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ClickFunnels vs BuilderAll 2024: The Ultimate Face-Off!

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ClickFunnels vs BuilderAll 2024: The Ultimate Face-Off!

ClickFunnels vs Builderall Comparison Overview

ClickFunnels was established in 2014 by Russell Brunson with the mission to seamlessly craft sales funnels that effectively turn visitors into leads and customers.

Since its inception, ClickFunnels has witnessed remarkable growth, supporting over 100,000 entrepreneurs in broadcasting their messages globally, enhancing their influence, and boosting revenue.

ClickFunnels is recognized for its ability to facilitate the rapid creation of complex sales funnels through an easy-to-use drag and drop funnel builder. The platform offers thousands of templates, enabling users to construct a variety of sales funnels, ranging from lead generation to webinar funnels.

An added advantage is ClickFunnels’ offer of a 14-day free trial, allowing users to explore the software without any initial investment.

On the other hand, Builderall was launched in 2011 by Erick Salgado. This platform was designed as a comprehensive solution for digital marketers, intending to encompass all necessary tools in one platform.

Builderall lives up to its promise by offering a wide array of features, including both a drag and drop funnel builder and website builder, online checkout with payment integration, an affiliate marketing system, email autoresponder, among other integrated tools.

Builderall is often considered a more budget-friendly alternative to ClickFunnels, with its highest pricing plan being more affordable than ClickFunnels’ lowest plan. Prospective users can also take advantage of a 14-day free trial to test Builderall’s offerings.

However, Builderall has been noted to exhibit some shortcomings in terms of user-friendliness and efficiency, especially when compared to ClickFunnels. For example, challenges were encountered when attempting to set up email automation sequences, which proved to be a complicated process.

For those considering Builderall, it is suggested to fully utilize the 14-day free trial to personally assess its intuitiveness and overall functionality.

In this builderall vs clickfunnels comparison, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons experienced with both ClickFunnels and Builderall.

ClickFunnels Pros & Cons

Here’s a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of ClickFunnels.


  • User-friendly funnel creation with a drag & drop feature
  • The ability to easily share funnels with others
  • A beneficial program for affiliates offering significant returns
  • Regular software updates and enhancements for optimal performance
  • Compatibility with a wide range of email autoresponders
  • Integration capabilities with various payment providers
  • A diverse selection of funnel templates to suit different needs
  • Availability of a 14-day free trial for new users


  • Inaccurate reporting of funnel statistics
  • Restrictions on the number of funnels and visitors allowed in the Startup Plan
  • The initial learning curve may be challenging for some users

Builderall Pros & Cons

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of Builderall.


  • Provides a platform to construct blogs and sales funnels simultaneously
  • Offers exceptionally quick page load speeds, nicknamed “cheetah”
  • Enables the creation of membership areas without limitations
  • Allows sharing of entire websites for import into other Builderall accounts
  • Includes evergreen timers, a feature not available in ClickFunnels
  • Equipped with an in-built email autoresponder for campaign emails or email automation sequences
  • Ensures daily backups of websites at no additional cost


  • The user interface for the email marketing tool is considered to be of poor quality
  • Some tools may lack comprehensive features for specific needs
  • Locks businesses into using Builderall, which may complicate migrating to a different service in the future

ClickFunnels vs Builderall: Who should choose which?

When it comes it Builderall vs ClickFunnels it’s beneficial to assess which of these will help your brand with its needs.

For those with the financial means aiming to create numerous, complex sales funnels, ClickFunnels stands out as the preferred software solution. It offers a wide range of templates ready for immediate use, requiring only minor adjustments such as adding text and images before launching.

An additional feature of ClickFunnels not yet highlighted is the inclusion of free marketing training within user accounts, known as FunnelFlix. This platform provides comprehensive training resources covering a variety of topics, all aimed at enhancing business growth and efficiency. With high-value courses included, users receive significant educational value, often costing thousands if sourced separately.

