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Best Shopify Apps for Upselling and cross-selling - Other apps

Sales Motivator ‑ Free Gifts

Install from the Shopify App Store

Do you want to offer your customers free gifts and boost your sales this way? Do you want to create advanced Gift With Purchase (GWP) offers? This Upsell App is powerful tool for creating multiple gifts offers, to improve your conversion rate. Motivate your customers to spend more money and time in your store with free gifts, because all customers loves if you give them something for free. App is working together with shopify discount codes. You can enable or disable app in theme you need.

Offer gifts for selected products, or based on customers cart total value

Offer gifts for all products from selected collection, or from selected vendor

Set advanced conditions like spend X for products A,B,C and get free gift(s),...

Turn On/Off to add free gift for customer automatically after he reach threshold

Customize design of offers to be perfect fit for your storefront and theme

LC | Upsell and Cross Sell

Install from the Shopify App Store

Are you looking to increase your sales and maximize your revenue? Look no further than Llama Commerce's Upsell & Cross Sell App. Our Upsell & Cross Sell feature is designed to help you make the most of every customer interaction, both before and after the sale. By offering relevant and enticing product recommendations, you can encourage customers to spend more and increase their overall order value.

Suggest higher-priced alternatives or complementary product to your customers

BOGO: Offer a free or discounted item with the purchase of another product

Gift With Purchase: offer a free gift to customers who meet certain criteria

Auto Add: automatically add a related product to the customer's cart

Post Purchase Upsells: continue engaging with customers even after the sale

ShopSmart AI‑Powered eCommerce

Install from the Shopify App Store

ShopSmart translates natural language queries into curated shopping carts, spanning across diverse product categories. ShopSmart analyzes the entirety of your product catalog, offering precise recommendations that align with each consumer's unique requirements. It leverages the power of natural language processing to understand nuanced requests and create tailored shopping experiences. Shoppers can fine-tune their preferences and receive recommendations that perfectly suit their taste and style.

Improving customers' engagement through a natural language shopping experience.

AI-Powered product recommendations that suit customers' taste and style.

Prevent abandonment: ease browsing, simply searches, accelerate matching.

Provide all the necessary information to make a confident decision.

Uncover invaluable customer insights, enhance product experiences with analytics

Taffi StyleGenie is a fashion styling app that allows your users to connect to expert fashion stylists. Our expert stylists equipped with state-of-the-art AI provide trusted styling advice, personalized looks, and product recommendations to your users. This improves your sales, increases AOV, and reduces returns. Our commission-based pricing ensures a win-win scenario for any business.

Boost conversion by providing personalized fashion advice from expert stylists.

Raise AOV with personalized complete looks using products from your store.

Reduce returns with product recommendations matching users' style profile.

Drive sales by recommending products that complements users' existing wardrobe.

Complete Upsell & Cross Sell

Install from the Shopify App Store

Want to increase your store revenue from day one? Look no further than Complete Upsell and Cross Sell. Our app seamlessly integrates with your Shopify theme, making it easy to display and customize high-converting upsells and cross-sells across your online store. With just a few clicks, you can start boosting your sales and delighting your customers. Download Complete Upsell and Cross Sell today and start growing your business!

Product Page Triggered Upsells and Cross Sells + Personalization

In Cart Upselling and Cross Selling, Compatible With All Carts + Themes

Post Purchase and Thank You Page One Click Upsells and Cross Sells to Boost AOV

A/B and A/B/n Split Testing and Multivariate Testing with Built-in Analytics

FREE White Glove Installation and Personalization From Our Dedicated Team

Dynamic Checkout Customizer

Install from the Shopify App Store

Dynamic Checkout Customizer simplifies Shopify checkout customization for Shopify Plus merchants with 4 smart custom app blocks, including Instructional Banner, Image Banner, Featured Product Recommendations for upselling, and a Buy-It-With option for cross-selling. Customize cart items with product tags to increase loyalty, allow users to add product notes, & adjust the quantity of cart products. Enhance the checkout page experience and boost your store's AOV with a few drag-and-drop clicks!

Use dynamic & static sources to upsell & cross-sell 10 product recommendations.

Custom app blocks, instruction, & image banners to guide users & display offers.

Add multiple tags on cart items for free giveaways, rewards & loyalty programs.

Allow users to add personalized notes to & choose the quantity of cart products.

Contact support for fully customized app features tailored to your needs.

#ThumbsUp - Flexible Voting Option It allows visitors to vote for your products

#Sell More High votes create more traction

#Be in Full Control Choose what template shows on what product page

#Support If trouble in installing, we can install it free of cost on your site.

#Custom Features If you need any custom feature or want extended support, all is covered in the paying plan. Just ping our support team and we are available to help you

Control the votes from admin panel. Choose from six different templates.

