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Best Shopify Apps for Store activity

Ecomsolo MultiStore Reports

Install from the Shopify App Store

For one or multiple Shopify Stores. Multiple Shopify stores in one account and one dashboard. Use advanced filters and create any shopify data export file or any shopify report you will ever need. Export shopify orders, customers, sales, etc. Create high converting "smart audiences" and boost your sales to the max. Automatic Scheduling . Supports all popular formats and destinations. Currency conversion and Time zone support. Built using Shopify Polaris, Ecomsolo provides an amazing experience.

Multiple Shopify stores in one account. Work from one dashboard.

Create advanced shopify reports, smart audiences, data exports and more.

100+ filters, 20+ built in reports, Charts, Compare results between time frames.

Create schedules for exports/reports creation and delivery. User management.

Export as csv, excel, Google sheet or pdf. Share by email, ftp or google drive.

Connect your Shopify store with RudderStack. Track e-commerce event data like product purchased, product viewed, and more from Shopify and send it to your preferred tooling platforms via RudderStack.

Track near real-time events via the Shopify store and backend to capture customer touchpoints related to your users' activities in Shopify.

You will need a working RudderStack data pipeline - simply set up a Shopify source in RudderStack, and you’re good to go!

Sync event data to 200+ destinations in near real-time from your store.

Bring every user touch point seamlessly to your warehouse for richer analysis.

Control all your customer data with our privacy-focused offerings.

Gain a complete view of your operations, marketing, logistics, and fulfillment data in one platform. With key dashboards and business metrics, features such as marketing attribution, unit economics, and AI-based insights and alerts, Octup helps you take action on your data, make more informed business decisions, and improve your performance.

Essentially, let our system act like an automated team of analyst to display your data and make crucial recommendations based off of it.

Operations: Easily track warehousing costs and invoices to improve margins

Logistics: Stay on top of inventory & deliveries with real-time tracking

Marketing: Manage Ad spend & boost results with key metric and attribution data

Unit Economics: Measure costs & profitability to make data-driven decisions

Lexus ‑ Multiple Tiktok Pixel

Install from the Shopify App Store

Unlock the full potential of your Shopify store with Lexus - Multiple TikTok Pixel, the ultimate tool to supercharge your TikTok advertising efforts. Elevate your marketing game by seamlessly integrating and managing multiple TikTok pixels with precision and ease.Streamline your TikTok pixel management like never before. Easily add, edit, or remove multiple TikTok pixels with a user-friendly interface. No more hassle, just efficiency.

Easily manage and organize multiple TikTok pixels from a centralized dashboard

No Coding or Technical knowledge required, Just copy paste your pixel id.

Gain granular insights with detailed event tracking.

This app facilitates stores to track changes done to products, product variants and customers. This help store owners / managers to audit changes made to data and roll back any accidental updates. It also allow to keep track of any historical changes and provide ability to data analysts evaluate impact of changes on store performance.

Turn on/off history for specific objects

Search for History records of particular object.

Export History Logs as CSV

KiwiSprout Smart Logs automatically and promptly captures the events you decide to track. It offers powerful filters to refine and focus on the log details you need. Additionally, you have the flexibility to query your Store activity logs whenever necessary, which encompass a range of actions such as article creation, order fulfillment, and product publishes.

Track your store activity and event logs in real-time.

Quickly search and filter logs by category, date and type.

Up to 90 day log retention.

Download logs as a CSV.

Experience real-time insights directly in your preferred platform, making store management a breeze. Anyfication is your personal alert system, offering tailored notifications based on store events. Set conditions, prioritize alerts, and stay ahead with every update, from customer actions to sales data.

Direct notifications to your chat platform, ensuring you're always updated.

Customize alerts to highlight store events vital to you.

Set straightforward or intricate conditions for every alert.

Personalize content, ensuring you get details tailored to your needs.

Stellar support on tap - we're here whenever you need assistance.

Lexus ‑ Multi Facebook Pixel

Install from the Shopify App Store

Unleash the true power of your Shopify store with Lexus - Multiple Facebook Pixel, the ultimate solution to turbocharge your Facebook advertising endeavors. Take your marketing to new heights by effortlessly integrating and overseeing multiple Facebook pixels with precision and simplicity. Revolutionize your Facebook pixel management with ease, allowing you to seamlessly add, edit, or remove multiple Facebook pixels through a user-friendly interface.

Easily manage and organize multiple Facebook pixels from a centralized dashboard

Tailor the placement of TikTok pixels on specific pages or events within your

Integrates with all Popular themes.

Discover your AI-driven e-commerce assistant. From newcomers to seasoned store owners, navigate e-commerce effortlessly. Get daily insights to amplify sales, enhance AOV, and optimize conversion rates. Eliminate guesswork and make data-driven decisions without diving deep into complex analytics and reports. Transform your store's performance with ease, pushing it from good to outstanding.

Binna will analyze your orders, and inform you of trends and anomalies.

Binna will provide you clear & summerized insights about the store performance.

Binna will help you in forecasting future sales and trends in your store.

Pronto Xi Sync automatically syncs your Pronto Xi data with Shopify instantly streamlining your inventory and order details removing any double handling of data or manual data entry. Improve your overall service and efficiency levels with increased accuracy and fast data exchange. With the one source of truth draw real-time insights and gain a clearer picture of your inventory, sales, and general ledger. Please note: Pronto Xi, our ERP and analytics software, is a prerequisite of this app.

Real-time Inventory and sales order updates between Pronto Xi and your store

Update warehouse quantities into Shopify to reflect available stock to customers

Allow your customers to track shipping details in Shopify

Relay orders and payment details back into Pronto Xi ensuring an up-to-date GL

As a part of Pronto Software, gain access to local expert integration support

The Everstores app helps Shopify merchants understand the data inherent to their business. When leveraged, this helps identify key growth areas for your business. This app enables a secure connection to the Everstores Analytics Engine. When connected, your data is analysed and a valuation is provided. The engine analyses key drivers of your business such as Sales, Customer Behaviour, and CAC trends. The connection can be deleted anytime by clicking the Disconnect button.

One-click connection to the Everstores Analytics Engine.

In-depth analysis of your store's performance across key areas.

Free data-driven valuation of your business.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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