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By Abhishek Sebin on 1/30/2024 · 5 minute read

The print on demand (POD) industry has exploded in recent years, with on-demand printing services enabling online merchants, artists, and designers to offer customized products without high upfront costs or inventory risks. While the accessibility of print on demand has opened new doors for e-commerce retailers and solopreneurs, not all POD companies are created equal.

Choosing the right print on demand partner is crucial to maintaining brand quality and enhancing your business model. With the wrong POD service, you may end up with subpar products that reflect poorly on your company. That’s where Contrado’s premium print on demand shines: custom, high-quality printed goods that elevate your online store to the next level.

Contrado positions itself at the top of the print on demand market, committed to excellence across design, materials, printing practices, and customer experience. For e-commerce businesses that prioritize quality over quantity, Contrado provides an opportunity to truly customize products while upholding rigorous production standards. Read on to discover how Contrado print on demand can transform your business.

Understanding Contrado’s Print on Demand Offerings

Contrado is a leading provider of premium print-on-demand services, standing out in a crowded marketplace through an unrelenting commitment to quality, customization and sustainability.

While many print-on-demand companies aim for maximum efficiency and scalability, Contrado recognizes that craftsmanship and attention to detail is paramount when producing bespoke products. Their production team brings decades of printing experience to create items of the utmost quality.

Contrado offers complete creative freedom, allowing you to make products as unique as your brand. With no minimum orders, you can experiment with small product runs to gauge customer interest before fully committing. Contrado’s one-to-one service provides guidance to maximize the impact of your custom designs.

Sustainability is core to Contrado’s values. They utilize recycled materials in production when possible, work to minimize waste, and use carbon-neutral shipping. This enables you to make an environmentally responsible choice when elevating your brand image.

Contrado Pod offerings image

In summary, Contrado’s premium print-on-demand stands apart by providing:

  • Uncompromising quality with a bespoke touch
  • Complete creative customization for your brand
  • Industry-leading commitment to eco-friendly production

By partnering with Contrado, you unlock the ability to offer distinctive, high-value products aligned with your brand story and ethos. Their offerings enable ecommerce businesses, artists and designers to fully realize their creative potential.

How Contrado’s Print on Demand Process Works

Contrado makes the print on demand process easy through their proprietary software and integration with major e-commerce platforms. Here’s an overview of how it works from start to finish:

Design and Customization

The process starts by designing your products on Contrado’s user-friendly platform. You can easily customize products by uploading your own designs, choosing from Contrado’s artwork library, selecting colors/sizes, and adding your branding. Contrado offers a wide range of product types to select from including apparel, home décor, stationery and more.

Some key product and fabric options include:

  • Apparel: T-Shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, hats, in various fabric types like premium ring-spun cotton, triblend, and polyester.

  • Wall Art: Canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, framed prints in sizes from 8x10 to 60x90 inches.

  • Home Décor: Throw pillows, blankets, shower curtains, tapestries, and more in materials like faux linen, faux suede, polyester, cotton, fleece, and velvet.

  • Accessories: Totes, backpacks, yoga mats, face masks, bandanas, beach towels, and aprons in canvas, polyester, and cotton.

  • Stationery: Spiral notebooks, planners, journals, stickers, greeting cards in styles and sizes to suit diverse needs.

Order Processing

Once you finish designing your products, you simply place the order through Contrado’s platform. They take care of processing the order and preparing it for production.

Contrado sources all materials and ingredients ethically and prints using the latest technologies like direct-to-garment and wide-format printing. This attention to detail ensures your designs come out looking sharp.

Production and Quality Checks

Your order is then produced by Contrado’s manufacturing partners according to your specifications. They have partners all over the world, allowing them to produce and fulfill orders at scale.

Throughout the production process, Contrado’s team conducts quality checks to ensure colors, print alignment, products details, packaging, and more meet expectations. If any issues are found, they are quickly fixed.

Fulfillment and Shipping

Once your order has gone through final quality assurance, Contrado takes care of getting it shipped out to your customers. They have integrated global fulfillment centers that quickly process and ship orders from the closest hub to the delivery destination.

Contrado can ship directly to your customers (dropshipping) or to you so you can handle fulfillment. They provide tracking and transit updates throughout the shipping process.

The comprehensive fulfillment and shipping services by Contrado make it easy to focus on your store while they handle the logistics.

Benefits of Using Contrado Print on Demand

Offering high-quality, bespoke products through Contrado’s print on demand service can provide immense value for e-commerce businesses. The key advantages include:

High-Quality Products That Wow Customers

Contrado adheres to exceptional quality standards across their entire production process. This results in custom-made products like apparel, home decor, and stationery that look and feel luxurious. When customers receive a bespoke product that exceeds expectations, it delights them and strengthens brand loyalty.

