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Best Shopify Apps for Enterprise resource planning

Key Features: 1.Using AI generate product description and keywords 2.Using AI generate product SEO 3.Pulling products from the current Shopify store to the App 4.Push products in bulk from App to Shopify store

Using AI generate product description and keywords

Using AI generate product SEO

Pulling products from the current Shopify store to the App

Push products in bulk from App to Shopify store

Sync and fulfill orders in bulk from App

XoroERP is the ideal solution for businesses that have outgrown their accounting applications and seek to enhance their processes. Specializing in integrating various operations into a single platform, XoroERP empowers eCommerce and wholesale merchants to streamline their operations, enhance profitability, and achieve efficiency by seamlessly integrating order management, inventory management, warehousing, purchasing, manufacturing, financials, and customer service within one unified system.

Orders, Order Editing, Payments, Products, Refunds, and Ship Confirmation Sync

Real-time Inventory Sync for up to 10 inventory levels

Automatic Payouts Sync, no manual effort

Automatic Gift Card Sync

Shopify Markets for International Currency Orders





快速采集刊登 支持从Aliexpress、eBay、Amazon等一百多家网站进行采集产品,并快速将采集到的产品刊登至自己的shopify店铺。

快速处理订单 快捷处理多店铺订单,发货流程自动便捷,无需来回切换多个店铺,轻松搞定多账号管理。

支持多家物流。 支持燕文、云途、CNE等多家物流服务商。

1.Efficient order processing, supporting 30 cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Shopee, Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, and Wish 2.Connect with hundreds of Chinese logistics service providers such as China Post, Yanwen, DiSiFang Yuntu, etc 3.Only support Chinese sellers, and provide Chinese sellers with local processing procedures 4.Provide refined inventory management and procurement management 5.Provide detailed sales statistics

Rich order rules for automatic order processing

Refine the inventory management process

Perfect management of procurement process

Accurate and clear sales statistics report

MultiChannel Sales Manager

Install from the Shopify App Store

We scale marketplace growth for established retailers and brands to maximise their marketplace visibility and opportunities.

Sell on more marketplaces, with access to an ever expanding list of ChannelUnity integrations. List more products with sophisticated product and category mapping tools, listing templates and theme designers. Avoid overselling with cross-platform inventory reservation and Optimise your product pricing with our own development tools such as Velocity and Dynamic Repricing.

Managed implementation service and proactive support for all customers.

An integrated dashboard with optimisation tools such as dynamic repricing.

Multichannel & multi-account sales optimisation capability for selling at scale.

Streamline your brand's operations with our dashboards, consolidating essential metrics in real-time for a more comprehensive overview of how the business is performing

ChannelApe is the operations data company to help you manage business intelligence, inventory, order orchestration and integration for your brand in one place across purchasing, sales, operations, fulfillment / 3PL, and finance. One platform + one team = better margins.

Manage inbound & on-hand inventory with native warehouse + inbounds integration

Advanced Inventory Management. Bundle, presell, reserve, & set expiration dates.

Robust order management rules like holds, routing, edits, fraud, tags, VIP, etc.

Operations Reporting - Optimize inventory levels, fulfillment costs, and NPS.

Native Integration to ecomm, wholesale, 3PL/Warehouse, ERP, Inbound, & Returns

Integración Bind ERP México

Install from the Shopify App Store

Servicio solamente disponible para empresas que operan en México.

#Ahorra tiempo en la administración de tu negocio Olvídate de transferir la información de tus ventas y clientes a tu sistema de administración, automatiza tus procesos de compras, de contabilidad y la gestión de inventarios.

#Facturador electrónico completo e integrado Emite facturas electrónicas de tus ventas en línea. Suma a tus herramientas un facturador siempre al día y listo para vender al extranjero.

Controla tus inventarios.

Simplifica tu contabilidad

Emite facturas electrónicas

A true cloud ERP designed around API's for integrating to the world's leading solutions. Within Acumatica you can manage the entire breadth of your organization - financials, inventory management, order management, fulfillment, purchase orders, customers, etc - and automate as many of your processes as possible. Whether your processing 500 orders per day, or 500,000 orders per day, Acumatica's intuitive tools and mobile accessibility can help your business grow and retain customer's for life.

Export inventory levels from multiple warehouses and retail locations.

Manage orders and fulfillment more efficiently with automation tools

Connect as many stores as you need to one instance of Acumatica.

Main features:

  1. Inventory Management: Track inventory in real-time, automatically update stock quantities to avoid overselling and stockouts. With the integrated ERP system, you can easily manage multiple warehouses and suppliers.
  2. Order Management: Automate order processing, including order confirmation, shipping, and refunds. The ERP system integrates order data with inventory and supply chain information, providing a more efficient order processing workflow.
  3. Supply Chain Management:

Inventory Management: Track inventory levels in real-time, automatically update

Order Management: Automate order processing, including order confirmation, shipp

Data Analysis and Reporting: Provide comprehensive data analysis and reporting c

Multi-store Management: Support managing multiple Shopify stores, centralize man

User Permission Management: Control access to application features and data bas

Streamline your workflow with Trello Tools app. Manage your orders, products, and customer data seamlessly between Shopify and Trello boards. Stay organized and collaborate efficiently with automatic task creation, order updates, and customer information integration. Improve productivity, save time, and never miss a beat with Trello Tools app.

Customize data mapping between Shopify & Trello to fit your needs.

Ability to decide which webhook data will be sent to Trello account.

Effortlessly manage multiple Trello accounts with ease.





快速发品: 集成产品上架、编辑、分组、标记、同步订单等多功能。

营销工具: 一系列工具与服务,提高销售额、客户留存,增加店铺曝光与转化率。

订单管理: 一站式多平台订单整合,支持打印、运单号申请等。

物流中心: 丰富物流服务提供商合作,方便管理物流信息、状态查询及异常处理。

采购管理: 提供快速商品查找与采购工具,管理采购订单,支持1688、拼多多等。

Traede E‑commerce ERP

Install from the Shopify App Store

Traede is an ERP system for fashion- and lifestyle brands. Traede provides a real time view into the operations of your brand with core ERP functionality like order management, inventory management and fulfillment. Traede also provides unique features tailored for fashion- and lifestyle brands: View B2B orders in matrix format, handle pre-orders, easily handle NOOS products, create linesheets, production orders based on pre-orders, season management and much much more.

Connect multiple Shopify stores to 1 Traede account for a single source of truth

Sync all product data to Shopify including images, custom fields and languages

Fulfil orders with own warehouse or 3PL. Capture payments, issue refunds.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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