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Best Shopify Apps for Customer accounts - Other

Amplius Customer Fields

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Amplius you can record additional fields during user registration. The fields are stored in customer metafields based on your shop metafield definitions.

You can use Amplius to store your customer's birthday, weight and height, favorite color and much more.

Since data is stored in metafields you can share it with other apps, or display it in your theme. You can uninstall the app at any time and still retain the data you have collected.

Add extra fields to the Shopify sign up form

Works with metafield data type definitions

Easy to read and edit data directly from the customer page

In a few simple steps you can independently add additional fields

SyncUP: Users and Course Sync

Install from the Shopify App Store

Unlock the potential of your Shopify store by seamlessly integrating your LMS with Shopify. When a user purchases a new course in Shopify, they are automatically enrolled into the course in the LMS. Auto-create users in Shopify whenever they are created on your other website/application and vice versa. Merchants will be able to keep these data in sync on both platforms. Users can update their profile once and all profile attributes synced in all the platforms will get updated using SCIM.

Resell pre-purchased courses to others by sending them vouchers.

Enroll Users in LMS Courses: When they purchase courses in the Store

Two-way Sync for User Data: Sync data between Shopify and your platform.

Supported LMS: Uscreen, Docebo, Thinkific, LearnWorlds, Moodle, Canvas, etc.

Supported User Sync Integrations: Azure, Okta, Shopify, Auth0, Salesforce, etc.

Magefan Login As Customer

Install from the Shopify App Store

Login as Customer Extension enables you to log in to your customer account in a few clicks with or without Multipass. Hence your managers can assist customers in placing orders and fixing issues within a customer account area.

Log in to customer account with Multipass

Allow customers to request assistance

Change customer password when logging in to their account

Never lose shoppings carts again. Optimize journeys effortlessly, boosting conversion rates and retention. Picture Amazon's cart magic in your store—seamless access across devices. This enchantment guarantees customer happiness and higher conversions. Revel in the joy of the happiest customers, key to increased sales!

Sync and track customer carts across devices with a detailed history log.

Retain carts for a month, exceeding Shopify's 15-day limit.

Experience cart sync—transparent for logged-in customers.

Enable on your theme for hassle-free integration. Ready instantly.

Craft an enjoyable shopping journey for your customers with the persistent cart.

TapEmail: Google Signup

Install from the Shopify App Store

Most store visitors are logged in on their Google (Gmail) accounts when they browse through the Internet. When someone logged into Google visits your website, the app shows a sign up popup on top right (desktop) or bottom (mobile) with a list of google accounts on which store visitor is logged in. Users just have to tap on their account to sign up using it.

You can also incentivize them to sign up with a discount code which is generated dynamically by us!

Capture email id using Google's One Tap Signup implementation.

Incentivize sign up by providing dynamic discount code on sign up.

Build an email list and easily export them as CSV.

Barcodify ‑ Customer Selector

Install from the Shopify App Store

"Barcodify - Customer Selector" is an excellent addition to physical stores using loyalty programs.

The app enables you to associate a barcode with a customer. You can create plain barcodes or mobile store cards, easily share them with your customers and track success via the downloads analytics report. Save time and quickly add loyal customers to the POS cart by simply scanning their barcode.

Quickly find & add customers to the POS cart by scanning barcodes.

Synchronise existing customer barcodes with the app individually or in bulk.

Distribute the codes: print, embed in automated notifications or your website.

Bulk export customer information with auto-generated QR codes.

Customize Apple & Google mobile store cards and track the number of downloads

LC | Easy Account Creation

Install from the Shopify App Store

Creating an account after a sale is a powerful way to capture customer information and encourage repeat purchases. By offering a simple and convenient account creation process, you can build a loyal customer base and increase customer retention. Welcome to the LC Create Account! This innovative app allows customers to easily create an account on the Thank You page, right after making a purchase.

