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Best Shopify Apps for Video editor

Live Shopping by LiveMeUp

Install from the Shopify App Store

LiveMeUp channels the buzz of TikTok-style Live video shopping and the allure of Instagram-like Shoppable videos right into your Shopify store. This powerhouse app marries social media's viral energy with e-commerce convenience, offering easy plug-and-play integration, mobile-first design, and actionable analytics. Boost engagement, conversion and sales with trendy video formats that today’s social-savvy shoppers love. With LiveMeUp, your store becomes a UGC social video shopping destination.

Instant load videos for snappy, smooth shopping without impacting store's speed.

Real-time product feed synchronization ensures glitch-free live sales.

Expand your community reach with live simulcasting on social media.

Customise video player to echo your brand's essence.

Deep analytics unveil customer interaction data.

Whatmore Shoppable Videos UGC

Install from the Shopify App Store

Whatmore makes it easier for your customers to discover and purchase products faster with shoppable videos. Add short videos and create an engaging TikTok-style video-first experience on your homepage and product page with in-video Add to Cart and Buy Now. Moreover, create Instagram-like stories on your homepage to further drive engagement and make your store stand out.

Track and measure the engagement & complete funnel metrics, including views, clicks, conversions directly in our dashboard.

Add shoppable videos on Homepage and Product pages with multiple templates.

Easy integration with Instagram & TikTok to import videos and reels.

Metrics dashboard showing views, clicks, add to carts, and video orders.

Showday Live & Shoppable Video

Install from the Shopify App Store

Create interactive video shopping experiences that give consumers exclusive promos, demos, and interviews with influencers and experts. Our video-commerce platform is proven to boost conversion, engagement, and retention while reducing returns.

Built-in marketing tools also collect consumer data and insights so you can grow your CRM list, while gathering real-time intel on what consumers want.

Instantly connect to your Shopify store for in-sync product feeds and transactions. No code needed.

Seamless integration with any Shopify theme, no code needed.

Vouchers, likes, chats, and polls. Engagement features designed to convert.

Simulcast across social channels and let viewers buy there directly.

Go live from your phone. Easy to use mobile app to seamlessly host and moderate.

Built-in marketing tools to collect and analyze consumer data and insights.

Smart Stories | Video Story

Install from the Shopify App Store

Publish Instagram like video stories in minutes and add them anywhere on your shop easily by defining a section and using drag and drop. Upload videos to your story like you would do on Instagram or Snapchat. Allow your customers to add-to-cart or copy a coupon code while playing the video story. Select an existing collection on your Shopify store and auto-create a story from its product images and videos. Shoppable video stories help increase number of products viewed, conversion rate and sales

Add videos stories of UGC, branded content, product demos and reviews in minutes

Video player with 20+ video stories templates to publish your content anywhere

Make your videos shoppable, enable video shopping from stories to increase sales

Auto-create products or collections stories with your existing video and images

Track stories impressions, story open, video views, shoppable story conversions

Live Shopping & Videos:

Install from the Shopify App Store

Live Shopping & Shoppable Videos help you Boost Sales & Buyer Engagement, and Enhance your Brand Perception by connecting better with Buyers and Showcasing Products in ways that lead to Informed, Trusted & Accelerated Purchases. Going Live & Uploading Videos are easy. They're mobile responsive and do not impact site speed. With add-to-cart within videos, buyers get a watch & buy experience that drives Conversions. Syncing of product info, availability & Shopify Cart makes a seamless experience.

Live Shopping Shows & Shoppable Videos to Boost Conversions & Buyer Retention

Easy Go-live via Host Apps or RTMP; Reuse your TikTok & Instagram Reel Videos

Dedicated video listing page; Display videos anywhere with widgets & carousels

Simulcasting, Email & SMS Notifications, Unique URL, etc to get large watchers

Product Spotlight, Chat Replies, Direct Add-to-Cart, Analytics for best results AI Social Posts&Ads

Install from the Shopify App Store

Get more sales with powerful marketing content. Create on-brand videos & images and enhance your presence on social & ad channels like Instagram, Facebook (post & story), TikTok & Pinterest, all in under 1 minute. Start from thousands of ready-to-use templates curated to follow the latest ecommerce best practices. Let our AI engines recommend the best content for your unique brand & products. Use AI-generated, persuasive marketing messages that sell your products. Easy, fast & fully automated.

