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Best Shopify Apps for Retargeting ads

∞ Google Ads Tracking & GTM

Install from the Shopify App Store

Google Ads Conversion Tracking is a robust application that empowers you to install multiple tracking codes,Simprosys Google Shopping Feed, CedCommerce Google Feed, Nabu, Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Ads tracking, and Google Analytics 4 (GA4), on your website. Additionally, it offers limitless server-side tracking capabilities for all your pixels.You can effortlessly integrate trackings for your Google Shopping Ads, Google Merchant Center Ads.Easy to setup GTM Container and Data Layer.

Powerful Google Tag Manager Data Layer Automation For Faster Load & Accuracy.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking (+Enhanced) & Dynamic Re-marketing

Google Ads Tracking Feed For Google Shopping

Set up Server-Side Google Tag Manager(GTM) container in a few clicks.

Automated GTM Setup for Accurate Google Conversion Tracking.

Adeagle: Get Traffic • AI Ads

Install from the Shopify App Store

Adeagle lets you easily target and retarget users interested in your products with personalized marketing campaigns. Shoppers research blogs, forums, watch product videos or use mobile apps to find good deals. When they are ready to buy, they are browsing other shops, similar to yours. With Adeagle, you can display ads optimized by AI exactly in these places, exactly to these people. For example, we will showcase your products on pet blogs among pet enthusiasts if you sell pet supplies.

Display ads to users already shopping and way more likely to convert

Easily target by product categories or user interests. Retarget to grow sales

Analyze the performance of your ads with relevant dashboards and visualizations

Set up once and let your ads run on autopilot. Easy set up. No code required

Option to join the traffic exchange: for ads displayed, you get your impressions

Retargeting for Google Ads

Install from the Shopify App Store

Manually installing Google Ads Dynamic Retargeting Pixel often results in unwanted errors. Google Ads also updates the code regularly & maintaining changes can quickly become a nightmare. Editing theme files also require technical know-how. AdNabu's retargeting pixel app for Google Ads has a 1-click installation of Google's retargeting code. We update the code based on Google's changes and ensure the retargeting is consistently accurate.

Run dynamic ads on Google Display Network based on user behavior.

Product Images, prices & other info are pulled from Google Merchant Center.

Automatically create retargeting audiences in Google Ads for easy targeting.

1-click integration with Google Ads & Google Merchant Center.

No technical background required - No code change or theme file edits.

AI Ads | Facebook & Google

Install from the Shopify App Store

With Enhencer, launch Full Funnel AI Ads in seconds. Boost all campaign performances in Facebook, Instagram & Google advertising. Get better quality traffic that guarantees more campaign sales using Enhencer AI Lookalike Audiences. Enhancer analyzes website visitors' behavior, automatically targeting the perfect audience for all your new-user and remarketing campaigns. Automatic AI Optimization ensures your ads perform at their highest CTR and ROAS, getting more ad revenue.

Enhencer Features:

Automated AI Audiences that increase paid advertising sales

Ads optimization across Google, Facebook and Instagram

High-converting visitors to get higher CTR, conversion rate and ROAS

Full-funnel structure for traffic and remarketing conversion campaign

CCPA & GDPR Compliant

Wixpa Google Ads Tracking

Install from the Shopify App Store

You can enhance the efficiency of your advertising campaigns and maximize your ROAS)through accurate pixel tracking. Setting up, installing, and managing pixels from platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, Snapchat, Twitter, Microsoft, and Pinterest is made effortless with just a few clicks. Turnkey, Seamless Integrations (GTM, GA4, Ads, and more) - Analyze and Troubleshoot with Precision. Elevar Conversion Tracking.A complete customer & eCommerce Data Layer for Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Add pixel to your website without account connection and authentication

Tracks events like page view, add to cart, begin checkout, purchases

Track your Google ads conversion tracking events

Set up Google Pixel in 2 mins with all events auto-tracked. No login. No code.

Guaranteed accurate conversion tracking. Avoid duplicate events.

Criteo Sales Growth Ads

Install from the Shopify App Store

This winning combination of technologies allows merchants to easily create, launch, manage and measure their advertising campaigns. Merchants have a direct connection to Criteo that is simplified and automated. Benefits include expanded reach, greater personalization, elevated acquisition rates of high-intent buyers, and increased retention of the best customers.

