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Best Shopify Apps for Store locator

Stockist makes it simple to add a searchable store map to your site. Our thoughtfully designed store locator can help increase your in-store sales, reduce customer support inquiries, and build trust in your brand. It's a great way to highlight your stores, retailers, dealers, and more. Plus, our insightful search analytics show exactly where customers are looking for your products. We invite you to try Stockist and see why our service is the trusted solution for your store or retailer map.

Manage store listings one-by-one, import a spreadsheet, or sync a Google Sheet

Customize colors, layout, translations, search options, and more

Instantly show nearby results via geolocation and as the map is moved

Insightful analytics show where customers are looking for your products

Create unlimited search filters so customers can find exactly what they need

POWR Map Embed | Store Locator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Want to see an increase in sales? Use a POWR Map on your online store & watch your sales go up in-person and online. You can even use a store location map for special sales events, pop-up shops, or other in-person functions. POWR Map + Store Locator can be used directly in store admin and doesn't require coding. It is also fully intuitive letting users jump between multiple locations. And because our map is integrated with Google Maps and Open Street Maps, it can plot any location worldwide.

Automated store locator - shows the closest store location to your customer

Add multiple store locations on your map with a bulk .csv or .xls file upload

Choose various map styles like Streets, Transit, Satellite or a hybrid map

Add an open-text search bar to enable custom location searches

Display a store directions link when a map pin is clicked

You have number of physical stores and want to help your customers find and reach the nearby store easily. The game changer Multi Store Locator app allows you to use a highly scalable and customizable solution to help your customers find the nearby store quickly.

Very easy in configuration. Just need to follow a few steps and the store locator map is displayed in your store. Update the display settings as per your theme and it will look a native part of your theme.

Easily add update and delete the store using bulk import method.

Set your custom design on map using your own Custom Map styling JSON

Clustering Feature helps you to combine markers combined into a single cluster.

Easily search the store by different filter options in locator

Support with all themes. Easy in installation.

CBmap Store Locator & Stockist

Install from the Shopify App Store

CBmap Store Locator & Stockist will help you manage multiple store locations on one page of the Shopify website. Our App gives you a simple way to add store addresses that will be conveniently displayed and organized according to your personal preferences. You can import your store locations in just a few clicks from CSV or Google Sheet and display them stylishly with thumbnails, contact details, navigation directions, and other relevant information. The app supports SEO on Google/Mapbox

Map out your storefront on Google maps or Mapbox with the beautiful templates

Customize map options, extra fields, using our CSV template quickly and easily.

We use the Google Maps interface, proven to give more accurate results.

Get more customers by showing the closest store to the customer's location

Seamless workflow: use directly in your store's admin.

Closeby ‑ Store Locator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Closeby is the modern store locator and stockist for Shopify businesses with physical locations. Whether you want a standalone page or page embed, we help businesses turn online traffic into potential in-person customers.

Show visitors a seamless web experience completely customized to fit your brand and business. Plus, it only takes a couple minutes to set up!

Get started today with our easy Google Sheets + Analytics integrations and extensive mapping options.

Easy to set up: Add a beautiful locator to your store as a page or section.

Extensive customizations: Select from design options to best express your brand.

Beautiful UX: Mobile-friendly, feature-rich and easy to use for customers.

Integrated: Sync with Google Sheets and Google Analytics for teams

Powerful: Search locations, add custom button, set locale restrictions and more.

Show your dealer's stores on your website, manage multiple locations with import and export features. Easily customizale for any page of your website. Add map locator to any page or section easily. Auto Detect Location, Advance Store Locator comes with auto detect location feature, by which cutomer can look for store nearby, withour search. Change Map style color, you can easily change color of map.

Unlimited Store Location

Most Customized App

Auto Detect Location

ShopLocal Store Locator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Managing a store locator app can be hugely frustrating and time consuming for businesses with large wholesale operations. As you grow, adding & updating your partners information in your store locator apps feels like a waste of your time. Whereas with our app we make managing locations easy, by connecting your map to your Google Sheet. That way you can manage location data however you'd like and we provide you with a beautiful, responsive map for your website.

Connects to Google Sheets, makes managing locations simple (and scalable)

Beautiful, responsive, easy to use location maps for your website

Customize your map to match your websites look and feel

Out-the-box anyone can set up a beautiful and powerful stockists or store locator with our pre-made themes that automatically match the style of your site.

For a developer, things get really exciting, we provide a full customization toolkit to make super custom experiences.

In the hands of a search engine optimizer, we unlock a huge footprint of customizable local landing pages, vastly increasing the depth of search terms you can rank super well for.

