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Best Shopify Apps for Content protector

Disable right click + country

Install from the Shopify App Store

Anyone can easily copy-paste your store content in modern browsers and then claim it as their own. Search engines such as Google value original content. If your content is found to be duplicated, your search ranking will start dropping significantly.This app helps you to protect your store content, images, and texts from being stolen with a few simple clicks. It disables certain browser features which makes it hard for a thief to steal your content.This app will also block visitors by country.

Block the thief by country to protect your store content, images and products

Disable Right-Click, Keyboard Shortcuts, text selection, copy/paste and country

Disable Drag & Drop image to protect images and prevent image download by thief

Reduce fraud and block bots with Proxy & VPN connections

Disable Console and Developer Tools in Browser Window

EcomRise: Boost Sales Pro

Install from the Shopify App Store

EcomRise provides different solutions for increasing sales, improving customer experiences and protecting your website content. Sales Notification (Sales Popup), Trust Badges, Favicon Cart Count, Inactive Tab Message, Content Protection (Disable right click) and Christmas Animation - Snowfall Effect. All these small tools generate accumulated effects on your store. Start to improve your conversion, cart recovery & store performances today. 24/7 livechat support is happy to assists you anytime.

Win back customers by Inactive Tab Messages, Favicon Cart Count on your browser

Sales Notification (Sales Pop) show recent purchases on your store under popup

Keep your website content unique by disabling others to copy texts, images

Bring a festive, enjoyable shopping experience with beautiful Snowfall Effect

Show trust badges on any positions with payment badges, store policies

NoSpy ‑ Security & Spy Protect

Install from the Shopify App Store

NoSpy protects your store from the most comprehensive list of spy extensions like AliHunter, PPSpy, UUSpy, Shopify Raise, Adminer etc.

It takes one click to disable right click and copy functions and increase store protection. NoSpy helps you protect data, whether it be customer info or product pix, to ensure your store’s privacy and security. So bloky spy extensions and copy functions for your store's security.

Protect your store's performance and enhance security for your data today!

Block spy extension like AliHunter, PPSpy, UUSpy, Shopify Raise and protect data

Protect store content and enhance privacy: disable right click & copy functions

Block keyboard shortcuts, text select, and drag & drop to protect data & privacy

Block inspect element, display legal warning, and right click to protect data

The anti theft app for your security, privacy & protection from any spy / thief

SK: AntiTheft & Country block

Install from the Shopify App Store

Generating original store content proves challenging with browsers streamlining downloads. Soon, your images might be utilized by others, impacting your sales. Google prioritizes originality, penalizing duplicates with substantial ranking drops. Enter the SecurityKing app - a robust solution safeguarding your text and images from potential theft. Whitelist countries or block countries to allow only certain customers to your store.

Keep your images locked: prevent any sort of unauthorized image downloads.

Protect product descriptions, blog posts, and other content from being copied.

Disable right click functionality through JavaScript or CSS.

Disable copy-and-paste to minimize the risks of website content theft.

Whitelist countries or block countries to allow certain customer to your store.

LockOn‑ Restrict Store Content

Install from the Shopify App Store

Restrict access to store content, hide prices, hide products, collections, and pages, from your Store. Customers must log in to see products, prices, pages, blogs, collections, and many more; otherwise, your store will be completely locked. You can grant specific customers access to your Store content based on customer tags, location, product purchase history, etc. Prevent bots and spammers from accessing your Shopify store, placing fake orders, or engaging in other malicious activities.

Hide Products. Hide Collection. Hide Price. Hide Pages. Restrict Product, etc.

Lock Store Content based on Customer Tag, Passcode, User's Location, Domain, etc

Automatic Discounts for Selected Customers based on location, Customer Tag, etc.

Grant access to any group of customers by number of orders, money spent, etc.

Hide products from any page, e.g., Homepage, Search page, Collection page, etc.

Defendify: Copyright AntiTheft

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app is designed to safeguard your copyrighted materials by restricting access to specific context menus, such as the right click and keyboard shortcuts. By doing so, it makes it more difficult for people to plagiarize your text, images, and other content.