Moreover, users subscribing to ClickFunnels’ premium plans gain access to Follow-up Funnels, a tool for executing automated email campaigns to contacts acquired through sales funnels, essentially serving as ClickFunnels’ version of an email autoresponder.

On the other hand, Builderall is suggested for those seeking a more budget-friendly option with a broad range of features. However, users should be aware of the commitment to the Builderall platform, as building an entire business on it might introduce challenges due to reported issues such as bugs, lack of intuitiveness, and insufficient comprehensive functionality to meet every need.

It is recommended to test both ClickFunnels and Builderall before making a long-term commitment to determine which platform better suits the business’s requirements, especially if any particular feature of the initially tried software proves unsatisfactory.

ClickFunnels Features

  1. Intuitive Sales Funnel Builder – ClickFunnels offers a user-friendly approach to constructing a sales funnel. Users can effortlessly drag and drop widgets onto the page to configure their sales funnel swiftly.
  2. Share Funnels – This feature allows for the duplication or sharing of a funnel simply by utilizing a link. By clicking on this link, the entire sales funnel can be imported into another’s account, where it can be customized and deployed to boost their business sales.
  3. ClickFunnels Sales Funnel Statistics – Accompanied by each sales funnel are detailed statistics, offering insights into visitor numbers, opt-in rates, and sales performance, enabling users to monitor their funnel’s efficacy.
  4. A/B Split Test – Conducting a split test is streamlined with ClickFunnels, allowing the duplication of a funnel step, modification of elements like headlines, and the comparison of different funnel versions to optimize outcomes.
  5. Memberships & Courses – Users can establish membership areas and courses within ClickFunnels, creating an avenue to sell or distribute them to an audience.
  6. FunnelFlix – A unique feature, FunnelFlix, distinguishes ClickFunnels from its competitors by offering an extensive library of free content focused on marketing and sales funnels. This includes training from notable programs and individuals such as the One Funnel Away Challenge, Tony Robbins, and several others.

Builderall Features

  1. Unlimited Membership Areas - Users can create an endless number of membership areas to compile courses or any content for sharing with their audience.
  2. Cheetah Drag And Drop Funnel Builder - A fast and intuitive funnel builder.
  3. Cheetah Drag And Drop Website Builder - Enables quick building of websites or blogs from scratch.
  4. Mobile Responsive Versions - Automatically ensures that all sales funnels and website pages are mobile responsive.
  5. Blogging App - Builderall allows for the creation of blog posts to increase online authority.
  6. Super Checkout - This ClickFunnel alternative also provides ready-to-use payment integrations for selling products.
  7. Super Checkout For Affiliates - Users can create their affiliate system, allowing others to promote their digital products for a commission.
  8. Bump Sells, Upsales, And Downsales - Offers options to enhance customer cart value within sales funnels.
  9. Countdown, Evergreen, And Fixed Date Timers - Timers can be added to sales funnels and websites for enhanced engagement.
  10. A/B Split Testing - Facilitates easy split testing of sales funnels.
  11. Page Loading Accelerator - Improves the loading speed of sales funnels and websites, enhancing site rankings and sales.
  12. Mobile Page Loading Accelerator - Ensures faster loading of mobile versions.
  13. SSL Certificate - Includes a free SSL certificate.
  14. Email Marketing - Comes with a built-in autoresponder for email marketing campaigns and automation sequences.
  15. Drag And Drop Email Marketing Automation - Allows for visual building of automation sequences.
  16. Responsive Email Builder - Ensures email builders are responsive on all devices.
  17. Email Scarcity Timers - Users can include scarcity timers in emails to improve click-through rates.
  18. Super Fast CDN Servers - Utilizes CDN to decrease visitor bounce rates.
  19. Website Daily Backup - Ensures daily backups to prevent data loss.
  20. DDOS Attack Prevention - Reduces the risk of hacking.
  21. CRM - Enables creation of tags and automations for visitor actions in sales funnels.
  22. SMS Messaging - Allows sending of text messages to subscribers.
  23. Professional Messenger Chatbot - Features a built-in messenger chatbot.
  24. Professional Website Bot - Offers the option to add a chatbot for engaging site visitors.
  25. WordPress 3-Click Integration - Enables easy WordPress integration.
  26. Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder - Simplifies the creation of magazines.
  27. Builderall Webinar App - Users can create webinars for their audience.
  28. Builderall Evergreen Webinar Builder - Allows for easy setup of evergreen webinars.
  29. Facebook Live Streaming Tool - Facilitates starting live streams on Facebook.
  30. Youtube Live Streaming Tool - Enables live streaming on Youtube.
  31. Builderall Drag And Drop Course Creation - Users can create courses to offer for free or sell.
  32. Builderall Directory Builder - Allows building of directories.
  33. VA Access - Provides access to specific account parts for virtual assistant collaboration.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels offers three distinct pricing plans tailored to different needs:

