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Best Shopify Apps for Exit offers

Wheelify: Discount Spin Wheel

Install from the Shopify App Store

Wheelify Spin the sale wheel app by Care Cart is ready to use for all type of new stores and existing stores that have low sales. You can improve your conversion and build email list with the help of this amazing discount game popup.

Our spin wheel app helps you run spin-to-win, email popup, email capture, spin popup, flash sale time bar and other campaigns to boost sales.

Gamify discount code and make online buying a fun experience with this lucky wheel game on your store.

Spin a sale Discounts Pop up- Spin the wheel and win discount code

Subscriptions with Spin to Win - Email subscription list with spin to win popup

Exit Intent Spin-a-Sale - Spin-a-sale exit pop up discounts game to boost sales

Spin a sale Discounts Pop up - Bulk discount code generator with discount popup

Exit Intent Email Pop up - Spin-a-sale exit pop-up discounts game to boost sales

Last Second Coupon ‑ Exit Pop

Install from the Shopify App Store

A large number of visitors left e-commerce websites without making a purchase. This is a huge loss. Last Second Coupon helps you capture those sales, and convert store traffic into revenue.

Before shop visitors attempt to leave your shop, a fully customizable discount offer pops up and encourages them to buy now, so your visitors will not leave your store empty-handed, drive sales and increase revenue.

Offer discounts when visitors try to leave the store without buying anything

Set displaying rules, based on cart value, visitors' geo location, page, etc

Fully customizable popups to fit your store design and style

Option to upload and use your own images for the discount popups

Curated holiday themes to fit various sales events, increase conversions

Uplinkly Tab Sales Booster

Install from the Shopify App Store

With all the distractions online nowadays, it's all too easy for your visitors to get distracted before they buy from your site.

Tab Sales Booster helps you get them back to your site after they've been distracted.

Whenever your store loses attention, Tab Sales Booster can get people back and shopping your store by using sound, text and animation.

Once you get them back, close a sale by offering up a coupon with the popup feature.

Play a notification sound

Offer your customers extra deals to complete their checkout

Use sound, text and animated icons

Change the tab title

Animate the tab title

We developed an Exit-Intent Technology that tracks the cursor movements of every visitor in real-time. This technology detects the precise millisecond when a visitor shows the intent of abandoning your site, and encourages them to stay and make a purchase.

Our smart targeting rules will dramatically increase your conversions, enabling you to offer exclusive deals to your visitors.

We also offer Statistics to track the growth of your sales with Exit Pop’s statistics panel.

No design or coding skills required to design the pop-ups

Smart A/B Split Testing

Display the offers on specific pages and according to different traffic sources

Translates the pop ups to any language

#Stay on top of your customer's mind

Tired of losing money from your online store when shoppers abandoned their carts? Tab Notifier offers an effective and easy way to catch the customer's attention and end your cart abandoned woes in one fell swoop! With Tab Notifier , online stores can display a stylish, dynamic notification in the browser tab to indicate customers to get back tot the website. When a customer moves away from the store tab, the Favicon of the page tab will start to flicker,...

Sortext: Boost Sales with AI

Install from the Shopify App Store

Unlock your web store's potential with Sortext. Our AI converts first-time visitors into loyal customers, boosting revenue. Here's how it works: Sortext uses AI to identify each first-time visitor's spending power. If a potential customer tends to leave without buying, it immediately intervenes, offering limited-time personalized deals tailored to their spending capacity. These smart deals entice your visitors to stay and spend more, boosting your conversions, average order value, and revenue.

Boost Conversions: Turn first-time visitors into committed buyers with AI.

Personalize Offers: Serve limited-time deals tailored to visitor spending power.

Enhance Loyalty: Effortlessly turn visitors into lifelong customers through AI.

Integrate Seamlessly: Plug into Shopify and boost ecommerce revenue immediately.

Leverage the AI Power: Maximize sales with AI-driven A/B testing and analytics.

Optinger ‑ Sale & Email Pop Up

Install from the Shopify App Store

Increase sales, gamify the experience, collect emails and sync with your favorite tools. Boost user engagement with discount and lucky wheel pop ups. Sell more with smart product suggestions, upsell and cross sell pop ups. The drag & drop pop up builder gives you freedom, while the large number of premade templates get you started quickly. Advanced targeting system supports tons of options such as exit intent and shopping cart rules. Let's grow your business together!

Drag & drop popup builder. Rich template gallery, easy to customize and brandize

Email pop ups that powered gamification widgets for engagement.

Sale popups, promote products, offer discounts, free shipping bars, and more.

Personalized popups with advanced targeting and smart data bindings.

Smart product recommendation popups for up-selling and cross-selling.

This app helps you drive more sales and enhance your order value. With our comprehensive suite of features, your customers will be encouraged to stay longer and spend more. Our toolset includes popups, email collection, cart conversion, feedback gathering, special offer promotion, information bars, low-stock alerts, sales notifications, countdown timers, and more. Plus, you can offer enticing discounts and expand your customer email list effortlessly. No coding skills are required.

Market leading multiple tools to optimize your conversion.

Email collector, cart converter, special promoter, and countdown timers

Feedback collector and free shipping and information bars

Sales pop for social proof and low stock alert

Super user friendly interface, and easy to use

Please Stay ‑ Recover Sales

Install from the Shopify App Store

We help you rescue inactive carts with the browser's title bar. You lose sales everyday when customers switch tabs ... never to be seen again. Stop letting these sales slip through your fingers. Please Stay recovers these inactive carts by turning your browser tab into an attention-grabbing billboard after customers bounce. We'll give you total control over how your tab looks once visitors become inactive. Completely customize your tab using animations and emojis.

Recover inactive customers with messages that trigger after customers leave.

Completely customize your browser tabs with animations, messages and favicons.

Track how your tabs perform and see how many sales are rescued.

Trigger the right message at the right time based on the customer's cart.

Choose from pre-optimized templates to get started quickly.

In a world filled with distraction, you can easily lose your customers’ attention as they switch between different stores and social media sites.

If used properly, the browser tab can be a powerful tool to combat these distractions.

Abandoned Tab Recovery will strive to recapture these customers by highlighting your store and boosting your store’s conversion rates by turning previously inactive customers into sales. Boost your title bar with dazzling animations, attention-grabbing messages...

OneSave:Real‑time Intervention

Install from the Shopify App Store

Surgically uncover those customers in your store who are getting frustrated and intervene in real-time to help them accomplish what they are trying to do.

Uses advanced behavioral analysis to identify the customers who are struggling

Solve your customers’ problems with custom interventions to keep them happy

Get started fast - template allows you to define how you would like to intervene

Requires no changes to your store’s site

Doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information, ever

Sales Recover Tab Master

Install from the Shopify App Store

About sales tab master

Are you losing customers who open multiple tabs? Recover these customers who open new tabs while checking your products. Custom animate your tab with your store products, custom text, and emojis so that customers don't forget about you. Our app can make your custom text blink capturing your customer's attention all the time. This helps recover lost customers and increase sales.

Attract customer's attention

Recover your sales

Customize browser tab

User-friendly preloaded Emoji icons.

Custom favicon icon upload

We monitor each visitor's activity. After 2 minutes without motion, your shop's appearance changes: the page turns to black and white and gets blurry. When the visitor gets back to your shop, starts moving his mouse again, or touch their phone screen, the page's appearance returns back to normal.

This transformation catches their attention.

Reactivate your visitors in an innovative way

Active visitors buy. Inactive don't. Install the app to drive more sales

Plug and play. Works with every template.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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