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Explore 2024's Best Live Selling Platforms!

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Explore 2024's Best Live Selling Platforms!

Unleash Your Sales in 2024: The Ultimate Guide to the 15 Most Electrifying Live Selling Platforms!

15 Best Live Selling Platforms in 2024

The world of e-commerce is being revolutionized by the rise of live selling platforms, often referred to as live commerce platforms or livestream shopping. This trend is not just making waves; it’s set to create a tsunami in the industry by 2024. Offering a vibrant and interactive shopping experience, these platforms enable businesses to engage with their customers on the spot, present their products in an engaging manner, and turbocharge sales in an unprecedented way.

No matter if you’re an e-commerce veteran or taking your first steps in the digital marketplace, there’s a live shopping platform tailor-made for you. To guide you through the dynamic world of online live selling, we’ve put together an essential list of the top 15 live selling platforms for 2024.

What is live selling platform?

A live selling platform is essentially an online space where sellers or retailers can engage with prospective customers in real-time via live video streams. This approach has become increasingly favored in the world of e-commerce, offering a shopping experience that’s far more interactive and captivating than what one might find with conventional online shopping methods.

Within the vibrant world of a live streaming shopping portal, merchants have the unique opportunity to flaunt their wares or services with the dynamic flair of live video broadcasts. They can dive into the nitty-gritty of their offerings, tackle queries head-on, and foster a dynamic interaction with viewers as the action unfolds, in real time. Meanwhile, shoppers get to step into a virtual front row, lobbing questions, pressing for deeper insights, and snapping up deals right in the midst of the live spectacle.

What are the benefits of live selling platform?

Live sales platforms bring a myriad of advantages to the table, enhancing the shopping journey for both merchants and consumers. This interactive sales approach injects a lively and engaging element into the experience. Let’s dive into some notable benefits:

Live Engagement:

Through livestream shopping platforms, sellers and buyers can engage in instant and dynamic interactions. This interaction opens the door for sellers to promptly tackle any questions from customers, deliver more detailed insights about their products, and tailor a shopping experience that feels more personal and attentive.

Showcasing Products/Services:

Merchants have the opportunity to highlight what they’re selling by giving live demonstrations. This method shines especially for those offerings that really come to life when seen or experienced firsthand. Shoppers can witness the functionality of the products firsthand which can help them make informed decisions.

Enhanced Credibility and Openness:

Live streaming brings an element of genuineness and clarity to the table. Customers have the opportunity to view the products in real-time, watch live demos, and interact directly with the brand rep, thus building a solid foundation of trust during the buying journey.

Real-Time Interactions and Queries:

Prospective buyers have the luxury of posing questions on the fly, to which sellers can offer swift replies. This immediate exchange helps soothe any doubts or hesitations, paving the way for an effortlessly smooth decision-making journey.

Exclusive Deals and the Thrill of the Moment:

Live selling sessions frequently roll out the red carpet for time-sensitive deals, unique discounts, or exceptional offers, crafting an atmosphere humming with urgency. Such a strategy can fuel spur-of-the-moment buys and significantly boost transactions throughout the live event.

Creating a Community:

Platforms that offer live selling have a unique way of fostering a community vibe amongst shoppers. Customers get to chat, swap tales, and bond over their shared interests in specific brands or products, effectively crafting a tight-knit circle of enthusiasts.

Social Media Synchronization:

A plethora of live selling applications now weave seamlessly into the fabric of social media landscapes, enabling sellers to cast a wider net in reaching potential buyers. Participants have the freedom to broadcast live events, engage in lively discussions, and interact with multimedia content across diverse social media networks. It’s an integration that not only broadens the audience but also enhances user engagement in a dynamic way.

Mobile Reach:

Platforms hosting live sales are readily available on mobile gadgets, enabling participants to join in from any location. This ease of access plays a pivotal role in connecting with a wide and international audience.

Analytics and Insights:

Merchants have the advantage of acquiring crucial data and insights from their live sessions, encompassing aspects like viewer interaction, audience feedback, and buying trends. This information is instrumental in fine-tuning upcoming marketing tactics and enhancing the array of products offered.

15 best live selling platforms

Dive into the vibrant world of online retail with this curated selection of the 15 top live shopping platforms. Each one offers a unique blend of interactivity, entertainment, and shopping bliss. Whether you’re a die-hard shopper or a casual browser, these platforms bring the excitement of live shopping right to your fingertips. Explore, discover, and indulge in the ultimate online shopping experience as we unveil the crème de la crème of live shopping destinations.


CommentSold stands at the forefront of the live shopping revolution, empowering businesses to amplify their sales via live video. Packed with features designed to streamline the live shopping experience, this live selling platform provides a seamless interface, a plethora of live shopping templates, and integration capabilities with current e-commerce platforms. Plus, its real-time analytics ensure businesses stay informed and ahead of the curve.


Skeepers is your go-to live shopping haven, designed to elevate businesses by crafting engaging and dynamic shopping adventures. It’s packed with features that are perfect for brands aiming for that close-knit connection with their audience. With Skeepers, you can throw unforgettable live shopping bashes, engage in personal video chats with your customers, and utilize an array of tools to produce captivating shoppable live video streams. This platform is a treasure trove for those looking to make shopping an interactive and immersive experience.


