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Best Shopify Apps for IP blocker

Geo:Pro Geolocation Redirects

Install from the Shopify App Store

Expand global sales with Geo:Pro - Shopify Markets integration shows customers valid products, prices, language, and currency by country. Flexible geolocation redirect rules by customer location (region, country redirect) or IP address. Point customers from selected countries to proper Markets and/or languages. Redirect them instantly, or display redirect popup or banner. Block countries (country block) or IP addresses from visiting your store. Flexible UI, color customizations & JavaScript API

Redirect visitors to local versions of your store by their geo location

Protect your store from visitors from certain countries or IPs (country block).

Point customers to the proper Market and Language based on their location.

Choose your desired redirect layout: top banner, popup, or instant redirect.

Use visual layout editor to apply appropriate colors to your redirects easily.

In the online store, the store owner does not want to show his online store in a specific country. If you are frustrated about receiving fake international orders, then the right solution is here. The app is an expert in blocking unwanted countries where the store owner doesn’t want his/her store to be exposed to a specific location and also suspected IP range.

Our app blocks the Country, State, IPv4 Ipv6, Bots, Proxy, VPN, and Right Click Disable to stop image downloads

Block fraud visitors accessing your store and visible your store only for select

Redirect blocked country visitors to another URL if you don't want to display

Customized settings for blocked pages, Block Bots, Create a blocked IP range

Fraud protection on your store, Password protection on the blocked page

Restrict & Redirect specific countries from visiting your store, Block Bots, VPN

YT: Country blocker IP blocker

Install from the Shopify App Store

YT: Country Blocker IP Blocker is your store's defense against unwanted visitors. Prevent access from specific countries, and IP addresses seamlessly.

Safeguard your store by restricting access from high-risk countries.

Tailor your store's accessibility with customizable country and IP based rules.

Effortlessly configure settings with a user-friendly interface.

Our app integrates with your store, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

AirLock ‑ Country & IP Blocker

Install from the Shopify App Store

👨‍🚀 Take Control Online: Be the decisive captain of your digital domain. With Airlock, exercise the power to block countries or specific IP addresses, either displaying a blank screen, popup or redirecting them as you choose. Shopify Plus users can take advantage of our new Checkout UI to block threats at checkout! Demo Store Password: airlock.

IP and Country blocking

AI Enhanced Blocking and Detection Technology

Searchable Realtime Visitor Logs

Zero impact to store load speed

Shopify Plus Exclusive: Checkout UI Blocking Features - Protect your Checkout

Firewall‑Country, IP restrict

Install from the Shopify App Store

Block requests coming from malicious IPs, Country/State/City. Block unwanted customers from visiting your store before they place an order. Block Bots and Visitors that use VPN or Proxy to access the store. Redirect users to the Shopify Store page made for their country based on their Geolocation. Whitelist selected IPs to restrict your Store only to selected users. Block Content, disable right-click, copy-paste, protect an image, etc. on your Shopify Store.

Block Countries: Block/allow requests coming from a single or multiple Country

Block IP/Allow IP: Block requests coming from any specific IP | IP Whitelisting

Block Bots: Reduce fraud and filter bots who use Proxy/VPN connections

Redirect users to any store page created specifically for their country

Product & Section Blocker AGeo

Install from the Shopify App Store

Blocking products, variants, and sections by country/state is an essential feature for any e-commerce business that operates in different regions. This feature allows stores to comply with different legal regulations, such as restrictions on certain products in specific countries or states. By blocking products, variants, and sections based on geographic location, stores can ensure that they are not accidentally selling products in regions where they are not permitted, protecting legal standing.

Block collections, products and variants by country and state

Block specific URLs for your store in multiple countries

Display product warnings when adding the product to the cart

Display the product block message to visitors in your store design

Block any section of store, we hide/show the sections of the store by country

Securify ‑ Block IP & Country

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our easy IP and country geolocation blocking app enhances the security of your store by blocking VPN, Proxies, and unwanted visitors access based on IP addresses and countries. It's a crucial tool for merchants who want to prevent unauthorized access and protect their content, business, and customers from malicious traffic, fraud, and spying. Also, you can find IP addresses & visitors data to blacklist unwanted access. It's easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your store in a few clicks.

