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Shopify Boost Theme: Transform Your Store Overnight!

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Shopify Boost Theme: Transform Your Store Overnight!

The Shopify Boost theme stands out as an exceptionally elegant and contemporary Shopify theme designed for brands. It offers a variety of impactful sections aimed at elevating the shopping experience. Key features encompass image hotspots on the homepage header, distinctively clean collection pages, prominent promotional elements, along with showcased collections and products.

Moreover, the Shopify Boost Theme excels in performance and mobile responsiveness, ensuring a fulfilling mobile shopping experience.

Best Suited for Niches/Industries

The Boost Shopify theme is highly recommended for merchants looking to create visually stunning online showcases. It is perfectly suited for a wide range of stores including those specializing in Fashion & Clothing, Sportswear, Swimwear, Footwear, Sunglasses, Home Décor, Kids & Toys, Arts & Crafts, Pets & Accessories, Electronics & Mobile Accessories, Kitchenware, Food & Drinks, Automotive & Equipment, Gardening & Organic products, and more.

Best Suited for Inventory Size/s

The Shopify Boost theme is optimally designed for stores possessing small to medium-sized catalogs, catering to a variety of categories and brands.

Design, Features and Customization

The Shopify Boost theme is recognized for its modern, visually engaging design complemented by an array of features aimed at enhancing conversion rates. This theme is versatile, offering over 30 highly adaptable sections and comes with four expertly designed demo stores or styling options - Inspire, Flourish, Spark, and Bloom - each tailored for distinctive design and promotional requirements.

Key features of the Boost Shopify Theme include a full-width header section with support for slideshows, image hotspots, and brand videos. It further enriches user experience with extensive mega menus that incorporate in-menu promotions, alongside a suite of promotional tools such as banners, tiles, and pop-ups. The theme also boasts image galleries, color swatches, breadcrumbs, lookbooks, animations, and image hover transitions, among others, to elevate the visual appeal and functionality of the online store.

1. Home Page

Home Page
  • The Boost Shopify theme offers a distinctive home page header section that includes options for Image hotspots, Slideshows, and Brand videos, catering to a variety of user preferences.
  • It features a simple yet powerful menu section, equipped with a modern search bar, a logo section, Mega menus that include in-menu promotions, an announcement bar, along with currency and language selectors.
  • The Shopify Boost theme predominantly provides grid-based styling for showcasing featured products and collections, complemented by an array of modular and parallax-based layouts for a dynamic visual experience.
  • Designed as a promotional powerhouse, it incorporates diverse sections for marketing efforts, such as promo banners, promo tiles, image hotspots, product videos, promo popups, look books, among others.
  • Product listings are made appealing through clean presentation and high-resolution images, supported by hover-based transitions like slideshows, rollover, and zoom features, as well as product reviews, color swatches, quick buy and quick view options, and product badges.
  • The Shopify Boost theme's additional features include Info drawers, Featured blogs, FAQ pages, a Recently viewed section, Product recommendations, among various others, extending functionality and enhancing user engagement.

2. Collection Pages

Collection Pages
  • The Boost theme stands out for its remarkable collection page layouts, particularly the header sections, which are meticulously designed for maximum impact.
  • One of the most striking feature of these pages is the full-width header section that showcases featured products along with detailed product information such as color swatches, pricing, and reviews.
  • The theme offers a grid-based layout for product listing, enhanced by an extensive set of dropdown filters and sorters, complemented by a product counter.
  • It is equipped with various promotional elements, including banners, tiles, product videos, and image hotspots, all rich in text and imagery.
  • Additional features of the Shopify Boost theme encompass a logo section, spotlight on featured collections, blogs, products, options for newsletter signups, among others.

3. Product Pages

Product Pages
  • The product pages of the Boost Shopify theme are designed with a focus on aesthetics, aiming to enhance sales through visual appeal.
  • These pages highlight large product images alongside thumbnails and feature engaging image transition effects.
  • They are equipped with multiple information sections that cover product specifications, color swatches, variants, usage details, shipping and delivery information, and product reviews among others.
  • Additionally, the product pages are versatile, presenting various placeholders designed for showcasing promotions, discounts, videos, product reviews, related products, and more.

4. Other Prominent Features

  • Cart Notes provide an easy way for shoppers to communicate specific requests or instructions about their orders.
  • In-Store Pickups are available, offering an alternative to shipping by allowing customers to collect their purchases directly from a physical location.
  • EU Language Translations ensure accessibility for European customers by providing translations in various EU languages.
  • A Customizable Contact Form allows for tailored communication between the business and the customer, catering to individual needs or inquiries.
  • The Recently Viewed feature helps customers keep track of items they have shown interest in, simplifying navigation back to those products.
  • Color Swatches enhance the shopping experience by giving customers a visual representation of product options.
  • Image Hotspots make it possible to highlight specific features of a product within images, providing an interactive shopping experience.
  • Breadcrumbs aid in navigation by displaying a pathway back to previous pages visited by the customer.
  • A Sticky Header remains at the top of the page as the customer scrolls, ensuring easy access to key navigation links at all times.

Boost Shopify Theme: Rating

Rating: 4.3

The Shopify Boost theme is praised for its ability to enhance sales significantly. Given that all Shopify merchants aim to increase their sales, exploring this theme is highly recommended, especially with its free trial offer.


  • It introduces a distinctive homepage header element showcasing image hotspots with product details, aimed at improving conversion rates.
  • The theme boasts a user-friendly design matched with an aesthetic appeal.
  • High performance is noted with the theme’s rapid loading time and an ‘A’ grade in performance and structure, along with minimal blocking time.
  • It’s equipped with numerous features designed to elevate conversion rates and includes multiple promotional elements.
  • An unlimited free trial and theme download are offered at no cost.


  • It lacks certain functionalities, such as countdown timers and before-after image sliders.

Review Breakdown

  • Design & Styling
  • Customization
  • Performance
  • Conversion
  • Value for Money


  • $320

Available for purchase at Shopify for $320.00, with an option for a free download.

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