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SendFox Unveiled: Pricing, Lifetime Deals, & Features

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SendFox Unveiled: Pricing, Lifetime Deals, & Features

[2024]🦊SendFox Review: Pricing, Lifetime Deals, Features, and Comparison with Mailchimp

This review explores SendFox, a newcomer in the realm of email marketing, showing what individuals and brands can expect from this platform in comparison to established ones like Mailchimp. Even for those satisfied with their current email marketing services, exploring alternatives could lead to notable improvements in cost-effectiveness or operational efficiency within their businesses.

But is this email marketing platform really different from the rest?

Many might already have a go-to choice among the likes of Mailchimp, Klaviyo, or Convertkit. This review introduces SendFox, a member of the Sumo family of tools, designed specifically for content creators. It highlights its affordability and ease of use. In the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing platforms, discovering new alternatives continues to be intriguing.

What is SendFox?

The SendFox platform is described as an email marketing solution specifically designed for content creators, providing a simple means to automatically dispatch personalized emails to subscribers, followers, and fans.

Like similar email marketing tools, it offers a method to engage with both the targeted audience and those who are already supportive of the content being produced. It enables the distribution of email campaigns that highlight various forms of content such as articles, videos, podcasts, aiming to guide recipients through the sales funnel.

SendFox is a component of the portfolio developed under Sumo Group, initiated by Noah Kagan, a former Facebook employee. This suite, which attracts millions of users, includes tools like the Sumo list-building feature, AppSumo for discovering app deals, and KingSumo, an application focused on expanding user lists through the administration of viral contests and giveaways.

SendFox statistics

At the time of documentation, SendFox has reported significant numbers:

  • 14,480,935 emails delivered
  • 3,652,041 email subscribers

Given that it has only been operational for a few months, its rapid growth is noteworthy. By the time one visits the SendFox home page, these statistics are expected to have changed.

SendFox features

SendFox is an email marketing platform that prides itself on being streamlined and agile, eschewing the excesses that clutter other platforms. It prioritizes speed and flexibility over sheer volume, catering specifically to content marketers who aim to achieve the greatest results with the least amount of effort in their email marketing endeavors. Some of the key features include:

Unlimited branded emails

SendFox offers the capability to craft, schedule, and automate an unlimited number of customized emails directed at one’s contact list. It facilitates the personalization of these emails and enables testing prior to sending. This functionality is pretty much expected from any competent email program, allowing the creation of customized emails that resonate with one’s brand identity.

This feature is particularly beneficial for dedicated content creators, emphasizing the importance of brand representation, whether it be through a blog, YouTube, or podcasts, in attracting and engaging an audience.

Simple email editing

Simple email editing

A straightforward in-built WYSIWYG editor is provided, facilitating customization of key email elements, including:

  • Font
  • Colors
  • Formatting
  • Links

Such features simplify the process of branding emails, with the potential addition of an image-editing feature being included in the future. Furthermore, it’s important to highlight that all created emails are designed to be mobile responsive, ensuring followers can engage with the content regardless of their location.

List building

List building

Multiple lists can be created in SendFox. For those with an existing subscriber base, perhaps from platforms like Mailchimp, uploading a list of contacts and subscribers to send emails to can be tiring as compared to SendFox’s straightforward approach.


SendFox offers automation for various crucial emails, including:

  • Automated welcome emails for subscribers, directing them towards preferred content and channels
  • Campaigns triggered by user interactions, like clicks and opens
  • Time-based automated campaigns that self-manage after initial setup

This feature simplifies audience segmentation, ensuring tailored content reaches the appropriate recipients.

User interface

The SendFox interface boasts a clean and simple design. It allows for easy viewing of various details, including:

  • Emails
  • Automations
  • Contacts
  • Detailed performance numbers

The dashboard is designed to be clutter-free, emphasizing simplicity.


Lists and tagging functionalities are provided to keep contacts segregated, ensuring organization and efficiency. Additionally, basic CRM functionality is made available, enabling the recording of notes about each subscriber. This feature allows for more personalized interactions with important individuals.

