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Best Shopify Apps for Notifications - Other

Hulk Sales Pop Notifications

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our Sales Pop app generates sales notifications so visitors can see and rush to their impulsive buying spree. When visitors see a Sales pop notification, they quickly realize their favorite items are selling out fast, which helps transform visitors into buyers. Customers are encouraged to purchase the goods to ease their fear from missing out. It works well for sharing automated sales notifications of buyer orders and shopping activity.

Upsell sales popup with reporting and analytics dashboard.

Sales notification display timing setting and notification display cycle.

Endless notification pop up CSS customizations and placement control.

Increase FOMO effect by adding custom sales notification text.

Multilingual language sales notification capability.

A fast and easy way to disable buy buttons and purchasing options for your online store. We have everything you need to put pause your online sales letting you take a break, go on holiday, or get caught up. Our simple app allows you to easily turn ordering options on/off, hide price, publish a message for your visitors, and even collect emails so you can let your customers know when you're back to selling. Our friendly support team is on standby to help get you setup in minutes.

Disable Buy Buttons and Purchasing Options

Publish a sitewide message to inform your customers

Collect emails to notify customers when you return

Toggle On/Off with the flip of a switch

Take a worry free vacation or break

miniOrange Discord Integration

Install from the Shopify App Store

Map discord roles of the user on the basis of their tags, memberships, or subscriptions in the Shopify store. Prevent users from accessing your Shopify store unless they are already members of your discord server or have been assigned a role. Different permissions, such as manage channel, view channel, manage roles, and so on, can be assigned to users based on their roles. Configure URL wherever you want to redirect your Discord users after Shopify SSO login or after they log out.

Enable users to login/Register on Shopify Store using their Discord credentials.

Assign roles to Shopify users based on their existing roles in Discord Server.

Restrict access to the Shopify store content based on roles in Discord server.

Restrict Shopify Store only for the users present on your Discord Server.

Assign a role to a discord member, when a product is purchased in Shopify.

YSD Sticky WhatsApp Icon

Install from the Shopify App Store

If you want customers to find you in WhatsApp, you are on the right page. With this app, you can show a WhatsApp icon on the bottom side of your site. And your customers can talk to you simply by clicking it.

Let customers talk to you in WhatsApp easily

The chat button can be easily reached and spotted

Freely customize the chat button's color

Position the chat button freely

No coding skill is needed to install this app

miniOrange OTP Login/Register

Install from the Shopify App Store

The OTP Verification application verifies users' email/mobile numbers by sending a verification code (OTP) during registration/login.

Customers only need to enter their phone number and the code they receive to log in, which can help increase user registrations. Already registered users can link their numbers to their existing accounts. It also assists store owners in preventing unwanted user registrations on their websites. Add an extra layer of security by adding 2FA to your store.

Allow user registrations and login with OTP over SMS / Email / WhatsApp

Enable OTP verification on the Shopify checkout page

Make OTP as the default login option for your Shopify store

Restrict users from sharing their credentials with MFA and session management

Multipass, 2FA, OTP over digital marketing, Custom OTP Length & Validity

Free Shipping Bar & Upsell.amp

Install from the Shopify App Store

For merchants who want to launch a free shipping campaign or are looking for strategies to encourage additional purchases, this tool makes it easy to display in their own store the remaining amount until free shipping, based on the total amount of products in the customer's cart. It also enables automatic recommendation of products that can cover the remaining amount to qualify for free shipping.

Display the amount needed to qualify for free shipping.

Message changes based on cart's product presence.

Customizable design to suit the store.

Set different display settings for PC and smartphone.

Automatically recommend products to meet free shipping threshold.

indigitall knows how to recover empty carts, attract more customers and boost your sales all at once. Communicate with your users in a customized, direct and friendly way through web push notifications, for mobile and desktop, in a simple, fast and automated manner. Our artificial intelligence modules allow you to achieve higher conversions and strengthen your brand image.

Set up our service in your online store in a few minutes

Send push notifications: informational & promotional messages and retargeting

Segment your audience and automate customized communications

Many of your potential customers visit your store without making a purchase. Pricing has been proven to be a deciding factor in their purchasing decision. Don't let that get in the way. Retrieve lost customers using Mate solution. Notify Mate allows your customers to get notified through back in stock/ price drop alerts and receive an email notification when your product’s available/ price drops.

Customers sign up to get notified when your product is back in stock /price drop

Automatically displays a "Notify me" button on your product page.

Exclusive: Send email notifications using your merchant email address.

Fully customizable widget button, popup and email

Analytics – Measure app engagements, returning visitors, new subscriptions.

SMS Notify ‑SMS Gateway Center

Install from the Shopify App Store

SMS Notify for Merchant stores let you send and receive store's orders, shipments, sales report. Build a streamlined store management system with SMSGatewayCenter SMS. Send Order, Shipment, and Order Status to your customers with SMS Notify. This is cost effective way to communicate important information to your customers. You can send one or many SMS messages to customers and keep on adding more value added services. Send orders in real time and create better connection with customers.

Send transactional, OTP and promotional SMS from your Shopify Store directly.

Generate Smart links on the fly and get detailed insights on SMS delivery.

Deliver SMS with Google verified SMS badge without any hidden cost.

Share files over SMS such as Documents, Images and Files to customers instantly.

SMS Message Encryption is an optional-added security for all customers.

Notifs | SMS Notifications

Install from the Shopify App Store

Notif is an SMS notifications app designed for Indian Shopify and Shopify plus stores.

  • Notif supports all Indian mobile carriers and offers an affordable price per SMS
  • Send SMS notifications to users on each order stage i.e. creation, cancellation, fulfillment, refunds and returns.
  • Send SMS notification to user when his account is created.

Notif supports all Indian mobile carriers and offers an affordable price per SMS

Send SMS notifications to users on each order stage i.e. creation, cancellation,

Submit your own templates. We will get them approved from DLT and ensure that yo

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