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Best Shopify Apps for Support - Other

Order Cancellable app allows customer to easily cancel order, and reorder all the products of an order on their own without having to contact customer support and wait for hours for reply. They can do it on the order status page, account page or order confirmation email.

This would make your customers happier, reduce customer support workload and potentially reduce chargeback should an order didn't get fulfilled on time.

Let customer cancel order on their own, with one click

Let customer reorder their previous order items on their own, with one click

Set cancellation time limit, eg: customer can only cancel within 1 hour of order

App block available for Thank you / Order Status page (checkout extensibility)

Use "cannot-cancel" tag to specify products or orders that cannot be cancelled

RetainIQ: Personalize Emails

Install from the Shopify App Store

RetainIQ enables eCommerce stores globally to convert and retain their customers by allowing brands to send hyper-personalized Emails & SMSes, making interventions more personal and relevant. You can now get beyond segmentation and create segments-of-1 by personalizing for varied dynamic tags such as loyalty, social proof, weather, location, recent-site action and image. Setting up is easy and quick, and our support team ensures that starting up is a breeze and the experience is impeccable.

Add multiple data sources and APIs to deliver that magical experience.

Track the behaviour of shoppers and trigger relevantly to increase conversions.

Create multiple versions for 1:1 personalization from just 1 HTML.

Experiential intelligence that strategizes and optimizes for your brand.

Engage like never before and experience increased CTR, CLTV and Revenue.

P1: 60+ Vital Marketing Tools

Install from the Shopify App Store

Unlock the most vital features of all 60 profit-generating POWR tools in a single app install. This will guarantee your store load speed is super fast making your shoppers very happy. Use Contact Forms, Surveys, or Popups to collect more leads and emails. Create urgency at checkout with a Cart Countdown Timer. For social proof, use Reviews, Ratings, and Comments to build store credibility. Support customers with Live Chat and an FAQ page. 60 tools. One app. One low price.

Create unlimited forms for Email Signups, Contact Us, Registrations, & Surveys

Add many apps like Popup, Social Feed, Media Gallery, & Reviews w/ one install

Use auto-response emails & live chat for instant replies to customers & visitors

Huge library of pre-built templates + store performance assessment/analysis

Don't work alone. Live onboarding available + success manager assistance

Facebook Chat Flux helps you get more sales and get in contact with your customers. When installed, your customers can reach out to you at any time by simply clicking the messenger icon on your site. Multiple styles and color options are available to match any store. You can be ready to go after just entering in your Facebook page name. Facebook Chat Flux works perfectly across all devices - whether your customers are on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Easily integrate Facebook Chat with your store

Get to know your customers to better tune your sales message

Multiple styles to match all stores

Finding the right candidates for your business is now easier than ever with Simplified Job Posting. This powerful app offers a seamless solution for posting job listings, managing applications, and hiring top talent quickly and efficiently. Save time and effort while attracting candidates to grow your team with Simplified Job Posting!

Effortless job postings & management in minutes.

Easy applicant tracking system.

Reach top talent with ease.

Centralized hiring hub with User-friendly interface

Ask AI ‑ Automated Q&A

Install from the Shopify App Store

Clarify any queries about your products effortlessly with our cutting-edge, fully automated Artificial Intelligence-powered responses. By integrating an 'Ask a Question' button on your product page, customers can obtain immediate information, boosting confidence and driving e-commerce conversions. Empower your customers with quick, accurate answers, leveraging AI's capabilities seamlessly. Elevate your sales strategy today by implementing this feature, allowing AI to enhance customer experience.

Elevate Shopping Experiences with Artificial Intelligence Assistance

Clarify any doubts consumers may have about your products

Powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence

The same Artificial Intelligence that powers ChatGPT

Follow Up ‑ Proof Management

Install from the Shopify App Store

Follow up Chat - Proof Manager is your one-stop solution to all the above problems related to customer and proof management. We provide you with a real-time interface to engage with the user to collect information, upload order proofs, enable version control for all the order files and give real-time order updates to the customer from your dashboard. Our app provides end-to-end management of your custom orders right from approval to the final delivery without having to send out cold emails ever.

Real-time order wise customer chat widget to exchange details for custom orders.

Allows to send multiple file types (images, PDFs, and more).