Differentiate Your Brand with Unique Offerings

In a crowded online marketplace, it’s difficult to stand out. By using Contrado print on demand to provide one-of-a-kind, personalized products, brands can differentiate themselves from competitors. Customers feel valued when receiving custom products just for them. This level of personalization and uniqueness is only possible with a service like Contrado.

Expanded Product Catalog Without Inventory Risks

Traditionally, expanding product lines required upfront inventory investments and carried the risk of getting stuck with unsold stock. With Contrado print on demand, you can test and iterate new products without that risk. Want to see how a new t-shirt design performs before fully committing? Contrado allows you to experiment and find winning products to then scale up.

Higher Margins from Eliminating Middlemen

When using dropshipping and wholesale, profits get eaten up by middlemen distributors. By leveraging Contrado directly for fulfillment, brands can earn higher margins on their products. Especially for customized and niche products, Contrado print on demand allows brands to maximize revenue.

Focus on Design and Marketing, Not Logistics

For small e-commerce businesses, managing shipping, printing, and inventory can become overwhelming. Contrado print on demand handles all the logistics and production. This frees up brands to devote their energy towards what they do best - creative design and digital marketing. The result is higher efficiency and the ability to scale without logistic headaches.

In summary, Contrado print on demand enables e-commerce businesses to provide high-value bespoke products at scale. This delights customers, drives repeat purchases, differentiate your brand, and maximize profits. The benefits go well beyond convenience into unlocking new levels of customization, quality, and growth.

Contrado’s Product Range and Customization

Contrado offers an exceptionally extensive catalog of products that can be fully customized and personalized for each customer. From soft goods like t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, and towels, to hard goods such as phone cases, water bottles, and laptop sleeves, Contrado can print designs on them all with consistently high quality.

The range of fabric options available for soft goods allows designers to perfectly match the look and feel they envision for their artwork. Fabric choices span organic cotton, soft polyester, cozy fleece, sheer chiffons, and more. Garment options are also expansive including tee styles, sweatshirts, hats, bags, baby clothing, and other apparel.

For hard goods, Contrado offers dozens of accessories including mugs, notebooks, wall art, skateboards, buttons and so much more. The variety enables endless creativity for artists to imprint their designs onto virtually any product their customers may desire.

The customization possibilities are endless at Contrado. Designers can customize not only the fabric and base product, but all other aspects such as trim colors, lace edging, zipper options, and patterns. Contrado also offers embellishment techniques like screen printing, embroidery, foil stamping, heat transfer vinyl, and beyond to make each product truly one-of-a-kind.

With this unparalleled range of products and options for personalization, designers can fully realize their creative visions at Contrado. There are no limits on what can be imagined and then produced. This allows designers to consistently delight their customers with exciting new offerings catered to their desires.

Pricing and Profit Margins with Contrado

When evaluating any print-on-demand service, pricing and potential profit margins are key considerations for ecommerce business owners. Contrado aims to provide exceptional quality and customization capabilities while maintaining competitive base pricing.

Contrado utilizes a straightforward pricing model based on the type of product, number of colors, size, and quantity. Bulk order discounts are available on larger purchases. Compared to other premium print-on-demand platforms, Contrado hits the sweet spot between quality and affordability.

For apparel, pricing starts at around $25 per unit for a basic t-shirt in small quantities. Hoodies, sweatshirts, and other items range from $35-50 per unit. As quantities increase, bulk order discounts will reduce per unit pricing.

For soft goods like pillows, totes, and blankets, base prices start at around $20-25 per unit. More intricate designs and specialty materials will increase costs. Volume discounts can reduce pricing to $15 or lower.

In comparison, mainstream print-on-demand platforms like Printful and Printify often start around $10-15 per basic unit but lack the premium quality, sustainability, and service Contrado provides.

To maximize profit margins on Contrado products:

  • Price your products sufficiently above the base cost per unit. Aim for a 100-200% markup if the market can support it.

  • Offer bundle deals and limited edition collections to encourage larger order sizes. Larger volumes provide bigger bulk discounts.

  • Upsell customers to more premium materials like leather, soft faux fur, or metallic decals to increase profit potential.

  • Run promotions like free shipping over a certain order value to incentivize larger purchases.

  • Analyze data on your best selling items and scale up production on those products.

With some strategic pricing and bulk ordering, profit margins of 40-60% are very feasible with Contrado print-on-demand. Their production quality and sustainability give you pricing power to mark up your products while providing immense value.

Production Quality and Standards

Contrado sets itself apart from other print-on-demand services through its uncompromising production quality and attention to detail. From product design to order fulfillment, every step of the process is carefully executed to create truly premium custom products.

