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Printify 2024: Unveiling the Real Story!

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Printify 2024: Unveiling the Real Story!

Printify stands as a colossal force in the world of print-on-demand fulfillment services. Boasting a catalogue that spans more than 250 products and backed by years of e-commerce experience, they deliver a delightful mix of creativity and variety to any online store that partners with them.

If the plan is to start a Print on Demand shop, it’s crucial to figure out your sourcing strategy. In this blog, I’ll be sharing my insights on Printify, drawn from my personal experience of managing a store that was connected with them for two years, coupled with my two years serving as a Shopify expert, where I assisted numerous Print on Demand retailers.

The Great

1. Product Selection

Printify truly stands out by presenting a delightful array of products that go way beyond what you’d typically anticipate from a Print on Demand platform. While it’s common for POD services platforms to feature everyday products like shirts and hoodies, Printify takes it up a notch. They enthrall with an eclectic mix, including tumblers, flip flops, fanny packs, pet beds, Christmas stockings, area rugs, and more, offering a treasure trove of options for those looking to create something uniquely theirs.

This capability stems from Printify’s unique structure, which amalgamates several Print on Demand facilities instead of operating from just one. This sheer number of printing centers empowers Printify to offer any product that ANY of its warehouses has the ability to print.

Furthermore, Printify sometimes introduces exclusive, limited-edition products or unveils unique item collections, like their ‘Eco-Friendly’ lineup. It presents a fantastic opportunity to explore fresh alternatives for your shop.

One of the most appealing aspects of Printify is its vast product range. For stores venturing into the Print on Demand realm, Printify emerges as a go-to choice, offering a plethora of items that are simply unmatched elsewhere.

2. The Product Editor

A huge shoutout to Printify for providing me with all the details about my image right in the editor. It truly makes a world of difference!

Printify editor

Having the precise measurements of a design at your fingertips truly simplifies everything. Tweaking a product becomes a breeze, a stark contrast to the often frustrating exercise of haphazardly moving elements around, hoping they align just right. The ability to rely on actual numbers is something I profoundly appreciate.

Moreover, for those who are well-versed with Photoshop, Printify offers a nifty download option. This allows you to seamlessly download the design template PSD file onto your computer. After giving it your personal touch in a more sophisticated graphics editor, you can easily upload it back to Printify.

With that in mind, there are a few kinks in the system that need ironing out. The 3D previews on this POD platform can sometimes leave you wondering about how exactly the seams will align. It would be a real treat if they incorporated Printful’s ‘pattern’ feature, allowing you to upload a small design to be replicated all over a product. However, these are just small bumps on the road compared to the overall convenience and efficiency that Printify’s design tool brings to the table.

Similar to the majority of print-on-demand platforms, there’s no charge to explore the editor and acquaint yourself with the process of aligning designs with products before committing to any purchases.

3. Pricing

Sometimes, it’s a mystery how certain Printify print houses manage to turn a profit with the pricing of their products. Often, the costs presented to you are shockingly affordable, presumably indicating only a slim profit margin for the printing entities.

Having said that, my focus isn’t really on their revenue model; what matters to me is the impact on my own business’s profitability, and in that arena, Printify POD makes a world of difference.

Take, for example, the Bella Canvas 3001, a fan favorite among shirts available today. This gem is priced at just $12.47 on Printify, and that price comes with shipping. Now, if you were to compare that with what you’d shell out on Printify’s main rival, Printful, you’d be looking at $16.94!

Pricing for Printify

Exploring different options to find the best bargain is always a smart choice.

Regarding the items, it’s quite possible that sometimes the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to the varying prices across different warehouses. However, from my past experiences, I haven’t really seen a strong link between the cost at a warehouse and the quality of their goods.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that Printify POD lets you pick from its vast network of over 90 print providers for each product you create, giving you the flexibility to hunt for the most favorable deal. However, don’t forget to factor in the shipping costs, as they differ from supplier to supplier, making it a bit of a challenge to determine which printer truly provides the greatest value.

4. Printify Premium

It’s hard to find someone who gets excited about monthly subscriptions, but let’s have an honest chat.

The complimentary tier of Printify isn’t just a teaser; it’s fully equipped to fetch you the best of print on demand products without compromise. You won’t encounter any restrictions on critical aspects such as image quality, product choices, or the robustness of the product design tool.

