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The Best Live Selling Platforms: The Shopify Game Changer!

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The Best Live Selling Platforms: The Shopify Game Changer!

Unleash Your Sales in 2024: The Ultimate Guide to the 15 Most Electrifying Live Selling Platforms!

15 Best Live Selling Platforms in 2024

Making use of the best live selling platforms in today’s ecommerce world is extremely vital. Also known as live commerce platforms or livestream shopping, is revolutionizing the world of e-commerce. This emerging trend isn’t just creating ripples; it’s predicted to cause a significant impact in the industry by 2024.

These platforms offer a vibrant and interactive shopping experience, enabling businesses to engage directly with their customers, showcase their products in an engaging manner, and significantly boost sales like never before.

Regardless of one’s expertise in e-commerce, whether seasoned professionals or newcomers to the digital marketplace, there exists a live shopping platform specifically suited to their needs. Here’s a list of the best live selling platforms for 2024:

What is live selling platform?

A live selling platform is aptly described as a virtual marketplace where sellers or retailers engage directly with potential customers through live video streams. This method has gained popularity in the e-commerce sector for delivering a shopping experience that is significantly more interactive and engaging compared to traditional online shopping approaches.

In the dynamic environment of a live streaming shopping portal, merchants are presented with the unique chance to showcase their products or services with the vibrant appeal of live video broadcasts.

They can delve into detailed explanations of their products, respond to queries in real-time, and cultivate an interactive relationship with the audience as events unfold live. On the other hand, shoppers enjoy a front-row experience, posing questions, seeking further details, and making purchases during live events.

What are the benefits of live selling platform?

Live sales platforms offer a range of benefits that enhance the shopping journey for both merchants and consumers. They introduce an interactive sales approach that infuses the experience with liveliness and engagement. Here are some notable advantages:

Live Engagement:

Through livestream shopping platforms, instant and dynamic interactions between sellers and buyers are facilitated. These interactions allow sellers to quickly address any questions from customers, provide more detailed insights about their products, and create a shopping experience that is more personal and attentive.

Showcasing Products/Services:

Merchants can leverage live demonstrations to showcase their products, particularly those that gain value from being seen or experienced in person. This approach allows shoppers to observe product functionality directly, aiding them in making informed purchasing decisions.

Enhanced Credibility and Openness:

Using the best live selling platforms introduces a level of authenticity and transparency. It allows customers to see products in real time, observe live demonstrations, and interact directly with brand representatives, thereby establishing a strong foundation of trust throughout the purchasing process.

Real-Time Interactions and Queries:

Prospective buyers are afforded the luxury of asking questions as they come up, to which sellers can provide prompt answers. This quick exchange is effective in alleviating any doubts or hesitations, facilitating a seamless decision-making process.

Exclusive Deals and the Thrill of the Moment:

Live selling sessions often feature time-sensitive deals, unique discounts, or exceptional offers, creating an atmosphere filled with urgency. This strategy can encourage spur-of-the-moment purchases and greatly increase transactions during the live event.

Creating a Community:

Platforms offering live selling promote a unique community atmosphere among shoppers. These individuals engage in conversations, share stories, and connect over their mutual interest in certain brands or products, creating a close-knit group of enthusiasts.

Social Media Synchronization:

A multitude of live selling applications have become intricately integrated into the social media ecosystem, allowing sellers to connect with a broader audience. These platforms offer the capability to host live events, participate in engaging discussions, and interact with multimedia content through various social media channels.

This integration serves to not only expand the reach to potential buyers but also significantly improve user engagement in a vibrant manner.

Mobile Reach:

Platforms hosting live sales are readily available on mobile devices, facilitating participation from any location. This accessibility significantly aids in reaching a broad and international audience.

Analytics and Insights:

Merchants benefit from obtaining vital data and insights during their live sessions, which include information on viewer interaction, audience feedback, and buying trends. Such information is crucial in refining future marketing strategies and improving the selection of products available.

15 best live selling platforms

Here’s a curated selection of the best live selling platforms. Each platform provides a unique blend of interactivity, entertainment, and shopping bliss, catering to both die-hard shoppers and casual browsers alike.

1. CommentSold

Live Shopping Revolution

CommentSold leads the charge in the live shopping revolution, offering businesses a powerful tool to enhance their sales through live video. This platform is equipped with features that simplify the live selling process, providing a user-friendly interface, a variety of live shopping templates, and the ability to integrate with existing e-commerce platforms.

Additionally, its advanced real-time analytics help businesses remain competitive and well-informed.

2. Skeepers

Skeepers stands as a premier destination for live shopping, tailored to enhance businesses by creating engaging and lively shopping experiences. This is one of the best live selling platforms and is abundant with features suited for brands seeking to foster a strong connection with their audience.

It enables the hosting of memorable live shopping events, facilitates personal video chats with customers, and offers various tools to craft enthralling shoppable live video streams.

