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Best Shopify Apps for Dashboards

Map My Customers is an advanced order visualization app for Shopify merchants. With heat maps, tables, reporting with filtering and other insights to help Shopify merchants grow their business.

Explore an interactive heatmap of your orders and show off your growing business

Get insights like your average order value, total sales & more for any region.

Improve your marketing with better targeting based on where your best customers

AccountOne ‑ Ecommerce2Datev

Install from the Shopify App Store

Wir vereinfachen und automatisieren deine Buchhaltung. AccountOne bietet die Plattform um alle Orders und Payments über Shopify zu aggregieren und erzeugt ein direktes Matching. Dein Steuerberater lädt den DATEV-Export, inklusive Kontierungen, herunter und kann ihn direkt in seine Buchhaltungssoftware einspielen.

Onboarding für Steuerberater und Merchants inklusive

One-Click Anbindung

Vollautomatische umsatzsteuerliche Bewertung

Matching von Order und Payment

Ohne Nacharbeiten in der Buchhaltung

Ampla Insights shows you metrics to understand your customers and grow your store. Easily stay updated on your revenue and customer lifetime value. Track order trends, including the impact of returns and discounts on your revenues. Analyze customer behavior by cohort, and see how your shop compares to others in your industry. All with clear and easy-to-use data visualizations.

Key business-wide performance indicators.

Track your performance versus broader industry data.

Cohort-level analyses for your most important metrics.

Make decisions that grow your business.

Datma Product Analytics

Install from the Shopify App Store

Datma Product Analytics offers pre-made and custom reports that provide actionable insights to help you make informed business decisions. Our reports cover a wide range of metrics including product visibility, performance, live data, forecast, attributed revenue collection, price change analysis, and much more.

Our uniqueness stands in our proprietary web script that collects and combines customer browsing behaviour with your existing business data for a 360° view of your products.

Product conversion rates at PDP View and PLP Impression level.

Measure collection attributed revenue based on your customers' sessions.

Schedule reports directly to your email and never miss anything.

Predict revenue, orders, and customers with a data-based forecast.

Monitor your store's performance in real time.

Sweet Analytics and Reporting

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sweet Analytics is built for retailers by retailers. We can help you deliver an improved ROI on marketing spend. Our retail analytics tool delivers insights & actions and will help you answer these key questions:

  • What is driving your sales?
  • Which of your marketing channels are most effective?
  • How many customers do you need to acquire to retain? Our eCommerce analytics app provides benefits such as:
  • Saving time reporting
  • Improving marketing ROI
  • Improving the chance of hitting targets

Use our growth modelling tool to forecast customer acquisition & marketing spend

Real time campaign performance & integrate direct mail activities with online

Build audiences & export segments to email marketing or social media platforms

Reconcile attribution numbers back to your sales numbers

Get a clear view of your marketing costs in real time & track your ROIs

ProfitWatch: Profit Analytics

Install from the Shopify App Store

Tired of spreadsheets? Get real-time dashboards, a comprehensive profit calculator and lifetime value (LTV) analysis. Designed for precise profit and loss tracking, it integrates seamlessly with shipping services to manage costs effectively. Its detailed analytics aid in strategic decision-making, leveraging marketing data to maximize business efficiency. With multilingual support, ProfitWatch is the CHEAPEST go-to tool for store owners aiming to optimize financial performance and profitability.

Profit Dashboard: Monitor your financial well-being with real-time net profit.

Auto-Log Expenses: Track COGS, shipping fees, transaction charges, and more.

Sync Ad Expenses: Real-time integration with Facebook, Google, TikTok, and more.

Analytics & Attribution: See net profit at both product and ad campaign levels.

Lifetime Value & Reports: Access P&L, mobile app, multi-store view, and more.

Store Analytics on Mobile app

Install from the Shopify App Store

SuperCEO is your personal data scientist that never sleeps. Get accurate store sales insights to track your store's growth from the total number of sales to the average order value on your mobile & email every day for free.

It also helps you learn your daily business metrics instead of making decisions from your gut feeling.

  • Real-time report on Mobile App: We deliver easy-to-consume daily store sales metrics and dashboards at your fingertips.
  • Curated sales reports via email every day.

Get tailored real-time store metrics on your mobile app & email, every morning.

Unlock your store's revenue growth with vital store sales metrics for FREE!

Get up and running instantly with our one-click setup.

Compare sales metrics by days, weeks, and months for better insights.

Toggle between various stores to check the sales metrics.

Every author has different priorities when it comes to managing the data related to their publishing empire. To meet this need ScribeCount offers a variety of filters, tagging options, and even color coding for you to make the data appear as you wish it to.

Reports that show you sales data in real time.

Customized reports, easy to compare

Automated reporting services

Diary ‑ Calendar & Notebook

Install from the Shopify App Store

Diary - Calendar & Notebook is a powerful Shopify app that seamlessly integrates a calendar feature, empowering merchants to effortlessly manage their schedules and stay organized. With the ability to write and access notes for specific dates, merchants can efficiently write notes, track important events, and enhance productivity within their Shopify store.