Landing pages and forms

The platform offers landing pages equipped with integrated forms, facilitating the seamless acquisition of new contacts directly into SendFox, turning their interest into solid commitments. Landing pages serve as a crucial step in guiding followers through the sales funnel, with the added advantage of being a tool for collecting ratings or reviews. The convenience of having the ability to customize these pages directly within the email marketing platform that orchestrates the campaigns and drives traffic is significantly beneficial. Also, there’s the option to share the URLs of these landing pages on social media pages or within an email signature.

SendFox also provides customizable embeddable forms. These forms are designed to motivate fans to subscribe or follow while legally collecting necessary subscriber information. Ensuring compliance, all landing pages and forms adhere to GDPR standards, including a GDPR consent feature, eliminating concerns regarding data privacy laws. Furthermore, the HTML code of these forms can be integrated into any website.

RSS Feed

The feature is essential for certain content creators. Emails can be generated using the integrated RSS feed functionality, ensuring that subscribers and followers are automatically notified whenever new content is released. This effectively manages content promotion, and is particularly beneficial for creators with a regular video or podcast series, aiming to keep their audience fully informed and up-to-date. Additionally, the RSS feed feature allows for the creation of draft email campaigns by connecting with a creator’s personal RSS feed.

Performance tracking tools

Performance tracking tools

SendFox provides users with advanced analytics in all of its versions, enabling the tracking of email opens, clicks, among other metrics.

  • Subscription status
  • Subscription source
  • IP address
  • Email activity (opens, clicks)

This functionality is essential for monitoring campaigns and implementing adjustments based on precise, real-time data.

Customer service

Assistance with SendFox customer service issues can be found through various means:

  • A “helpscouts” page provides answers to many common questions and concerns.
  • Contacting the support team via email.

Currently, there is no option for live chat, which could be a beneficial feature for instant responses to inquiries in the future.

Integration with the Sumo family and more

SendFox is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Sumo family of products, which includes:

Additionally, the application provides integration capabilities with Zapier, API Endpoints, and POST HTML code from forms.

Validating your domain

The domain validation feature enhances email deliverability when using SendFox. This process involves a few simple steps. It makes email service providers, including Gmail and Outlook, less inclined to mark emails as spam if the ‘From’ email address is linked with a validated domain.

Is a SendFox demo available?

Currently, a free demo is not offered. However, a generous 14-day money-back guarantee is provided, with no questions asked.

SendFox pricing

Bear in mind that since SendFox offers a more streamlined version compared to other email marketing platforms, its pricing is highly competitive.

AppSumo lifetime deal pricing

Here’s an overview of what’s currently offered for lifetime deals:

  • The SINGLE plan (one code) is available for $49, providing lifetime access for up to 5,000 subscribers.
  • For those needing more, the DOUBLE plan (two codes) offers lifetime access for up to 10,000 subscribers at $98.
  • The MULTIPLE plan ranges from $148 for three codes to $490 for 10 codes, extending lifetime access to up to 15,000 subscribers. This option presents a more subdued branding approach compared to the single and double plans.

Included in each of these plans are the following benefits:

  • Lifetime access to the service
  • Access to all future updates of the plan
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee for any reason

These offerings provide an array of options tailored to different subscriber capacity needs, coupled with the assurance of longevity and continuous improvement of the service.

Regular pricing

Should the opportunity for the lifetime deal be missed, it is reassuring to know that standard pricing begins at a very competitive rate of $20 USD per month for this set of features.

SendFox lifetime deal: Why is the Sumo Group going after email marketing with SendFox and how long could it last?

It’s not clear why driving customers to SendFox might be advantageous for Sumo Group, but it could be a strategic move to naturally funnel leads towards their subscription-based products, which are proving to be lucrative for the company.

