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Launch Hype: Epic Coming Soon Page Shopify Tips!

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Launch Hype: Epic Coming Soon Page Shopify Tips!

Creating a Coming Soon Page in Shopify might be a thought that crosses one’s mind when preparing their store for launch. This strategy serves as an effective pre-launch marketing tactic. It acts as a bridge for attracting customer interest, gathering feedback, and generating buzz about the brand prior to its official unveiling.

What is a coming soon page in Shopify?

A coming soon Shopify page is identified as a landing page designed to communicate crucial information about a brand’s launch to potential customers. Often referred to as an under construction or pre-launch page, it typically displays details like the projected store launch date or a countdown. Additionally, this page can serve marketing objectives.

Benefits that you can get from a coming soon page in Shopify

Commonly, there are three advantages to having a “coming soon” page on a website before its official launch.

1. Implement the pre-launch marketing strategy: Since it’s a single coming soon page shopify, it can be created quickly. Once the page is set up, the pre-launch marketing strategy can be implemented right away. Creating anticipation is beneficial for any brand, leading to improved outcomes when done before the brand is launched.

2. Gather email addresses: A “coming soon” page facilitates the collection of email addresses from visitors, thus enhancing the email list. Additionally, it aids in building a social media following, informing people about the forthcoming brand.

3. Receive feedback earlier: Sharing the concept of the brand and details about unique products or services can spike interest among potential customers. Encouraging feedback on the brand and its offerings is crucial, as it offers insights into customers’ attitudes and perceptions towards the brand. This could also inspire new ideas based on customer feedback.

Let’s see how to create a coming soon page in Shopify.

There are a few methods for creating a coming soon page in Shopify. This guide will cover three different approaches, allowing the selection of the most suitable one.

1. Use the Shopify password protected page

Shopify offers a feature that allows store owners to make their website password-protected. By enabling this option, the storefront is hidden from public view, displaying only a password page. This functionality can be effectively utilized as a “coming soon” page, providing a straightforward and efficient solution for those preparing to launch their store.

To set this up, one should first navigate to the Shopify dashboard, select “Online Store,” and then click on “Preferences.”

In the next step, the “Password protection” section must be accessed to enable the password feature. After choosing and entering a desired password, it’s crucial to record this password securely for future reference. Additionally, a message for visitors can be crafted and displayed on the password page. Concluding this process, clicking “Save” will apply these changes.

2. Use the password-protected page of your theme

Generally, Shopify themes are equipped with their own custom design for password pages, and these pages can be further customized through theme customization options.

Step-1: Navigate to the theme currently in use and select “Customize.”
Step-2: From the drop-down menu, select the password-protected page. It is important to note that each theme may feature a different design for the coming soon page.

Step-3: At this stage, the page can be edited just like any other Shopify page. Different sections such as Image Banner, Rich Text, Collage, Video, among others, can be found on the left side. It’s also an opportunity to add an email signup form to begin aggregating email addresses from visitors, enriching the email subscription list for future email marketing efforts.

3. Use Slider Revolution to create a coming soon page

For individuals seeking a simplistic approach to designing a coming soon page, the first two methods provided serve as straightforward solutions. However, for those desiring a more unique flair, the Slider Revolution app offers a distinguished option.

Slider Revolution stands out as one of the top slider applications within the Shopify app store, renowned for its capability to craft sliders, carousels, hero scenes, and even full pages utilizing its vast array of unique templates.

Additionally, Slider Revolution boasts a selection of visually appealing coming soon page templates and add-ons designed to simplify the customization process. Utilizing a user-friendly drag and drop editor, it enables precise customization of pages.

Wrapping Up

In essence, this article equips readers with the knowledge to create engaging coming soon page Shopify, catering to personal preference. Implementing a coming soon page facilitates early interaction with potential customers, laying the groundwork for a robust customer base even before the official store launch.

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