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Best Shopify Apps for Support ticket management

Boost your credibility; nothing kills your credibility more as an online retailer than responding to customers from a free email address provided by Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook. Responding from email addresses on your own domain keeps trust high with your customers.

Our email accounts are compatible with all modern email clients and mobile apps so you can continue using the same email client you always have. You can also receive and reply to emails directly from your store's admin.

Email accounts on your own domain. Generic email does not look professional.

Staff Control. Mailboxes can be restricted to chosen staff or open to all.

Spam & Virus Protection. Get an extra layer of protection from malicious emails.

ShipAid ‑ Shipping Guarantee

Install from the Shopify App Store

The solution for lost, stolen, damaged, or late packages. Provide your customers with the assurance they need, bypassing insurance companies. Set your Guarantee Fee and retain the profits! Enhance customer post-purchase experience with quick solutions to delivery issues and exceptional customer support. Seamlessly integrate and resolve shipping claims with just a few clicks. Includes a Branded Customer Resolution & Tracking Portal and Custom Shipping Notifications for streamlined communication.

Keep the premiums you charge your customers at checkout for extra revenue

Streamline service with branded Customer Resolution Portal for filing issues

Manage delivery issues and decide to reship, refund, or deny with just a click

Alleviate Order Anxiety | Custom Shipping Notifications and Tracking Portal

All cart types supported + Rebuy, custom installation included in 24hrs or less

DelightChat WhatsApp Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

DelightChat's omnichannel customer support inbox helps your team streamline customer service, improve team productivity, and become loved by your customers for your amazing service.

Grow your sales by leveraging the power of WhatsApp. Run powerful WhatsApp Broadcasts, marketing automations, retention marketing campaigns using customer segments. We help you get official WhatsApp Business API access for your brand.

Manage customer chats from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email & Live Chat.

Assign chats to team members, reply faster with templates and automations.

Send WhatsApp Broadcast campaigns to your customer lists and increase sales.

Recover Abandoned Carts, send Order Tracking link, increase Retention Marketing.

Get Official WhatsApp Business API access and Green Tick.

Delight and retain your customers with Help Scout—the all-in-one customer support platform for growing companies. Simple-yet-powerful features allow you to handle incoming requests, give answers in an instant, and send messages beyond the inbox. You can learn the platform in less than an hour and become a power user in less than a day. You’ll be providing fast, personalized service in no time!

Work as a team on your email, live chat, and social conversations, in one inbox

Provide instant answers to FAQs with self-service options

Leverage AI to help your team respond faster

View detailed customer and order information alongside every conversation

Process order refunds and cancellations directly in Help Scout

This app for Zendesk Support and Chat arms your agents with all the information they need when replying to customer inquiries without having to leave the customer conversation. Instead of spending their time toggling between systems, agents can focus on building customer relationships and resolving inquiries faster. Everything you need lives in a single location, so that communication between you and your customers is efficient, relevant, and personal.

Solve customer service tickets faster with access to relevant customer data

Process refunds and cancellations, directly from the Zendesk Support sidebar app

With the click of a button, embed live chat in any storefront

Phone Numbers & Calls ‑ SBoard

Install from the Shopify App Store

SPECIAL PRICE available for transitioning EasyCall customers - just send a mail to for a 50% discount of the Pro and Enterprise plan.

Get a toll-free phone number for your store for better customer service and to boost sales.

A phone number gives customers an easy way to reach you. You can get verified with Google, Facebook and Alibaba Merchant accounts and signal that you run a trustworthy store.

Get a toll-free number for better customer service, customers can call or text.

Increase sales by answering customer questions, reduce customer churn.

Protect your privacy and your personal free time by using a business number.

Replyco ‑ eCommerce Helpdesk

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Replyco, you can easily manage all your customer questions, from all selling and social media channels, in one intuitive inbox. What's more - all conversations come with a 360-degree customer view including order details and previous purchase history, making a job of responding to them much easier and hassle-free. Automate tasks, streamline your workflows and deliver exceptional customer support in a fraction of the time.

Connect to all major selling channels and social media platforms.

View and reply to all messages from one place.