Customise your locator with access to liquid and themes.

SEO landing pages for locations, cities, regions and countries.

Custom fields, tags, filters, opening hours, editable meta and map styles.

With the MSPL Store locator, you can comprehensively add multiple maps of your different stores, allowing customers to find them easily. It has easy-to-use search filters with different timings, facilities, and product ranges. You can enhance the "Find My Location" search feature to help customers avoid store location confusion. Admin can add store locator maps on any store page using embedded code. You can import all the map details (in your regional language) using a CSV file.

Bulk Upload Unlimited Store and maps - Now add multiple stores and their maps.

Customizable Maps - Add/edit and remove details quickly and efficiently.

Robust web support and backing quality ensure Effortless Store Management.

Optimize search filters with different timings, facilities, and product ranges.

Advanced Analytics - Generate quick reports to track the store's performance.

Elevate your customer experience with the 'Premium Store Locator' app. Effortlessly display all your physical retail locations, dealers, distributors, and more on a single, user-friendly page. Our app seamlessly integrates Google Maps to showcase precise addresses, ensuring a smooth shopping journey for your visitors. Easily add an unlimited number of store locations, arranging them based on your preferences. Join countless merchants worldwide who trust our app to enhance their online stores.

Add unlimited locations, bulk upload locations with a CSV file/spreadsheet

Easily search for stores by location/postcode/store name/product name/tags

Add location detail page, connect products, add meta tags, tracking code

Multi page layout & map style, custom CSS, bulk import & export stores

Stofind: Inventory Information

Install from the Shopify App Store

You will be able to display the inventory information of any product per location on your product pages and set your business hours up so that your customers know when you are open. You can easily customize its styles, appearance, and so on to your store.

Display stock, product availability or inventory information on product pages.

Display inventory like "In stock", "Out of stock" etc, or "5 in stock".

Add your trading or business hours per location.

Customize it to your store's appearance, or change it just like you want.

Easily add an interactive map to your store. Display orders and store locations to generate social proof and facilitate brick and mortar sales. Our maps have a clean and elegant design and are very easy to customize. They are powered by SimpleMaps, a mapping library that is trusted by governments, universities and companies around the world. No external licenses required. Fantastic email support if you need help.

Easily add a beautiful, zoomable map to your Shopify store.

Automatically displays your most recent orders (up to 500) on the map.

Easily visualize store locations and offer Google directions upon click.

Reinforce your brand with custom image markers.

Maps of the US, World, Europe, Canada, North America, Australia, and UK.

Google Maps ‑ Store Locator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Shape your map so that it will be not only easy and clear to navigate, but also interactive. We have multiple location markers embedded to allow you to show your visitors any place you wish or mark the most important ones. Make it easier for your real-life visitors to contact you - Elfsight Google Maps app info card can show address, phone number, email, working hours, and a picture. A bright information card is one more way to attract people.

Handy and encouraging info card

Navigation made easy

Layers and controls

StoreRocket Store Locator

Install from the Shopify App Store

You're looking for a store locator, right? Hiring someone or building one from scratch is expensive and time-consuming

StoreRocket lets you add a beautifully designed store locator to your website at the cost of a dinner. Quick installation and no coding!

Google Sheets Sync Tool

Custom Map Themes

Useful Analytics


Duplicates Tool

Easily add a beautiful and feature rich store locator to your storefront website. Increase your sales by helping your customers find where your products are sold offline. The Store Locator app has the perfect balance of powerful features and an easy to use back-end interface at an affordable price.

Get setup quickly with instant installation and bulk location importing.

Optimized for mobile and fully responsive.

Learn where demand is for your product with powerful search analytics.

User friendly interface that automatically finds stores closest to a customer.

W3trends is proud to bring you a super simple and easy to use store locator. It's as simple as adding your locations and letting your customers find you! You don't need to worry about setting up complicated "Map API keys". You can have your store locator up and running in 5 minutes.

Unlimited stores, locations, offices, or places of interest!

Easily searchable map for customers

Different plans to meet your needs!

ENS ZIP/PIN Code Validator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Zip Code Validator App is to act as a zip code verifier. The app will be visible on the product page only. The "Add to cart" and "Buy it now" buttons will be disabled if the zip code is entered. This way the customer will not be allowed to go to the checkout or cart page. It's a white list of serviceable zip codes.The validator can be enabled for all products or for any specific collection.The main purpose is to avail product delivery only to available zip codes.

Use to set zip code validation for all product or a specific collection.

There are two default options: Before add to cart and after add to cart.

Add to cart and buy it now buttons will be disabled when invalid zip codes use

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