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Best Shopify Apps for Direct marketing - Other

• Real-time inventory updates from and to Shopify – avoids over-selling or under-selling. • Centrally manage all supported marketplace orders from Shopify. • Listing products simple or multi-variation products / parent–child relationships or kits bundles. Examples multiple sizes, colors, materials. • Have different markup pricing sent for every shopping site. • Custom product data attributes supported. Examples: Bullet points, search terms, video link, multiple warehouse inventory, pattern.

Real-Time Sync Inventory, Order Shipping Updates from Shopify to Marketplaces

Create Product Listings Variations on Marketplaces like multiple sizes, colors

Experienced Dedicated Team for Setup, and Sales Growth Best Practices Strategies

Increase your revenues with our innovative, WhatsApp based cart abandonment automated product that increases repurchase/purchase rate massively!

Set us up in ~5 minutes and let us do the talking with your customers in the language they want and on the messaging channel they love.

Increase your Revenue

Recover more carts

Instant Activation

By optimising influential touchpoints of the customer journey, Salesfire’s range of solutions allows you to enhance product discovery, deliver hyper-personalised experiences and convert more visitors into customers.

Utilising in-depth data, insights and AI, you can seamlessly integrate your site with the Salesfire app and start improving your conversion rate optimisation strategy today.

Overlays deliver targeted messaging to re-inject shoppers into the sales funnel.

Deliver fast and accurate results to simplify product discovery with Search.

Visually Similar empowers shoppers to search using images to inspire purchases.

Influence upsells and connect customers to their purchase with Recommendations.

Elevate the on-site experience with our singular CRO hub, Digital Assistant.

Optimize and market your shop with Ghostwriter, Tailwind's copywriting tool powered by generative AI and over a decade of experience helping to grow small businesses. With Ghostwriter you can create optimized product descriptions and publish them directly to your shop. Spend less time writing copy and more time running your business. Tailwind saves you time across all aspects of marketing, from planning, to creating content, scheduling and more!

Publish done-for-you product descriptions powered by Tailwind's Ghostwriter AI

Run ads based on your business and products, with AI creative and bid management

Leverage done-for-you organic social copy written specifically for your products

WAX: marketing on WhatsApp

Install from the Shopify App Store

WAX is a WhatsApp marketing platform based in France. Our user-friendly app enables brands to run a powerful, GDPR-compliant WhatsApp channel.

Engage your customers on the communication channel with the highest open rate. Create marketing campaigns and track conversions for commercial events, discounts, referrals, back in stock, etc.

Create journeys with automated conversational flows to recover abandoned carts, send reminders for repeat purchase...

Create engaging marketing campaigns easily and track responses and analytics

Recover more abandoned cart with automated conversational flows

Manage chats across teams on your desktop with our WhatsApp messaging inbox

Create automated customer journeys thanks to our conversational flow builder

SuperAcquire ‑ Grow Revenue

Install from the Shopify App Store

Boost your sales with dynamic marketing solution that enables brands to tap into untapped potential, reaching new audiences at remarkable scales. Use our integrations with whatsapp and email to send campaigns. Convert anonymous visitors into revenue.

Helps you identify anonymous visitor

Reclaim more abandon carts and turn them into shoppers using your existing flows

Meta persisted audience - increase CTR and decrease CPC

Hyper growth in your email list - convert more customers faster

DoubleTick WhatsApp Sales CRM

Install from the Shopify App Store

Introducing DoubleTick, the ultimate Shopify app to enhance customer engagement and boost sales! With our powerful features, you can effortlessly integrate WhatsApp into your store and deliver personalised notifications. Engage customers with a WhatsApp chatbot widget, send abandoned cart reminders, notify about order completion and fulfilment, and follow up after purchase. It empowers your store with seamless WhatsApp integration, increasing customer satisfaction and maximizing conversions.

WhatsApp Chatbot Widget

Abandoned Cart WhatsApp Notification

Order Complete WhatsApp Notification

Order Fulfilled WhatsApp Notification

Follow up after purchase WhatsApp Notification

EZ Newsletter Email Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

EzApp is for small teams with big ambitions. We are solely focused on Shopify and merchants like you so every feature. Makes the hard stuff easy and saves you time, maximizes customer lifetime value to help you grow. Integrates more deeply and takes advantage of Shopify advancements more quickly to deliver a magical experience.

No coding needed to start sending newsletter with Email.

Show the right products, at the right time.

The newsletters are the easy way to start building a new revenue

Simio : WhatsApp Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

Simio est l'infrastructure qui permet d’utiliser simplement toutes les fonctionnalités de WhatsApp Business. L’application vous permet de créer des relations durables avec vos clients. Utilisez les modèles que nous créons pour vous afin d'envoyer facilement des campagnes personnalisées à vos clients et segmentez votre audience WhatsApp directement dans la plateforme.