Access important customer and order data when viewing a message.

Automate message management with auto-assign, auto-responders and more.

Save time with customizable email templates (canned responses).

Answer messages faster than ever before and get back to selling! ChannelReply plugs Shopify order info directly into your helpdesk for faster, easier support.

Whenever you open a ticket, you'll see detailed info on your customer and their order right beside your conversation. No more looking up info like the tracking ID or shipping status on a different screen.

Plus, automatically act on Shopify data. Tag all high-value orders and customers, send personalized autoreplies, and much more.

View order info from unlimited Shopify stores in a single app.

Reply directly to customer messages and even to order notifications.

Personalize canned replies and autoreplies with order info (N/A in Help Scout).

Issue refunds, cancel orders, update order info and more (N/A in Help Scout).

Identify messages by store, contact form used, order value and other details.

Supermoon offers the shared messaging center your team needs. Use AI-powered smart replies to save time and enhance your customer’s experience with consistent tone and correct grammar in every message! See relevant order and customer information from Shopify when replying to customer inquiries.

AI-powered Smart Replies save you time and enhance your customer’s experience

Prioritize replies and increase inbox visibility with AI message summaries

Sentiment detection keeps you ahead of those messages that catch you by surprise

See Shopify customer info directly in Supermoon to answer messages faster

Team Chat without the dozens of side convos and closed channels

As your store grows, keep delighting customers with exceptional customer service. Chatdesk uses AI and US-based customer support experts to resolve tickets for you across social, email, chat, and SMS. We find passionate followers of your brand, train them to solve tickets for you, and manage all scheduling and quality control.

There’s still time to get the support you need before BFCM. Our on-demand experts are ready to help.

Connect your existing helpdesk, ecommerce tools, and social channels

Answer customer questions across social media, email, chat, and SMS

Provide 24/7 support, including weekends and holidays, with on-demand agents

Scale 1:1 customer engagement without needing to hire and train new team members

Increase conversions and achieve high CSAT with zero additional effort

Lux ‑ Customer Support AI

Install from the Shopify App Store

Create customer help replies even while you're asleep. Once you set up Lux for your store, it comes up with answers to all customer questions. It automatically sorts them into different categories and ranks them by priority. When you wake up, all you need to do is review and send. It's as simple as that! You can customize it all according to your needs: your own shipping policies, refund policies, product information, and even special offers.

Automatically generate perfect responses to all of your support tickets

Customize your settings, such as shipping details, refund policy, and many more

Reduce your workload and employee costs

Auto-categorizes tickets and starts with the most important ones first

Cut down response time, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty

With the app, the customer can ask as many questions they like on a number of products. This will help you understand the most popular products

  • Allows your customers to ask questions on as many products as they want.
  • Admin get question notification via Email.
  • Admin can respond them with an appropriate answers via email or directly answering on question board (Answer will go to product page,where question has been asked.)
  • Customization of app is very easy.
  • Responsive layout.

Allow customers to ask questions about products.

Every time a customer asks questions on your product, notify with email.

Customize the ask a question button to match your theme.

Kustomer's AI CRM transforms how merchants interact with customers. Ideal for eCommerce and retail, it provides a holistic view of customer data, streamlining support across channels. The app enhances customer understanding, leading to personalized experiences. It simplifies managing customer inquiries, orders, and feedback, making operations more efficient. Perfect for merchants aiming to elevate customer service quality and responsiveness. Kustomer is the solution for customer-centric support.

Full View of Customer Orders via Shopify Data Integration

Direct Order Refunds/Cancellations from Kustomer Timeline

Efficient Order Data Access and Search within Kustomer

Dynamic Message Customization with Shortcuts

Automated Updates with Chatbot Templates


Install from the Shopify App Store

『Re:lation(リレーション)』は、複数の問い合わせ窓口を一元管理し、チームで共有できる顧客対応クラウドです。 メール、電話、チャット、SNS、LINE、Twitterなど、多様化するビジネスコミュニケーションを一つの画面で管理し、同じ操作で対応できるため、マルチチャネルの一元管理が可能となります。 さらに、二重返信防止、未対応案件が一目瞭然のステータス管理、承認機能といった、複数人での問い合わせ対応で生じる課題が解決できる機能を備えています。テレワークなどの多様な働き方に対応しながら、対応ミスや漏れの防止、業務効率化・可視化・人材教育を実現させます。

