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Best Shopify Apps for Social proof - Other

Shoppable Instagram Feed & UGC

Install from the Shopify App Store

Tagshop brings social media, social proof & social shopping experiences together. Create shoppable Instagram, TikTok, UGC feeds, shoppable link in bio, & email galleries for your online store. Build trust and improve conversions with content that shoppers connect with. Connect with influencers

Bring shoppable UGC & social content to online store, PDPs, email campaigns.

Showcase visual reviews, photos & videos on product &category pages to sell more

Create Shopon.Bio Instagram shop featuring content from your loyal ambassadors!

Auto-sync product catalogue to your store & tag products effortlessly

Get legal creator rights to repurpose the content on your highest selling points

Lyve: Video Marketing & Chat

Install from the Shopify App Store

Elevate your store with LyveCom - the video commerce platform. Embed engaging UGC & TikTok-style content on-site, build community via Livestream shopping, and create shoppable videos from your TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube. Experience seamless integration, 1-click checkout, and a personalized video experience. Outshine the competition with our smooth, fast-loading design, in-video shopping, customizable layouts, and detailed analytics. Unlock your store's true potential with video.

Embed your TikTok/Instagram videos for an on-site shoppable video feed

Drive instant revenue and build loyalty with livestream shopping

Create personalized shopping experiences with 1:1 video shopping

Branded video player for seamless visual branding

Enhance product pages with stunning product videos & UGC

Squadded: Affiliates & UGC

Install from the Shopify App Store

Perfect for shops looking to collab with affiliates, ambassadors, influencers, and creators. Squadded enables any shop to bring that social, interactive, Instagram/TikTok-like experience into channels you OWN. Easily create your program, set up your rewards and each of your ambassadors gets a customized affiliates page to share shoppable videos (UGC) and engage with your community on your site! Boost your traffic and sales with Squadded - your ultimate affiliate marketing solution.

Unique Ambassador Portal: Craft a customized page for affiliates to join

Custom Programs: Set up rewards tiers, discounts and get unlimited affiliates

Collab Pages: Automated collab pages featuring each ambassador's videos and UGC

Easy Recruitment: Find perfect ambassador faster by detecting Instagram mentions

Performance Tracking: Track affiliates' links and easily manage payouts

The best way to drive positive change is to learn from your mistakes and hear what your customers have to say. Feedback button helps to Receive in-the-moment feedback directly from your customers. With our app you’ll be able to take action on time to improve satisfaction, build loyalty and increase sales. Add button today and start receiving bug reports, suggestions, questions and compliments from your customers. Take quick, feedback-driven action to improve your store and boost sales.

Easy installation and quick setup

Powerful customization: choose button position, size, set up brand colors

Choose emoji or stars to understand your customers satisfaction level

Gather emails to be in touch with your customers and to improve communication

Easy to track customers satisfaction level with Customer Satisfaction chart

Commentify: Customer Comments

Install from the Shopify App Store

Commentify provides a comments block where customers can post their feedback, reviews, questions, testimonials, add new content under blogs, products or on any pages where comments are placed.

You can build your own online community, monitor comments with analytics and moderate them if needed.

Comments block position can be easily changed using Shopify 2.0 themes drag-n-drop editor. Design of comments is automatically adjusted to your theme's styles.

Product reviews: comments can help to collect reviews and improve SEO

Blog comments: let customers discuss your articles

Nested (threaded) replies feature with automatic spam filtering

Moderation features that include threads locking, comments approval and removal

Analytics that shows graphs, most commented pages and most voted comments

EVM Instagram Feed ‑ Instafeed

Install from the Shopify App Store

Turn online shoppers and visitors into Instagram followers and customers. Display your feed with a professional design and multiple gallery layouts Choose from multiple preset templates to showcase your Instagram feed photos on the home page, product page, and more. See your pictures stand out and grab shopper attention. With an Instagram feed, you get to keep your followers engaged and establish a connection with new visitors exploring your brand.

Easy to setup in few clicks and setup on your store pages by one click install

Grid, Collage & Slideshow display modes to show your Instafeed beautifully

Loads faster on your store pages without slowing down the site.

Autoupdate in real time, no wait time for photos to be updated in the gallery

Easy to customize colors and design of the Instagram feed + its mobile friendly

Use AI to create concise, impactful summaries of product reviews gathered from all around the Internet. Platoria allows you to have the essence of thousands of product reviews while you have none or just a few. Choose your products, and our AI generates comprehensive review summaries based on reviews of the same product from other stores across the globe. These summaries are fun to read and easy for customers to understand, giving you a competitive edge in today's review-centric market.

AI-generated product reviews, social proof, and testimonials.

Essence of thousands of reviews per product.

Average star ratings and very high review counts.

Product highlights as pros and cons bullet points and overall summaries.

Based on reviews of the same product from other stores across the globe.

Proofy: Instagram Followers

Install from the Shopify App Store

Increase your social proof and build your own loyal community by asking your customers to follow you on Instagram. Using Proofy you can show a popup on the Thank You page after your customer has placed an order, and nudge them to follow you on Instagram. You can use your community on Instagram to provide exclusive discounts, reveal new products, etc. You can also ask people to post about the products they have purchased from you and create engaging social proof.

