase of conversions. Store owners can construct quick, appealing quizzes in various languages through this app.

The app includes a 14-day free trial, following which additional expenses may apply.

7. Quiz Kit

The tool is utilized by some of the biggest Shopify and Shopify Plus clients to foster profound customer relationships via bespoke quiz experiences. Particularly useful for assembling curated gift guides, it offers personalized product or collection recommendations according to quiz answers. It integrates effortlessly with numerous data tools such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, ReCharge, and Bold, ensuring customized product suggestions.

A 7-day free trial is provided, followed by a monthly subscription cost.

8. Fit Quiz

The innovative Fit Quiz app simplifies the shopping experience by offering custom size recommendations to ensure a perfect fit in terms of both width and length for each specific product. It allows new customers to receive personalized suggestions in less than 15 seconds, while repeat customers benefit from instant recommendations, all achieved without intrusive questions. This system is designed for adult clothing and footwear categories, and there are plans to expand its compatibility to include children’s wear soon.

The Fit Quiz app offers a 14-day free trial, after which a subscription fee of $20 per month applies.


Selecting the perfect Shopify quiz application for a Shopify store hinges on the quiz’s complexity and the required depth of logic. Stores requiring only a few multiple-choice questions would find that most quiz applications suffice. Conversely, stores desiring complex funnel pathways, diverse question formats, and advanced backend logic might benefit from a more sophisticated quiz application or a custom solution tailored to their specific needs.

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