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Prime, Peloton, Patreon. Membership models are having a moment. Conjured Memberships offers everything your brand needs to roll out a flawless membership program. Offer exclusive perks (free shipping, member discounts, etc), early access to new drops, or access to gated membership content. A robust solution built to handle high volume without breaking a sweat, offering a flexible, intuitive management experience. Outstanding, responsive support – direct from the folks who built Conjured.

Boost loyalty: easily set up perks or access to content, classes & downloadables

Generate recurring revenue: even if your products aren’t suited to subscription!

Precision control: your membership program, your way – at any volume or scale

Seamlessly integrate: flawless connection with Shopify theme and native checkout

Keep it on brand: build trust with a fully customizable membership portal

Channelwill Upsell Cross Sell

Install from the Shopify App Store

A simple upsell app can help you increase your sales by providing your customers with discounts, rewards, and motivational content. It allows you to quickly configure the combined discount, reward offers, and motivational content on the product page, shopping cart page, and thank you page. Pop-ups are available. The app is simple to integrate with your website and simple to use. It can help you increase sales by giving your customers a better experience.

Product Page Popup Sale

Thank you page for multiple combination sales

Post purchase upsell and Cart addons

Get the perfect fit for your shoes by scanning your feet with the Xesto Fit iOS sizing app. Add the Xesto Sizing Widget to your product page to help users get their footwear size.

Xesto Fit sizing widget on your product page

Track which users are using the sizing widget to purchase shoes

Works on both Mobile (iOS) and Desktop

Keys for games by

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our application allows you to add games in the Shopify panel and create keys for them. Games can be connected to products. When the user buys the product, he will receive his key by email. In the product edit view, you can disable support for our application for a given product. We need information about the client to send him an email with his game key.

Create games

Create keys

Add game to the products


対象の商品とアクティベーションコードを格納したCSVファイルを紐づけることで、 購入者に対して、商品単位でアクティベーションコードを配布することができます。





Carbon Offset Cloud を導入し CO2 排出削減・吸収プロジェクトを選択すると、商品の配送ごとに CO2 排出量を算定し、プロジェクトが創出するクレジットを購入することでオフセット (相殺) します。

商品ページに Carbon Offset Cloud が提供するアプリブロックを配置すれば、商品の重量と配送距離に基づいて CO2 排出量を算定し、顧客は自分の注文で発生する CO2 排出量を一目で把握することができるようになります。

Carbon Offset Cloud では、環境省などが運営するJ-クレジット制度が認証した日本全国の様々な CO2 排出削減・吸収プロジェクトのクレジットを取り揃えています。また Gold Standard が認証した海外のプロジェクトも利用可能です。ラインナップは今後順次拡大予定です。


商品の重量と配送距離に基づいて CO2 排出量を算定するアプリブロックを商品ページに配置することができます。

商品の出荷ごとに CO2 排出削減・吸収プロジェクトが創出するクレジットを購入し、資金提供を行うことで排出量をオフセット (相殺) することができます。

資金提供する CO2 排出削減・吸収プロジェクトはマーチャントが自由に選ぶことができ、アプリブロックを通して環境に配慮したブランドであることをアピールできます。

Binkey, (short for Benefits-and-Incentives-Key) powers automated vision benefit claims for eligible purchases directly from your cart. Your customers will be able to make a purchase for frames, lenses or contacts with any type of payment method, then immediately submit their claim to their vision plan after checkout. Offering streamlined out-of-network vision benefit reimbursements with Binkey takes only a few minutes - no coding required! Simply download the app and you’re ready to go.

We are connected to all the major vision plans in the US

Integrates seamlessly with your checkout

Easily connects order information to claims submissions

Encourage customers to spend more on eligible items

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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