GoLive stands as a cutting-edge AI-driven live shopping portal designed to tailor the shopping journey for every customer. Through the clever use of AI, GoLive handpicks product suggestions for shoppers by closely observing their previous shopping escapades and browsing tendencies. Moreover, GoLive is loaded with a suite of user-friendly tools that empower businesses to effortlessly monitor and decipher the outcomes of their live shopping ventures.


Bambuser serves as a dynamic live shopping platform, empowering companies to generate revenue from their live video streams. It presents an array of monetization possibilities that include in-stream advertising, strategic product placements, and the option for paid subscriptions.


NTWRK shines as a premier live shopping application, tailored for sellers boasting unique and elusive items. This platform is a haven for businesses peddling one-of-a-kind products, offering an arsenal of enticing features like limited-edition releases, exclusive partnerships with trendsetting influencers, and a carefully chosen assortment of merchandise. It’s the go-to spot for those seeking the extraordinary in the world of shopping.

Amazon Live

Amazon Live stands as a captivating live shopping arena nestled within the vast Amazon ecosystem. It presents a plethora of functionalities designed to effortlessly connect businesses with Amazon’s gigantic pool of customers. The highlights of Amazon Live include seamless integration with Amazon’s extensive product catalog, the convenience of selling products directly on Amazon, and access to Amazon’s sophisticated marketing and advertising machinery.

Facebook Live Shopping

Facebook Live Shopping is embedded within the Facebook ecosystem, serving as a dynamic live shopping platform. It comes packed with various features designed to streamline the process of connecting businesses with their customers on Facebook. These include seamless integration with your Facebook Page, the capability to directly sell products on Facebook, and the utilization of Facebook’s robust marketing and advertising tools.

Instagram Live Shopping

Instagram Live Shopping seamlessly weaves itself into the Instagram experience, presenting businesses with an array of features designed to connect them effortlessly with their customers. This live shopping platform enriches the Instagram toolkit by offering smooth integration with your existing Instagram account, enabling you to sell your products directly within the platform. Moreover, it grants access to the powerful suite of Instagram’s marketing and advertising tools, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to thrive on Instagram.


Livescale is an innovative live shopping platform designed to breathe life into the shopping experience of every business. With Livescale, companies can dive into the realm of live shopping events, providing an immersive and interactive experience that keeps customers hooked. Among its standout offerings are the capacity for real-time customer interaction via live chat and a suite of creative tools tailored for crafting unforgettable live shopping adventures.


ShopShops stands as a vibrant live selling platform that bridges the gap between businesses and influencers, creating a seamless pathway for selling products. With a suite of offerings, ShopShops presents a carefully selected marketplace of influencers, alongside robust tools designed for streamlining influencer partnerships. Additionally, it furnishes in-depth analytics, granting businesses the insight needed to gauge the effectiveness of their influencer campaigns.


TalkShopLive provides a state-of-the-art live shopping platform that empowers enterprises to deliver shopping experiences reminiscent of high-quality television. It boasts an impressive array of offerings such as a top-tier production studio, a dedicated group of live shopping aficionados, and a rich suite of marketing and promotional instruments.

Popshop Live

Popshop Live stands out as an engaging live shopping platform, making it a breeze for businesses to craft captivating and interactive retail adventures. It’s packed with features that set it apart, such as the capability to throw live shopping extravaganzas in vivid 3D, alongside the perks of interacting with customers via live chat and the magic of augmented reality. Moreover, it provides an array of tools designed to whip up exciting live shopping moments.


Smartzer stands as a pioneering live shopping platform designed to revolutionize how businesses curate immersive and tailored shopping journeys for their customers. Among its impressive suite of features, Smartzer boasts the capability to craft bespoke product suggestions, facilitate real-time interactions with shoppers via live and video chat, as well as deliver an assortment of instruments for monitoring the outcomes of live shopping initiatives. This vibrant platform is all about personalizing the shopping experience, ensuring customers not only find what they are looking for but also enjoy the time they spend doing it.


Whisbi shines as an innovative live shopping platform, granting businesses the golden opportunity to engage directly with consumers via unique live shopping extravaganzas. Packed with a plethora of features, Whisbi presents access to a seasoned network of hosts, empowers the crafting of branded and tailor-made live shopping experiences, and delivers an arsenal of marketing and promotional gadgets.

YouTube Live Shopping

YouTube Live Shopping offers a unique way for brands to engage directly with their audience by turning live videos into interactive shopping experiences. Companies can set up a live shopping occasion, curate a selection of products for the stream, and share the excitement in real-time with their followers. As viewers tune into the broadcast, they’re able to explore the showcased items, delve into details with just a click, add their favorites to their shopping carts, and seamlessly make purchases, all without leaving the YouTube app. It’s a dynamic way to transform how consumers discover and buy products, making shopping as easy as watching their favorite YouTube live stream.


Wrapping up our journey through the top 15 live sales platforms of 2024, one thing stands clear: the next chapter in e-commerce unfolds through the magic of live, engaging, and immersive selling experiences. Choosing the ideal live selling platform can catapult businesses into new heights of online visibility, foster deep connections with their audience, and unlock unprecedented sales achievements.

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