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Best Shopify Apps for Promotions - Other

WhatsApp Marketing & Broadcast

Install from the Shopify App Store makes it easy for you to run multiple WhatsApp campaigns via one dashboard with the power of smart automations and chatbots.

Acquire, Convert, Delight and Engage shoppers to increase your sales!

WhatsApp broadcast messages Automated abandoned cart recovery Order confirmation messages Order status notifications Convert COD to prepaid orders Provide 24/7 customer support with WhatsApp chatbots

Personalize WhatsApp broadcast messages

Send abandoned cart reminders on WhatsApp

Reduce NDRs and frauds with COD confirmation

Convert COD to prepaid orders to secure sales

Send automated order alerts on WhatsApp

QuoteMachine ‑ Advanced Retail

Install from the Shopify App Store

QuoteMachine helps online and brick-and-mortar merchants like you create tailored customer experiences, sell more products, and simplify complex B2B or B2C sales. A direct connection to your POS lets you sync your inventory across apps and customize your billing and payment options. Give customers the tailored attention they've been asking for with beautiful interactive quotes, invoices, and more that can be shared on any device. Simplify your processes and close more deals with QuoteMachine!

Send quotes and invoices with images, videos and more directly through your POS.

Appointments scheduled by customers automatically sync with your calendar.

Automate statements, save cards on file, and take partial deposits through POS.

Answer questions and connect with shoppers via SMS, email or in-quote live chat.

Leverage analytics to see when prospects open communications or sign documents.

Addify ‑ Dynamic Pricing

Install from the Shopify App Store

Dynamic Pricing app enable merchants to setup prices based on specific user roles and customers. This is helpful for merchants who have wants to offer special discount to VIP customers. The app also facilities merchants having hybrid B2B and B2C store. With this app, they would be able to setup different prices for different customer types like B2B, Retailer, General Customer, Wholesalers. They can also set prices based on quantity to offer discount to customers buying in bulk.

Set product prices based on individual customers and customer-tags.

Offer price discount in fixed or percentage amount

Ability to add tiered prices to offer bulk purchase discounts

Ability to set prices in bulk by importing a CSV file or creating custom rules.

Hide price & add to cart for non-logged-in or registered customers by their tags

Not sure how to price products in your store? or just want a new, fun-filled, FOMO driven way to sell? Dropit Auctions is designed to deliver price discovery and boost value across rare and scarce goods. A software application that allows you to run fast and competitive reverse auctions (Drops), where demand fuels customers to set their price and buy their desired item. Fast integration and customizable design. Suitable for high traffic and high demand transactions.

No development needed for Shopify stores. Runs via an iframe on a Shopify page.

'Gate' your Auctions to your logged-in customers only

Slick customer UX. Dynamically sends winners to checkout to complete purchase.

Multi Currency capabilities. Let your customers play in their chosen currency

Wizio: Post Purchase Upsell

Install from the Shopify App Store

Display an offer before/on thank you page after customer confirm the order. Customer can accept / decline the offered product with one click. Make more money from same traffic by using non-intrusive checkout upsell, cross sell offers. It ultimately increases Average Order Value (AOV). Number of eligibility rules, with that you can create offers as promotions after checkout, like BOGO, Free gifts. 20+ eligibility rules / Product, collection, quantity, and cart value triggers.

Free to start, Create unlimited offers, Upsell / cross-sell offer editor

20+ eligibility rules / Product, collection, quantity, and cart value triggers

Use same traffic, no extra effort required to upsell

Add a tag to order when customer accepts offer

Dashboard with analytics, Customizable texts and colors

BSS Subscriptions is a comprehensive subscription solution that allows merchants to deliver products to their customers monthly, reducing churn rates and increasing revenue. With our app, you can sell products in multiple ways: pay-as-you-go, standard or advanced prepaid, discounts, & more. You can monitor the subscription performance on the app dashboard: total order amount, AOV & more. Customers can also control their subscription status via a subscription page on your online store.

Recurring charge payment: Will be charged for recurring orders automatically

Multiple subscription plans: Let your customer choose a suitable plan

Control subscriptions: Customers can manage the subscriptions via accounts page

Track subscription performance: Visualize the subscription data to analyze

Email Notifications: Notify your customers about subscription usage

Pie VAT ‑ Tax Free Shopping

Install from the Shopify App Store


##NOTE: You must have an account with Pie VAT before you can use this app. To do so, please contact us!

Pie VAT is a digital VAT refund (tax free shopping) platform. We help merchants and tourists facilitate their VAT refunds for purchases made. For stores, we empower them with a digital platform to drive more tourist sales. For tourists, the PIE VAT mobile app enables a hassle-free VAT refund with higher refunds and happier tourists.

Digital-first platform to offer easy, streamlined tax free services to tourists

Analytics to help keep track of tourism data, purchases, and refund requests

Maximize the tourist opportunity of your store for visitors

Smartarget offers 30+ apps that will help you to sell more. We offer a variety of apps:

Chat Apps:Provide customer support using the most used platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Line, iMessage. Smartarget also offers Click to Call so customers can call you.

Popup Apps:Popup, Popup Forms for newsletter, Exit Intent Popup and Countdown Popup

More Apps: Social Media Follow icons, Lucky Wheel, FAQ, Reviews, Instagram/TikTok Stories, Message Bar, and many more.

Provide customer support via Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Line, Viber, etc.

Improve engagement by using different Popup: Countdown, Forms, Exit Intent, etc.

Reduce customer support requests by showing FAQ on all pages.

Show customer reviews on your website to get more customer's trust.

Offer customers to get discount code using our Lucky Wheel app

Theme On Time ‑ Schedule Theme

Install from the Shopify App Store

Run & automate sales with ease. Schedule theme changes in accordance with your sales. Automate your theme publishing to coordinate with your online sale times.

