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Best Shopify Apps for Subscriptions

Tevello Courses & Communities

Install from the Shopify App Store

Connect with your audience by offering online courses & digital products effortlessly with Tevello. Boost sales and keep your audience engaged by integrating your digital courses within your online store without sending them to a separate site. Build a community & raving fans in one place. It's simple to use, works seamlessly with your Shopify theme, and supports video platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Spotlightr. Offer digital content including PDF documents, text boxes, videos & links.

User-friendly digital content creation, feature-rich, with no code required

Create online video courses & digital products in your preferred language

Integrates with your products and uses the native Shopify checkout for purchases

Customers can access your online courses & products without leaving your store

Increase revenue while creating raving fans with your expertise

Sell online courses or coaching programs via your store with Courses Plus. Join the industry of eLearning by selling your knowledge. Create and sell digital products and digital downloads via your online store and increase recurring revenue with the subscription feature. In Courses Plus app you can easily create online courses from videos, images, quizzes, text, plan Zoom meetings with your students etc. Courses and webinars help you build up your product catalogue thus monetise your audience.

Create and sell your own online courses

Provide tests and exams with quizzes

Monitor customers progress and quiz scores

Generate PDF certificates for students who successfully completed your courses

Offer bundles and subscription based memberships

Subify Subscriptions App

Install from the Shopify App Store

Subify subscriptions is an easy-to-use app that enables you to offer products (physical & digital) & services to your customers on a recurring basis. It can increase your recurring revenue by enticing customers to repeat orders on products they like with flexible percentage or fixed discounts & delivery frequency. You can choose a suitable subscription model for your store. Create subscribe and save button, offer membership plans, or create innovative subscription boxes for your subscribers.

Customizable & various widget templates that fit perfectly in your store.

Quick setup and Auto-adding widget. Embed app to use directly in Shopify admin.

Seamless customer portal to manage their subscriptions. Skip, pause & cancel.

Powerful and knowledgeable support team that responds in less than 1 minute

Expert customer success managers help you with subscription setup, marketing,etc

The app allows you to create one-time or subscription payments for frequently bought products by customers. You can customize frequency daily, weekly, monthly, etc. We work on custom requests and ensure that we fulfill your needs with whatever customization is required. Whether you need simple subscriptions, complex subscriptions, custom subscription, or curated subscriptions for your needs. Casa is the perfect choice. Migration from other platforms is easy and we hand hold you in doing so.

View all information about subscription orders in a separate list.

View all payments of each recurring order placed by customers.

Track and manage customer subscriptions. Works with delivery date calendar app.

Set the maximum number of retries allowed for payment failure.

Decide the type of Shopify Subscriptions you want to give your customers.

Fully customizable subscriptions app built with feedback from DTC community on Polaris theme. 200+ widget design styling options to get started. Gamified subscription experience- Automate & personalize discounts, rewards, trials or gifts for your Shopify subscriptions. Add TikTok/IG/YouTube videos with exit surveys to ordergroove & reduce cancellations. Subscription inventory, operations & preset bundles simplified for D2C brands. Free white-glove migration from other subscription apps.

Mobile first & self-serve customer portal to improve subscription experience

No-code subscriber journey builder for personalized & gamified subscriptions

Easy to setup preset bundles and subscriptions box using our bundle builder.

Complete subscriptions retention tools: Exit surveys, discounts & reactivations

Inbuilt smart dunning management solution to prevent card payment failure.

Propel Subscriptions App

Install from the Shopify App Store

Propel Subscriptions lets you quickly offer any product via recurring subscription. Just choose the product, set the billing interval & we'll take care of the rest!

Setup takes only a minute, and our beautiful, mobile-first subscription picker helps convert more shoppers into paying customers.

Our easy-to-use customer portal, subscription-specific shipping options, customizable notifications, loyalty-based discounts & more will deliver a world-class subscription experience to your customers.

Automatically bills your customers according to the billing interval you choose

Reduces support tickets by letting your customers manage their own subscriptions

Rewards loyalty by letting you offer deeper discounts for long-term customers

Simplifies your operations by letting you bill subscriptions on the same date

Improves communications with customers with advanced email notifications

Yotpo brings you Yotpo Subscriptions: an intuitive subscriptions solution that enables brands to grow recurring revenue by giving customers what they want: an easy way to shop. Built for Shopify, the app includes smooth catalog management, while robust analytics allow you to dig deeper into customer data to scale your business. Yotpo Subscriptions works with any niche – talk to one of our strategists and we’ll give you ideas how to get started.

8-minute onboarding and 5 easy steps to launch subscriptions. No coding needed.

Let shoppers add, change and cancel subscriptions for a frictionless experience.

Send automated SMS updates to keep shoppers informed and subscribed for longer.

Easy 48-hour done-for-you migration from any Shopify subscription solution.

24-hour live-chat customer support. Strategists available to help you start.

Skio Subscriptions (YC S20)

Install from the Shopify App Store

See brands using Skio on our website.

Investors (which can also be seen on our website) include Y Combinator, Adjacent, Jason Wong, Shaan Puri, Julian Shapiro, Geoff Woo, & Sahil Bloom, as well as founders and executives of companies like Italic, Magic Mind, Immi, Bev,, Okendo, Wonderment, Archive, Parker, HVMN, & MuteSix.

Partner with a team from Shopify, Recharge, Klaviyo, Google, Amazon, & Facebook

Easily migrate to native 1-click Shopify Checkout from other platforms

Reduce customer tickets with passwordless login

Understand revenue with the Skio Data Platform

Reduce churn with a conditional cancel flow

Recurpay Subscriptions App

Install from the Shopify App Store

Unlock a subscription revolution and generate recurring order revenue: Seamless support, powerful subscription APIs, multicurrency flexibility, subscription migration assistance, customer portal control, discounts, free shipping, recharges and offer multiple frequencies to customers. Make use of power packed tools to boost your subscription revenue instantly. Start with the new age alternative to old subscription apps and take that bold decision today!

Easily configure ongoing subscriptions or prepaid subscriptions on your store

Renew all subscription on a specific day or date of the month, offer free trials

Let customers edit, skip, reschedule & cancel subscriptions from customer portal

Automatically syncs latest product price from store for subscriptions orders

Supports Paypal subscriptions, Stripe subscriptions, Shopify Subscriptions etc.

Give your customers the option to receive the products they love on a regular basis by offering subscriptions on your store. Whether you sell all your products as a subscription or just a few, Shopify Subscriptions makes it easy to set up and launch subscriptions, directly from Shopify admin. Your customers can conveniently pause or skip orders and update payment and shipping details right from their account.

Offer auto-billed subscriptions (renew weekly, monthly or yearly) with discounts

Allow your customers to cancel, skip, or pause subscriptions

Use customizable email templates for order confirmations or payment reminders

Access reporting to analyze your store’s subscription performance

Easily transfer existing subscription contracts to Shopify Subscriptions

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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