Standard Plan – $97 per month

  • Includes sharing of funnels, 20 funnels, 100 pages, support for 1 user, 3 payment gateways, and 3 domains.
  • Offers chat support, access to the Funnel Hacker Forum, Funnel Flix, a visitor limit of 20,000 per month, and unlimited contacts.
  • Features A/B split tests, email integrations, different types of funnels including optin, sales, membership, auto webinar, and webinar funnels, with unlimited members.

Platinum Plan – $297 per month

  • Expands on the Standard by offering unlimited funnels and pages, support for 3 users, 9 payment gateways, and 9 domains.
  • Includes unlimited follow-up funnels, priority chat support, weekly peer review hackathons, more courses in Funnel Flix, unlimited visitors, and all features listed under the Standard plan.

Collective Plan – $1,497 per month

  • The most comprehensive package, supporting 10 users, 27 payment gateways, and 27 domains.
  • Includes all Platinum features plus VIP phone support, and unlocks all courses in Funnel Flix.
  • It is tailored for users needing extensive support and resources for their funneling needs.

Builderall Pricing

Builderall Pricing

Builderall offers a selection of pricing plans to suit different needs, outlined as follows:

  • Free Plan – $0 per month
  • Supports 0 domains and 100 subscribers
  • Includes ticketing support, 1 GB disk space, and Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder
  • Offers unlimited subdomains and membership areas, blogging app, super checkout, and more
  • Provides email marketing tools and various accelerators for page and mobile page loading
  • Builder Plan – $19.90 per month
  • Supports 3 domains and retains 100 subscribers
  • Enhances support with live chat, increases disk space to 2 GB, and introduces the Cheetah funnel builder
  • Maintains unlimited subdomains and membership areas, super checkout, blogging app, etc.
  • Adds features like A/B split testing, SSL certificate, super fast CDN servers, and DDOS attack prevention
  • Marketer Plan – $29.90 per month
  • Supports 5 domains and increases subscribers to 5,000
  • Elevates disk space to 5 GB with all prior mentioned features
  • Introduces the Builderall Telegram automation tool and SMS messaging
  • Essential Plan – $49.90 per month
  • Supports 10 domains and 15,000 subscribers
  • Expands disk space to 10 GB and includes the entire range of features from previous plans
  • Adds professional messenger chatbot, professional website bot, and WordPress 3-click integration
  • Premium Plan – $69.90 per month
  • Supports 15 domains with unlimited subscribers
  • Continues with 10 GB disk space and integrates every feature from the Essential plan
  • Introduces additional tools like Builderall unlimited magazine and webinar builders, live streaming tools, e-learning, directory builder, and VA access

Each plan is designed to cater to various needs, ranging from those seeking basic tools to businesses requiring comprehensive digital marketing solutions.


In this builderall vs clickfunnels comparison, it is evident that both platforms are not only capable of providing amazing features but can also help increase conversion rates. But choosing the right platform depends on the needs and financial restraints of your business.

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