AI-powered product videos & images in just a few clicks.

Lots of fully customisable, stunning video and image templates.

AI-generated marketing messages that sell your products.

Your unique brand identity added to all your content.

Background removal of your product images for a more professional look.

Ghost Shoppable & UGC Video

Install from the Shopify App Store

Facing cart abandonment issues or tired of flat online experiences? Ghost's Shoppable Video turns passive views into active sales quickly—add a code snippet, upload your videos, tag products, and pick from preset display options like carousels or floating widgets. Place shoppable video anywhere on your site with zero lag. Transform the customer journey by narrowing the gap between online browsing and purchasing. Discover the conversion power of video with Ghost!

Unlimited Videos: Create as many as you want. Add up to 10 tags per video.

Display Flexibility: Choose from carousel, floating, or in-line widgets.

Easy Setup: Use a code snippet and seamlessly connect to your Shopify catalog.

Zero Speed Impact: No site lag. Keeps users happy and engaged.

Use Any Video: UGC, reviews, demos, and more can all be made shoppable.

Maximize your sales potential with Typito Video Maker!

Create stunning product videos in minutes with automatic captions and on-brand design.

Boost conversion and engagement with product highlight, promotional, how-to, and testimonial videos.

Typito is perfect for merchants and store owners who want to up their content game and drive sales.

Say goodbye to time-consuming video editing and hello to increased revenue!

Create engaging product videos with automatic captions and on-brand design.

Drive sales with product highlight, how-to, promotions and testimonial videos.

Leverage the power of video with the fast and easy-to-use drag and drop editor.

Clipara ‑ Shoppable Videos

Install from the Shopify App Store

Make the most of your video content & UGC to drive more sales with high converting shoppable video experiences. Upload Instagram Reels, TikTok Videos, YouTube videos and your own video content. Add homepage video, product page video with completely customisable widget like video stories, video carousels, video feeds, video gallery and more. Track video performance with analytics and engage customers with video built for site speed.

Interactive shoppable video and merchandising videos

Customisable widgets: video carousel, video gallery, video grid, video stories

Sync content from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and upload your own content

Fast and lightweight video delivery without impacting page speed

Detailed analytics for continued improvement and live support

Pushdat Video & Ad Maker

Install from the Shopify App Store

Tailored for Social Media: Our AI-driven technology understands the nuances of social media platforms, ensuring every piece of content resonates with your target demographics.

Content at Scale: No more spending endless hours curating individual posts. Pushdat empowers you to produce batches of quality content, ensuring you always have fresh material for your audience.

Level up your social media game. With Pushdat, every Shopify product becomes a story waiting to be told and shared.

AI-Powered Video Creation: Turn product Shopify feeds into social media content.

Directly post and schedule content to your social media platforms from the app.

Create multiple pieces of content simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Content is specifically designed to perform well on social media platforms.

Increases chances of higher engagement, reach, and conversion rates.

Connect any product with +1,000 customizable video templates for Social Media, Ads, Web and Digital Signage

Create incredible campaigns for Social Media

Make an impact with a more dynamic website

Increase your online sales

Pebble Shoppable Videos & UGC

Install from the Shopify App Store

Create shoppable and interactive videos without impacting site speed. Easily embed in stories and carousel formats with a single line of code. Video embeds are optimized for fast delivery on any device. Repurpose your Tiktok and Instagram Reels to continually drive sales. Perfect for brand introductions, product demos, UGC, visual FAQs, and more. Increase time spent on site, engagement and conversions.

Add video experiences that drive sales and engagement.

Easily embed video experiences in stories and carousel formats fast.

Fast load, optimized video delivery with no impact on site speed.

Repurpose your Tiktok and Instagram Videos to continually drive sales.

Perfect for Product Demos, UGC, Video Reviews, Brand Introductions, and more.

Instant Product Video Ad Maker

Install from the Shopify App Store

Are you looking for Easy & Instant Product Video making tool ? Yes, Then this is the perfect app you are looking for. With this app you can generate instant product videos for your store to market them on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram pages. Generate single or multiple products video in few clicks. There are multiple pre-built video templates given to choose and proceed. Within few seconds and few clicks, you will be able to create product video & see video preview.

Generate single or multiple products video in few clicks!

Download & Share later based on your need.

Increase ROI with customized & creative videos on social pages.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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