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Best Shopify Apps for Image galleries

Elfsight Portfolio widget you can add unlimited projects and show them on your site in all details. You can divide projects into categories and choose the layout of project cards in your portfolio. Users can open each project in popup and view the work right on your sight.

Show all your projects on the site

Impress with your creative works

Configure the widget appearance

Product feature image app GreatsHub light box works variant images, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos and custom upload videos with light box zoom. So your images change when you select the color/size variants still you can view full screens images. When you will scroll the window then auto pop up close.

Easy to Installation

Mobile Friendly Feature and Touch

Quality Image Pinch and Zoom

Supporting images, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos and custom upload videos

Ada IQ: Slideshow Image Slider

Install from the Shopify App Store

You can upload images from your computer or search for existing product images. All uploaded images are stored in your store's Files. This allows for easier use of these images anywhere else in your shop.

Easily manage slideshows - upload images or search existing product images

Add slideshow to your shop through Theme Editor UI or use one-line code snippet

Highlight best products - Make top products stand out, show your top sellers

Flook: PDF Catalog to Flipbook

Install from the Shopify App Store

Convert your standard brochure PDFs into interactive booklets, boosting customer engagement. Augment your booklet by integrating rich media like pictures, clips, and hyperlinks to any online sites or product pages of your web shop.

Expand your consumer base by embedding your brochure on any web page.

Never lose a sales prospect. With Flook, patrons can directly transact from your brochure. Discover how Flook morphs your fashionable catalog into a holistic online marketplace.

Turn your PDF into an interactive lookbook flipbook & embed it on any website

Enrich your lookbook catalog with images, videos, or links to your online store.

Generate sales directly from your flipbook with our shopping cart integration.

Boost customer retention with engaging, enriched documents in your lookbook

Enable direct purchases from your flyer with shopping cart integration

Instify‑Instagram feed

Install from the Shopify App Store

Showcase your Instagram content! With Instify you can now choose between 2 options: auto sync of all Instagram media or create a unique gallery manually - where you can choose the content, sort it and highlight it on each specific page of your store. Imagine having a unique feed on every product page with the relevant Instagram photos of your choice - now it's possible! You can tag the products, display reels/videos, customize desktop/mobile layouts, and many more...

Automatic Instagram/Facebook sync

Custom desktop/mobile layout

Tag multiple products on your posts

Create a unique Lookbook with different content

Photo/video/reels support

Widgetic (Mosaic Gallery)

Install from the Shopify App Store

The Mosaic Gallery app enables e-commerce merchants to showcase multiple products in a visually stunning gallery, streamlining the shopping process for customers and increasing sales. This app is particularly useful for visually appealing products or those with multiple variations.

The app includes various layout styles: Mosaic, Grid, Masonry, and List.

Support for fullscreen image preview and text descriptions.

Customize the UI to match your site using our visual editor.

Create an interactive book with dynamic content, video, maps, products, text, CTA buttons and other dynamic elements on the page. With the app you can create a book from a PDF file, from images, from products in your store or create a book page-by-page. Embed book wherever you want using IFRAME code. The app works on IOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Android (Chrome for Android).

Booklet featuring your products including additional dynamic content.

Embed your digital catalog anywhere you are able to embed an IFRAME.

Use the embedding code as advertising for your products.

Shoppable Image Hotspots

Install from the Shopify App Store

Add clickable "hotspots" to any image, transforming it from an ordinary image into an interactive shoppable image. Map the exact X and Y location of each image hotspot, choose the size/style/color of the hotspot, and specify what info is shown in the product info box that appears upon tap or click. Hotspots can link to any type of page, including product pages, collection pages, info pages and blog pages. Integrates with all Online Store 2.0 themes as a new section type.

Add clickable "hotspots" to any image to highlight your products

Easily map the X and Y location of each image hotspot (aka product call-out)

Customize the info shown in product info boxes: image, title, price & highlights

Hotspots can also link to collection pages, info pages, blog pages, etc.

Integrates with all Online Store 2.0 themes as a new section (app embed block)

Good Apps Galleries is a multi functional gallery app that allows you to display photo galleries in your store quickly and easily. You can use this app to add custom image galleries to your pages, products, and blog posts. Support is included for help with integration into your website.

Very easy to use drag and drop interface for uploading and managing galleries

Multiple types of galleries including image slider, carousel, grid, and mosaic

Branding free for a clean layout and visual appearance

Display a list of logos representing brands you sell in your store. Logo lists can easily be created using a drag and drop interface and added to any page in your store. Further, logo lists can be displayed in a single row, auto scrolling carousel or a nice grid layout.

Easy to use drag and drop interface

Show logos in a grid, single row, or marquee

Can be placed anywhere on your website

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