Printify Premium offers a subscription service that slashes your printing expenses by up to 20% for a monthly fee of $29.00. For those who sell in large quantities, this is a game-changer. In comparison, to benefit from a similar price reduction on Printful’s products through their bulk discount, your orders would need to amount to roughly $25,000.

Printify Premium Banner

Diving into Printify’s product catalog offers a sneak peek at the potential savings in store for you. They have the savings clearly marked on each item, letting you see the discounts right away.

The Good

1. Integrations

Printify boasts seamless integration with six prominent platforms, outstripping many competitors in the print-on-demand (PoD) sphere. Among these integrations, you’ll find industry giants such as Shopify and Wix, ensuring users have access to some of the most powerful e-commerce tools available. However, it’s worth noting that there are a few notable absences, such as Squarespace, from their lineup.

This downside is somewhat alleviated by Printful’s offering of API integration. It allows you to connect it with almost any platform, provided you possess the necessary technical skills.

I mention “partially” as the truth is, that folks helming a boutique on Squarespace (known for its beginner-friendly interface) are rarely inclined to delve into the intricacies of the API. The public API is primarily designed for those self-hosting their e-commerce platforms or for developers crafting third-party plugins. Nevertheless, a solution directly from the source is usually more desirable.

Available Integrations Banner

Naturally, if you’re tapping into one of the six platforms they seamlessly mesh with, you’ll find the setup swift and straightforward without any significant snags to worry about.

2. Order Management

Once an order is placed, Printify takes a step back, allowing your business to flow seamlessly. The production wheel starts turning immediately after your customer makes a purchase, ensuring a smooth operation.

The one small hitch in POD platform's order management process is its absence of a mobile app.

Printful, Printifiy’s competitor has rolled out a mobile app, and frankly speaking, it’s been a game changer for me as an entrepreneur. It would be incredible if Printify POD offered a similar solution for those times when I need to tweak an order away from my desk.

One thing to keep in mind is that Printify does not come with a feature for setting up storefronts, meaning your store’s operations mainly revolve around the post-order process. For matters not connected to the print aspect, such as other order specifics, you’ll typically rely on the management system provided by your storefront (for example, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and others).

3. Mockups

The mockups offered by Printify are of exceptional quality, consistently delivering a visual that’s practically a mirror image of the product you’ll receive. However, the story doesn’t end there…

The selection leaves a lot to be desired.

Much like typical mockup generators found within Print on Demand services, the visuals often appear uninspired and commonplace.

Printify Mockups Banner Image

They work well for product pages, but might not be the best choice for marketing efforts. Opt for top-notch mockup generators, PSD T-Shirt/Item templates, or even better, get samples and employ a photographer.

The Bad

It’s a subject that deserves undivided attention, especially if you’re keen on ensuring your printed materials make the right impression, every time. Whether it’s for professional use or personal projects, understanding and achieving superior print quality is a game-changer.

It’s crucial to recognize that among Printify’s impressive roster of over 90 partnered print warehouses, not every facility operates at the same level of excellence.

Upon initially placing an order for samples through the service, we received a variety of items. Among these, the tote bag and the skirt stood out for their superior quality material, and impressively, the prints have maintained their integrity even after two years. The batch also included T-shirts sourced from a Warehouse, which has since parted ways with Printify.

The designs on both shirts began to show cracks after only a few washes, leading to their unfortunate disposal. The inconsistency in quality across Printify’s various warehouses is a notable concern. This variability can present a significant challenge, especially for those new to the Print on Demand scene. My top advice would be to invest in a sample from the designated warehouse and thoroughly test it before committing to a large-scale sale.

Purchasing the identical product from the same distribution center typically ensures uniform quality, yet the inherent uncertainty involved remains a considerable downside.


In this Printify review, let's take a look at how this POD serivce platform can seriously elevate your store’s inventory with its diverse selection. Their unique, eye-catching items can really stand out in promotional materials, more so than the typical T-shirt. Even if you’re currently partnered with another Print on Demand platform, I wholeheartedly recommend incorporating Printify into your e-commerce setup to unlock those additional, enticing choices.

