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Yanet: Returns and Exchanges

Install from the Shopify App Store

Return and Exchange management app provides a quick and clear flow-based solution to handle all return and exchange requests from your customers. Store owner can freely create different return and exchange policies and rules applied to different products based on various situations. Customers can easily submit requests via an embedded public portal on the site and keep updated via email notifications. Text, banner and color on the portal are supported to change directly, just contact us!

Submit and manage return and exchange requests clearly at different steps.

Different policies and rules can be created and applied for different products.

An easy-to-use embedded portal allows customers to submit requests quickly.

Customers always get updated via email at each step of the request.

We support edit text, banner and colors of the portal to match your style.

WhatsApp & Helpdesk ‑ MyAlice

Install from the Shopify App Store

Your customers are on WhatsApp, Instagram, FB, Line, Telegram, Viber, and other messaging channels. So when they’re looking to buy, and they message you, they’re at their moment of highest intent. How are you converting those to orders?

Convert those shoppers, and retain them longer, with MyAlice — the sales-focused customer service platform for growing eCommerce merchants.

Easily migrate from Gorgias, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Reamaze, Tidio, Richpanel, Wati, Zoko, DelightChat, and SuperLemon.

Live chat and social channel widget for customer support and increase sales.

Prioritize WhatsApp, email, chat, and social comments/DMs in one feed.

View, edit, and cancel Shopify orders without leaving the MyAlice customer view.

Send personalized WhatsApp broadcast campaigns to your customer lists.

Use WhatsApp to recover abandoned carts, automate checkout reminders, and more.

Fraud can wreak havoc on any store owner — no matter the size of the business. And it’s unfair. Having the right risk management in place can help you avoid headaches, wasted time, and revenue loss. Kount’s simple, easy-to-use fraud prevention solution minimizes risks and helps your business grow with complete confidence. Customize your policies and risk thresholds, stop chargebacks, and improve your bottom-line profitability.

ANALYZE high-risk orders in real time with robust data analytics and adaptive AI

AUTOMATE approve/decline decisions, order refunds, and cancellations.

CUSTOMIZE business policies and risk thresholds to fit your needs.

REDUCE false positives, chargebacks, and revenue loss.

IMPROVE customer experiences by providing a quick, seamless checkout process.

StoreWatchers is an all-in-one app for store owners that want to make sure their store is running properly and be notified immediately to take action if there is an issue.

This no code app lets you run automated tests that will allow you to closely monitor your store’s functionalities such as customer login, product searches, add-to-cart button or any other storefront operations.

Merchants can use custom tests unique to their store with our browser extension or use our pre-built tests.

Centralized dashboard for error tracking, issue reporting, and monitoring.

Run one or more automated tests for customer login, search & add-to-cart errors.

Test logs section to see detailed information about automated test results.

Easy to set up multiple automated custom tests at the same time.

Track errors and error logs to understand issues happening in your store.

Membership Card Scanner ‑Perkd

Install from the Shopify App Store

Instantly identify loyal customers with membership card and associate with orders at in-store POS. Use built-in camera to scan barcodes on physical or digital membership cards and retrieves loyalty customer records. Fallback on searching by card number, customer name, email or mobile number.

Scan: plastic cards, Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, Perkd Wallet or your own app.


Search by: card number, customer name, email, mobile number

Import: batch upload existing membership card data

Capture real-time activities and logs from your store. Leverage the robust filters to precisely refine the logs according to your requirements.

Admin Logs - Track activities related to cart, checkout, order, refund, fulfilment, inventory, product, customer and more.

Staff Logs - Capture actions performed by staff members across the Admin interface of Shopify.

Important Event Logs - Monitor crucial incidents happening across your store and admin.

Keep an eye on the shop. Track activities in real-time.

Apply powerful filters to search through the logs and export to csv.

Use Staff logs to see the resources being altered and their author.

POWR Live Chat | FB Messenger

Install from the Shopify App Store

Provide top-notch customer support in real-time via Live Chat POWR'd by Facebook Messenger. Quickly install directly in Shopify with no coding necessary. Customize it to match your personal brand. It is fully automated when a new chat is started. Get instant notifications on your mobile device anywhere/anytime to immediately answer questions a shopper may need to decide on a purchase. Stay ahead of your competition, close more sales, and retain your valuable customers.