The current promotions being offered are for a “limited” time, though the specifics of this limitation have not been disclosed. It is evident that the company is actively pursuing a subscription model, boasting an offer of 80 percent off their standard pricing plans, which presents a significant saving opportunity:

  • The SINGLE plan, typically priced at $240
  • The DOUBLE plan, usually at $360
  • The MULTIPLE plan, regularly $480 for three codes

SendFox vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp is recognized as one of the most established and popular email marketing platforms globally. The question arises of how SendFox, a newcomer in the field, stands in comparison to it.

Overall functionality

Mailchimp offers more advanced features compared to SendFox, especially when it comes to the costs involved. Both platforms facilitate the creation of email campaigns, list building, and campaign automation with ease, yet Mailchimp provides a more sophisticated experience.

Mailchimp boasts a wider range of email automation options for various interactions, including:

  • Automated emails for new subscribers
  • Notifications for followers upon new content releases
  • Birthday greetings for followers
  • Alerts for followers tagged in content
  • Special rewards for top customers of ecommerce stores
  • Thank-you notes for first-time customers in ecommerce
  • Reminders for abandoned shopping carts in ecommerce setups

While SendFox might enhance its automation features in the future, as of now, Mailchimp stands out as the more comprehensive choice for larger ecommerce businesses, granted the budget permits.



SendFox emerges as the favored choice in comparison. Highlighted below are the current Mailchimp pricing plans: It can be observed that features such as the automated email series and e-commerce automation are accessible only with a monthly commitment, beginning at $14.99.

In contrast, with SendFox’s ongoing lifetime offer, an investment of $49 grants the capability to dispatch unlimited emails to 5,000 subscribers for a lifetime. For those boasting a larger subscriber base, the cost is modestly pegged at $98 to maintain this service indefinitely. This deal encompasses all automation functionalities without any limitations.

Conversely, Mailchimp’s offerings require additional payments for comparable services, with the complimentary plan limiting users to a single email per trigger, not a sequence. Therefore, the one-time expense of $49 for SendFox stands out as more economical than the recurring costs associated with Mailchimp, promising significant long-term savings.

Conversion options

SendFox provides options for embeddable forms and landing pages designed to transform interest into clientele. Mailchimp extends similar offerings by including both embeddable forms and landing pages, in addition to a popup form feature and partnerships with two integration providers aimed at enhancing sign-up rates. The popup list-building feature, not available directly through SendFox, can be accessed via integration with Sumo, which complements its platform.

The dashboard, the visuals, and reporting

The dashboard, the visuals, and reporting

Mailchimp is known for its comprehensive features, offering an array of “whistles and bells” that enhance user experience with engaging graphics and visuals. In contrast, SendFox opts for a simpler, cleaner, and uncluttered user interface, ensuring ease of use and accessibility.

Mailchimp allows users to delve deeply into its platform, offering a more robust experience. Furthermore, the sophistication of email campaign reports generated by Mailchimp stands out, offering detailed analytics. Determining the value of these advanced features and whether they justify the additional cost depends on individual needs and preferences.

Bottom line: Who should use SendFox?

SendFox, a recent addition to the marketing tools scene, shows tremendous potential. Originating from the seasoned marketing family of Sumo, it promises growth and development over time, an aspect that greatly interests users.

The platform is currently sought after by content creators, including bloggers and vloggers, who wish to establish new sales funnels for their products and services. SendFox stands out for its simplicity and clean interface, catering specifically to those needs.

Feedback such as, *"I’ve been a *customer for years and I’m only utilizing about 20% of their features," is common, highlighting a prevalent issue of underused functionalities in other platforms.

This raises a valid question: why invest in features that remain unused?
SendFox addresses this by offering competitively priced lifetime deals, making it an attractive option for those looking for value.

For small business owners or those at the initial stages of setting up their email marketing campaigns, SendFox represents a straightforward solution. Its simplicity doesn’t overwhelm, making it ideal for beginners. Furthermore, existing users of other Sumo products might find SendFox a logical addition to their toolkit, considering the seamless integration possibilities.

As email marketing needs evolve and subscriber lists grow, users have the flexibility to shift towards platforms that offer more advanced features, making SendFox an excellent starting point.

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