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Best Shopify Apps for Wishlists

GroPulse Wishlist enhances your customer's shopping journey with a seamless, customizable, and manageable wishlist. Our wishlist button empowers users to curate their desired products, making it easy to purchase at their convenience. Our app dashboard helps to drive more sales by showcasing total wishlist items, top customers, and top products to follow up with customers.

Display a fully customizable button for effortlessly saving favorites.

Flexibility to add or remove products from the wishlist.

An intuitive dashboard for top products, consumers, and wishlist analytics.

Customers can easily access their wishlists across devices.

SWishlist: Simple Wishlist

Install from the Shopify App Store

SWishlist revolutionizes the shopping journey with a product wishlist. This powerful tool boosts engagement, drives sales, and empowers customers to curate their shopping experience. By saving favorite items, shoppers enjoy a seamless, delightful experience while reducing cart abandonment. Enhance your customers' experience with an efficient wishlist feature. Moreover, SWishlist offers an API for effortless cross-platform interaction. Seamlessly integrate it into your systems

Seamlessly adding favorites to wishlist

Customers are able to share their wishlists with friends

Customize everything to perfectly match your store

Multi Wishlist‑MyAppGurus

Install from the Shopify App Store

With this app, the goal is to make shopping easier by saving customers the best items for easy accessibility at any time. Customers are seeking faster solutions to check out products and services from the ecommerce stores. Now, your customers can easily create and manage their wishlists directly from your website, allowing them to keep track of products. Just hit the wishlist button, and the products are ready for checkout with minimal redirections and hassle.

Users can allow the wishlist feature for all or some selected products

Owners can allow or deny guest users to access the wishlist feature

Users can change the icon of the wishlist to match the look of their store

Customers can manage and categorize wishlist items based on categories.

Visitors typically aren't ready to make a purchase straight away. They do, however, enjoy items and want to remember and easily locate them. The wishlist bar app allows customers to store things for later and receive reminders about inventory changes, discounts, or sales, encouraging them to return and buy.

It's a stylish wishlist which gives the store a personal feel. You may use it to track consumer interest in your products, identify trends, and fine-tune your advertising strategy.

Stylish wishlist bar that can be collapsed and pinned to the top of every page

Guest wishlists: no sign-in required for visitors to add items

Automatic email reminders about product sales or inventory updates

Personalization options to match graphical elements with your brand

Insights about the usage and on how it contributes to your sales

Cart Saver helps stores create a better buying experience for their B2B customers by supercharging what you can do with a cart. Customers can save and edit multiple carts without losing their progress. Store owners can provide support by viewing the contents of a cart. Build carts for your customers and let them finish editing on their own. Have a customer placing a large order for multiple parties? With Cart Saver they can share the cart and let others add what they need to the order.

Save and edit carts

Share and collaborate on what to buy

Convert carts into draft orders

View metrics on what products are being saved

Manage carts with a large SKU count

Pasilobus Wishlist Supply List

Install from the Shopify App Store

Tailored for B2C and B2B markets, this tool enriches shopping experiences with personalized wishlists, fostering return visits. Facilitate distributors with CSV wishlist uploads for efficient one-click order processing. Harness insights into customer preferences for fine-tuned marketing and inventory strategies. Foster customer loyalty, elevate conversions, and maintain brand prominence. Enable registry creation and wishlist sharing for a social shopping experience, suitable for any store size.

Seamlessly integrates with your Shopify theme. Get going in less than 5 mins.

Enable customers to manage unlimited lists

One-click reordering of entire list & order forms with spreadsheet upload

Enable "Save for later" on shopping cart

Allow customers to share lists & registries via email and social media.

First Wish ‑ Wishlist & Boards

Install from the Shopify App Store

First Wish is an easy to install wishlist that works for both registered customers and visitors. Logged in customers can benefit from synchronizing their wishlist across devices.

Besides saving items for later, customers can also create curated lists they can share with family and friends on social media, via email or any messaging app.

Our admin dashboard provides insights into the customer's wishlists, best performing products, and activity reports.

Both registered customer and visitors can add items to the wishlist

Curated lists that can be kept private or shared on social media

Dashboard with usage metrics and activity reports. Customize or translate labels

Webkul Product Wishlist

Install from the Shopify App Store

Customers can create a Wishlist of all the products they wish to buy on your store. Also, you can enable your Customers to create Wishlist Categories and save respective products in those Categories. The Customer is require to necessarily login in order to access the Wishlist Products added into it. Store Owner can track all the data of the Wishlist created. Store Owner can send Reminder Mails to the Customers to buy the Product(s) added in their Wishlist. Various Wishlist icons are available.

