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Best Shopify Apps for Product comparison

Us Vs Them ‑ Comparison Tables

Install from the Shopify App Store

Us vs Them allows you to highlight the unique features and benefits of your product, making it easy for your customers to see why they should choose you over the competition.

You can even customize the design of your comparison tables to match your brand and make them even more appealing to your customers.

This will help you reach a wider audience and increase your chances of converting more customers.

Our comparison tables are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Compare your products with those of your competitors.

Highlight the features and benefits of your products.

Customize your comparison tables, text, colors and competitor names.

Display different comparison tables according to your products.

Our templates are responsive on computers and mobiles.

YouCam Virtual Try‑On

Install from the Shopify App Store

Revolutionize your customers' shopping experience with our cutting-edge virtual try-on technology for Makeup and Glasses. Our app allows shoppers to try on your products virtually from any internet device.

With this immersive and convenient virtual try-on feature, your customers can make confident purchase decisions. You'll see effective results of much higher web engagement, increased conversion rates, and significantly reduced return rates for your business.

Support up to 10 product categories for makeup and eyewear

True-to-life AR Try-On, perfectly applied to customers' face with high accuracy.

Easy-to-see Before and After Effect. Enable precise comparison in a snap.

Minimum coding needed. Auto-generated code segments to simplifiy integration.

Embed Live Cam & Photo Mode, let customers try on your products in real-time.

ARspar Augmented Reality (AR)

Install from the Shopify App Store

Giving customers the ability to see your products in their surroundings or on their bodies with augmented reality will increase sales and decrease returns. Your Shopify website can easily and rapidly be updated with our virtual try-on unit with 3D and AR embed. Provide customers with a virtual try-on so they may test your products before making a purchase.Get in touch with us, and we'll send you a 3D model so you can get started right away.

We create 3D models using existing product photographs.

Give an AR experience so your customers can see products in their environment.

Our Content Management System (CMS) allows you to control your 3D collection.

Squadkin ‑ Product Compare

Install from the Shopify App Store

Compare product enables customer to make better choice. If your store has similar products which can make your customers confused to do right purchase, Then this is the app for you. Customers can compare products together at same place. Visitors can use this feature to compare similar products like, Model comparison, style comparison, features, etc.

Add Product To Compare From Collection Page

Customize Content From App

Access Compare Products With Floating Button

Cross Sell & Recently Viewed Product

Custom App Design From Support Team

Size Recommendation by sizeez

Install from the Shopify App Store

Accurate sizing is crucial for online shoppers, as ill-fitting garments can be frustrating and lead to returns. To address this issue, sizeez has developed an AI-based size recommendation app that seamlessly integrates into online shops. By providing suitable size recommendations and body measurements in just seconds, sizeez helps shoppers find the right size for their unique body shape. This enhances the customer experience, reduces returns, and has the potential to increase sales.

Effortlessly enable size recommendations by extending your theme.

Get size recommendations with fitting insights for the best fit.

Seamlessly integrate the sizeez solution without a developer.

Access size recommendations for each product through linked size charts.

Let your customers find the most fitting perfume for their personal taste.

Transform your perfume shop with frAIgrant. Our advanced recommendation algorithm delivers personalized scent suggestions based on customers' favorite fragrances, enhancing their shopping experience. Stand out from the competition, boost sales and conversion rates, and become the trusted destination for tailored fragrance recommendations. Get frAIgrant and revolutionize your perfume shopping experience today!

Enhance the shopping experience of your customers

Effectively recommend suited perfumes to the customer to increase satisfaction

Help customers identify similar better perfume alternatives your shop is selling

Popup available in English and German

StyleVue provides accurate, product-specific size recommendations and fit guidance for apparel and footwear brands. Our proprietary AI algorithm backed by thousands of real life user data results in decreased returns, increased sales, and satisfied customers. We have unlimited customization available to fit perfectly with your brand's design language. With StyleVue, your customers find the right sizes every time as we take the guesswork out of shopping fashion online.

Accurate Size Recommendations

Lower Returns

Improved Conversion

Quick Integration

Vestofy Size Chart, Size Guide

Install from the Shopify App Store

Create and manage size charts with advanced size fit for your shoppers. Size confidence improve customer shopping experience thereby improve sells and decrease cart abandonment. Size fit decrease product returns and improve customer returns. Vestofy size fit according to customers existing clothes dimension that can be measured with smartphone camera OR alternatively customer can estimate by hight and weight. This reliable method improve Size confidence when shopping online.

Size recommender predicting body size and size match by shopper own garment.

Apply chart for product and collection (Advanced product filtering).

Url & QR link to size guide web page for using in any marketplace or POS.

Customizable Storefront app theme extension.

