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Best Shopify Apps for Loyalty and rewards

Empower customer loyalty and amplify cashback with Coretava's comprehensive loyalty solution. Offering cutting-edge features such as cashback incentives, referral programs, points, VIP tiers, tailored rewards, upselling and exit-intent pop-ups, countdown and checkout prompts, engaging games, and more! Drive sales, nurture a loyal community, and grow your store with our robust loyalty program.

Customized loyalty program & referrals with loyalty points, cashback, & rewards

Welcome gift, loyalty program emails, loyalty missions, rewards purchases

VIP program, birthday gift, reward custom actions, free shipping and discounts!

Webplanex: Cashback Wallet

Install from the Shopify App Store

Cashback Rewards app will not only encourage the customers’ engagement in your store but also surge your sales figures. It is a unique and influential way to give a reason for your customer to make the order again and again. More cashback rewards lead to more orders and more customer engagement. There is a plethora of different means by which you can run a cashback campaign for your valuable customers. If you need help, you’re supported 24/7 by a team of experts who can help with every problem.

Set More than 7 ways for the customer rewards program

Full circle Referral rewards program

Rewards redemption system in customer wallet with transaction details.

You can setup Rewards balance expiration as well as manual adjustment

Product Badges, Cart Labels, Email notifications & Thank you page customization

Loyoly ‑ Loyalty and Referral

Install from the Shopify App Store

Loyalty programs are outdated and all look alike. You reward your customers after a purchase or a referral. That's all. Nothing that sets you apart from the competition, even as it intensifies. With Loyoly, you create a loyalty & referral program that your customers will be fans of, turning them into real brand ambassadors. Encourage them to create UGC, publish their UGC, share your posts, leave a customer review... 30+ missions are available. 24/24 support. 3-minutes setup.

A fully customizable loyalty program to match your brand identity

Referral program to reward loyal customers who recommend your brand

A library of +30 missions to collect UGC and customer reviews on every channel

Pre-built or customized rewards linked to your Shopify store

Easy set-up and integration of your rewards program, in just a few clicks

Toki: Loyalty + Memberships

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Toki, gamify your customers’ experience with your brand with engaging activities, challenges and airdrops. See sky high activation rates by meeting the customer where they are in their journey- pre-conversion, post purchase, you name it. Customize the entire experience to fit the look and feel of your brand.

Plus, Toki is the only platform that allows you to create alliances with other likeminded brands to boost your loyalty together.

Paid loyalty, earned tiered loyalty or subscription incentives

Reward with store credit or cash back

Exciting activations: reward for onsite quizzes, polls, surveys, UGC + more

Apple Wallet Integration: Send push notifications to loyalty members without app

Outstanding analytics + Integrations

Shopwaive: Credit & Payments

Install from the Shopify App Store

Shopwaive is a customer marketing platform. Send beautifully crafted emails with refunds, store credit, gift cards, rewards, discounts & new account offers. Import existing credit via drag and drop. B2B Draft orders. Automations & deposits when customers place orders. Redeem at Checkout with extensions. Connect Klaviyo, Shopify Flows, Zapier, & Google Sheets. Design to fit your brand, integrate with 6,000+ apps, is multilingual & operates on auto-pilot. Oh, and we offer 24/7 world-class support

Give Credits, Rewards, Points, & Gift Cards. Send 5x Emails Faster & Easier

Refund & Checkout with Store Credit. Storefront, Shopify POS, & Webhooks

Drag & Drop Import, Reporting & Analytics. Connect Klaviyo Email & SMS Flows

Connect Subscriptions, Google Sheets, & Shopify Flow Automations

Headless commerce w/ Shopwaive API, B2B Drafts, B2B Credit Requests & Approvals

99mind Gift Card & Loyalty Pro

Install from the Shopify App Store

99minds delivers advanced solutions for Gift Card sales, Store Credit management, rewards, referrals, seamless refunds, and efficient loyalty programs. Substitute multiple apps with 1 powerful app with many better features for an unbeatable price. Create Gift Cards and build an incredible program in mere minutes - no coding skills required! Seize the opportunity to elevate your Shopify store's success with 99minds' powerful platform and maximize your customer loyalty, retention and revenue.

Gift Cards: Launch a complete gift card program with Physical and E-Gift cards.

Loyalty: Set up a loyalty program for your brand in a matter of minutes!

Returns & Refunds: Automate Refunds and Reward Customers with Store Credit

Workflows: Create, Trigger and Automate rewards based on customer's actions.

Refferal: Add a personalised customer referral program to your store

Novel: Wallet Pass for Brands

Install from the Shopify App Store

Join brands like Obvi, Liquid Death, Anheuser-Busch, Surely, and Glamnetic in launching Apple and Google wallet passes for your brand. A modern convenient retention platform, effortless setup, launch in minutes.