Diary - Calendar & Notebook provides an intuitive calendar interface.

Write detailed notes, reminders, and tasks for selected dates.

Easily navigate and select specific dates for note-taking and scheduling.

Distil: AI Revenue Forecast

Install from the Shopify App Store

Distil’s AI-driven Revenue Forecast turns your historical data and real-time sales into an instant, accurate revenue forecast for the upcoming months in this financial year and the next.

Set your own financial year dates and sales targets. Then keep track month-by-month of changes in the sales projections in the dashboard, taking into account seasonal buying habits.

Month-by-Month Revenue Forecast

Year-end Projections for Current and Next Fiscal Year

Set Your Own Fiscal Year Dates and Sales Targets

AI Detection of Seasonal Buying Patterns

Share Forecast Automatically with Colleagues by Email

Create and export dashboards & reports to Excel, Google Sheets, PDF and interactive live views. Combine Shopify data with QuickBooks data and information from other sources for unparalleled store clarity. Syft is one tool to analyze, benchmark, and report on financial data. Connect Shopify to Syft in seconds to easily analyze customer behavior and product trends, report on performance and key metrics, create beautiful visualizations, and benchmark against the industry.

Build beautiful dashboards, reports and visualizations for your store

Combine store performance with QuickBooks data for a complete picture

Get an individual or combined view of all your locations and stores

Export to Excel, Word, Google Sheets and PDF

Graph anything from customers & products to industry benchmarks & health scores

Klipfolio develops lightweight analytics and dashboard software for data-minded business leaders and their teams.

Bring all of your metrics together in one place to visualize your business data from data sources like Stripe, HubSpot, or Google Analytics, or bring in data from a database or spreadsheet.

Klipfolio dashboards and reports will help you uncover, explore, and share insight with your entire team.

Build compelling, beautiful, and informative dashboards.

Track all of your key business metrics in one place. Set goals and be notified.

Explore your metrics using different chart types, time ranges, and segments.

Easily query all of your data, including custom tables and fields.

Advanced data modelling allows you to join and prep your data.


Datapad lets any business build a mission-control KPI panel in a breeze. Track your Shopify metrics along with, marketing, financial, sales, support & operational KPIs in a single unified business dashboard. You can even invite other team-members, assign them goals and roles to manage performance as a team. Use public dashboards to make critical data visible to others, or use TV mode to display it on your office floor. With more than 40+ pre-built integrations, getting started is super easy.

Create a unified business dashboard for Shopify, marketing, support & more

Invite & collaborate with your team members

Share with anyone using public dashboard links

CB ‑ Advanced Form Builder Pro

Install from the Shopify App Store

Maximize your store's potential with CB-Advanced Form Builder Pro. Create professional forms for surveys, registrations, and applications. Validate fields, manage data easily, and enable customers to edit their information. Take control of your forms today!

Form with conditional rules, IP address, user browser restriction, reCAPTCHA

Shopify Headless Commerce storefront

Work with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Iterable, Segment, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Zendesk

File validation, configure min/max file size and image dimensions.

Autoresponder: reply or approve to new form submissions instantly

TapClicks is a Marketing Automation Platform that has multiple products that allow organizations to bring all of their performance metrics into one place, enabling marketers to spend less time pulling data and more time on delivering value to their customers.

Omni-Channel Reporting - All your data on one platform.

Channels and Custom Groupings - Group your marketing tools to combine your data.

Automated Reporting - Automate your reporting to focus on campaign optimization.

Power up your Shopify! Create custom reports and dashboards that unify data across your entire business.

  • Connect to your store data and get immediate visualizations of your sales, customer, and conversion data
  • Combine your Shopify data with data from your sales and marketing, inventory fulfillment, accounting, support, and other systems
  • Quickly validate that customer and product information matches across systems, before it becomes a problem
  • Create reports that span multiple...

Biva is a no-code analytics platform which churns data from sales (shopify, amazon, flipkart, myntra, nykaa and many more), marketing (meta, google, amazon ads, flipkart ads, myntra ads and many more), logistics (shiprocket, clickpost), oms/wms (unicommerce, vinculum) and other channels to produce 150+ pre-built reports and dashboards within 10 hours eliminating the need for an IT-Setup or an in-house team.

Pre-built dashboards for CEO, Marketing, Merchandiszing, Finance & Product teams

Instant Connections (<10 hours) to all sources - API or non-API.

Custom calculations & Excel Add-in addressing other use cases

DataChannel is a unified ETL & Reverse ETL platform with 100+ pre-built integrations which allow you to easily move data to and from any data source into a data warehouse of your choice in minutes. You can easily control what data you need to load and at what frequency. Retail complete control over your data by choosing where it resides and run analytics on it within your infrastructure. Combine data from various sources to derive actionable insights using Datachannel's transformation module.

100+ pre-built integrations to SaaS applications, relational databases etc

Single platform for ETL & Reverse ETL

Schedule and control your data pipelines without writing any code or scripts

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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