The app offers various features to enhance protection, including the ability to disable right click, context menus such as "Save as," certain keyboard shortcuts, image dragging, text highlighting, and copying of text and images.

Protects copyrighted materials by disabling certain context menus and shortcuts

Makes it harder for people to steal your text, images, and other content

Disable right click, context menus such as "Save as," and certain shortcuts

Offers enhanced protection for your intellectual property

Provides an extra layer of security for your online content

Sales Shield is the ideal protection solution for your store. We ensure sales confidentiality against spying trackers and protect your unique content from unauthorized copying.

We send "fake" sales to trackers such as ShopHunter and PPspy, hiding the top-selling products.

We offer features that enhance store security by blocking extensions, disabling keyboard shortcuts, element inspection and right-click, and protecting images and text.

Proven! Track your store with our protection activated and see the difference!

Unique! The only way on the market to stop them from spying on your store!

Secure Store! Protect your store's content from unwanted copying!

Free trial! Guarantee exclusivity for your best-selling products!

Shieldify ‑ Protect Your Store

Install from the Shopify App Store

Shieldify protects your store's valuable content by blocking spy extensions in all browsers. It disables copy functions, disabling right-click and keyboard shortcuts, text selection, drag & drop, and other ways through which theft can occur. Our anti-theft feature displays a legal warning when someone opens the console to steal your content, ensuring your data and intellectual property are safe. Keep your store secure and prevent theft with Shieldify.

Secure store by blocking third-party extensions like AliHunter, PPSPY & other.

Restrict Countries, Disable copy, right-click, and keyboard shortcuts.

Block drag & drop and text selection.

Display legal warning to prevent theft.

Protect content with anti-theft features.

SpyBlocker ‑ Protect Your Data

Install from the Shopify App Store

SpyBlocker is a powerful no-spy app designed to protect your Shopify store's sales data from spying third-party extensions and competitors. Our app keeps your store's valuable information, such as sales data, products, live sales, and supplier details secure by blocking all popular spy extensions like AliHunter, PPSpy, UUSpy, Shopify Raise, Adminer. Install SpyBlocker today and protect your Shopify store from the risks of spying and data theft.

Protect your sales data by blocking third-party extensions.

Protect your content by disabling copy functions, right-click, inspect element.

Provide a safe online store environment. Focus on the growth of your business.

Defend your winning products from rivals. Disable bestselling sorting url.

Block AliHunter, PPSpy, UUSpy & more.

Having your product cloned might be the number one reason your sales suddenly die. It also hurts store's SEO performance in search platforms such as Google since they might flag your original content as “duplicated”.

Scala Anti Spy is made to prevent spies and thieves from stealing your content, by disabling copy and paste shortcuts. The app works in any device, including Desktop, mobile and Tablet. You can also adjust the security level that your store needs.

Disables copy and paste shortcuts to prevent spies and thieves from stealing you

Designed to work on any device, including desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Customize the security level of your store to ensure content protection.

Pasilobus Photolock AntiTheft

Install from the Shopify App Store

Google and other search engines favor original content. What happens if Google discovers that your material is the same as someone else's? Browsers make it simple to download original images, so before you know it, your photographs are being used by someone else to boost their sales. Clone shops and products are created in countries where copyright restrictions do not exist. Use Photolock and start protecting your photos and content!

20 Locks to choose from! Disable right-click, keyboard shortcuts & prevent bots.

Block visitors from certain countries. Or, block a certain visitor by their IP.

Protect your images by adding Watermark against screenshot attempts.

Prevent search engines like Google and Bing list your images.

Enable age verification to restrict access to your content.

Gorilla Content Protector App

Install from the Shopify App Store

Gorilla anti-theft Content Protector is your all-in-one content protection solution. Defend your digital assets by disabling right-click, protecting text & image from copy, disabling inspect element. It blocks content theft from third-party Spy Extensions & boosts store's security. With easy setup, seamless integration, and compatibility with all browsers, Gorilla enhances the user experience with exciting "Add to Cart" & Checkout button animations. With Gorilla, your valuable content is safe.

