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Best Shopify Apps for Pricing - Other

Awesome Quantity Breaks

Install from the Shopify App Store

Introducing Awesome Quantity, the app that elevates your product pages! Customize quantities and boost average order values. The app seamlessly adapts, enhancing initial interactions. Plus, maximize sales with integrated cross-selling features. No developer needed to install. Need assistance? We're here to help! Let's take your store to new heights together.

Apply a reduction to your products in the cart according to the quantity

Choose your product collections for which your discounts will be applied.

Customizable at will! Make your shop unique.

Cross sell product addons on the product page.

Suitable for all screens: Computer, tablet, mobile.

Snapmint PG Customizations

Install from the Shopify App Store

Snapmint allows customers to split payments into monthly payments. This app lets merchants rename their Payment gateway and build white-labeled journeys for higher conversions. Merchants will be able to rename the gateways to include their brand name to build customer trust.

Improve Conversions by adding your brand name for custom payment option names

Sort/rename your payment methods

Hide payment methods

Singleton | Product Cost Range

Install from the Shopify App Store

You can display products prices ranges, based on products variants prices. Show minimum price with maximum price, for each product with different prices for variants, in collections pages. If some of your products contain variants with different prices, the price range with minimal price and maximal price will be displayed for the product, in product thumbnail, instead of standard price. If a product does not contain variants with different prices, the price for a product is the same as before.

Show prices ranges for all products, with different variants prices

Display only minimal price, only maximal price, or both prices for products

Set format of prices display, like "from $5", or "from $5 to 15$", etc...

BharatX PG Customization

Install from the Shopify App Store

The app lets merchants rename any Payment Gateway, to their desired name. BharatX Pay in 3 is a payment provider, which empowers brands to create White-labelled payment journeys for the user. Using this app the merchants will be able to rename the Payment Gateway to their desired name and brand guidelines to create a payment offering under their brand for the users.

Your own custom Payment Gateway Name

{Brand} Pay will help Improve Conversions

Build Loyalty, having {Brand} Pay will help in building Brand Loyalty

Ouiteo: Sales Discount Manager

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our app offers advanced filtering capabilities, allowing you to target specific products or collections. You can apply discounts instantly, and manage campaigns in a calendar view, easily making changes as needed. Additionally, you can create a sense of urgency with countdown timers and sale & custom badges, and customize the styles to match your brand. With analytics, you can gain insight into which products to apply discounts to, and make data-driven decisions to boost sales.

Create sales campaign and apply disocunts instantly! and manage them in calendar

Create urgency on your sales campaign with customizable countdown timer

Add stylish sale badges to promote discounted products

One time, repeat, or schedule bulk price, compare at price, and cost edit task

Update metafield, add / remove tags ... many more while updating prices

Singleton | Quantity Price

Install from the Shopify App Store

You can show your customers product price based on selected quantity. Price for product will be automatically recalculated (multiplied) by the selected quantity. For example, if product price is $10 and customer set "2" in quantity field, customer will see product price $20 in product detail page. App is compatible with different product variants prices and price is automatically recalculated and multiply by selected quantity, even if customer choose another product variant.

Enable/disable to change product price based on quantity (multiply by quantity)

You can even enable/disable change product "compare at" price based on quantity

You can fit this app to any of your theme in app configuration

Mokka Widget&Events App is an opportunity for the customer to register in Mokka and find out the available limit for purchase immediately. Available only for citizens of Poland and Romania. As You can see below when You add Mokka Widget&Events to the Product Page, the Client will be able to pay by Mokka payment - for Polish and Romanian online stores with PLN or RON curriencies depends of Your Store’s settings.

Increase Your sale for each Client using Buy Now Pay Later with Mokka

Get new Clients using Buy Now Pay Later with Mokka

Use one of 3 widget's color ideal for Your Store

Effortlessly display unit prices (e.g., "$0.23 / 100 mL") and quantities (e.g., "950 g") on your Shopify store with our app. Editing can't be simpler; just edit the product or variant like you normally would within Shopify. Boost sales by showing potential savings and comply with regulatory requirements in certain jurisdictions. No more manual calculations needed for you or your buyers!

Display unit prices like "$0.20 / g", "$1.23/ 100mL", or "$5.87 / item"

Display units like "950 mL", "1.5 kg", or "12 items"

Easy to use, flexible item placement

100% reliable: All data is hosted within Shopify (units, theme elements)

RoundHoop ‑ Cash Rounding Easy

Install from the Shopify App Store

The Apps solves the problem for the countries where they might need to round the cart to nearest 0.05 ,1.0 or any custom values,ex: Netherlands. Currently in POS.

Round Up To nearest 0.05,1.00 or any custom value.

Supports Round UP & Down feature.

Works with POS -1 click to manage.

Galim Product Price Explorer and price compare enables you as a store owner to be able to compare your product prices to the prices of products from the same category in the country you are targeting. This is good for any store owner that would like to see if the products being sold are too expensive or too cheap.

Price compare - compare prices of your products in different countries

Multiple categories - see how your product prices compare in their category

Multiple countries - see how your products compare in each country

Product price - compare your product pricing to the local markets

Whether it’s because the price of an item is too high or they don’t need it now, customers who visit your website are often not ready to buy. Instead of losing those leads and trying to chase them down with retargeting ads, leverage Accrue Savings to incentivize their purchase.

Accrue Savings is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that allows brands to offer customers a savings-based purchasing plan. Customers save up to buy an item from your site and earn cash toward their purchases.

Provide an alternative option to shoppers who aren’t ready to buy now.

Capture interest earlier by turning window shoppers into engaged buyers.

Attract new customers by offering a savings tool alongside your credit options.

Enhance: VAT Dual Prices B2B

Install from the Shopify App Store

For businesses catering to both B2B and B2C customers, our app ensures accurate price presentation across your store. Display dual prices seamlessly on the homepage, catalog, product details and search result pages offering clarity to all users. Tailor tax rules based on criteria like country, product, and customer tags. Eliminate confusion with VAT Dual Price App, showcasing inclusive and exclusive prices. Customize the dual pricing display to match your brand's aesthetics.

Show VAT Included and VAT Excluded prices together

Set different tax rates based on selected countries, products, customer tag, etc

Add text before or after the both prices

Customize font size, price color and background color.

With myIOU Payment Info App, merchant can view the following additional details information:

  • Payment No
  • Refund No (if any)
  • Valid refund for initial payment
  • Discount amount (if any). This information helps the merchant to know the payment information as the references and know the valid available refund amount.

Additional details information to make merchant tracking easier.

Allow merchant and admin personnel for easy reference.

Allow merchant to execute refund process.

NEWPO Price Auto Updater

Install from the Shopify App Store

Very Easy to use -- you specify a discount rate you'd like to offer, the app mass updates all the prices and compare-at for you automatically.

This way, on the storefront, potential customers will see the discount vs strikethrough pricing.

Bulk Price Change: Mass update prices for up to millions of products at once.

Unlimited Price Updates: Update as many time as you'd like, with any plans

Flexible Discount Rules: Create custom pricing strategies based on collections.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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