Postship vs Wonderment

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Postship vs Wonderment

Using Proactive Customer Experience Platform is becoming quite common in today's fast-paced e-commerce industry. The ability to offer a great post-purchase experience can help increase customer retention rates, build brand loyalty, boost ROI and more. Platforms like PostShip and Wonderment offer stand-out post-purchase customer experience by providing real-time order tracking, proactive alerts, and timely resolutions.

Order tracking tools, typically, collect information from the on-going shipping process and relay relevant information to customers and keep them updated. But of course, it’s just not about tracking orders, PostShip and Wonderment also offer other features to help create engaging tracking pages, reduce WISMO tickets and also help in resolving shipping-related issues.

Choosing the right post-purchase customer experience platform is important too. While both, PostShip and Wonderment offer great features and post-purchase customer experience, they have their differences and selecting the right platform can effectively help transform your business.

PostShip vs Wonderment: Which Benefits a Brand Better?

PostShip is a post-purchase order tracking tool designed to help brands boost repeat-purchases as well as strengthen customer relations. PostShip let's brands customize their tracking pages and also offers proactive alerts to customers, keeping them updated as well as notified about any problems in the shipping process.

Wonderment, similar to PostShip, is an order tracking tool which helps brands customize their order tracking pages, and offers real-time notifications to customers about the whereabouts of their order. But Wonderment’s pricing plan could be something to consider, especially for start-ups and upcoming businesses. To its credit it does offer a lot of features but it comes with a high price-tag.

While PostShip comes with affordable pricing options and it does not lack in features.

But even more so than the pricing plans, PostShip supports over 1400 carriers, whereas Wonderment only supports 150. To further add to it, brands can create customized order tracking pages with just two clicks.

In terms of reduction of WISMO (Where Is My Order) tickets, Wonderment manages to reduce it by 40%. On the other hand, PostShip reduces WISMO tickets by a whopping 65%. PostShip achieves this by tracking and monitoring the shipping process to identify any problems and it relays the same to the customer proactively while helping them resolve the issue. PostShip helps Shopify stores offer their customers a completely hassle free way to track their orders in real-time, thus effectively boosting customer satisfaction rates.

PostShip vs Wonderment: Features


  • Efficient Order Tracking: PostShip provides brands the ability to provide their customers an efficient and seamless order tracking experience.
  • Two-Click Launch: with PostShip businesses can create tracking pages with just two clicks.
  • WISMO Resolutions: With PostShip, WISMO (Where Is My Order) tickets are reduced by 65%. PostShip automatically updates customers if there are any hindrances in the shipping process. Additionally, it can also help in resolving shipping-related problems.
  • Advanced API and Headless Integration: With PostShip’s custom order tracking feature, brands are given the ability to create unique-tailored tracking pages for their online businesses. Furthermore, native Shopify builders can also make use of advanced APIs provided by PostShip for seamless headless e-commerce integration.
  • Proactive Notifications: PostShip  also lets brands track any problems faced during the process and offers automated proactive solutions to effectively resolve them.
  • Report and Analytics: PostShip also offers businesses detailed insights into the shipping processes which can be further categorized into the following:
  • Fulfillment status
  • Delivery service
  • Geographical location and other important metrics
  • Email and SMS alerts: with PostShip, Shopify stores can customize their emails and messages sent to the customers. Even more so, PostShip provides businesses with 15 extra transactional events and message templates for an ideal conversation flow.
  • Integrations: PostShip offers seamless integrations with third-party applications to further simplify the shipping and tracking process. With these integrations brands can:
  • Collect insightful information
  • Create customized SMS and email lists
  • Help customers initiate order returns efficiently
  • Triggers review requests at the optimal time.

Here are some of the integrations that PostShip offers:

  • Attentive
  • Shopify
  • Gorgias
  • Klaviyo and more


Tracking Page Creator: with Wonderment, Shopify store owners can create order tracking pages with ease. The order tracking pages can be further customized and tailored for unique customer experiences. This way brands can keep their customers informed about the whereabouts of their packages.

Delivery Alerts: Wonderment also sent notifications to customers related to their orders in a proactive manner to maintain customer satisfaction.

Analytics Features: Wonderment also offers reporting and analytics features that gathers insightful data which can be used by brands to further improve their customer's post-purchase journey.

SMS and Email: Wonderment also helps simplify brand-customer communication process with automating emails and SMSs.

Integrations: Wonderment also offers a plethora of integrations to further ease the shipping and order tracking process.