Instant live chat with customers in real-time via Facebook Messenger

Customize all chat settings like triggers, delay, bubble icon, and button text

Set up an automate personal message upon entering the live chat

Fully customizable design. Set your avatar or image, colors, shape, position


Install from the Shopify App Store

コンビニ決済の払込票番号がShopify管理画面から確認できるようになります。 また、本アプリの連携機能によりGMO後払い決済とスマートフォンキャリア決済の処理をShopify管理画面から実行できるようになります。 webhook機能により、自動連係機能が強化されるためストア運営効率化につながります。

注意: GMOイプシロンとの契約(GMO後払い決済・スマートフォンキャリア決済・コンビニ決済)がある加盟店様のみがご利用いただけます。 GMO後払い決済、スマートフォンキャリア決済、コンビニ決済は日本国内向けのサービスとなります。




Final Returns & Order Exchange

Install from the Shopify App Store

Final : Product Returns & Exchange is a game-changing app designed to revolutionize the way businesses handle order returns, exchanges, and refunds. We understand that managing customer returns can be a time-consuming and complex process, impacting both customer satisfaction and the overall operational efficiency of merchants. That's why we've developed Final: Product Returns & Exchange, an app that addresses these challenges head-on, delivering significant business benefits.

Effortless Returns: Easy and quick product returns.

Exchange Simplified: Seamless item exchanges.

Simplified Communication: Easy customer support.

Edge Combined Trading Platform (CTP), is designed to save start-ups and small businesses TIME and MONEY, whether you trade in physical goods nationally or internationally. So you get a CRM; Stock Control; Invoicing; Delivery Notes; Shipping; Sales and Purchase Workflows; Connections (to accounting packages); product classification (HS6 + Tariff Codes); landed cost calculator (to prevent buyer’s remorse) and restricted party screening, all in one cloud solution, accessible from anywhere.

Classify products for global trade so duties + taxes are calculated accurately.

Overseas buyers see landed cost of goods, so avoid unexpected duty + tax bills.

Compliance any restrictions before sending goods to an individual.

With the Acctivate app, you can easily integrate your store with your Acctivate Inventory Management company.

Once integrated, you're able to seamlessly sync sales order and customer information from your store to Acctivate, improving efficiency and accuracy. Likewise, inventory availability and shipment information can be sent from your Acctivate company to your store, giving your customers accurate and timely information.

Integrates your store with your Acctivate Inventory Management company.

Import sales orders and customers from your store into Acctivate.

Export inventory availability and shipment information back to your store.

Heartbeat ‑ Health Monitoring

Install from the Shopify App Store

Nowadays we continuously monitor our heart rate. An important step to make sure we are and we stay healthy. The same we should do for our online store. This is why we developed "Heartbeat for Shopify".

Heartbeat will check all important KPIs of your store. Including well known external services, like Google PageSpeed, Google Safe Browsing, W3C Validation and many more. Every check runs automatically in background and won't slow-down your store.

50+ health-checks and store performance metrics

Performance reports over time with smart alerts for critical changes

Including relevant monitors for spell checks, SEO score and HTML errors

No storefront installation required. Won't impact loading times or cause errors.

No setup or work required, runs completely on autopilot

FastThis ‑ Product Creator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Welcome to FastThis - the new era of rapid, error-free product creation for your online shop! Streamline your process and minimise errors with our custom workflow questionnaires tailored to your specific needs.

FastThis's intuitive user interface allows you to effortlessly input essential product information, eliminating time-consuming corrections. Accelerate your workflow, boost efficiency, and stay ahead with FastThis!

Rapid product creation: launch items in seconds, refreshing inventory quickly.

Error minimisation: easy-to-follow workflows ensure accurate product details.

Customisable workflows: craft workflows to suit different product types.

Shared steps: set fixed settings to focus on individual details of each product.

General Dev Store Alarm

Install from the Shopify App Store

Gain peace of mind with Store Alarm. We'll keep a close eye on your online store's order volume so you don't have to - identifying any potential online store issues.

Set your thresholds and we'll shoot you instant alerts via SMS, phone call, or both the moment sales slip below your comfort zone. No more nail-biting or frantic checks; we catch the lulls before they become crises.

Eliminate the "OH NO!" moments and be the first to know if your store has a potential problem. We got you.

Customize your alert structure, by day of the week, timezone, and times.

Get notified instantly via sms, phone, or both.

Gain peace of mind knowing that we're monitoring your store 24/7.

Con tu cuenta de DelyLab y Shopify podrás vincularlos con el token que te ha proporcionado DelyLab. De esta forma cada compra que hagan tus clientes se guardará esa información en DelyLab para que no tengas que ingresarla manualmente. Así ya solo deberás asignar un repartidor o crear una ruta.

Además, cada pedido de un cliente nuevo se guardará como cliente nuevo y si este hace otro pedido ya estará registrado.

DelyLab y Shopify vinculados para generar deliveries automáticamnete

Con tu token podrás vincular tu cuenta de DelyLab

Elige el día del delivery, por ejemplo a 1 día de la compra ó 2, etc

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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