Similar to LaunchPad without the need for Shopify Plus!

Keeping your online store updated with relevant graphics and content can become a tedious task for store owners. With Theme on Time by Minion Made for Shopify & Shopify Plus, you can now automate your theme changes to ensure your website remains updated on your time.

Automate Theme Publishing - Schedule a specific date and time.

Prompt Promotions & Sales - Start your sales & promotions on time, every time.

Increase SEO Exposure - This helps increase SEO with consistent indexing.

Are you happy with traditional popup solutions? Kind Popup changes traditional disruptive popups with interactive onsite widgets.

Use next generation website widgets to interact with your customers, collect emails and give discount offers.

Kind Popup works great on mobile devices. Shows the best message at the best time thanks to behavioral analytics engine. And it doesn't slow down your store.

UX and brand friendly popups. Works great on mobile devices.

Collect emails when your customers most interested in your products.

Discount engine helps you to create and give away different discount codes.

Personalize your popups and don't show same message over and over again.

SEO and marketing friendly popup app. Don't slow down your store.

Best Seller Insights by Burst

Install from the Shopify App Store

Best Seller Insights helps stores increase sales by focusing on what is already working - your best-selling products.

Sort collections to put your best sellers first.

Promote products with "best seller" badges and product tags.

Customize best seller tracking by # of weeks (1-12) and formula (Total Units, Total Orders, Gross Profit).

Stay on top of what's selling best with product sales reports with product photos

Sort collections to put your best sellers first.

Stay on top of what's selling best with product sales reports with photos

Use social proof to boost sales by products with badges and product tags

Custom best-seller tracking based on # of weeks and formula: units/orders/profit

Guaranteed to work with any Shopify theme

Prosper helps Shopify stores turn existing customers and web traffic into a dedicated referral marketing channel. With Prosper it is easy to create, place, and incentivize referrals anywhere on your Shopify store, and consumers can send referrals without ever creating an account or leaving their page. Incentivize shoppers to send referrals with immediate rewards like product discounts or free items, and create promotions for new visitors that come from referrals.

Customize, deploy, and track referral campaigns in minutes

Place referral widgets anywhere on your website for maximum visibility and usage

Incentivize sharing with immediate rewards such as product discounts

Let customers send referrals in-page with no sign-up process

Integrate with 2000+ apps using Zapier

LC | Bundle with Discount

Install from the Shopify App Store

LC | Bundle with Discount app allows you to easily create and manage Volume Discounts, Bundle Discounts, and Frequently Bought Together bundles on your product page. Maximize sales and encourage customers to buy more with custom discounts tailored to your products.

Frequently Bought Together: Manually curate product combinations

Bundle Discounts - Create bundles that stand out and offer discounts

Volume Discounts - Tailor percentage-offs to increase with quantities

Our machine learning based app helps personalise your store and drive sales automatically, without any need for coding and configuration.

Forget setting up manual flows through expensive tools. Our neural engine helps identify customers who are likely to buy and intelligently targets them using coupons.

We also identify customers who are not logged in, and help you reach them on Whatsapp/Email to nudge them to buy

Smart popups which give discount coupons to users while browsing

Identify anonymous users who don't login and reach them on whatsapp

Place curated collections personalised for each user on home/product page

Dashboard which shows key metrics about your store and conversion

Sales manager allows you to manage your variant sales in a simple and easy way. In one view, create or schedule your price changes across a single variant or your whole store.

Use filters to bulk schedule sales on variant segments or across your entire inventory.

Monitor, manage and keep track of all your sales effortlessly.

Showcase your sales by displaying a customizable sale countdown to increase conversions. Don't worry about compare at price, the app takes care of everything for you.

Easily update the sale price of your variants individually or in bulk

Schedule your sales. View and edit your scheduling at anytime

Revert to original prices when sale ends. Optional inventory threshold auto-stop

Display a widget on your product page to showcase your sales

Save and reuse your schedules to organize your campaigns

Codeboost: Discount code promo

Install from the Shopify App Store

Codeboost enhances the customer experience by promoting discount codes across the critical funnel of your website. Codeboost allows you to promote sales privately to your most valuable customers by choosing specific customers on a discount code.

Annouce private sales to specific customers using custom badges!

Display custom badges on product collection pages, product pages, and cart.

Highly customizable with dozens of fonts, styles, effects, and behaviour.

Smartbis: Loyalty Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

Be present and build relationships with customers Before, During and After a sale. Intuitive solution to develop your own personalized Loyalty Marketing with the visual identity of your business. Loyalty Marketing, or Loyalty Marketing, is the most efficient strategy for capturing new customers and keeping current ones without spamming them. Be present and build relationships with customers Before, During and After a sale.

Voucher Automation - Stimulate new sales with our voucher machine.

Cashback - Value the best customers with Cashback to use next time

Personalized strategies via WhatsApp, SMS and Emails to stimulate new sales

An ultimate single tool for enhancing the checkout journey, boosting sales, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Seamlessly handle shipping options, payment methods, discounts using Shopify Functions, cross-selling, delivery date selection, delivery blackout dates, shipping address/PO Box/Country-based shipment validations, age verification, additional fields (like order notes, dynamic fields, gift message), mixed-cart order validations, and trust badges using Shopify's Checkout UI extensions.

Set Buy X, Get Y discounts based on product metafields and product tags

Hide Shipping and Payment Methods based on pre-defined custom rules as below

Rules based on product tags, cart attributes, customer tags, sub-total, etc.

Set delivery blackout days based on holidays and weekly off

Restrict checkout for specific cart attribute key-values, customer metafields

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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