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Best Shopify Apps for Visitor counter

Trafficly ‑ Visitors Counter

Install from the Shopify App Store

Visitor counter or hit counter is a great new marketing channel to establish the much-needed social proof on your shop to let your hard-earned visitors know that they are not alone shopping here. This traffic counter app boosts the credibility of the shop and gives the confidence to the visitors to buy from you without hesitation. Display your store’s traffic to boost buyer’s confidence and Optimize the conversion by increasing the credibility and trust in the product.

Establish Social Proof by showing live traffic hit counter on products.

Boost Conversion and Sales by showing the number of live visitors ready to buy.

Customize Traffic Counter to naturally show the number of live visitors.

GAF ‑ Visitors Counter Pro

Install from the Shopify App Store

The Visitors counter APP enables you to display a counter of visitors who visited in the last few hours like 1hr, 5hr, 1, or 30 days.

You can convert your visitors to a customer absent and social proof to compel buy the items. You can increase your sales with the Visitors counter APP. You can get another chance to convince them. These awesome Visitor counters will help you boost the value of average orders and sales figures. You can get another chance to convince them.

You can show number of visitors of your store to other visitors

Convert visitors to a customer absence and social proof to compels buy items

Number of Visitors counter will automatically be displayed on your product page

Auto Enclose to any themes, including the most popular themes on the market.

Fast CDN-based performance which is not impect your page speed

UpCount: Live Visitors Counter

Install from the Shopify App Store

UpCount allows you to easily add a live visitors counter that visually shows the number of product page views that a certain product had in a designated timeframe. Showing a live product views counter in your product pages can create a sense of social proof and trust within your customers and increase conversion

UpCount is highly configurable: You can style it in order to fully match your store's style and control the minimum number of visitors that's required in order for the counter to appear

Create social proof & trust with a live visitors counter that counts page views.

Create scarcity within customers by showing them that more visitors are watching

Highly customizable design: Match the product views counter style to your store.

Control the minimum number of visitors that's required to show the views counter

Control whether returning visitors will be counted or only new unique visitors.

Livify: Live Visitors Widget

Install from the Shopify App Store

Showing your customers how many people are looking at a specific product in your store is one of the best tactics to increase sense of urgency and stimulate their purchase decision. Livify: Live Visitors Widget widget will make sure that your limited offers will sell like crazy, and your advertising efforts won’t go to waist.Livify: Live Visitors Widget will bump your conversion rate like no other app. Don't have so much real-time traffic? No problem, set different time-frames up to 1 day.

Now you can show how many visitors you have on product page in real-time.

Simple setup and complete customization top bar.

Handy feature for new stores which doesn't have so much traffic in real-time.

Urgencer: sell more urgency

Install from the Shopify App Store

Right after Urgencer installation, you will have a default urgency text (Similar to seen in that is shown on all of the products right after the "Add to Cart" button. When you activate it, users will see a real-time number of visitors to every product. This number is refreshed every 10 seconds to show activity on your store.

You can have a separate urgency box for each product to test which one works for you best to have maximum boost of sales!

Increase sales by creating a sense of urgency and trust

Show real time visitors on products page

Fully customize the urgency box to match your store

AppRoom Visitor Counter Pro

Install from the Shopify App Store

AppRoom Visitor Counter Pro provides live visitor tracking to enhance store credibility and social proof. Ideal for Shopify merchants, it showcases visitor interest, fostering a dynamic shopping experience. Easy to integrate and theme-adaptable, this tool operates efficiently, offering insights for informed business planning. It's the essential aid for a vibrant storefront.

Display active shopper count

Encourage purchases in real-time

Tailor counter to your brand

Set view counter thresholds

Unique or repeat visitor tally

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