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Best Shopify Apps for Page enhancements - Other

Axe Checkbox Upsell Order Bump

Install from the Shopify App Store

Axe Checkbox Upsell Order Bump helps you increase your AOV by adding checkbox upsells on your product page. These checkboxes allow customers to add another product to their cart before they checkout.

You can customise any aspect of the checkbox and preview your changes directly from the app.

Use our triggers to control which products to show your one tick upsells for.

Finally, monitor the performance of your checkbox upsells with our analytics.

Increase your average order value with a checkbox upsell.

Customize the style of your checkbox to exactly fit your brand and your store.

Control what upsells to show for which product page.

Track the performance of your upsells with our analytics.

Compatible with page builders, and with other upsell apps.

Visually | CRO & AB Testing

Install from the Shopify App Store

Next-gen Optimization & personalization. Your Google Optimize alternative. Take control over your site and AB test your wildest CRO dreams. Customize pages, personalize, product recommendations, & upsells through continuous A/B testing for conversion rate oprimization. Make smarter decisions, and get customers to rebuy and reconvert by AB testing homepage, A/B test PDP, AB test checkouts, AB test themes. Keep shoppers rebuy with endless conversion rate optimization - no-code, no commitment.

Robust Visual Editor - no code needed!

Personalization & Behavioral Targeting

A/B testing & Funnel Optimization

AI-fueled Upsells & Recommendations

On-site Retention Automation

Alia: Popup Alternative

Install from the Shopify App Store

Alia is a popup alternative that converts more shoppers than traditional popups by rewarding them for learning about what makes your brand special. Alia is the easiest way to engage and convert new visitors with interactive content about your brand, mission, products, and more. As visitors learn more, they claim incremental rewards and subscribe to your email and SMS lists. Easily customize Alia to match your brand, target new visitors, and ask insightful survey questions to collect data.

Educate shoppers with personalized on-site content on your brand and products

Grow your customer list by collecting user emails, phone numbers and preferences

Reward shoppers with discounts or free shipping, appear only to new visitors

Integrate with your email/SMS provider and track data on the Alia dashboard

All stores get full setup support, plus an easy-to-use self-service editor

Shoplift ‑ A/B Testing

Install from the Shopify App Store

Shoplift is designed to integrate directly with your Shopify storefront, giving you the power to test any template on your theme without code. Shoplift also analyzes your store performance and provide recommendations via Lift Assist, a powerful feature that builds new sections for your pages based on your brand styles revenue fast. Get started today by installing the app directly or booking a conversion consultation with our team via our website. Happy testing!

A/B Testing: Easily test with advanced segmentation (Audiences, Devices & More)

Lift Assist: Level up your templates with new features matching your brand

Reporting: Advanced analytics that give you actionable, in-depth insights

Performance: lightning fast load speeds without page disruptions

Google Ads Remarketing Tag

Install from the Shopify App Store

Installing Google Ads Dynamic Retargeting Tag manually can often lead to unexpected errors and headaches. Google frequently updates its code, making manual maintenance a challenging task. Editing theme files requires technical expertise, which can be a barrier for many users.

Wixpa Retargeting Pixel App for Google Ads simplifies this process with a one-click installation of Google's retargeting code. We take care of keeping the code up-to-date with Google's changes, ensuring Google Ads Tracking

Install Google ads remarketing tags

Install the Google ads Dynamic remarketing conversion pixel in one click.

No technical background required - No code change or theme file edits.

CatalogAce PDF Catalog Print

Install from the Shopify App Store

Elevate your wholesale process with CatalogAce. Create professional, customizable catalogs, line sheets, price lists effortlessly. Import Shopify products with one click, transform product pages to PDFs, accept orders via your catalogs. Personalize layout, support QR/barcodes, sort products, store catalogs in the cloud for smooth sharing. No design skills needed, CatalogAce streamlines your wholesale process, letting you concentrate on driving sales. Join us and Ace your business today!

Create your own PDF shoppable & print catalogs and flip books in an instant

Make catalogs with our ready-to-use templates or use our drag and drop tools

Unlimited customization with QR Codes, wholesale discount & tax rules, and more!

Embeddable into your Shopify store; sell your products directly from your PDF!

Catalog and brochure conversion tracking to grow your retail & wholesale channel

Hukify ‑ PDF Catalog Printer

Install from the Shopify App Store

With PDF Catalog Print app you are able to export your complete Shop as a PDF. Export full or just product categories or your product – you can decide. Add a cover image, show a table of contents and customize the layout just as you like.

Print PDF for catalog & collection from your online store with a flash speed.

Customize PDF design by changing colors, font size, line height, footer & more.

Allow to generate PDF for products by grid or list view mode & create Flipbooks.

Support QR codes & dynamic product attributes selection for catalog print.

Support RTL language, HTML tags with product details & short description.

BlueCart ‑ Upsell Progress Bar

Install from the Shopify App Store

BlueCart displays your discount & reward milestones progressively using progress bar and checklist based on cart value. This makes it easier for customers to track their progress toward the next milestone for greater discounts, motivating them to add more products to their cart, ultimately boosting the average order value (AOV). Encourage your customers to add more products for free shipping, free gifts and more discounts with multiple cart goals anywhere in your theme and cart drawer.

Display progress bar and checklist based on cart value anywhere in your theme.

Multiple display options based on screen sizes for best experience.

Comprehensive design options with pre-defined styles to match your theme.

In progress + successful message when goal is met. Changes when cart is updated.

Display conditions to control when to show, where to show and who to show.

