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Best Shopify Apps for Navigation and search - Other

Compass isn't just an app—it's your store's essential navigation tool. Beyond unique subcollection creation within Shopify, it's a flexible section you can embed on any product, collection, or blog page. Compass simplifies browsing, enabling customers to effortlessly filter and find items. Whether you're categorizing products, linking related blogs, or guiding shoppers, its user-friendly interface lets you customize and blend it seamlessly into your store.

Create navigational hubs devided into tabs

Showcase collections, products, blogs and pages - all in one section

Make it easy for customers to find products and information they’re looking for

Scale your Compass sections quickly from app UI

Stylise the sections into your liking

Elevate your fashion store and optimise product discovery using Image AI powered by the world leading technology. By analysing apparel images, AI generates accurate and descriptive attributes. It's the indispensable conversion-boosting tool you'll wish you had in your Shopify store from the start.

Leverage AI technology to analyse apparel images

Automatically tag products with flexible options

Customisable taxonomy to suit your brand

CartUp AI Category Pages

Install from the Shopify App Store

Losing traffic to competitors because of poor SEO? AI-based Dynamic Category Pages (PLP) will help. Convert all your top keywords instantly into category pages that Google can crawl. It covers every SEO essential Category page (PLP) from create, to optimize and beyond, getting you well on track for higher search rankings. Bringing enterprise-grade technology to Shopify merchants at Shopify price points.

Convert your monetized keywords into category pages instantly.

Personalized category pages yield better SEO performance for your store.

Build your relationship with your shoppers organically through SEO.

CONVA Voice Search is the easiest way to enable smart voice-powered search experiences in multiple languages. It helps shoppers to use voice commands in English and non-English languages on your store to find products and filter search results. CONVA Voice Search drives product discovery and engagement leading to higher cart values and lower drop-offs. CONVA Voice Search positively enables user who cannot interact with stores using keyboard.

Voice Search of products in English and other languages (on request)

Search products with voice using synonyms or alternate names

Colour theme customisation to suit the store theme

Frequently searched items as recommendation hints

Easy Popup Store Redirector

Install from the Shopify App Store

#Why Use This Redirector? - Do you have multiple stores for each country? - Do you have multiple related store for your business? - This app will install into all themes without any coding or script placements. - It will allow you to add upto 9 different links to redirect to. - These links could be to other stores or to special sections in your site e.g Sale page or special promotions page. - Colors can be customised directly in the theme customizer so you can see a live preview.

Add upto 9 different links to redirect to, woth custom test for each.

Colors can be customised and an optional logo can be added.

Install into all Shopify 2.0 themes without any coding or script placements.

ShopMate ‑ AI Sales Assistant

Install from the Shopify App Store

ShopMate is a virtual sales assistant for your store. It provides intelligent product recommendations and answers common questions like shipping times, return policies, and FAQs. Guide your customers seamlessly to their desired products—and beyond—with targeted recommendations. Merchants can expect more engagement and potentially higher sales. With ShopMate, shopping becomes an interactive, personalized, and enjoyable experience.

Give intelligent product suggestions powered by advanced AI.

Get setup in minutes with automatic product syncing.

Navigate extensive store catalogs with ease.

Answer common support questions, available 24 hours a day.

Customizable to seamlessly blend with any theme.

AI Image Search | Venari

Install from the Shopify App Store

Venari connects with your Shopify product catalog to power a high-precision visual search experience for your customers. Allow customers to search for products with an image, explore similar items of products they already engage with and receive recommendations of products that are truly similar to products they are already interested in. Additionally, gain valuable insights from images your customers submit for search.

Image Search: Allow your users to search with a photo.

Similarity Search: Your users can find similar-looking items from any product.

Visually Similar Products: A block of similar products on each product page.

Super-simple setup.

Scale up conversion rates, order values and revenue.


Install from the Shopify App Store

#アプリができること 在庫切れ、もしく限定販売の商品を検索エンジンとショップ内での検索結果に表示させたくない場合、このアプリでは実現できます。 簡単な操作で、検索エンジンGoogle, Bing, Yahoo, etcから、インデックスされたく商品を隠せます。


  • アプリ管理画面で、対象商品をチェックボックスで選択し、検索結果表示/非表示の切り替えにより、検索エンジンgoogleの検索結果を隠すもしく表示することができます。

  • アプリ管理画面で、対象商品をチェックボックスで選択し、検索結果表示/非表示の切り替えにより、ショップ内検索結果に該当商品を非表示もしく表示することができます。

  • アプリ内、商品の検索機能を設けてまして、商品タイトル、Sku、タグで編集したい商品をフィルタリングして、一括編集することができます。

  • アプリの使用にご質問ある場合、日本語サポートで対応します。




DM: Scroll To Top improves your customers' online shopping journey with a convenient, floating 'back to top' button, enabling easy one-click navigation to the page's top. This smooth navigation tool can help enhance conversions and your customer experience. Fully customizable, DM: Scroll To Top allows you to adjust the button's color, shape, size, hover color, position, padding, and animation for a tailored browsing experience.

Enhance your customers' shopping journey with a vibrant 'scroll to top' button.

Over 50 ready-made templates available to elevate your button's appearance.

Access numerous shapes, styles, and limitless color and size choices.

Custom-fit for your store's style: Select colors, shapes, sizes, and animations.

One-click installation with support for all themes, no coding required.

Product Zoom helps customer view photos in high resolution

Window Zoom

Inner Zoom

Lens Zoom

Right To Left support

Border Color, Border Radius

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