Ability to subscribe customers to SMS or email preferences

Capture the customer's date of birth (DOB) during the account creation process

Offer exclusive discounts to customers who create an account

Customize the design to match your branch and your marketing messages

A must-have App for any ecommerce store looking to increase customer retention

Yagi Draft Order Lister

Install from the Shopify App Store

Yagi Draft Order Lister app allows customer to view and pay draft order directly on your store, without having to wait for invoice emails. No need to worry about scenario where customers did not receive the email for draft order invoice. You can also configure the app to auto tag draft order when a customer has viewed the draft order, so you can know if a customer has viewed it.

Let customers view and pay their draft orders directly on your store

Configure to only show approved draft orders to customers

Automatically tag draft order when a customer has viewed it

MultiMail lets you and your customers send order details with additional email addresses without having to manually forward them. You can send order notification emails to different addresses. You customers might also need to share their order with colleagues, other relevant departments, friends or family. This app saves your customers time as they no longer need to forward their order emails. You can add forms in the shop's account and post purchase page, or add @ manually from the backend.

Send new order, invoice or shipping notifications to multiple email recipients

Store multiple email addresses per customer or staff/partner

Add emails from storefront or from admin side

Easy Accounts: Premium CRM

Install from the Shopify App Store

Take your customer relationships to the next level by providing your customers with a personal dashboard on your store. When your customers log-in to their account on your store, you want them to be greeted by all of the data and tools that they need. EasyAccounts provides the perfect solution with a beautiful multi-page customer account dashboard that fits in with the style of your store and includes Promotions, Store Creditsm, Returns and Exchanges, Wishlist, Order History, and much more.

Engaging Customer Accounts: Elevate the way customer accounts look on your store

Integrated Tools: Lots of tools that help with improving customer experience.

Returns and Exchange Center: Manage and complete returns or exchanges.

Manually issue Store Credits or offer them in exchange for a return.

Powerful Promotions: Integrated customer rewards program for sales and retention

This app is for merchants who don't want Shopify's default behavior of automatically updating the customer's default address to the shipping address. It triggers upon an order and updates the customer's default address to the billing address. It utilizes customer information like address, name, and phone number, securely stored on Shopify's servers, with the app not retaining any information. Manual changes to customer addresses or edits to default addresses are possible.

Prevents changes to the default address on orders.

Easy to use because it works as part of the Flow functionality.

Safe to use as it does not store customer information.

Webkul Birthday Discount

Install from the Shopify App Store

Being a store owner, it is important to build up a strong relationship with the customers. It helps you maintain customer loyalty and ultimately provide a boost to the sales.

Webkul Birthday Discount app exactly does the same.

With this app, the merchant can wish customers on their birthdays by sending emails with exclusive discount coupons attached to it. Thus, the app facilitates retailers to build a bond between their brands and the customer and accelerate their website growth.

Interactive dashboard to track the recent birthdays and birthday vouchers used.

Configure fixed or percentage discounts to be offered as “Birthday Gifts”

Configure the number of days before which you want to send the reminder emails.

Flexibility to upload customer’s birthdays via CSV.

Auto-inject code in just a click & show the pop-up on the customer’s My account.

忍者apps : メールアドレス変更

Install from the Shopify App Store

ユーザ自身で、メールアドレスの変更が可能に! 「メールアドレス変更に関する」お問い合わせの手間から開放されるアプリです。

マイページのアカウント情報に「メールアドレス変更」のリンクを追加することができます。 新しいメールアドレス宛に、確認コードが送信され、認証されたらアドレスの変更が完了となります。





Every shop has to deal with duplicate accounts. Whether it is from Point Of Sale sales with credit cards or from customers using multiple email addresses to place orders. As a result, your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is often way off.

With Doppelganger, you can find, link and merge duplicate accounts.

Also useful for linking accounts from the same company together to determine the Life Time Value of a client company.

Find duplicate accounts

Link duplicate accounts

Merge duplicate accounts

Privacy focused. You stay in control of your customer's data.

Using Easy Profile Editor your customers will be able to update their basic profile information like Name, Email, Phone number etc. It provides an easy-to-use UI for your customers and an effortless one-click installation for you.

Allow your customers to edit their profile information easily

Allow/disallow what information customers can edit

Customization option for account edit page

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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