Customisable customer emails notification to send order status.

Send invoice to the customer for additional payment for customisation.

Take approval and deliver custom made product with ease.

Transform every customer interaction into a seamless, professional experience with Reply Genius GPT, regardless of language.

Our cutting-edge application automatically translates and responds to your clients' emails in their native language.

While offering advanced customization, including automatic signatures and relevant responses.

Barrier-Free Communication: Professional customer service in any language.

Advanced Personalization: Craft tailor-made responses with flexible options.

Time-Saving Efficiency: Reduce response times with our automated workflow.

Reduced Customer Disputes on Stripe: Enhance customer satisfaction.

Analysis: Easily identify areas for improvement with our labeling system.


Install from the Shopify App Store





This app is designed to enhance customer engagement and provide a streamlined process for handling product inquiries requests.

Whenever a customer submits an inquiry or quote request, the app sends email notifications to both the customer and the store admin.

You can view, reply, and track the status of each inquiry, making it easier to provide timely and personalized customer support.

With this app, the customer can inquiry about the product from the merchant.

You can view, reply to, and track the status of each inquiry to customer support

Merchants can customize inquiry form fields, color, and style.

WhatsApp Chat Button by ES

Install from the Shopify App Store

Via the WhatsApp Chat app for Shopify you can start chats with visitors to make them know more about your products on your homepage. Your users will be able to easily and immediately get in touch with you and receive answers.

You are easy-to-contact at all times

Lift up your sales via direct chatting with people

Create your personalized chat

EngageBay seamlessly syncs orders and products from Shopify accounts, while supporting web tracking for user web history and events.

Effortlessly sync contacts, orders, and draft orders through the integration. Moreover, you can engage customers with personalized communication via emails, SMS, and targeted calls.

Nurture leads through personalized email sequences, drip campaigns, and behavior-based triggers. Maintain an active social media presence with scheduled posts.

Marketing Automation: Streamline your follow-up process.

Customer Relation: Effortlessly oversee and document all customer interactions.

Customer Support: Elevate your customer support services with our service.

BlissScale support widgets

Install from the Shopify App Store

BlissScale WhatsApp and Telegram Support Widgets can provide an incredible, seamless support experience for your customers. Designed to be easy to install, intuitive to use, and powerful in operation, our widgets are a must-have for any e-commerce store looking to provide top-notch customer service.

Tons of unique and customizable widget designs, for unlimited traffic

Add multiple WhatsApp, Telegram and Social Media profiles.

Easy to install, responsive, looks great on any screen size

Scheduling supported to show who is online and who is not

Add any link you wish, social links, email, phone, etc, with pre-filled messages

Immerss Live Shopping & Sales

Install from the Shopify App Store

Witness a remarkable surge in conversion rates and AOVs by harnessing the power of live shopping and video clienteling.

Discover Immerss, a live commerce platform for Shopify merchants. Elevate your store with immersive live streaming events, connect directly with customers through live video, and unlock unparalleled engagement. Watch your sales soar with Immerss as it boosts conversion rates, increases average order values, and maximizes ROI. Don't miss the future – seize it with Immerss.

Livestream Shopping: Create captivating QVC-style shows on your website

Live Shopping Re-streaming: Broadcast live events on Instagram and Facebook

Digital Clienteling: Turn conversations into sales with live video shopping

Outbound Clienteling: Proactively suggest personalized products to customers

Sales Tracking: Monitor customer conversations & sales for optimized strategies

EZ Messenger ‑ Facebook Chat

Install from the Shopify App Store

Shoppers that browse your online store can use Messenger to ask questions before and after purchase. Messenger - Facebook chat icons: all corners on the website, the default icon: Like Facebook chat icon, the custom icon: You can change the chat icon in different colors. Responsive design on your website: desktop, mobile, both 2 options or single option

Integrate Facebook & Messenger live chat to your store easily

Give shoppers an easy way to start real-time conversations with you

Works great on desktop as well as mobile devices.

Recustomer 自宅で試着

Install from the Shopify App Store

「Recustomer お試し購入」は、自社ECサイトでお試し購入を可能にするサービスです。 試着時はお試しで注文することができます。 また、試着後の返送におけるマーチャントのオペレーションをサポートする機能も提供します。






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