3. GoLive

GoLive represents the forefront in AI-driven best live selling platforms, tailored to enhance the shopping experience for each customer individually. Utilizing advanced AI, the platform selects product recommendations by analyzing customers’ past purchases and browsing habits.

Additionally, GoLive provides a comprehensive set of intuitive tools, enabling businesses to seamlessly track and interpret the success of their live shopping activities.

4. Bambuser

Bambuser has established itself as a dynamic live shopping platform, providing businesses with the opportunity to enhance their revenue through live video streams. It offers a variety of monetization options such as in-stream advertising, strategic product placements, and the possibility of implementing paid subscriptions.


NTWRK stands out as a cutting-edge live shopping application designed for sellers featuring exclusive and hard-to-find items. The platform represents a paradise for businesses offering distinctive products, equipped with an array of attractive features such as limited-edition releases, exclusive collaborations with leading influencers, and a selectively curated range of merchandise.

It is recognized as the ultimate destination for shoppers in pursuit of the unique in the shopping world.

6. Amazon Live

Amazon Live serves as an engaging live shopping platform within the expansive Amazon ecosystem, offering numerous features aimed at easily connecting businesses with Amazon’s large customer base. It boasts of smooth integration with Amazon’s vast product catalog, the ease of directly selling products on Amazon, and utilization of Amazon’s advanced marketing and advertising tools.

7. Facebook Live Shopping

One of the best live selling platforms, Facebook Live Shopping is set within the comprehensive Facebook ecosystem, presenting itself as an engaging live shopping platform. It’s equipped with numerous features that aim to simplify the connection between businesses and their audience on Facebook.

These features include smooth integration with a Facebook Page, the ability to sell products directly on Facebook, and access to Facebook’s extensive marketing and advertising tools.

8. Instagram Live Shopping

Instagram Live Shopping offers a platform that is fully integrated into the Instagram experience, providing businesses with a plethora of features designed to seamlessly connect them with their clientele.

This tool enhances the Instagram arsenal by allowing products to be sold directly within the app, leveraging the powerful range of marketing and advertising tools Instagram has to offer. It stands as a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to flourish on the platform.

9. Livescale

Livescale presents itself as an innovative live shopping platform, aiming to rejuvenate the shopping experiences for businesses. This platform allows businesses to explore the world of live shopping events, offering an engaging and interactive experience that captivates customers.

Key features include the ability for live customer interactions through chat and a range of creative tools designed to create memorable live shopping experiences.

10. ShopShops

ShopShops serves as a dynamic live selling platform that effectively connects businesses with influencers, facilitating a smooth process for product sales. This platform offers an array of services, including a meticulously curated marketplace of influencers, alongside advanced tools that streamline the process of influencer collaboration.

In addition, it provides comprehensive analytics, enabling businesses to thoroughly evaluate the success of their influencer marketing campaigns.

11. TalkShopLive

TalkShopLive is renowned for its advanced live shopping platform, which enables businesses to create shopping experiences that mimic the quality of high-end television shopping channels. This platform is well-equipped with a state-of-the-art production studio, a team of enthusiastic live shopping experts, and a comprehensive array of marketing tools.

12. Popshop Live

Popshop Live is recognized as one of the best live selling platforms, enabling businesses to create engaging and interactive retail experiences with ease. This platform is distinguished by its unique features, including the ability to host live shopping events in striking 3D, engage with customers through live chat, and bring products to life using augmented reality.

Additionally, it offers a suite of tools aimed at facilitating memorable live shopping experiences.

13. Smartzer

Smartzer emerges as a leading live shopping platform, aimed at transforming the way businesses create engaging and customized shopping experiences for their customers. With an impressive array of features, the platform offers personalized product recommendations, enables real-time interactions through live and video chat, and provides a variety of tools for analyzing the success of live shopping endeavors.

Smartzer is dedicated to enhancing the shopping experience, making sure customers not only find exactly what they’re looking for but also thoroughly enjoy the process.

14. Whisbi

Whisbi emerges as a forefront live shopping platform, offering companies an exceptional opportunity to engage with customers through distinctive live shopping events.

It is equipped with a wide range of features, providing access to an experienced network of hosts, enabling the creation of custom-branded live shopping experiences, and offering a comprehensive set of tools for audience engagement.

15. YouTube Live Shopping

Another one of the best live selling platforms, YouTube Live Shopping presents an innovative approach for brands to connect with their audience, transforming live videos into engaging shopping experiences.

This platform allows businesses to organize live shopping events, handpick a selection of products for the stream, and share the excitement with their audience in real-time. As the audience tunes in, they can explore the products being showcased, click for more details, add items to their shopping carts, and complete purchases effortlessly without leaving the YouTube app.

It offers a new dimension to shopping, making it as simple and enjoyable as watching a favorite live stream on YouTube.


In this list of the best live selling platforms of 2024, it is evident that the future of e-commerce is being shaped by live, engaging, and immersive selling experiences. The selection of an ideal live selling platform is pivotal for businesses seeking to enhance their online visibility, establish deeper connections with their audience, and achieve unprecedented sales milestones.

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