Protect Original Text From Select/Cut/Copy/Paste

Disable Right Click to secure Data and Privacy

Block Spy Extensions like AliHunter & UU, PPSpy to protect data.

Block Inspect Element and Keyboard Shortcut keys

Animate Add to Cart (ATC) button to convert visitor to customer

Unlock the full potential of your online business with our powerful content protection app. Ideal for all types of merchants, it addresses the pressing concern of content theft, safeguarding your originality and hard work. Stop worrying about competitors using your images and text without permission, as our app provides robust anti-theft technology, disabling right-click and context menus to deter unauthorized copying and pasting. Get ready for BFCM Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas.

Content Protection: Disable Copying, Drag & Drop, Shortcuts, Right-Click.

Image Security: Background Image & Image Tag Protection.

Enhanced Security: Disable Console Debugging, Disable Printing.

Mobile Content Protection: Safeguard Text & Images on Mobile.

Prevent stealing your code or finding security vulnerabilities in your website

It is hard to create original content for your stores, browsers make it very easy to download and the next thing you know, someone else is using your images to improve their sales. Also, search engines like Google value original content. If your content is found to be duplicated, your ranking will be dropped significantly. This is where our Cozy Antitheft app shines. The app will protect your original text or images from being stolen. The app makes it harder to steal content from your store.

Disable Right-Click, Keyboard Shortcuts

Disable Drag and Drop

Disable Page Printing from Browser

Disable Console and Developer Tools in Browser Window

Only a few toggles required to enable protection on the store

Salesdish Content Protection

Install from the Shopify App Store

Have you spent a long time creating the perfect product description & taking great photos, but forgetting to protect your hard work? Copycats can copy it in a few minutes. It‘s a painful experience to discover your store’s content has been stolen. And unfortunately, there’s not much you can do once it happens. A good strategy is to stop copycats before they steal. So we created this app

Content protection from theft by competitors or malicious actors.

Protect your product images

Protect your product text details

AntiCopy:Prevent Content Theft

Install from the Shopify App Store

AntiCopy helps you protect your site's content from being reused by malicious merchants. It lets you disable right-clicking on a web page to stop people from copying content or downloading images. It also enables you to disable keyboard shortcuts, stop people from selecting text, and stop people from certain countries from visiting your site.

In addition, it also adds some extended features, such as removing the Shopify badge & admin bar, Google reCaptcha badge, creating Age Verification popup

Disable right-click, keyboard shortcuts, text selection, debugger,...

Prevent copy content, download image/video, visitors from certain countries

Hide Shopify badge & Shopify admin bar, Google reCaptcha badge

Create GDPR Compliant Cookie Banner, Age Verification Popup

Compatible with any themes, all browsers, and all devices

Disable Right Click Master

Install from the Shopify App Store

#Secure your content by using our Right-click Disable app.

Use our app to prevent your store visitors from copying any of your content. Misuse of store content is a very big issue in today's world. It's very frustrating to find out that your content is being used by someone else. Our app helps you from keeping your content private.

Our support gurus are extremely happy to help. Simply drop us an email and our team will do the needful.

Prevent store visitors from downloading any content from the website.

Block storefront visitors from checking any code or CSS settings.

Prevent customers from selecting textual content and copying it

Disable inspect elements, Disable View Source code

Easy Install | No Coding

Shop Shield Pro locks out copycat thieves from taking your images and content.

Stop people easily copying your text by blocking keyboard shortcuts and disabling copy paste on your store.

Disable right click and retain control over your unique intellectual property.

Shop Shield Pro's unique 'Nuclear' mode makes it harder for your competitors to reverse engineer your store. Prevent all developers from viewing your source code & theme customization.

Disable right click menu on your store

Block image drag and drop

Block reverse engineering tools

Block user copy and paste shortcuts

Enable warning and alert systems

PIX provides advanced protection for your data and content by blocking all forms of spy extensions and disabling copy functions. Our app safeguards your store from spying third-party extensions such as AliHunter, PPSpy, and UUSpy, ensuring that your sensitive data - including information about users, products, live sales, applications, suppliers, and more - remains private.

Block third-party extensions

Disable right-click and keyboard shortcuts

Display a legal warning when the console is opened

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