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IzyRent: Rentals & Bookings

Install from the Shopify App Store

Essential for every bookings, rentals, events, services, & appointments business. One click and you can now take hotel bookings, rent equipment & clothings, sell courses & a lot more. You dont have to set each availability date. It's fully dynamic. You can track all your current bookings directly from the app or on your favorite calendar! Speed and ergonomy is important, that's why IzyRent use a fast and lightweight calendar for best performance & user-experience.

Auto-Block of Dates, Manual Bookings & Reminders.

Discount Price & Special Rates based on any dates you want.

Deposit Option & Pay Later for caution and partial online payment.

Add products Add-ons and ask informations from customer with booking notes.

Synchronize with Google, iCloud, Outlook, AirBNB & every iCalendar solution!

Add the Buy with Prime button to your site to acquire new customers with free, 1-2 day shipping, transparent delivery times, and a checkout experience that millions of Prime members love. By adding this seamless integration to your existing checkout, you can manage your Buy with Prime product catalog, order fulfillment, and returns from the Shopify admin. You can also save time by automatically syncing promotions and tax settings. There's no fixed subscription fee or long-term contract required.

Use the Buy with Prime badge in your marketing to attract Prime members.

Offer free, 1-2 day shipping, transparent delivery times, and easy returns.

Use customer information, including email addresses, to build relationships.

Seamlessly integrate your product catalog, variations, tax, and promotions.

Works with most popular third-party apps, boosting operational efficiency.

Tryon: Safe Try Before You Buy

Install from the Shopify App Store

Add a Try Now Pay Later experience to your store in minutes! Let your customers step out of the virtual world and allow them to try your products at home while your funds are 100% secured. Gain your customers' trust and boost your sales by offering home trials. Tryon's tech ensures worry-free buying and payment for kept items. Interested in running a promotion without discounts? Differentiate yourself from the competition with a home try-on service that doesn't impact your revenue.

2-minute setup on 2.0 and 1.0 themes

Seamless integration with Shopify Payments and Paypal

Manage Tryon orders with the easy-to-use app

Customer email notifications at all steps of their order

Authorization hold to safeguard all payments

TryNow: Try Before You Buy

Install from the Shopify App Store

TryNow drives incremental revenue by powering targeted Try Before You Buy programs for Shopify's most customer-centric brands. Shoppers bring the store to their door, creating exceptional shopping experiences that drive incremental revenue. Use our pre-built use cases — landing pages, on-site entry points, email marketing, and many more — to target specific customers and gradually build your program.

Pre-built use cases and drag-and-drop components enable easy installations

Control who accesses TryNow by creating TryLink entry points

Integrated with your returns process to auto-capture for kept items

View dashboards, manage orders, and configure your program in Merchant Portal

Timely shopper email notifications ensure a seamless shopping experience

Seamlessly configure a subscription app with your store and create your first subscription box to start generating recurring revenue. The Native Subscriptions app gives you full control over your subscribers, customer portal, shipping profile, products, discounts, subscription box, bulk automation, product swap, automated emails, tag-based subscriptions, dunning, and cancellations. Migrate to our subscriptions app for an effortless subscription management experience.

Sell prepaid subscriptions and pay as you go with a discount.

Sell build a box bundle to boost your average order value.

Automated recurring billing, where the customer is billed at regular intervals.

Prevent subscription revenue loss due to card failures with dunning management.

Supports Shopify Payments, Paypal Express, Stripe, and

The Pabloo store credit system is a revenue-generating superpower. Store credit can be used to increase retention, conversion, & purchase frequency.

With Pabloo, you can customize the name, functionality, and expiration date of the credit, while easily managing all customer activity from the dashboard.

As a Shopify Plus-certified app, we provide enterprise-level features and support for businesses looking to scale and build forever fans.

Deposit and withdraw store credit that can redeemed at checkout

Customers can track their store credit activity directly form your website

Attract new customers and boost sales with welcome credit & purchase credit

Craft viral promotional codes that deeplink to your shop

Zero processing fees on all store credit transactions

Try Before You Buy with Mirra

Install from the Shopify App Store

Customers buy more when they can try in store, now Try Before you Buy with Mirra allows you to unlock a world of hassle-free shopping. Your customers can now shop online and try products in the comfort of their homes and fall in love with your brand again and again.

Hassle free returns: For both you and the customer

Removes risk: Payment details are stored when order is placed

Customer Portal: Customers take the lead, so no extra tasks for you

Continuous support and marketing materials

Maximize LTV, increase retention, and access a powerful recurring revenue stream. Subscription Herder provides everything you need to build your ideal subscriptions in a single solution. It lets you set flexible billing schedules, gives customers a portal to manage their subscriptions, sends out custom email notifications, and much more. Turns starting kit orders into ongoing subscriptions, making it easier for you to increase revenue and create happy customers.