Nudge customers to follow you on Instagram with popup on thank you page.

Personalise popup to suit your brand including the text, colour & brand logo.

Analytics to ascertain the number of customers clicking on the follow button.

Notify and remind customers to upload order picture on Instagram via email.

Louvor ‑ Customer Testimonials

Install from the Shopify App Store

Looking to increase trust and credibility with potential customers? Louvor makes it easy to showcase customer satisfaction with multiple ways to display testimonials, including a testimonial slider, a masonry-style testimonial wall, and a testimonial avatars widget. Our app allows you to import testimonials from Instagram, providing valuable social proof to drive sales growth. Try Louvor today and start leveraging the power of social media to boost your business!

Import customer testimonials from Instagram

Choose from multiple display options

Personalize our testimonial widgets to match your store's branding and design

Customer Photo Uploader

Install from the Shopify App Store

Give one more reason to buy your products using social proof from previous customers. Provide an opportunity customers to share their experience and upload your products photos as their feedbacks or do so on your own. Moreover, you can display uploaded pictures at each product page as well as the most attractive of them on your Home page.

Demonstrate your products in action

Allow customers to upload your products real photos

Upload live photos of your product on your own

Technophile Amazon Review Sync

Install from the Shopify App Store

With our Amazon Review Sync tool, you can import your product reviews to your own Shopify webstore with a single click. These interactive reviews with images will make your site trustworthy, credible, and favorable to your site visitors and encourage them to purchase products from your website.

Easy upload through CSV

Auto Sync from Amazon store

Interactive Reviews and Ratings

Sold Count: Product Sale Proof

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sold Count enhances your product listings, showcasing sales metrics. It features order, customer, and item sold counts to provide a transparent view of each product's reliability and popularity. Elevate your store's credibility and improve conversions by displaying these insightful statistics. Drive customer engagement, enhance click-through rates, and ultimately maximize sales with Sold Count – your go-to solution for building trust through transparent and dynamic product sales information.

Display item sold count of product on product pages, and collection page

Showcase the popularity and demand of your products by product customer count

Exhibit the product's order volume of each product to show product's reliability

Customize the appearance of sales information to seamlessly integrate with store

Track historical sales data for strategic decision-making & listing optimization

UXBUNDLE is a collection of utilities to help you build and run your own loyalty program. It also comes with an inbuilt product review system to reward your users for leaving product reviews on the store.

The app is fast, lightweight, has great UX, comes with multiple themes which are fully customizable via Admin panel. You can build multiple tiers/types of loyalty programs with different rewards and redemption flows. Product reviews come with images and video support and customizable UI

Lightweight and full featured loyalty program with inbuilt product reviews

Zero page speed impact. Fast to load. Great customer experience

Multiple tiers, rewards and redemption option for the loyalty points.

# Sold Today, Last Week/Month

Install from the Shopify App Store

Display the "real-time" quantity sold today, yesterday, and last week or month in "real-time". You can display "real-time" quantity sold data on product, collection, and cart pages. Quantity sold data will be updated automatically whenever any order is placed and after every 24 hours.

Display "real-time" quantity sold today, yesterday, last week/month.

Update quantity sold every 24 hours and on every order confirmation.

Display quantity sold on product, collection, and cart pages.

Available in 9 languages.

One-click installation with OS 2.0 Compatibility.

Ultimate Sales Statistics

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sales Statistics ## DEMO STORE PASSWORD: 123 This app will show the sales/transactions of particular product on product page.


Display statistics of product sold on Product Detail page

Option for display Statistics on product page or on modal box.

Ultra light and blazing fast to load time. Less than 30kb

Display Statistics in List view or Graph view.

Configure the Title or Subtitle for Graph and List view.

YouTube Subscription Card

Install from the Shopify App Store

Gain subscribers and show your youtube channel in your online store. Using this app, you can display a beautiful floating YouTube subscription card with a real-time subscriber count on your online store, all automatically and easy way. If you change your channel icon, name, upload new video, etc. YouTube Subscription Card will pull all the new information for you.

Easy and fast integration with YouTube

4 different styles and positions

You can control everything of the subscription card from its admin panel

Statistics of views and clicks made to the card

Enhance your store's social media presence with the innovative "Sticky Social Buttons" app. This powerful tool allows you to effortlessly integrate eye-catching and convenient social media buttons into your store's design, ensuring seamless connectivity between your website and your social media platforms. Engage with your visitors and drive valuable social interactions – all with a few simple clicks.

Customize background color, class, and ID of selected social media networks.

Customize icon view, position, size, font, entry animation of social channels.

Customize position and size differently for Mobile & Desktop views.

Customize the display option like showcase on a scroll or after a few seconds.

Define rules to showcase social media channels on specific pages, Days, Hours.

Goji shows your shoppers what their friends have bought from your store in exchange for their phone number.

Tap in to your shoppers' curiosity, grow your SMS subscriber list, and increase your conversions. Sync customer data seamlessly with your SMS provider (Postscript & Klaviyo).

Get set up in under 5 minutes and boost your conversions.

Grow your SMS Subscriber List

Sync customer data with your SMS provider

Build social proof by showing shoppers what their friends bought from your store

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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