問い合わせ管理ツール「Re:lation」 メールなどの問い合わせをチームで一元管理し、二重返信や対応漏れもゼロにできます

問い合わせ窓口をチームで見える化 メール、電話、チャット、ECモール、LINE、Twitter、SMSなどからの問い合わせを一画面でチームで一元管理

問い合わせをステータスで管理 「未対応・保留・対応完了・対応不要」の4つで管理。対応すべき問い合わせがひとめでわかるため、対応漏れがなくなります

ChatGPT Customer Service

Install from the Shopify App Store

Do you want to get a comprehensive understanding of what your or your competitor's customers are saying? Look no further than! We have created the premier AI-powered review and analysis platform that will help you stay ahead of the game; Our platform is incredibly powerful but incredibly easy to use. Download Amazon or Trustpilot reviews freely, analyze the data with the help of AI technology and discover insights into customer trends quickly and efficiently.

All-in-one helpdesk

Gather, analyze, and interpret customer reviews and feedback.

Streamlines support, not burden it

Aunoa CRM and Support Agents

Install from the Shopify App Store

Connect your live chat, social media, and messaging apps so you can view, manage, and reply to all interactions from a single centralized Inbox. ¡Surprise your customers and prospects with real-time and effective responses! Use our conversations software to reduce response time, improve the shopping experience and offer personalized conversations that boost online sales and improve your customer support quality.

Centralize all your support conversations in one single Inbox.

Generate more sales from your messaging channels with real-time support.

Create, manage, prioritize and organize tickets directly from your Inbox.

Get in one view the full record of every conversatión and contact’s timeline.

Save time and free your team from repetitive tasks using AI.

Ti forniremo un' aiuto concreto grazie ai nostri operatori online. Ti aiuteremo a risolvere i problemi che riscontri giornaliermente con il tuo ecommerce, semplicemente aprendo una richiesta su Helpify24. Se i nostri agenti saranno disponibili subito, risponderanno alle tue richieste tramite la Live Chat, oppure potrai aprire un Ticket. Il tuo Ticket riceverà risposta massimo entro 24 ore dalla richiesta. Non saremo solo la tua agenzia in cloud ma il tuo punto di riferimento.

Aiuto nell'installazione di Nuove App e Funzioni su Shopify

Creazione e cambio del contenuto visivo come slide e banner

Aiuto nella creazione di mail e newsletter

Consigli su come gestire Instagram, Facebook e Tik Tok

...e tanto altro ancora!

Desku ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat

Install from the Shopify App Store

Convert and Retain more shopper with Desku - the revenue-focused customer experience platform for fast-growing ecommerce merchants. Desku helps ecommerce merchants accelerate growth and maximize their revenues by unifying all support conversations, orders, social comments and DMs into one customer ticket view. Easily promote your products through whatsapp and and email campaigns within same dashboard. Market, Sell & Support from single dashboard.

Market, Sell & Support with the AI Powered Messaging Platform

Automate Customer Support with Whatsapp & Facebook Chatbots & AI Assist

View, edit, and cancel Shopify orders without leaving the Desku customer view

The ability to prioritize response over email, chat and social media comments

Full customer context before answering, with order and conversation history

Mailswap est la solution ultime pour les e-commerçants débordés par leur service après-vente. Créez des dossiers clients et utilisez nos statistiques pour améliorer votre boutique en ligne. Grâce à l'automatisation, vous pouvez répondre rapidement et de manière personnalisée à chaque demande client. Une augmentation de la satisfaction client assurée ! Ne perdez plus de temps à répondre aux demandes récurrentes de votre support client et concentrez-vous sur la croissance de votre entreprise.

Configuration très simple. Il vous suffit de quelques clics pour démarrer.

Gagnez du temps sur la gestion de votre SAV ! Mailswap répond pour vous.

Augmentez votre satisfaction client en répondant en 3 heures maximum.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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