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Best Shopify Apps for Giveaways and contests

ViralSweep Giveaways Contests

Install from the Shopify App Store

ViralSweep offers easy management of giveaways, sweepstakes, contests, raffles & waitlists, all while helping you boost sales & go viral! You can quickly create custom promotion pages to collect entries, analyze entrant data with charts & graphs, and easily select & notify winners. Even incentivize social media sharing to boost your promotion’s reach to generate additional leads and sales. You can collect UGC by running photo, video contests, and choosing winners with votes or manual selection.

Create your giveaway or raffle in minutes & share it easily with your customers

Give bonus entries for completing social media actions: like, share, & more

Run purchase-based giveaways to reward entries based on spend $1 spent = 1 entry

Refer friends or complete social actions to move up spots on the waitlist.

Integrates with all your favorite email marketing, social media, & SMS platforms

Want To Smash Your Marketing Goals This Holiday Season? Want to Boost Sales, Followers, Shares, Viral Traffic, Email Lists, Referrals, Engagement And More? Want To Get Insights and Feedback From Your Customers ? Achieve All Of The Above By Running Giveaways, Contests, Sweepstakes, Instant Win, Refer A Friend And Post Purchase Campaigns. Holiday Season Templates Available To Help You Run Exciting Campaigns. Reward Customers For Subscribing, Following, Sharing, Referring, Answering And More.

Run Giveaways, Contests, Refer A Friend, Instant Win, Post Purchase Campaigns

Template Library Available To Run Holiday Season And Goals Based Campaigns

Reward Entrants For Subscribing, Following, Surveys, Sharing, Watching And More.

Give Instant Rewards And Bonus Entries For Completing Many Social Media Actions

Integrates with many email marketing platforms. Advanced anti-cheat features

Giveaway Ninja • Giveaways

Install from the Shopify App Store

All you need to create, run, and manage a successful Giveaway on Shopify.

Boost user engagement, grow your email list, acquire new customers, and generate sales with purchase-based marketing promotions.

Maximize every dollar spent on advertising by increasing conversion rates, getting more referral traffic, and adding social followers.

Create your giveaway in minutes, host it on your branded landing page

Purchase-based Giveaways: reward entries per order value, ex. $1 spent = 1 entry

Reward users with entries for completing actions like follow, refer & many more

Refer-a-friend: turn visitors into ambassadors and win new customers

Show user-created content in a cool photo gallery that allows for voting

PineRaffle: Raffles & Giveaway

Install from the Shopify App Store

Raffles, giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests are a fantastic way to garner more attention and hype around your business. Everyone gets excited about the prospect of winning a free prize, and this begins to create buzz around your business. Pineraffle allows you to start taking advantage of this viral marketing opportunity immediately by enabling you to setup your raffle or giveaway in under 5 minutes.

Create custom raffles & giveaways in minutes.

Choose what you'd like to give away as the raffle prize.

Choose how many winners you would like to have.

Choose whether the raffle ends on a specific date, or at a number of entrants.

Our customizable storefront widget lets website visitors know about the raffle.

Instant Giveaways ‑ Best Viral

Install from the Shopify App Store

Grow your online presence and drive sales with Instant Giveaway. Create viral giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes to promote your website. Boost brand awareness and build a qualified email list with an irresistible award. Track visitors with Facebook Pixel and retarget them with ads. Automatically generate and customize sweepstake pages with ease. All you need is compelling content and an appealing award, Instant Giveaway will handle the rest.

Go explosively viral with easy giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes

Get people to talk about your store on social media

Retarget advertising with Facebook Pixel and Pinterest Tag

Support fully responsive design makes your giveaway page look awesome

Protect your giveaway page from spam and phishing by Google Captcha

Audience is a no-code marketing platform that helps you expand your brand and customer base. Our advanced data-gathering tools will help you collect customer information, segment new customers, and retarget existing ones to increase revenue. Know your ideal customer and focus on converting those most likely to purchase. Integrate Audience with over 500 third-party services, including Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and Postscript, to supercharge your sales & marketing pipeline.

No-code campaign builder to collect data, engage customers, and grow revenue.

Audience management platform to help you discover your ideal customer.

Create on-brand surveys, polls, and quizzes to quickly enrich your user profiles

Mystery Box ‑ More Sales

Install from the Shopify App Store

Elevate the customer experience with the innovative Mystery Box application. Unveil the joy of surprise-filled boxes, captivating your customers with thoughtfully curated selections of real products. Mystery box application revolutionizes inventory management by automating the selection process, ensuring seamless fulfillment. Stand out from competitors, foster engagement, and drive repeat purchases with Mystery Box. Enhance customer loyalty and create a buzz around your brand.

