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Best Shopify Apps for Store data - Other

Bagpiper Data Export redefines Shopify data management with unparalleled efficiency. Streamline export and automation for a seamless business experience.

Experience the convenience of efficient data handling, and optimizing your Shopify store's performance. Bagpiper - Data Export stands out for its user-friendly approach and unmatched functionality, simplifying data export to elevate your business effortlessly.

Effortless data extraction for products, collections and inventory items

Securely automate exports on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis

Various integration options and formats supported - FTP, CSV, Excel

WizCSV: Product CSV Exports

Install from the Shopify App Store

Stop spending hours manually formatting your product data for export. WizCSV gives you full control over how your product data is exported. Reorder, rename and hide columns, filter data by text, numbers, dates and more. When you're ready you can effortlessly download it in just one click. Save your customizations as a template so you can use them again and again!

Change, sort, add/remove, and re-name columns in your CSV export.

Exclude or filter data using text match, date filter, number range, true/false.

Save column and data settings as templates so you can re-export in the future

DiffMate ‑ Asset Compare Tool

Install from the Shopify App Store

DiffMate is a convenient way to see the asset differences between different versions of your theme. Filter to see only assets that have changed, all assets, or if they exists on one but not both. Our diff-editor allows you to copy specific changes (or entire files) from one theme to another. Whenever you deploy a new version of your store DiffMate reduces the stress of losing edits or forgetting template assets not copied over and much, much more.

See all your themes including hidden developer themes created by developer tools

Easily generate an overview of all the asset changes between themes

Compare assets line-by-line to see any differences using our diff-editor

Using the diff-editor you can copy files or specific changes between themes

See the history of when themes were published on you store

Mixtable is an online spreadsheet, designed from the ground up to sync data with Shopify. It looks, feels, and behaves like Excel (including formulas), but runs in your browser. Set up a workbook with the store data you want to display/export, and we'll keep the data up-to-date as changes are made in Shopify. Then just click a button to export the entire workbook as an Excel file, with all tabs and formatting. You can also export each individual sheet to a CSV file.

Load workbook with products, variants, images, metafields, inventory, and more!

Incredible Excel file export - including all tabs, formatting, and formulas

One click export of any worksheet to a CSV file

If you are using Ka-ching POS, Ka-ching Stock or the Ka-ching system in general, you can use the Ka-ching Connector for Shopify to synchronize data between your Shopify store and your Ka-ching account.

Get access to your entire Shopify product catalog in Ka-ching

Perform stock counts using the Ka-ching Stock app for iPad and iPhone

Place orders from Ka-ching POS for fulfilment in Shopify

Common Ninja’s Opening Hours app allows you to display your business’ working hours and provide your users with easy access to relevant information in a stylish manner. The app is easy to use, requires no coding knowledge, and comes with full customization options. It is fully responsive and features an easy toggle between working days and rest days, the ability to select which day of the week is first, advanced time editing, a status box, a notification bar and more!

Display multiple working hours per day.

Add a notification bar to show additional information.

Display an automated message on your current status based on the working hours.

Easy Work Day Toggle - easily toggle between working days and rest days.

Advanced time editing: choose a timezone as well as the time format.

This app streamlines the product listing process. By simply uploading a photo, our AI will generate a product draft with automatically inferred fields. It helps to create consistent and engaging product listings and also to ensure discoverability via search-engines by generating image alt-text.

Title generation

Description generation

Image alt-text generation

Tags generation

Product category selection

CartMagician Augmented Reality

Install from the Shopify App Store

What if we told you could sprinkle magic dust on your artworks, add a frame style you sell and watch them come alive on your customers wall right from your online store?

CartMagician gives you all the powers necessary to automatically create augmented reality and 3D visuals from the art images already uploaded on your website and are powerful enough to provide your customers with a compelling shopping experiences.

In 3-steps you can replicate your art or batch process your entire gallery.

Convert 2D Images of Your Artworks into 3D and AR Versions Fully Framed

Use 3D Templates To Replicate Your Real Life Products & Frame Styles Like Magic!

Add Your Settings Then Automate the Entire Process with Product Batch Processing

BizSync ‑ Status Tracker

Install from the Shopify App Store

Effortlessly create custom statuses for products, customers, and orders, tailored to your specific business requirements. Stand out from the competition and enhance your brand identity by assigning personalized labels to different order statuses. Improve communication with customers through tailored order updates, ensuring they stay informed at every step. Our app streamlines inventory management with specialized order status tags, simplifying the tracking and organization of products.

Efficient store prioritization - prioritize and organize store based on status

Customizable statuses - maintain status for specific business needs.

Empowered business control - control business by creating business custom status

Increased efficiency - maximize efficiency in your store management process

rScan uses the camera on your smartphone to scan a product's UPC code and pull the product's information in to your inventory. By downloading this app and connecting it to your store, rScan will be able to post the products you scan directly to your store. rScan gives you all the tools to post quickly. Significantly reduce the the time it takes you to post your products. Posting more items allows you to make more money. Post quicker and sell faster.

rScan’s scanner pulls helps you to post accurate product information.

Our app allows you to post your product across different platforms.

Sell faster, rScan helps post your products faster than other competitors.

Searchmonitor monitors all search activity happening on your store and then provides a dashboard for shopkeepers to view the same. Shopkeepers can then use the data to

  • Rename products
  • Order more stock or SKUs
  • Identify trends and trend shifts
  • Know locations of users to target SEO campaigns
  • Better understand their customer needs

Know what your customers are searching for on your store

Know the locations of your users

Identify trends and keep track of new ones by getting to know your users better

Build your next Shopify storefront with Gatsby Cloud. Pages load in milliseconds instead of seconds. Gatsby leverages the Jamstack to make your site fast by default, improving lead generation, higher revenue/ROI, and your visitor experience.


  • Quickly setup Gatsby Cloud as a sales channel for your Shopify store
  • Automatically trigger new builds when Shopify product data changes
  • Generate a Gatsby-powered version of your site in minutes with the Gatsby + Shopify starter...

Our Editify revolutionizes product management for merchants, enabling easy creation and seamless editing with basics image only with our service. With our user-friendly interface, you can efficiently manage your products, make edits effortlessly, and track changes. It also provides a modal display that showcases crucial data for each product, allowing you to access important information at a glance. Simplify your journey as a merchant and enhance your productivity with our powerful app.

Easily create product and manage it from the app

Edit any product from the app. Edit title, description, and more

Displaying of important data of each product in a modal: inventory, vendor.

SquareWise allows you to manage and organize your files and product media (images, videos...) into folders. The app helps you view, upload and bulk delete product media easily in one place. You can use the drag and drop to upload or bulk move media into folders and subfolders. SquareWise saves you time on media management with an easy to use interface and a convenient way to structure and locate your media.

Categorize your media and files

Bulk upload and delete your product media

Browse all your media and files in one convenient place

Get a global view of all your shop's media and miss nothing

UploadSync Uploads to Drive

Install from the Shopify App Store

Are you selling personalized products, but having to download your customers' uploaded files manually?

Perhaps your fulfilment provider needs access to your Shopify account to retrieve the photos.

Enter UploadSync. We instantly send uploaded files to your Google Drive when an order is placed. You can share the folder with your team and give them access to just what they need.

  • Google Drive is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.

Send your file uploads to Google Drive automatically

Arrange files into folders by order number, date, product, variant and more

We can even rename files for you to keep things beautifully organized

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Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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