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Best Shopify Apps for Search engine optimization - Other

ChatGPT: AI Blog/SEO Optimizer

Install from the Shopify App Store

Smartli makes writing faster and cheaper with AI. Create SEO Booster & friendly product descriptions & blogs with just a few keywords in seconds. Smartli works as your AI copywriter, and you can handle incomplete or poorly written product descriptions when dropshipping with local or AliExpress suppliers. Let AI generate keywords that boost conversions, write blog posts and correct your emails within seconds. Works with smart SEO & SEO optimizer. Product Description ChatGPT AI saves time.

Generate product descriptions in seconds with a single click.

Improve conversions by choosing SEO-optimized product descriptions.

Choose your keywords or let AI auto-generate them for you.

Boost organic traffic with our powerful blog writer.

TT ‑ Breadcrumbs & SEO Schema

Install from the Shopify App Store

Boost organic traffic and click-through rates with Breadcrumbs & SEO Schema. Our user-friendly interface simplifies schema setup, adding rich snippets for enhanced Google search results. Add breadcrumb design on store. Built using Shopify's latest components, our app provides a seamless UX. Stay ahead with advanced schema JSON-LD data that updates alongside your store, keeping your data aligned. Start optimizing SEO by Breadcrumbs & SEO Schema.

Integrated chat support for quick help.

Simplified setup, No technical knowledge required, Better user experience.

Integrated with major review apps on Shopify.

Provides Product, Breadcrumbs, Local Business, Article, Carousel Schemas.

Automatic removes warnings, errors and double schema issue.

Add breadcrumb design to your store.

Linkify ‑ Backlink SEO Booster

Install from the Shopify App Store

Enhance your website's discoverability, optimization, and monitoring with the help of our app, Webrex Linkify. We assist in the creation of high-quality backlinks with high DA (Domain Authority) backlinks, including strategic post-site backlinks. This comprehensive approach, powered by Webrex Linkify, improves your site's search engine ranking and visibility for SEO, ultimately driving more traffic to your website.

Increase the rank of your website organically

Generate high-quality backlinks with high DA(Domain Authority)

Driving traffic to your website.

Enhance website ranking with post-backlinks

Backlinks with categories like social bookmarking, image sharing, profile links

Smartcopy's finely tuned ChatGPT AI models offer multiple options for each product, ensuring unique descriptions that meet your shop's requirements.

It's perfect for Dropshippers and merchants who want to create beautiful product listings with clear and readable formatting. With precise meta tags, significantly enhances local SEO with AI.

Unique descriptions based on your product category.

Write descriptions in all languages.

Improve your SEO with unique and informative content.

Import products with one click

Generate unique product descriptions through AI / optimize product description

AI-generated descriptions provide engaging content, increasing SEO

BlogSEO: AI Blog & AI SEO Tool

Install from the Shopify App Store

BlogSEO AI makes keyword research, blog publishing, and SEO easy for busy merchants. It helps you to generate high-quality blog posts in 19 languages that drive organic traffic. No more analysis paralysis as well. You can perform keyword research and competitor analysis and monitor your website's performance within our app. It also comes with an AI image generator and 24 AI tools that cover various use cases in marketing, SEO, and writing.

Discover relevant keywords effortlessly with the help of AI.

Easily adopt article ideas from competitors and similar websites.

Effortlessly generate product-centric articles for a dynamic audience.

Maximize monetization by embedding purchase links and galleries.

Get a detailed analytics report of your website and its content.

This app allows you to edit your Robots.txt file through our easy to use dashboard.

By using our app you won't need to mess around with complicated code, we provide a very simple input form that shows you the current entries in your Robots.txt file.

There are no need to modify your theme, handle everything through this app and be confident in the changes you make.

Edit Robots.txt File With Ease

Take Control of Robots.txt

Easy to use dashboard

No theme modifications

HTML Meta Keywords Builder EX

Install from the Shopify App Store

Meta Keywords is not a default function. We operate API and Theme Code to enhance the e-commerce store. Search Engine will be able to capture Meta Keywords data to improve organic search ranking.

Add Meta Keywords to Homepage.

Add Meta Keywords to Products page.

Add Meta Keywords to Landing Pages.

SPO ‑ SEO Product Optimizer

Install from the Shopify App Store

SPO helps you to optimize your social share images on social media (Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Instagram DM, WhatsApp, SMS). So you can set a promo image irrespective of your product or collection image. For search engine optimization, we offer search data like keyword search volume. It can help you to discover the niche keywords to get extra traffics. With the search insight, you can set up rich snippets (JSON LD) to generate eye-catching rich previews on search results.

Customize social link previews without code. Use a standalone social share image

Suggest niche keywords with search volume and cost per click (CPC)

Set up structured data (JSON LD) automatically. Save time to study it yourself

Bulk Edit Link Preview for Facebook & Twitter

Recipes by BentoSMB is a simple, easy to use app for adding sophisticated, mobile optimized, SEO and Pinterest Rich Pin compliant recipes to your blog articles and pages. Online store visitors love the easy to use format, and merchants love how easy it is to create and embed new recipes in their stores.

Designed for every theme, Recipes fits into your store automatically. Need help migrating? Something not looking right? Need custom configuration? Get in touch and we are happy to help!

Your recipes display beautifully on desktop, tablet, and mobile for all users.

Link to products and collections directly in recipe ingredients and instructions

Automatic SEO ensure your recipes show up in search around the world

Include nutrition information to show a proper nutrition label for your recipe.

Built for speed and accuracy, everything is stored in your store

This App allows your customers to search and order products quickly without navigating to all categories to find products. You can go to the quick order page, select the quantity and click on the "Add to Cart" button to add different products to the cart on the same page. This is especially useful for products with variants (e.g. small, medium). Customers can search for one variant and then expand to show all related variants for the given product, allowing them to rapidly add multiple variants.

Available in multiple languages and currencies. Supported with Markets.

You can preset qty. value for the products displayed in the "Quick order" page.

It allows customers to search for any product by SKU on the "Quick order" page.

You can choose which collections you want to show on the Quick Order Page.

Hide prices on the "Quick order page" based on customer tag.

StamCo ‑ AI SEO Alt Text

Install from the Shopify App Store

Wave goodbye to the yawn-inducing task of manual Alt Text descriptions! With AI SEO Alt Text, your images get the VIP treatment, being dressed up with crisp and catchy Alt Text descriptions.

Whether you want a wardrobe makeover for your entire media library or just a little accessory update for individual images, we've got your back.

Dive in and sprinkle some AI magic on your visuals!" 🌟🖼️

⬅️ We even went as far as using our AI to generate this description! 🤖

Automatically generation of SEO Image Alt Text

Reduce your manual time doing this and save man hours processing images

Identify images missing Alt Text

To be able to advertise on Bing search by Microsoft Advertising, merchants needs to generate and manage Bing Product Shopping Feed in the required format. Our App helps you get free of the heavy excel work and long waiting uploading process. It will generate, manage and keep your Bing Product Shopping Feed up-to-date automatically. User interface available in English and Simplified Chinese.

Help you generate your first Bing Product Shopping Feed with a few clicks.

Visual management of all product variants in the Shopping Feed.

Editable attributes for better ads performance.

Automatically upload to Microsoft Advertising every 3 hours.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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