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Best Shopify Apps for Privacy

Scala GDPR EU Cookie Banner

Install from the Shopify App Store

Scala EU GDPR Cookie Banner is easy to configure and can be edited inside the theme editor The banner is made to be GPDR, CCPA, LGPD compliant, but can also be used for other countries as well.

IMPORTANT: The app only provides a cookie consent bar, it's your responsibility to block your website cookies in case consent is not given

Customizable message, color and position

Doesn't change your theme files, only has permission to read them and not change

Doesn't use cookies to store customer preferences

Ekookie ‑ Tasty cookie banner

Install from the Shopify App Store

The GDPR requires prior consent before installing your cookies. To reconcile them with your users, Ekookie offers you its innovative and entertaining approach to present them in the best possible way. Our ingredients? Transparency, control, timing and fun!

The app connects your shop to Ekookie, and automatically creates and install, your Ekookie cookie banner. Cookies from Shopify are blocked before getting the consent of the customer. Consentments are stored.

Stable, GDPR-compliant solution, build for reliability.

Discreet and customizable widget, educational editorials, micro-animations.

Pre-configured cookies, advanced personnalization, ready-to-use editorials ...

DataGrail is the privacy platform that enables brands to build consumer trust and eliminate risky business.

With continuous system detection, responsible data discovery, and automated data subject request (DSR) fulfillment, DataGrail powers privacy programs. Companies like Overstock, Salesforce, New Balance, and Instacart use DataGrail to support compliance with evolving privacy laws and regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA.

Continuously detect systems to understand where consumer data is stored.

Automate data subject request (access, delete, do-not-sell) fulfillment.

Provide an accurate privacy blueprint + records of processing activities (RoPA).

Complete privacy assessments with intelligent workflows + auto-populated fields.

Transcend automates data subject requests in the Shopify platform. Use case 1: Transcend surfaces all personal data associated with an end customer based on their unique ID and delivers that report back in a data subject access request Use case 2: Transcend deletes all personal data associated with an end customer within based on their unique ID and confirms deletion via API Use case 3: Transcend identifies an end customer based on their unique ID and globally removes them from all communication

Automate data subject access requests for customers in Shopify.

Automate data subject erasure requests for customers in Shopify.

Automate communication opt-out requests for customers in Shopify.

Discover the ultimate NO CODE solution for cookie law compliance in your Shopify store: our application is not only powerful, but also stands out for its ease of use. Forget about complicated installations or the need to know codes, as with just a few clicks everything will be ready to go. Moreover, this tool is specifically designed to comply with GDPR regulations, ensuring the privacy and protection of your users' data.

Easy install without modify your template's code

Customizable look&feel

Granted updates

PieEye simplifies GDPR/CCPA compliance with its Cookie Consent and Data Subject Request Management. The Cookie Manager lets website owners customize their Cookie Banner and control which cookies are deployed. Consent events can be subscribed, providing real-time updates on user preferences. IN ADDITION, The PieEye App automates DSR process, creating a portal for shoppers to submit a DSR, retrieving info from any source, and delivering results within the required time frame. All of it automated.

Data Subject Request Portal Creation & Maintenance (shoppers submits DSR form)

Automatic Data Discovery & DSR Fulfilment + Compliance by various privacy laws

Dynamic Workflows with tasks & notifications + User management

Cookie Banner Configuration & Management

Biscuits, GDPR & Cookie Banner

Install from the Shopify App Store

Biscuits: Your Tailored Cookie & GDPR Banner Solution. it automatically displays a customized privacy banner in the visitor's native language, adapting to their location. You can also track visitor origins and see country-specific acceptance rates. Choose your banner's wording style - friendly or professional - to align with your brand image. Biscuits has aimed to be the perfect blend of compliance and customization.

AI-Driven Multilingual Cookie/GDPR Banner Based on User Location

Country-Specific Visitor Acceptance Rate Tracking

3 Main Banner Styles to Choose From.

Customizable Banner Personality & Tone

Customizable Font, Colors, Banner Image, and Style.

Customers make purchase decisions in the blink of an eye so reinforcing your shop’s data protection with a seal of approval, verified by a third party, is a clear display of trust. Verified Private is cost effective and simple to implement.

The Verified Private Data Privacy Seal of Approval is a verification badge that allows Shopify stores to demonstrate their commitment to protect the personal data of consumers. Websites that display the badge have demonstrated that they have passed the...

ConsentHub: Cookie Consent

Install from the Shopify App Store

Focussing on product development rather than hype, we aim to provide a comprehensive cookie consent platform. We are valued for our excellent customer service, customisable UI, privacy respecting analytics & industry leading compliance.

Maximum website security by blocking trust-damaging content such as malware

Ensures that customer consent is obtained before cookies are stored or accessed

Automatic styling from the shop theme, along with fully configurable look & feel

Automatic consent banner added to external cookie-using content such as YouTube

Privacy-preserving analytics with real-time detection of storage/cookie use.

Cookie Manager by Usercentrics

Install from the Shopify App Store

The Usercentrics Cookie Manager will be displayed to visitors on their first visit to your online shop. The banner asks visitors for consent to process their data and gives them granular control and visibility into which cookies are deployed. The Cookie Manager ensures that site visitors have opted in before any tracking scripts or code is loaded, helping ensure your online shop is compliant with GDPR regulations. Customize your cookie banner to fit your brand and use the 57+ offered languages

Scanning and Identification of tracking technologies on your online shop.

Overview of the tracking technologies you use and access to their configurations

Automatically block tracking technology use unless consent is received.

Obtain consent in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Compatible with all standard marketing tools and Shopify checkout pages.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

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