24/7 customer support, flexibility for adding features upon request.

Sizey Size Chart + Recommender

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sizey's size recommendation app links the eshop products with digitally created size charts in Sizey portal and enables the use of consumers digital body measurements created with My Sizey service.

Consumers can use My Sizey's recommendation and body measuring features either with anonymous digital measuring option, manual measurement setup, or signin in to My Sizey and get size recommendation to each products instantly.

The App enables the size recommendation button to appear on product card.

Providing size recommendation to each product linked with size chart.

Enabling product details synchronizing with Sizey portal's sizing management.

Customize the recommendation button with your own brand design and tone.

With Beuniq Size Chart, merchants can easily add their size chart in form of image, pdf, editor table or video for easy understanding of the users to the size they want to buy. The app provides option to show the size as link or button which when clicked, popup is shown. With multiple settings options the merchants can create size chart link as per their themes look and feel. You can either show size chart either as pop up or inline with easiest way to relocate size chart on product page.

One click install & no coding skills required / 2.0 Compatible

Size chart as Pop up or Inline. Easy step to relocate size chart link

Upload Size charts in form of Image | PDF | Video | Editor table

No theme files are changed and no liquid file is installed

Desktop & Mobile compatible / Show as Link or Button which will open PopUp

AISTETIC Size, Fit Recommender

Install from the Shopify App Store

Aistetic's 3D body sizing & measurement technology: Reduces returns -- with accurate measurements, & size recommendations for better fitting clothing and happier customers. Increases sales, conversion & loyalty -- both quick sizing and scanning option available for size profile creation including measurements. Only 1 scan required for repeat shops. Profile creation with no sign up. Easy set up with sizing analytics dashboard, & GDPR compliant out of the box -- go live in less than 60 seconds.

Size & fit recommendations based on accurate body measurements to reduce returns

Personalised customer size profiles to increase sales, conversion and loyalty

Fast & easy to use for your customers with both Quick Sizing & Full Scan options

Easy setup with sizing analytics dashboard, go live in less than 60 seconds

Customisable to fit your design - change colours & text

Enhance customer decision-making and streamline the shopping experience with easy access to side-by-side product comparisons.

'Add Product to Compare' instantly on Product listings

Quick navigate to the comparison table by a sticky Compare button

Easily config to compare by Product fields, Metafields

Price Comparison and Affiliate

Install from the Shopify App Store

The Price comparison app is for those sellers who want to show the high prices of their competitor. Attract customers and or make money through affiliate marketing. With the price comparison app, you can convert your store to a price comparison store with affiliate links. By using this comparison app, you can show the prices and links from a different store on the product page. You can show the price comparison app section anywhere on the product page.

Add Competitor Store

Show Pricing Table

Auto Update Price

SnapSize ‑ Snap, Pick and Buy

Install from the Shopify App Store

SnapSize is an app that lets customers visually compare clothing, thanks to its patented algorithm. This allows customers to determine which size is the right choice for them. SnapSize is a change of paradigm. It’s going to change the way customers shop online and in-store.

Stop using unreliable size charts.

Use our game-changing app to help your customers determine the best size for them and avoid costly returns.

Your customers can import their clothing in the virtual wardrobe.

Visually compare their clothes with their favorite retailer’s.

Share your wardrobe.

Introducing CompareXpert: Your ultimate e-commerce companion. Our app simplifies product comparisons, increases conversions, and boosts organic traffic. Perfect for all online merchants, it streamlines the shopping process, making it easier for customers to choose the correct product, ultimately driving sales and growth.

Smart Product Comparisons: Compare products and provide tailored insights.

SEO-Boosted Content: Create SEO-rich comparison content for site traffic.

Custom Templates: Tailor tables to match your brand's style.

Dynamic Linking: Connect popular and related comparisons for easier navigation.

Compare Me ‑ Product Compare

Install from the Shopify App Store

Compare Me - Product Compare is a Shopify app which allows customers to easily compare store products. Users can compare price data, product similarities, and several other pre-defined product attributes.

With this app, store customers simply select products to compare, click ‘Compare Now,’ and benefit from an instant, fully themed, side by side product comparison table.

Let customers compare products with ease

Before customers add products to their shopping cart, they want to know if...

In a traditional shopping experience , the visitor has to check the product page or individual products separately and compare them mentally. With Quick Product Compare App, the visitors only needs to click 'Add to Compare' from Collection page and they can conveniently the different features present in nifty slider. Once the comparison is made , the customer either can add product to cart or directly proceed for checkout.

Add Auto Compare Products via Multi Select with smart search facility

Facility to display products as a compare drawer on the left

Easily Import / Export products using CSV

Facility to add and display Custom Fields for comparison

Automatic setup options (No code required)

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