Country Blocker: Geo block visitors from specific countries

IP Blocker: Find all visitors IP and block/whitelist specific visitors by IP

Block VPN & Proxies

Disable RightClick, text selection, copy/cut/past & inspect elements shortcuts

Find your store visitors IP & data, and check logs of blocked visitors

Block Malicious Traffic from a region or country, Create Allow list or block list, See IP Logs, and block requests analytics. Also, Protect your content via Image antitheft, Disable Right clicks, and other shortcuts. Put Age restriction to prevent minors from adult content.
Auto redirect visitors based on their location. Cookie bar to implement GDPR

Block Malicious traffic by Country , State or City - Create Block/Allow List

Auto redirect visitors based on their geo location

Age Restriction + IP Logs + Cookie Bar

Block Redirect Users Ultimate

Install from the Shopify App Store

This is a simple and light-weighted application that can be used for visitor redirection and blocking. We believe that this app will be handy for store owners who wish to redirect their visitors to the store that is in the visitors' local language. Redirection US visitors => CA visitors => Blocking Country-based or IP-based blocking can be utilized based on your requirement. Attention Please test the rules after configuring. Invalid configuration can result in errors.

Blocking visitors based on country or IP address

Redirecting visitors to set domains or sub-domains based on country

No theme code changes in the installation process

Elevate SEO‑Safe GEO Blocking

Install from the Shopify App Store

Based on the visitors IP and user agent this app can either redirect visitors from one or more countries to an external URL or simply show a message to them. You can easily select which one and set your own URL or custom message.

As a very important feature in this GEO blocking app automatically exclude search engine crawlers from the IP blocking to ensure that they can still crawl your website. This is very important to avoid any harm to your search engine indexing and visibility.

GEO-Blocking of human visitors from one or more countries

Very easy to setup - no coding needed

SEO-safe - automatically exclude search engine crawlers

Loads very fast - it won't slow down your website

Tible Block and redirect

Install from the Shopify App Store

Create rules based on location, url or other varying conditions to block, redirect, or even exhibit custom messages to your users. You can set up multiple rules and apply them selectively to certain pages or particular customers.

Create different rules with multiple conditions

Identify your visitors based on varying conditions

Create custom messages for specific visitors

VisitBlock Location Blocker

Install from the Shopify App Store

VisitBlock Location Blocker is your simple solution to control who visits your website.

Easily block entire countries, continents, or specific IP addresses.

Want visitors from certain places to see something different? No problem! You can redirect them to another page or show a friendly message saying they can't access your site. Perfect for your store, it helps you follow the rules and keep your site safe. Setting it up is quick and easy.

You can restrict entire continent or specific countries from visiting your site

You can block specific IP addresses.

Visitors from blocked locations can be shown a friendly message or redirected.

Permit specific IP access even if their country is blocked

Geolocation Redirect ﹣Open Geo

Install from the Shopify App Store

  • If you have multi-stores (store for every country for example) for example if you have store for UK and USA and you want to redirect your UK customers from USA store to UK store you can use OpenGeo app for that
  • If you want to block custom countries for example if your business is based in USA and you want to block country X from seeing your store (to provide spying or anything) you can use OpenGeo app for that
  • If you want to block the IP servers of the spy tools, also you can use our app.

Block specific countries based on your customer IP

Block Spy tools by IP


App is a multifaceted website management app. It delivers real-time error tracking, swiftly resolving 404 errors with 301 redirects to ensure a seamless user experience. With bulk editing, you can efficiently manage multiple errors. Customizable location-based redirections enable you to target specific regions, giving you full control over your online store's visitor access. This versatile app empowers you to optimize your website, reduce visitor frustration, and drive higher conversions.

Instantly identify and address 404 "Page Not Found" errors with real-time monito

Easily manage multiple 301 and 404 errors through efficient bulk editing

Customize and control visitor access by setting up location-based redirections

Swiftly resolve issues by redirecting visitors from broken links to the correct

Enhance your website's user experience by preventing 404

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