Contrado works directly with highly-skilled producers and suppliers, maintaining strict standards for print quality, fabric selection, and construction. State-of-the-art digital printing is used to reproduce designs with stunning accuracy. Exacting quality control checks are performed at multiple stages, ensuring any imperfections are promptly identified and addressed.

Customers can have full confidence that the end product will match their vision and satisfy their quality expectations. Contrado aims to replicate the look, feel, and durability of traditionally manufactured apparel and products. Items are designed to withstand repeated use and laundering without deterioration in print vibrancy or product integrity.

While production times depend on product type, order size, and customization, customers are provided guidance regarding fulfillment timeframes. Contrado manages client expectations by clearly communicating production schedules and shipment tracking. With realistic time estimates, customers can plan ahead and ensure seamless delivery to their own customers.

By partnering with a premium print-on-demand provider like Contrado, brands convey trustworthiness and reliability to their customers. Offering bespoke, customized products that still adhere to rigorous quality standards demonstrates a commitment to excellence throughout the customer journey.

Integrations and Technical Support

Contrado provides integrations with all the major e-commerce platforms to ensure a seamless print on demand experience. Their API allows for easy syncing between your online store and Contrado’s production systems. You can automatically upload designs, manage orders, and track fulfillment without switching between multiple dashboards.

Currently, Contrado offers direct integrations with:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Setting up the integration is straightforward with detailed documentation provided. Contrado’s technical support team is also available to assist with any issues during the setup process or ongoing usage.

In addition to the e-commerce platform integrations, Contrado provides a full suite of resources to ensure smooth operations:

  • Getting started guides and tutorials
  • Knowledge base with FAQs
  • 24/7 customer service and live chat
  • Onboarding assistance with integration and product launch
  • Ongoing account management

Leveraging these resources helps you avoid common mistakes when launching your print on demand products. You’ll have the confidence of knowing Contrado’s experts are available to optimize the integration and resolve any technical challenges that arise.

Overall, Contrado’s commitment to ecosystem integrations and customer support delivers a smooth technical experience. This allows you to focus on your products and brand while trusting Contrado to handle the operational aspects behind the scenes.

Marketing Strategies with Contrado

Contrado’s print on demand service provides unique and valuable marketing opportunities for ecommerce businesses. With the ability to offer high-quality, customized products, brands can truly differentiate themselves and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Some effective marketing tactics to promote Contrado print on demand products include:

  • Highlighting product customization and personalization in email campaigns and social media. For example, showing customers various ways to customize a t-shirt design. This showcases the bespoke nature of the products.

  • Running giveaways and contests for customers to design their own products. This engages your audience and results in user-generated content you can repurpose.

  • Promoting new product launches and limited editions. The exclusivity of Contrado’s sustainable production makes every new product line an event.

  • Optimizing on-site messaging to educate customers about the quality and sourcing of print on demand items. The story behind the products is a selling point.

  • Collaborating with influencers and artists to co-create designs for their merchandise and apparel. This expands reach to new demographics.

  • Using paid advertising to target lookalike audiences who purchase from premium ecommerce competitors. Contrado’s quality competes with the top brands.

There are many success stories of businesses growing through strategic use of Contrado print on demand. For example, an independent artist was struggling to fulfill orders for custom apparel. By switching to Contrado POD, they could offer more design varieties, better sizing accuracy, and quicker delivery. Ad sales doubled in 6 months.

Another company selling home goods had trouble managing inventory demands. With Contrado handling production and shipping, they expanded internationally and grew revenue by 300% in a year. The lesson is that POD can unlock growth in ways traditional manufacturing cannot.

Sustainability and Ethical Production

Today’s consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious, especially among younger demographics. This means developing sustainable production practices that align with reducing carbon footprints is becoming a key factor for customer loyalty and brand image.

Contrado Print on Demand has put sustainability at the forefront of their production model. They utilize 100% recycled paper and fabrics, resulting in a 95% reduction in water usage compared to traditional printing methods. Their state-of-the-art digital printing equipment also reduces energy consumption by up to 60%.

Contrado’s materials are OEKO-TEX certified free of harmful chemicals and sourced from suppliers that adhere to ethical labor standards. This ensures every part of the production process, from raw materials to final product, meets elevated benchmarks for sustainability and social responsibility.

Brands that partner with Contrado can share in this commitment to eco-conscious practices. It’s a powerful means of demonstrating your values to an audience that increasingly expects businesses to take tangible action in being environmentally accountable. This in turn builds trust and loyalty among target demographics who share the same principles.

By providing customers with sustainably produced print on demand products, your business reduces its overall environmental impact. You also gain an effective marketing narrative that resonates with today’s consciousness around climate change and responsible consumption. Choosing Contrado as your print partner directly translates to quantifiable sustainability efforts that elevate your brand.

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