Moreover, Printify boasts the most competitive prices in the market and is equipped with an exceptional product editor. The advantages of using their service far outweigh the drawbacks.

However, let’s take a moment to ponder…

As mentioned previously, due to concerns regarding print consistency, it’s wise to procure a product sample before featuring it in your storefront. This, of course, elevates the initial investment required for using Printify. Moreover, on a personal note, I find myself leaning towards partnering with a service where I can be assured of unwavering quality at all times.

So, who should use Printify?

Printify POD stands out magnificently, capturing the hearts of many store owners, myself included, for a bounty of reasons. Its competitive product pricing catapults it into the limelight as one of the most lucrative platforms available. With soaring sales figures, its value becomes undeniable. And, by ensuring to sample products beforehand, you’re guaranteed to sidestep any concerns over quality.

For those of you who are just dipping your toes into the world of business, the immediate concern isn’t about squeezing out a few additional bucks from each transaction. Instead, your focus should be on ensuring your customers receive high-quality products without the need to pre-order samples of each design. In these beginning phases, building a solid foundation of trust with your customers and forging a strong reputation takes precedence. Printful stands out as the go-to for newcomers, and you can discover the reasons behind this in our detailed comparison article.

Printify clearly takes the crown, but it demands a touch of finesse to truly shine.

Real Users’ Printify Reviews: The Verdict

Throughout the years, Printify has garnered a generally positive reputation. Here’s what an average Printify review says about the service.

User reviews for printify

If you come across genuine print-on-demand platform reviews on any website, you’ll find that Printify services have some of the highest ratings.

Printify vs Competitors

As print-on-demand became popular, more such platforms have emerged, but do they have the same zest as Prinitify?

Printify: A Strong Contender in Print-On-Demand

In the ever-evolving world of print-on-demand services, Printify distinguishes itself through a robust comparison with key competitors, including Printful, Gooten, MOO, and Spocket. This examination underscores why Printify is positioned as a standout choice for businesses venturing into the realm of customized merchandise.

Printify vs Printful:

In the realm of pricing, Printify and Printful both offer free plans; however, Printify tends to provide more budget-friendly product options. With an expansive catalog of over 900 products, Printify outshines Printful in terms of variety. Both platforms maintain user-friendly interfaces and integrate seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms. While both offer customer support, Printful earns commendation for its superior service.

Printify vs Gooten:

When it comes to pricing, Printify emerges as the more cost-effective option compared to Gooten. Offering a wider product range of over 850 items, Printify provides businesses with more choices for customization. Both platforms excel in ease of use and integrate seamlessly with various e-commerce platforms. Printify's additional advantage lies in its 24/7 customer support, ensuring consistent assistance for users.

Printify vs MOO:

Printify generally offers lower prices in comparison to MOO, catering to businesses looking for cost-effective solutions. With a broader product range, Printify stands out, providing users with a diverse array of options for customization. Both platforms maintain user-friendly interfaces and Printify supplements this with 24/7 customer support for added accessibility.

Printify vs Spocket:

In terms of pricing, Printify is positioned as a more budget-friendly option compared to Spocket. With a comprehensive product range, Printify offers businesses ample choices for customization. Both platforms emphasize user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms. Printify's 24/7 customer support adds an extra layer of reliability

Case Studies and Success Stories

Some inspiring stories of businesses and individuals who have navigated the path to success using Printify are

Michael and Carly Kreiser: This dynamic husband and wife duo has carved a niche on Shopify, reaching a global audience with their offerings.

Gina Van De Voorde: A seasoned Etsy entrepreneur, Gina swiftly transformed her Print on Demand (POD) venture into a profitable business. Her success story extended to Shopify, showcasing the versatility of Printify.

Alejandro: Overcoming challenges, Alejandro strategically utilized Printify to expand his market presence across the US, UK, and EU.

Teanna Scot: Cracking the code to optimize her POD business, Teanna relies on SEO insights to identify lucrative yet undersaturated niches.

Jay de Souza: Transitioning from a demanding bank job, Jay emerged as a prominent POD figure with multiple thriving Etsy and Amazon stores, boasting impressive sales figures.

When it comes to popular product lines, Printify's top-selling products include T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, phone cases, canvas prints, tote bags, tank tops, and posters.

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