PostShip vs Wonderment: Pricing Plans


To begin with, PostShip offers a 7-day free trial and is rather affordably priced.

Basic Plan

This plan costs $9.00 per month and you get:

  • Order tracking for 1000 orders every month
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Branded tracking page
  • Product upselling
  • Chat and email support
  • Over 900 carriers to choose from

Pro Plan

This plan costs $349.00 per month and you get everything in the basic plan plus:

  • Tracking upto 30,000 orders every month
  • Klaviyo and Attentive integrations
  • Stripe and PayPal integration
  • 24/7 customer support

Enterprise Plans

The price for this plan depends on the needs of the business.It includes everything the Basic and the Pro plan, in addition to that, it comes with:

  • Advanced API integrations
  • Webhooks
  • Advanced reporting
  • Track over 100,000 order every month
  • Businesses also get a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

The above plans fall under the umbrella of monthly subscriptions.

PostShip also offers yearly subscriptions.

Basic Yearly Plan

This yearly plan costs $89.00 and it comes with:

  • Every analytical feature
  • Customer support
  • Mobile-responsive app
  • Upto dedicated 3 team member
  • Over 250,000 tracked visits

Growth Yearly Plan

This plan costs $4188 every year. It has everything the Basic plan has and in addition to that, it also comes with:

  • Over 360,000 shipments tracking
  • Klaviyo and Attentive integrations
  • Stripe and PayPal integration
  • 24/7 customer support

Enterprise Yearly Plan

This plan's pricing structure will entirely be dependent on the needs of your business. It comes with all everything the above PostShip plans have to offer and additionally it includes:

  • Advanced API integrations
  • Webhooks
  • Advanced reporting
  • Track over 100,000 order every month
  • Businesses also get a dedicated Customer Success Manager.


Wonderment offers a range of pricing plans (monthly and yearly subscriptions) and it also offers a free plan with basic features.

Starter Plan

This plan costs $99/mo and the yearly subscription will cost $89/mo.

It comes with

  • Order tracking features
  • Over 80 carriers
  • Dashboard and command center
  • Integrations
  • Postscript
  • Klaviyo
  • SMSbump
  • Sendland and more
  • Storefront Tracking
  • Rebuy integration
  • Order lookup pages
  • Support and Account Management
  • Online chat support
  • Help center
  • Two-factor authentication.

Premium Plan

This plan costs $189/mo and yearly plan will cost $170/mo.

It comes with everything that the Starter Plan has to offer and more:

  • Transactional Email and Flow setup
  • Multiple tracking pages
  • Remove Wonderment branding
  • Email and Chat support
  • Produce CX engine
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Premium integrations
  • Junip
  • Shopify

Plus Plan

The monthly plan costs $349/mo and the yearly plan costs $314/mo.

It has everything the other plans have to offer and additionally:

  • Priority Support
  • 24 hours Support
  • Quarterly Account Management Reviews
  • Advanced Customization Features

Customer carrier integrations

Headless support/API

PostShip vs Wonderment: Customer Reviews


PostShip's order tracking tools and post-purchase features have been lauded by a number of users. It is well-appreciated for its timely response and support.

Apart from that, the pricing factor does seem to please a number of businesses as it allows them to operate within a budget.

PostShip has garnered a rating of 4.9 on the Shopify App Store.


Wonderment is also well-renowned for its order tracking tools and has garnered a rating of 5.0 on the Shopify App Store.

PostShip vs Wonderment: Final Verdict

Although both offer great order tracking tools services, they have their own differences. The primary one being the features offered followed by the pricing factor as well as what entails in each plan.

Let's take into account that PostShip reduces WISMO tickets by 65% and allows for easy creation of tailored order tracking pages. PostShip also supports over 1400 carriers, while Wonderment supports only 150 carriers. It goes without saying, PostShip offers carrier choices that can suit the needs of every business, from small startups to big names in the industry.

Apart from that, when it comes to pricing, Wonderment doesn't have a free plan, but may not suffice the requirements of businesses where as if businesses want to integrate with third-party apps like Shopify Flow or Gorgias, they have to buy Wonderment's Premium plan or Pluswhich is priced around $189/mo and $349/mo.

PostShip offers a ton of features, integrations and more starting $9/mo. Its cheapest plan which comes loaded with features and a multitude of benefits too and costs just $9/mo.

When you take brand-benefits and cost-effectiveness as a factor, PostShip, without a doubt, comes out on top by a mile.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

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