Marketing Automation

Audience Builder

Direct connection to retailers and publishers

Dynamic Retargeting Ads

Install from the Shopify App Store

The fact a visitor leaves a website doesn't mean he's not interested in making a purchase. Research shows that a user must be contacted at least 5-7 times before he makes the decision to buy. Retargeting techniques allow you to find your visitor on the Internet and show him an ad wherever he is at the moment.

Imagine a visitor comes to your online store, views some products, then leaves the website. Now, wherever he is, he will see an ad reminding him of his interest in specific products.

Run your product retargeting ads on Google with no integration required.

Configuring and running your ad campaign takes just a few clicks.

On average, our customers generate an extra $3 for every dollar spent.

1,000 ad impressions each month for free with our "Free forever" plan.

Build brand awareness by customizing the look and feel of ad creative.

Google, Facebook & Insta Ads

Install from the Shopify App Store

Sixads improves merchants’ return on ad spend (ROAS), saves them time, and takes the guesswork out of managing Facebook, Instagram and Google ads the right way.

What is sixads? sixads automated advertising platform helps growing Shopify stores set up & run ads across Facebook, Instagram and Google faster and more effectively. Unlike other apps or ad platforms, sixads platform and our in-house PPC experts make ad management for small but growing Shopify entrepreneurs easy and less overwhelming.

Launch Campaigns Faster

Increase And Retarget Traffic

Get PPC Expert Support

Bily ‑ CAPI Ai Tracking

Install from the Shopify App Store

Bily is an easy-to-use app that will let you add & manage multiple Facebook pixels. We use Facebook conversion API to send unmatched data to your Facebook pixel to bypass IOS14 and Adblocker so you can have accurate tracking and experience higher scalabilty and stability with server-side tracking. We integrate with all Shopify themes, so that you never miss a single sale.

Manage multiple pixels (Facebook, Google Analytics, Tiktok etc) in one click

Bypass iOS-14 & ad blockers with Conversion API for Facebook, Google, TikTok

Track 12 different events instead of 6

Track every conversion Post-IOS14 with Conversion API

We integrate with all Shopify theme

SyncMatic: Facebook Audiences

Install from the Shopify App Store

Finding new customers through Facebook Ads is hard and expensive.

This is why SyncMatic gives you the tools to create powerful Custom Audiences using the Customers you already have.

Define custom segments by features like country or buying habits.

Use them as a base to create lookalike Audiences.

We make sure your Custom Audiences are always up to date so you don't have to manually upload customer lists!

Pushes all historic customer data to your custom audiences every 24h

Define advanced customer segments e.g. by tags, country or order habits

Export segments to use with other tools Dynamic Retargeting

Install from the Shopify App Store

The app brings visitors who have left a web store without making a purchase back into the store by automatically played personalized display ads. The campaign is constantly optimized using self-learning algorithms. The app also creates the ads for the store operator: automatically generated based on the product catalog, it reaches abandoned shoppers at the best possible time, no matter where they happen to be on the web. Simple, convenient and highly efficient!

Automatic creation of dynamic ad banners

Boost conversion significantly

Configurator for optional ads design

New: Automatically generated video ads

New: Hyperlocal function for pinpoint targeting

Conversios GA4 & Ads Tracking

Install from the Shopify App Store

Conversios empowers your store with ecommerce events tracking and conversions tracking for Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Ads Conversion tracking and dynamic remarketing tags, Facebook (Meta) pixel, Facebook (Meta) Conversions API, Microsoft Ads (Bing) pixel, Snapchat pixel, Pinterest pixel, Tiktok pixel, and Twitter pixel. Powerful Google Tag Manager (GTM) & datalayer automation with quick technical support from GA4 and analytics experts. Seamless integrations with a few clicks.

One app to set up Google Analytics 4, Facebook CAPI, marketing pixels & more.

Powerful Google Tag Manager datalayer automation for faster load & accuracy.

Use your own GTM with pre built Google Tag Manager tags (76) and triggers.

Build dynamic remarketing audiences for Facebook, Google & other ad channels.

Free audit, dedicated Customer Success Manager and priority Slack support.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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