Be in control, and sell more by showing the love for your products.

Choose what template shows on what product page

Shoora Product Recommendations

Install from the Shopify App Store

Built to elevate your brand, Shoora utilizes cutting edge AI to deliver custom product recommendations that increase conversions, boost sales, and improve average order value.

With features like frequently bought together, business goals tracking, manual recommendations, and smart PopUps, our app empowers you to create an unforgettable shopping journey for your customers. Track real-time ROI and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. Download now and experience the future of eCommerce.

Personalized: Recommendations, upsells, cross-sells, Daily Deals & merchandising

Advanced AI-Based personalized recommendations Home to Thank you page + Checkout

Custom discounted FBTs + Smart PopUps + Custom Cart + Upsell and Cross-sell

Business Goals: AOV Booster + Profit + Conversion + Segmentations + Bundles Plus

Custom Integrations: Reviews +Email + SMS + Language Translation + Subscriptions

SpurIT Upsell Email Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

Would you like to stay in touch with your customers and make your emails another point of sale? Would you like to discover a seamless way to promote and upsell your products by email? If yes - you came to the right app.

How does it work? When a customer completes an order, an email is sent with a 'relevant products' offer based on the content of the order. In contrast to an ordinary "thank you" email showing gratitude for a purchase, you can also suggest products of customer interest.

Various upsell offers sent automatically to your customers

Purchase-based notifications to make your email campaigns more effective

Instant statistics and reports to discover new ways to engage customers

Fully customizable email design and templates for different regions

Set time intervals (2 weeks, a month, etc.) to to find the best approach

Our app seamlessly integrates a custom offer page into your customers' checkout journey, appearing after they've completed their purchase but before reaching the thank you/order confirmation page. Customers can easily accept or reject the offers presented without the need to enter additional information. Moreover, we offer a dashboard that enables you to track vital metrics related to your post-purchase offers and make informed decisions accordingly.

Create post-purchase offers easily with our user-friendly builder.

Track key metrics with our app's dashboard.

Activate multiple offers based on criteria with our rule engine.

Get world-class support from our team whenever you need help.

Enjoy unlimited upsells with no charges based on the number of orders.

Irin AI Chatbot WhatsApp Tool

Install from the Shopify App Store

IrinAI provides marketing automation, conversational AI and Influencer discovery. Run WhatsApp or in-App campaigns, Influencer campaigns, Reviews monitoring from a single platform. Solve problems of Influencer Fraud and Falling Conversion rate of Campaigns. Detect real metrics of Influencers and Due Diligence. Campaigns enable two ways messaging by which target audience can talk back. Tools such as Quiz, Spin the Wheel helps in driving up the engagement.

Influencer and WhatsApp Marketing

Find Influencers with the suitable audience for your brand

Improve sales with Abandoned Cart Recovery, Targeted Upselling/Cross-selling

Generate Leads through AI chatbot, Quiz

Monitor Customer sentiment and understand which product/service need improvement

DiscountX: Stack Combine Popup

Install from the Shopify App Store

Applying a discount code to your shopping cart is critical to boosting your sales rate and good customer service.

Our application provides the ability for users to apply the discount code in the shopping cart and combine discount codes.

Now the user can enter several discount codes and apply them to one cart, the discount amount will be summed up, and the user does not even need to go to checkout to apply the discount code!

Features: Restriction, Excluded, Statistic, Popup, Customizer, etc.

Ability for users to apply the discount code in the shopping cart and combine it

User can enter several discount codes and apply them.

Very flexibly customized to the needs of each seller.

App doesn't store any personal data, multilingual, custom CSS & JS can be apply.

Features: Restriction, Excluded, Statistic, Popup, Customizer, Languages, etc.

Customers can add to cart instantly from the collection page, search page, or any product list. By adding the add to cart button under each product, after clicking, the upsell products which are auto-generated by Shopify algorithm will be displayed with full variants and they could add more products from one place, increasing AOV. Shop owners can customize the button label, styling, or popup texts. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking are already integrated for the add-to-cart event

Ajax Cart: Add to cart instantly from Catalog page without going to product page

Show great recommendations products after added to cart

Unlimited Upsells - You are not charged based on how many people see your offers

Fully customize Add to cart button styles. All texts are customizable

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking integrated

Order Helper Revenue Booster

Install from the Shopify App Store

About Order Helper

Increase average order value (AOV) and sales with the FREE Order Helper app.

  • Create unlimited post-purchase offers directly in your checkout experience!
  • Our unique one-click feature makes it super simple for customers to buy.
  • Customers don't need to refill their checkout information - the item is added to their order instantly!
  • Our high-converting, sales-optimized widget design creates a frictionless experience. Create and then optimize your offers and discounts.




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