MeroxIO Product Video Feed

Install from the Shopify App Store

If you're looking to take your online store to the next level, you should consider including videos in your marketing strategy.

With our Product Video Feed, you can create powerful, custom slides with shoppable videos for your product upsell using your Instagram reels, TikTok videos

Add unique videos on thousands of pages with just one click using our Product Video Feed.

Our autoplay video slider will help get customers to the relevant pages quickly.

Create Shoppable Product Video Feed using Reels, Instagram, Mp4 videos

Boosts your conversion by at least 25%

Easy to use, no coding required and works with latest Shopify OS 2.0 app block

iziGift ‑ Gift Cards & Rewards

Install from the Shopify App Store

With iziGift, you can create & email gift cards for any occasion (Klaviyo Integration available). Rise above your competition with the gift card pro app. Customize gift card by choosing from templates or your own brand design for the gift card & vouchers. Bulk issue gift cards for refunds, rewards, & store credits (coming soon) with beautifully crafted gift cards. Track gift card orders with a seamless, customized gift card page & help customers keep track of their gift card balance.

Customize gift cards and personalize them gift card templates

Compile personalized emails (Klaviyo integration) for your digital gift card.

Create your own gift card balance page so customers can check their balance.

Bulk issue rewards, refunds, discounts, and store credit with gift cards.

Easily keep a track of all customer orders and gift cards from the dashboard.

Gatio: RTL & Translations

Install from the Shopify App Store

Meet Gatio, The app that designed to help you upgrade your shop to the next level, Whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your established storefront, Gatio is designed to address the unique needs of the Israeli market. Its efficient tools, from custom fonts to WhatsApp integration, right to left website alignment (RTL) and more, ensure your store resonates with both local and global customers.

Support WhatsApp Icon

Right To Left Website Alignment (RTL) In One Click

Custom Fonts

Simple & Quick User Interface

24/7 Live Chat Support

Elevate your customers' shopping experience with Confetti Effects! Bring life to your store pages, leaving a lasting positive impression and enticing repeat purchases. Reward your customers with delightful effects for each addition to their cart, making every shopping moment joyful and memorable. Choose from a variety of styles to match any occasion or store theme, and watch as positive reinforcement fosters customer loyalty and bumps your sales. Celebrate BFCM (Black Friday and Cyber Monday)

Rewarding cart additions: Enhance sales with confetti promotion incentives.

Store-wide festive atmosphere: Promote celebration on all pages.

Interactive customer triggers: Actively engage and excite shoppers.

Effortless integration, no coding: Easy setup for store owners.

Great way to promote deals for BFCM - Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas.

F: Theme Access : Insert Code

Install from the Shopify App Store

Schedule Theme or Insert custom HTML/CSS/Javascript code or script to theme sections with this app. Store merchants won't need to edit liquid code file and mess up the codebase. Just insert theme sections block extension and input your HTML/CSS/Javascript theme section codes on the go. Be it making that button red or adding a bar on top of page or adding a script, this app allows you to do that in a quick and simple way. Using Theme Scheduler, Change theme scheduled accordingly.

Insert Code snippets to any theme. Simply copy paste the HTML code snippet

Easily add CSS sections to any theme to customize the theme as per your need

Easily Add JavaScript sections to any theme to add additional JS code

Schedule theme change with powerful theme scheduler

Add Google Analytics, Google tag manager, Facebook pixel, meta tag verify code.

Octolize Product Page Shipping

Install from the Shopify App Store

Help your customers make a purchase decision much easier by placing a shipping cost calculator on a product page. Improve the shopping experience, eliminate unexpected surprises during checkout and reduce the amount of abandoned carts in your store. Provide your customers with transparent shipping rates information upfront. Let them see the available shipping methods and know the shipping cost directly on the product page, even before reaching the cart or checkout.

Display shipping methods with their shipping cost directly on the product pages

Customize the shipping cost calculator placement with dedicated theme block

Enable geolocation and auto-populate the customer's shipping address

Easy setup, limiting displayed address fields, support for multi-currency stores

Support for Shopify shipping methods and rates coming from 3rd party apps

APIEase ‑ Safe API Integration

Install from the Shopify App Store

Call any API from Custom Liquid or Webhooks. Make secure API calls that require confidential parameters. We store your secret information securely. Use APIEase if you don't want to create an app just to perform secure API calls. Make http GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, PATCH or OPTIONS API calls from your store or webhook. Make customer initiated http API calls without having to find a webhook that suits your particular needs. Call external APIs such as Facebook Graph API via Meta API.

Secure authenticated API calls to any http API from Custom Liquid content pages.

Add interactive html content with 3rd party API integration including Meta API.

We store your API credentials securely without exposing them in the storefront.

WP ‑ Simple WordPress Feed

Install from the Shopify App Store

Simple WordPress Post Feed allows you to display the post feed from your WordPress site with just a few clicks and with no configuration needed on the WordPress site itself. It is an easy way to showcase

Display your Wordpress posts without configuration needed on your WordPress site

No code editing or adding snippets needed to your store

Fully compatible with search engines

Checkout Manager by Mondido

Install from the Shopify App Store

Simply enter your desired payment option names and make a few clicks to rename them in checkout. With this, instead of seeing complex and unfamiliar payment gateway names, customers will now see names that they can easily recognize and trust. This helps to enhance the checkout experience and reduces confusion, making it easier and faster for customers to complete their purchase.

Rename payment gateway name to a more recognisable payment option for customers

Localise payment options in checkout

Eliminate confusion and increase conversion with transparent & seamless checkout

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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