Sell subscriptions for products on weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom schedules

Collect recurring subscription and payments fully automatically

Activate customer portal: reschedule, pause & cancel subscriptions easily

Enable tailored email notifications and billing reminders & reduce churn

Easily convert starter kits in ongoing subscriptions and increase LTV

Pify Cart & Customer Attribute

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our app helps you to collect additional informations on the cart page and customer account registration page, account page. With this app you can get the necessary data directly from your customers in an easy way. And you can see them in the store admin pages. Place fields on registration page to know age, preferences and interests and all other information you may need. Or place fields on cart page to know delivery date, logo text and so on.

Add and manage unlimited attributes. Unlimited orders and customers.

Support adding order price base on the selection to increase income.

Support to add the Terms and Conditions field in the cart and registered page.

payFn: Payment Customizations

Install from the Shopify App Store

With payFn you can hide any payment methods during the checkout. Hide any payment method based on rules. Rules can have multiple conditions. Base conditions on cart total, order sub total. Set a rule to check for all conditions or any one of the conditions to be true. Lots of options to select for conditions like contains, does not contain, greater than or equals, less than or equals. Works with all payment methods including COD.

Hide by cart total, cart subtotal and cart quantity.

Hide by products, product tag, product SKU and collection.

Hide by country, city, state and zip codes.

Hide by customer tags and specific customer.

Use native shopify functions. Runs inside shopify. No loading issues.

Huski Product Sample & memo

Install from the Shopify App Store

Product sample & order memo a simple and effective solution to enhance your customers' shopping experience while boosting your sales and minimizing returns. Our Product Samples app is a creative solution that can have a big impact on your business. It's simple to set up and manage, and can provide a significant boost to your sales and customer satisfaction. Give your customers the opportunity to try before they buy, and see the difference it can make for your store.

One click to complete process of sample order

Customer satisfaction with ability to buy samples for free

Try before you buy with our sticky button

Language translation and customize the design

Redirect option to cart or checkout

Empower your prospects to take a chance on your brand by giving them a truly risk free shopping experience. Offering a free home trial shows customers how much you believe in your products. In return, they'll buy more, more often. Configure crucial settings such as trial length, product eligibility, and deposit amount.

Customers can sign up to try before they buy without leaving your store.

Automatically charge the outstanding order balance when the trial expires.

Branded customer returns portal.

Shipfn: Hide shipping method

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Shipfn you can hide any shipping methods during the checkout. Hide any shipping method based on rules. Rules can have multiple conditions. Base conditions on cart total, cart quantity or weight. Set a rule to check for all conditions or any one of the conditions to be true. Lots of options to select for conditions like contains, does not contain, greater than or equals, or less than or equals. Works with all shipping methods.

Hide by cart total, cart subtotal and cart quantity.

Hide by country, city, state and zip codes.

App use native Shopify functions. No external server or loading delays.

No setup. Just create rule and done.

Reorderify provides a way to add any previous order products to the cart or take to the checkout page. After installing this application, a button having text 'Reorder' will be added in each order row in the 'Order Listing' section of 'Account Page'. The 'Reorder' button can be added on the 'Order Detail Page' or 'Thank-You Page'.

Reorder button lets customers view and repurchase items from previous orders.

Reduces reorder calls to customer support.

Allow all items to add to the cart from existing orders.

Reorder using 'Popup Modal' that provides option to view items before reorder.

Checks inventory of products before reordering.

Whatsmart WhatsApp Buy Button

Install from the Shopify App Store

Providing an easy chat system for customers is now required. With Whatsmart, you can provide a WhatsApp chat button with advanced parameters (gradient colors, a button with dynamic product information, etc.), without forgetting to include the standard WhatsApp button on other pages. You can also move the WhatsApp button up, freeing up space at the bottom, to avoid securing other sticky buttons.

WhatsApp Chat system

WhatsApp button with product information included

Customized color merged with your theme design

It’s frustrating running out of your favorite products. Make sure your customers never run out with timely reorder reminders. Customers will tell you when they would like to be reminded and our app sends them an email when they need to re-order. Our pre-loaded checkout link with built-in discount (optional) takes customers directly to checkout, making the re-ordering process as easy as a subscription without the commitment and over ordering.

Contact us for customisation requests!

Customers set their own reminders based on their consumption rate

Re-order emails with pre-loaded checkout links to make ordering lightning fast

Replenish can offer a discount on re-ordering to encourage repeat purchases

Manage order reminders and snooze them if not quite ready to re-order

Customised workflows to suit your re-order reminder workflow requirements

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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