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Shopify's Booster Theme: Secret to Sales Growth?

By Sonaksh Singh Rawat on 2/20/2024 · 4 minute read

Boost Theme Shopify Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

Running a Shopify store and experiencing low conversion rates?

A recent study by Shopify Plus reveals quite an intriguing statistic: the average conversion rate for Shopify stores hovers around 2.55%. This highlights a need for tools and solutions that can enhance these rates effectively.

In response to this, Shopify has introduced the Booster Theme, a strategic asset aimed at confronting and improving sluggish sales and low conversion rates. This tool is specifically crafted to benefit online store owners by boosting their conversion rates.

Introducing Boost Theme Shopify

The Boost Shopify theme presents a modern and versatile option for Shopify stores, particularly focusing on swift loading times, improving conversions, and engaging designs. It is available in four pre-designed themes:

  • Inspire
  • Spark
  • Build
  • Venture

Each theme features its unique color scheme and design while maintaining the necessary qualities and functionalities for operating an effective online store.

Boost Theme Shopify: Features

The Shopify Boost Theme is not only visually appealing but also serves as a powerful toolkit designed to elevate Shopify stores to unprecedented success levels. A closer examination of this Shopify theme reveals features that are effective in converting casual viewers into loyal customers.

1. Speed

  • Blazing-fast speed: Engineered for rapid performance, the Boost theme for Shopify ensures that websites spring to life instantly on any device, captivates visitors, and primes them for a delightful shopping experience.
  • Lazy Loading: This feature ensures that images are displayed in a sleek, progressive manner, avoiding initial sluggishness and maintaining nimbleness and quick response across pages.
  • Embrace a mobile-first mindset: With the Boost theme’s mobile responsiveness feature, brands can enhance their Shopify storefront. This allows them to effortlessly engage their audience across devices, ensuring the website shines on every display, perfectly tailored for the mobile-centric era.

2. Conversion Features

  • One-page checkout: Introducing a seamless one-page checkout process simplifies the shopping journey by reducing the number of clicks required and enhancing conversion rates.
  • Guest Checkout: The option for a guest checkout caters to spontaneous shoppers by allowing them to bypass the account setup phase, making the process as smooth as possible.
  • Enhancing Average Order Value: The Booster theme utilizes tools that nudge customers towards adding complementary products to their baskets increases the average order value by encouraging additional purchases through timely recommendations and enticing offers.
  • Exit-intent popups: It can also help craft captivating offers and messages are customized for visitors who are about to leave, enticing them to stay longer and complete a purchase.

3. Visual Storytelling Features:

  • Picture-perfect presentation: Merchants can showcase their products in the best light with high-resolution image galleries and flexible design options that make products stand out.
  • Video Embedding: Immersive product demonstrations, compelling testimonials, or captivating videos can infuse life into a brand, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.
  • Imagery and video selections: The Boost theme for Shopify can capture the essence and unique ambiance of a brand and design striking visuals that reflect the brand’s identity.

4. Customization Features

  • Wide-ranging theme selections: Store owners have the flexibility to tailor the Boost Theme to match their unique brand identity through various color palettes, typographies, structures, and header designs.
  • Drag-and- Drop Page Builder: An intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows for the easy creation of visually captivating and conversion-optimized pages.
  • Pre-designed Sections: With the Boost Theme, creating an outstanding online store becomes effortless, thanks to a selection of pre-designed sections tailored for testimonials, blog entries, featured products, and more.

5. Marketing Features

  • Integrated email signup forms: Shopify stores can be enhanced with the Boost theme, which positions signup widgets strategically to grow the email database and enhance future marketing efforts.
  • Integration with social platforms: The Booster theme provides the capability for brands to connect with their audience across various social media platforms.
  • Blog Interface: A versatile blog interface allows brands to captivate their audience and improve their SEO strategy.

6.  Bonus Features

  • Enhancing Security with Password Protection: The Boost Theme for Shopify is skilled in protecting specific pages or entire sections with password protection. This feature ensures that only authorized visitors have access to sensitive parts of the online store, providing both the store owner and their customers with a secure shopping experience.
  • Gift Cards: The potential of Shopify’s Boost theme is magnified with its gift card feature, offering an ideal gift option for any occasion.
  • Advanced Analytics: Brands utilizing the Shopify store can benefit from integrated analytics tools to enhance their business operations. By closely monitoring the store’s performance, valuable insights can be uncovered, guiding the business towards increased success.

Boost theme Shopify Style

Shopify’s Boost Theme offers four elegantly designed pre-designed styles, each with its own distinctive charm and flavor. This allows for the selection of a Shopify booster theme example that perfectly reflects the essence of a brand.