Push Notifications: Engage on the home screen, skip the crowded inboxes and SMS

POS Integrations: True Omnichannel loyalty with easy IRL redemptions

Conversational Referrals: Amplify word-of-mouth revenue with seamless referrals

Location Based Pushes: Boost retail sales, guiding customers to your store

Retention Integrations: Level Up adoption rate of your loyalty program

VIP ‑ 会員プログラム

Install from the Shopify App Store

店舗・EC・モバイルアプリのどのチャネルを利用してもお客様が共通のメリットが享受できるロイヤルティプログラムを作成。ポイントや会員ランク、リワードや友達紹介、会員限定価格などに対応。2022年、Shopify Plus App Developer of the Yearを受賞。日本国内の多くの有名ブランドが利用します。

オンラインストア / 実店舗 / アプリ共通のポイントプログラムで顧客のリピート購入へ繋げる

顧客に対し、オンラインストア / 実店舗 / モバイルアプリで共通の会員メリットを提供



Shopify Flowを活用し、誕生日ポイントなど、複雑な条件にも柔軟に対応

Kangaroo: Loyalty and Rewards

Install from the Shopify App Store

Kangaroo is a digital loyalty platform to increase sales, drive traffic, and boost retention.

Your Kangaroo loyalty program can be fully customized to engage customers with personalized offers and rewards, targeted marketing & segmentation, referrals, VIP tiers, and omnichannel solutions. Monitor and adjust your program based on customer behavior and trends so you can own your customer data.

Custom branded with your business colors, logo, graphics, and images.

Encourage repeat purchases with points per dollar, offers and redemptions.

Target customers with relevant offers via SMS, email, and push notifications.

Create loyal brand advocates with our referral engine.

uLoyal: Loyalty and Referrals

Install from the Shopify App Store

Achieve increased CUSTOMER RETENTION, CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT, and VALUABLE DATA for a competitive advantage. Develop a GAMIFIED PROGRAM to engage customers, adding enjoyment and anticipation while rewarding loyalty. Turn guests into customers, and customers into champions through a REFERRAL PROGRAM. Motivate CUSTOMER REVIEW, bolstering your online reputation. Leverage ANALYTICS for valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, optimizing program effectiveness.

Foster customer loyalty through point-based incentives for repeat purchases.

Tailor the launcher and emails to seamlessly align with your brand identity.

Gamify shopping with personalized rewards & tiers to enhance customer retention

Reward points for orders, social media interactions, birthdays, & anniversaries

Customisable referral program to attract new customers and drive order count

Super Payments Marketing

Install from the Shopify App Store

During your customer’s shopping experience, there are several points where you can highlight that they're able to pay with Super Payments - site banners, individual products, their shopping cart and other pages. Use these opportunities to let your customers know that they’ll receive a Cash Reward by checking out with Super Payments, to incentivise their purchase decision.

Ensure that Super Payments is an active payment method in your checkout, then use this app to customise your messaging.

Promote the availability of Super Payments as a payment option.

Maximise customer awareness by customising and personalising your messaging.

Use a variety of visual themes and colour schemes to align with your store.

Galanta: Rewards & Loyalty

Install from the Shopify App Store

Shopify’s go-to app for customer rewards, loyalty, engagement and discovery.

Galanta is smart for brands and simple for buyers. Engage with your most important customers to make buying over and over easier than ever. Plus discovery features also allow brands access to new customers while retaining old ones.

Rewards | Increase AOV with flexible rewards that’s easy for customers to redeem

Loyalty | Increase customer LTVwith members-only offerings and incentives

Engagement | Engage directly to match offers with customers' preferences

Discovery | Find new buyers organically and with in-network promotion

High customer uptake and engagement rate compared to other leading loyalty apps

Rewards, Loyalty Program

Install from the Shopify App Store

A customer loyalty program helps reward loyal customers show often engage with a brand. A modern reward program is easy to customize, Retain existing customers, attract new customers & repeat sales. Your customers earn points with new signup, place order, and shared referral URLs.

Social media is everywhere. It allows customers to refer their friends and earn rewards.

A Delight Loyalty program offers you easy installation, personalized branding, Fully customizable, and a Free plan.

Engage and Retain: Make your customers feel special and valued. Increase repeat

Increase Sales: Increase your eCommerce growth building valuable loyalty.

Flexible Loyalty: It's allows you a lot of flexibility, Increasing repeat sales.

Your customers earn points with new signup, place order, and shared referral URL

Social media is everywhere. It' allows customers to refer their friends

Friendbuy: Referrals & Loyalty

Install from the Shopify App Store

Acquire new customers at a jaw-droppingly low CPA through word-of-mouth referrals, and increase customer retention with personalized loyalty rewards. Friendbuy automatically injects Friendbuy code into Shopify themes and checkout pages, so you can display referral and loyalty widgets and track conversions.

Plus, you can seamlessly integrate your referral and loyalty programs throughout your customer journeys with our robust integrations.

Customizable Referral Program and Loyalty Program templates to get live fast

Comprehensive reporting, analytics, and concurrent A/B testing

Reliable fraud detection that prevents self referrals, and accounts for returns

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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