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Boost Sales with AI-Powered SEO Search Engines!

By Abhishek Sebin on 1/30/2024 · 5 minute read

Browsing an online store can sometimes turn into a frustrating experience when the item being sought seems hidden away. This scenario has been faced by many on various occasions. Introducing a high-quality eCommerce search engine software on a site significantly enhances the customer experience, making the purchasing journey simpler.

In this blog, the focus is on examining several leading eCommerce search engine software available today, with the aim of assisting onlie store owners in making the best choice for their business.

What is an eCommerce Search Engine?

An eCommerce search engine is a piece of software installed on a website that aggregates and displays all the products available on an eCommerce platform. It enables customers to search and find exactly what they’re looking for with precision. Advanced search engines may also understand product synonyms and suggest related items, improving the shopping experience by allowing users to quickly find what they need.

Why is eCommerce Site Search Important?

Site search plays a pivotal role in eCommerce platforms for several reasons:

  • It simplifies the process of finding specific items for visitors.
  • It provides insights into customer search behavior, helping to improve the website.
  • It can increase the conversion rate by making it easier for customers to find their desired products.

How To Choose The Best eCommerce Search Engine For Your Website?

Choosing the right eCommerce search engine software involves considering several factors, such as the size of the website, the level of support needed. Businesses should also consider feature requirements, setup ease, user-friendliness, the quality of the code, and budget. Considering these factors helps in selecting the most suitable search engine for one’s site.

Top 12 eCommerce Site Search Providers:

  1. Searchanise: It specializes in servicing small to medium-sized eCommerce platforms, efficiently handling sites with a product range from 500 to 50,000+.
  2. Algolia: Established in 2012, has gained significant recognition and funding, showcasing strong customer satisfaction through high ratings on renowned review platforms.
  3. utilizes AI to power its search and discovery platform, processing billions of API requests monthly across a wide range of websites.
  4. SearchNode: It is touted as a premier search solution for mid-sized to large eCommerce firms, aiming to enhance site search functionalities.
  5. Bloomreach: Offers tools for creating highly personalized and engaging customer experiences, backed by AI-driven search and merchandising tools.
  6. Yext: Provides eCommerce solutions to improve search results, engage audiences, and derive product insights for revenue growth.
  7. Klevu: Focuses on enhancing the search and navigation capabilities of online stores through advanced semantic search and natural language processing.
  8. Attraqt: Leverages visitor insights to offer personalized content and search results, aiming to improve website efficiency and user experience.
  9. Wizzy: Aims at boosting store sales by delivering fast and accurate search results, ensuring a positive impact as evidenced by its ratings.
  10. Prefixbox: Offers tailored eCommerce Search solutions for medium to large-scale enterprises, despite limited reviews.
  11. Coveo: Provides AI-enhanced capabilities for enterprise eCommerce, ranging from advanced search functions to personalized recommendations.
  12. Elastic Enterprise Search: Previously known as Swiftype, allows the customization of search experiences on websites, with analytics for site usage insights.

These top providers showcase a variety of strengths and specializations, catering to different needs and scale preferences of eCommerce platforms.

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