1. Inspire

The Inspire aesthetic is characterized by its bright colors and playful design elements. It features unique patterns and bold fonts, all designed to create an engaging and joyous shopping experience. This style is perfect for energetic brands or those with a touch of eccentricity, such as toy stores, fashion brands, or art collectives.

2. Ignite

This Shopify theme from Boost Theme design is characterized by minimalism and sophistication, with an emphasis on sleek design elements, high-quality images, and understated decorative accents. It is an ideal choice for brands looking to convey luxury, professionalism, or elegance. Suitable for jewelers, home decoration labels, or fine fashion retailers, Ignite provides an exquisite platform for presenting products in the most stylish manner.

3. Construct:

A grounded and pragmatic approach is embraced, focusing on utility and simplicity over intricate design features. This style is particularly well-suited for businesses involved in providing technical merchandise, gadgets, or assistance, such as hardware outlets, consumer electronics brands, or software development firms.

4. Journey:

The Boost Theme Shopify design is celebrated for its bold and adventurous allure. Featuring a palette of earthy colors and textures that reflect the beauty of nature, combined with a rugged charm, it stands as the perfect selection for brands that are rooted in the great outdoors, travel enthusiasts, or businesses that honor the spirit of adventure.

Boost Theme Shopify Review (Pros & Cons)

The Boost Theme for Shopify is touted as a strong catalyst for online selling adventures. However, the question remains if it lives up to its high expectations.

Shopify Boost Theme Ratings: It holds a reputable 4.4 out of 5 stars.


  • Speed Demon: The Boost theme from Shopify is renowned for its exceptional performance, ensuring fast page loads and smooth browsing on all devices. This efficiency boosts conversion rates and satisfies customers.
  • Conversion Master: Equipped with features like single-page checkout, upselling options, and exit-intent popups, the Boost theme enhances the shopping experience and drastically increases sales potential.
  • Visual Narratives: With its capacity for displaying high-resolution images and videos, alongside customizable backgrounds, it enhances product presentation and offers an engaging brand experience.
  • The Master of Personalization: With a wide range of theme options, an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder, and pre-designed sections, Boost theme allows for extensive customization to match your store’s style.
  • Marketing Guru: It supports effective audience engagement strategies with easy email capture, social media integration, and blogging capabilities.
  • Extra Perks: It offers additional benefits like password protection for added security, the option to offer gift cards, and advanced analytics for deeper insights into store performance.


  • Premium Investment: As a premium product, the Boost theme comes with a cost, which might put a hole in the wallet for budget-conscious businesses.
  • Getting the Hang of Things: Initial familiarity with the theme’s customization options and features may require some time to learn.
  • Brief Complimentary Trial: The provided trial period may be too short for a comprehensive evaluation.
  • Feature Redundancy with Existing Apps: Some of the theme’s built-in features might overlap with apps already in use, leading to redundancy.

Where can you find and download Boost Theme Shopify?

Discovering and downloading the Boost Theme for a Shopify store is simpler than one might think. Here’s a straightforward guide to help get started:

1. Access the Shopify Theme Store

Visit the official Shopify Theme Store by following the link There, the search function can be utilized to find the “Boost Theme.”

2. Explore Theme Styles and Details

Exploring the various Boost styles, including Inspire, Spark, Build, and Venture, allows brands to find a perfect match for their visual identity. By clicking on any style, one can unveil its features, access a live demo, and review user feedback. Further details regarding the theme’s price and trial opportunities can be found in the “Pricing” section.

3. Start a Free Trial

Clicking on the “Try theme” button initiates a complimentary trial period, allowing exploration of the Shopify theme’s functionalities and customization options without an immediate need to purchase.

4. Purchase the Theme (if needed)

Exploring the theme and feeling satisfied with it after the trial period allows one to proceed by clicking the “Buy theme” button to secure a license. This action grants access to all of its features, enabling indefinite utilization of the theme on a Shopify store.

5. Add Theme to Your Store

After acquiring Boost Theme, it is located in the Shopify admin area under “Online Store” > “Themes.” To activate it on the storefront, simply click on “Add theme” and select Boost.

6. Customize and Enjoy

The customization capabilities of themes allow for fine-tuning of design, structure, and features to ensure they align perfectly with a brand’s identity. By delving into the array of functionalities available, one can craft a store that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for converting visits into sales, providing customers with an unforgettable shopping experience.


The Boost Theme for Shopify is recognized for its potential to elevate an online store’s success when utilized effectively. It is particularly beneficial for businesses emphasizing rapid loading times, conversion optimization, and visually appealing design features, as it can contribute to improved sales numbers.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that the advanced features of the Boost Theme come at a premium cost, which may necessitate budgetary adjustments. The recommended strategy is to take advantage of the free trial offered for the Boost Theme on Shopify, evaluating its benefits in light of the business’s specific goals. Ultimately, the decision to continue with Boost or switch to a different theme will depend on the distinct requirements of the business.

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