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Best Shopify Apps for Privacy and security - Other

RA Term and Condition Checkbox

Install from the Shopify App Store

A T&C agreement acts as a legally binding contract between you and your customers to protect you. Perfect for terms of use, shipping policy, I agree terms, agree box, EULA, licensing agreement, general terms, cart checkbox, security, consent terms, tax exempt checkbox, payment terms, checkbox on cart, agree to policies & refund policy. Agree Terms and conditions app for Shopify app. Add terms and conditions checkbox to Cart page & Ajax cart. Privacy policy footer, GDPR cookies compliance, RGPD,

Add terms and conditions box/ terms of service ToS, to cart, ajax cart,mini cart

Edit & style the text and link for the checkbox. Custom location app block

2.0 Theme Compatible. Payment terms checkbox, net term agreement policies,

Cart modification agree to return policy checkbox, free apps, age verify,

Enforce age verification, 21+, 18+ Verify age check box contract, age checker

COD Order Verification by OTP

Install from the Shopify App Store

Automated WhatsApp message templates

  • Order Confirmation
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Order Shipment with tracking URL
  • Convert COD Orders To Prepaid
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) order verification & confirmation

Confirm COD Orders Instantly

Identify Bogus COD Orders

Whatsapp for Instant Delivery

CheckPop ‑ Terms & Conditions

Install from the Shopify App Store

You can see date and time when the customer has accepted terms.

Customize Behaviour how you would like to show terms or refund policy: You can show it in new tab or popup

Just install app and configure it in theme customization page. No theme code is modified by the app, it is using latest app blocks feature.

No Code Required: Store when the terms were accepted within Order page

Pop Up Support: Use existing page or create new one and show in pop-up.

Customization: Customise the behaviour easily with ultimate options in app.

Checkout SMS OTP Verification

Install from the Shopify App Store

Strengthen security and gain trust with our app! Verify customers' phone numbers via SMS during checkout. Prevent fraud and ensure a safe shopping experience. Enhance your store's protection with an added layer of security. Try it now for a secure shopping experience!

App allows blocking customers checkout if they are not verified. App supports majority of countries with new countries added every week!

App enables seamless SMS verification during the checkout process.

Protect your online store from fraudulent activities through verification.

Ensuring customers complete the process before proceeding with their purchase.

Are you a reseller on XCHANGE Market? If so, you can use this app to automatically reserve software license codes for each order your customers place for music software and have it displayed to your customer. Once orders are placed the license codes will appear on your customer's order status page after a brief time. This app will not do anything for you unless you are connected to XCHANGE however.

Acquire software licenses automatically from XCHANGE

Configure your products to associate with XCHANGE SKUs

Logger to help troubleshoot order issues

ClickCease ‑ Ad Protection

Install from the Shopify App Store

Click fraud and ad fraud prevention service for Google and Facebook Ads. Ad Fraud & click fraud can affect all business , big or small. Competitors and bots can click on your ads and waste your advertising budget. ClickCease™ Google Ads click fraud protection and Facebook Ads fraud prevention software will block fake impressions and clicks.

Secure click fraud and ad fraud prevention service for Google & Facebook ads

Block only the bad traffic

Access your robust click fraud reporting dashboard

SpyKiller ‑ Sales Privacy

Install from the Shopify App Store

SpyKiller disable access from your concurrent to your data.

Most of them use browser extension to track all your sell SpyKiller blocks the usage of these extensions. It also block, text selection and copy past to prevent the use of your product description and image. Finally, it blocks code inspector and shortcut to prevent anyone from overriding SpyKiller

Easy to use just enable SpyKiller and your store become safe from spytools. SpyKillers is optimized and do not slow your website.

Usage of live spy tools on your store will not be possible anymore

It will not be possible to copy your product content

Advanced protection, usage of code inspector and shortcuts are disabled

Right click and Shortcuts are disabled

Users cannot see your code inspector is blocked

The BlockChainSentry App is a leading Smart Contract Security application. The benefits are hacker protection, enhanced transaction trust and increased productivity. BlockChainSentry scans, identifies, and determines vulnerability severity and provides real-time, actionable information for remediation. The App is industry-agnostic and is useful in the Real Estate, DeFi, Crypto/Web3/NFT, Healthcare, Logistics, Automotive and Financials industries.

Scan with GitHub and Bytecode

Scan a Smart Contract Address - Scan 20+ blockchain networks

Scan solidity code with local file and IDE plugins - VSCode, IntelliJ

Schedule Scans - scan at times that are convenient for you

Download Vulnerability Status Report - reduce audit times

Cavalier by Hudson Rock is a powerful security app that provides seamless integration between your Shopify website and the Cavalier Web App. Monitor your website's domain for new credentials of compromised employees and users, receive email notifications, and display relevant data in your Shopify admin dashboard.

Full access to the Cavalier Web App.

Monitor your website's domain for new compromised employees and users.

Receive email notifications for new compromised employees and users.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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