Templates pour créer rapidement votre campagne WhatsApp

Campagnes personnalisables grâce à l'éditeur no-code

Segmentation détaillée de votre audience

Automatisation de vos campagnes (paniers abandonnés, produit à nouveau en stock)

BYI ‑ WhatsApp Abandoned Cart

Install from the Shopify App Store

Botyouridea lets you to automate abandoned cart recovery messages and deliver personalized interactive broadcast campaigns, keeping customers informed about new launches and promotional offers. Additionally, it enhances customer satisfaction by providing real time support through a WhatsApp chatbot, promptly addressing repetitive questions.

Send personalised interactive promotional campaigns to customers

Automated abandoned cart recovery using WhatsApp

No-code chatbot tool to automate response to repetitive querestions

Integrate your logistics partner API to answer, Where is my order?

  1. Exportiere Deine Produkte Verbinde Deine Artikel, die Du in Shopify pflegst, mit den Multichannel-Funktionen Deines Afterbuy Accounts. Somit kannst Du Deine Produkte zeitgleich auf Amazon, eBay, Otto, Kaufland oder weiteren Marktplätzen listen.
  2. Importiere Deine Bestellungen & exportiere den Bestellstatus Du kannst all Deine Multichannel-Bestellungen zur Bearbeitung in Deinen Shopify-Shop importieren und den Status Deiner Bestellungen für Deinen Bestandsabgleich zu Afterbuy exportieren.

Produktexport in beide Richtungen möglich: Afterbuy <-> Shopify

Produktupdate in beide Richtungen möglich: Afterbuy <-> Shopify

Bestellstatus-Export Deiner Bestellungen für Dein Bestandsupdate in Afterbuy

Bestell-Import all Deiner Multichannel-Bestellungen in Deinen Shopify-Shop

Hello24: WhatsApp Shop+Chatbot

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Hello24's WhatsApp Shop and Chatbot, you can list all your products from your Shopify Store & market them on WhatsApp. You can now do sales, marketing & customer support on WhatsApp using our app!

Key benefits: Rapidly grow your revenue by listing products from Shopify on WhatsApp. Achieve the industry best ROI on your marketing spends by sharing personalized product catalogs to your customer groups! Reduce customer support cost by automation using our AI chatbots

List product catalog on WhatsApp

Auto-sync product inventory, images, description & other product info.

Share product catalogs to millions of customers instantly

Automate most of your customer queries using our AI chatbot

Smartly recover abandoned carts with instant discounts

Enhance your sales with Smart Automated Messages via WhatsApp! Strengthen connections and improve conversions by sending key events from your e-commerce store directly to your customer's WhatsApp. Activation is quick and easy. Send unlimited messages, utilize your own WhatsApp number, and personalize messages according to your preferences. Connect your store to Klinko, scan the QR code, select the events you wish to activate, and you're good to go! Elevate your sales now!

Abandoned Cart: Send a message in case the buyer doesn't complete the purchase.

Order Created: Send a message every time a new order is placed in your store.

Payment Confirmed: Send a message every time a new order is paid in your store.

Order Shipped: Send a message every time a new order is shipped.

Order Canceled: Send a message every time a new order is canceled.

Delloop’s Zero-Cost Marketing is a new app-based tool that engages existing customers & reaches potential new customers via highly personalized, always-relevant campaigns. No emails, no spam.

Reduce social-media ad reliance, increase repeat sales, reduce customer friction, boost levels of customer retention & loyalty.

Delloop also answers questions like “What do my customers really think/need/want?”

Try a completely free no-obligation 30-day trial.

Zero-Cost marketing to existing & potential new customers - boost repeat sales

Answer pre & post-sale queries. Receive feedback. Discover product accpetance.

Send permission-based offers, alerts and incentives & build loyalty and affinity

We partner with medical providers who guide their patients to your relevant healthcare products. Upload your products to our marketplace through this app and we'll start delivering you new customers. It's that simple.

Personalized recommendations based on consumers' health data.

With a doctor's support, patients are more comfortable becoming your customers.

Upload your products to our marketplace with ease by downloading this app.

Shophop: Salesforce Sync

Install from the Shopify App Store

By connecting your Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud credentials, you can pick the data you'd like to sync. This lets you create new campaigns based on your customers and orders, set tasks and follow ups for your sales team, or do anything you want inside of Salesforce based on activity in your Shopify store.

Real-time sync of Shopify Orders to both Salesforce CRM Marketing Cloud.

Batch sync of Shopify Customers, and other critical details.

No-code setup and configuration. Starts working in minutes!

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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