Create unique mystery box by choosing from a range of products to include.

Intelligently chooses random items from the mystery box for customers.

Maintain a comprehensive order history for each mystery box.

SweepWidget Giveaways Contests

Install from the Shopify App Store

Run engaging viral giveaways in 3 minutes or less that can be embedded directly into your Shopify store. Increase sales, social likes, followers, shares, and comments across 30+ social media platforms. Most required user actions are fully API verified which ensures valid user data. Easily grow your newsletter list with over 20 email provider API integrations. Also, rest easy with SweepWidget's enterprise level security to automatically block cheaters from entering your giveaway.

Run viral giveaways with entry methods on 30+ social media platforms.

Incentivize purchases in your store to boost sales.

Launch campaigns with instant prizes, instant coupons, and leaderboards.

Run refer-a-friend viral giveaways to create maximum organic growth and buzz.

Grow your newsletter list with over 20 email provider API integrations.

Incentivize your customers to shop at your store by offering discounts. The app allows your to control the number of discounts awarded as well as control the odds of a visitor to your site getting a discount.

Configure the Call to Action tab seen by the user.

Simple, non-intrusive, easy to use engagement mechanism

Configurable number of Discounts to award, Configurable winning odds

Pre-Built Graphical UI

Additional Game Library with many more games

Custom Game Configuration available

EVM Spin Wheel ‑Discount Wheel

Install from the Shopify App Store

EVM Spin Wheel app allows you to launch your spin wheel campaigns by which you can offer discounts to winners and collect emails as well. Its an easy way to build your email list and engage users too. You can create offers, set discounts, target specific pages, launch it on exit intent and do lot more in single app. Try it today.

Create Spin Wheel Popups Easily and offer discounts, collect emails in app admin

Exit intent trigger option available for wheel to be launched

Show wheel popup on specific pages too, products or on all pages

Reduce Abandoned Cart by engaging users through spin wheel campaigns

No limit on Popup Views

With the help of Discount Hunt, you can easily set up Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Candy Hunts, Christmas Gift Hunts, and similar campaigns in your store to drive more traffic to your site, increase the time visitors spend on it, grow the database of your potential customers and boost sales.

Show gifts based time spent on your site

Display gifts based on number of visited pages

Let visitors find the gifts only on defined pages or on your while site

Collect names, email addresses and additional information for visitors

Show the same gift to every visitor or a different one for everyone

ClawCrane: Game & Email Popup

Install from the Shopify App Store

ClawCrane transforms email popups into an engaging claw crane game, exciting customers and growing your email list.

Win customer retention and boost conversion rates with our unique approach. Say goodbye to dull, intrusive popups; ClawCrane seamlessly integrates into your store, offering discounts while capturing emails. Strengthen customer relationships and increase sales with our memorable experience.

Let ClawCrane make your store the talk of the town!

Fun, challenging game for email capture & growth.

Configurable in-game items: Anime, Kawaii, Children toys, Upload your own icons.

Advanced triggers: exit-intent, time- & scroll-on-page, maximum engagement.

Subtle, effective call to action with a floating icon & shake effect.

Wide language support & compatibility with desktop and mobile devices.

Quiz Deals Email Popup Game

Install from the Shopify App Store

Quiz Deals is a trivia-based game that engages and delights your customers. Email capture & increased sales follow. Customers also spend more time on the site!

Gamifying user journeys leads to higher customer loyalty, more time spent on your site, and improved conversion rates for the products you want to feature. #Imagine your customers

  • Coming to your site on their own
  • Givng you their email addresses
  • Spending time on the products that you want them to

#Quiz Deals can help turn this...

SafeDrop™ is a Raffle Management app built for retailers to easily manage product releases. We work with you to remove site crashing, work to keep out bots and scammers, and create a fair and safe drop experience for everyone.

Fairness powered by Advanced AI & Machine Learning gives everyone a fair shot.

EntryBoost maximizes your customers chances of winning coveted products.

DropTarget enhances re-engagement for those who have lost previous raffles.

Insights Dashboard provides participant behavior, preferences, and feedback.

Free Gift Contest Popup

Install from the Shopify App Store

Need help growing your contact list? Free Gift Contest Popup is not an ordinary popup app that offers shoppers a standard discount. Instead, in exchange for an email address, shoppers get entered into your contest to win one of your products. You can still show a discount code either before or after the shopper submits their email address.

Easily create contests with custom options that match your store's brand.

Let the app automatically select a random winner.

The built in email feature lets you easily contact the winner within the app.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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