Allow your customers to create a dreamlist of the products they want to buy.

Customers can add categories for their dreamlist and add their dream products.

Send reminders to the customer to purchase the items in their dreamlist.

Listr: Wishlist + Reminder

Install from the Shopify App Store

This app helps merchants to show how many other customers have the same product in their wishlist as a social proof. It will help merchants to take interest in such products. App will send daily, weekly, monthly reminder emails for wishlist products based on preferences. When product goes on sale, when you decrease price of a product, customers will get wishlist products goes on sale emails. No signup required to add products in the wishlist. Sharable wishlist links will help customers to share.

Customizable wishlist icon, customizable wishlist page, guest wishlist.

Daily, weekly, monthly auto reminder, social share, analytics and reports

Top wishlisted products list, price drop emails when products goes on sale.

Compatible with product filter apps

###About Simple Wishlist :

  • Simple Wishlist is the next generation wishlist for Shopify Stores which enables your customers to create wishlist without user registration or login.

  • Enables customers to bookmark their favorite products and pick up where they left off when they return. And they spend a lot more! Simple Wishlist user conversion rates are higher and they spend more per purchase.

###Best wishlist app available :

  • No login needed for your shoppers to add to...

ShareCart ‑ Social Pay

Install from the Shopify App Store

ShareCart gives your customers the freedom to get friends, family, fans or anyone, to securely pay for their shopping carts. Customers can easily send their carts using shareable links that keep their data protected & are safe to share with anyone. This provides a new social shopping experience, perfect for dropping gift hints, paying it forward & so much more. ShareCart collects customer data for both the shopper & payer, so you get double the customer acquisition with every order!

Let your customers share their shopping carts & have someone else pay for them.

Anonymous, safe & secure checkout experience for both Shopper & Payer.

Collect double the customers with every order.

Easily track sales, orders and shared carts with our powerful analytics.

Setup ShareCart on your store in minutes with our quick & easy integration.

Squadkin ‑ Multi Wishlist App

Install from the Shopify App Store

Let your customers create a wishlist or tag an item as a favorite to help organize their choices, share their gift ideas, and be able to come back at another time to continue to shop. Users love to get quick access to their favorite products for later purchase in just one click. Avoid unnecessary annoyance by storing items for an infinite period.

Allow Guest users to use wishlist

Share Wishlists to friends across social media or via email using a public link

Creates unlimited multiple categories for wishlist

GemFind Jewelry WishlistⓇ

Install from the Shopify App Store

#Get your customers to collect their favorite items in Wishlist GemFind Jewelry WishlistⓇ is one of the powerful tools for your e-commerce website. Currently many of the customers avoid window shopping and moving to online but they are getting confused to keep the best with them out of many products. So here is better way to select your favorite items in one place using the Wishlist.

Within simple click your customers can store their items in their Wishlist and they can easily check their...

Ask to Buy create & share cart

Install from the Shopify App Store

Add the AskToBuy button to let your visitors to create and share carts via email or link. Teens without a payment method can pre-fill shipping details and send it to their parents for the final payment. Shoppers can create a gift registry to share with friends. Sales representatives can create dedicated carts for their customers, and send it to them for the payment. Invitees land directly in the checkout page with a custom welcome experience. Inviters get notified on finalized purchases.

Pre-fill checkout details. Invitees just need to pay. Suitable for with lists.

Invitees land in checkout page with a custom welcome experience.

Use built in AskToBuy buttons or customize your own.

Track cart shares, conversions, and generated revenue. Group share supported.

  • Free Installation and lifetime support
  • Shoppers create the wishlist without Registration or Login
  • Add your favorite items to the list both from Collection & Product pages

Easy Wishlist is the modern age wishlist for the ecommerce platform Shopify which empowers your customers to create the collection of desired products on your ecommerce platform that too without login or registration. With the help of this plugin you can diminish shopping cart abandonment and carry out sales from...

Wishlist for your customers' comfort.

Features of wishlist app:

  • Unlimited number of wishlists
  • Convenient popup to choose a wishlist when adding the product to the wishlist
  • Wishlist can be renamed or removed
  • Product's custom options are stored and displayed in the wishlist
  • Add one or all products from the wishlist to the cart
  • Ability to keep products on wishlist after adding to the cart
  • Ability to share wishlist with friends by email
  • Wishlist contains responsive design

Let customers create Wishlist Wishlist allows customers to save products.

Easy Wishlist for customers Help customers to plan shopping with wishlist.

Customers favorite products With wishlist you can know about customer choice

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