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Best Shopify Apps for Advertising - Other

Optiapps ‑ Multi TikTok Pixels

Install from the Shopify App Store

Our TikTok Pixels Events API integration resolves tracking issues due to iOS 14.5+. Add unlimited backup pixels, and collection pixels, along with unlimited Events APIs tracking to your store. Send server-side events along with browser events. Avoid event tracking limitations due to iOS 14.5+, ad blockers, and connectivity issues. We instruct TikTok to throw away duplicate events. Events contain all necessary data for retargeting, optimization, and attribution to allow for maximum profit.

Install multiple TikTok Pixels as backup, and Collection Pixels with one click

Use TikTok Events API for a more accurate reporting

Unlimited Server side tracking with TikTok Events API for all your pixels

Fast reporting. Never miss a sale. No more iOS 14.5+ issues

Easy, intuitive TikTok pixels management. In-app Guides. Setup in few clicks

PIX ‑ Multi TikTok Pixels

Install from the Shopify App Store

Introducing PIX - Multiple TikTok Pixels , the app for TikTok advertisers! Install your TikTok pixel quickly and easily with us. It monitors important events in your visitors' buying journey and integrates ad pixels with your store, providing valuable insights and actionable data. Track metrics like website traffic, conversions, and revenue all in one place.

Install with ease no coding required

Simplify pixel management add unlimited pixels with ease

Customize your pixel tracking choose what to track with ease

GoodCarts enables automated post-purchase cross-promotion for “Circles” of stores with something in common (i.e. Black-owned or Sustainable).

Similar stores within a GoodCarts Circle promote each other’s discounts after a purchase has been made.

The result? Grow and win together! Your store enjoys smart marketing, attracting perfectly targeted new customers. Drive traffic. Increase sales. Easy installation. Advertising with no risk – our blocklist ensures you don’t promote competitors.

Automatic cross-promotion via discounts – attract new customers

Expertly targeted advertising – reach shoppers who’ll love your brand

Easy discount creation – quickly design and share eye-catching branded coupons

Convert your post-purchase traffic - automated partnerships that lower your CAC

Upgrade to the Featured Discount - an alternative to expensive advertising

ShareitEffect: More Referrals

Install from the Shopify App Store

Referral Marketing. Your customers share, on their personal social media, about the purchase they make on your Shopify website and eagerly recommend your business to hundreds of their followers.

Your customers will naturally influence their followers to buy from you.

Word-of-mouth: you do it, I do it, and now your customers will do it for you!

Your customers will post your products, brand and URL on their social media.

Friend-to-friend referral traffic is driven directly to your product page(s).

No design skills needed and ShareitEffect works with any Shopify store theme.

Tailorie Connect is a fantastic resource for Tailorie Brand Partners. With our app, you can seamlessly link your Shopify store to Tailorie, automating the process of receiving orders to be fulfilled for the Canvas Crate Program.

When you receive Canvas Crate orders, customer information will be included. Each order will also feature a unique Tailorie "tag," which will help you easily filter and locate all Tailorie orders and canvas crate recipients within your store.

Canvas Crate orders are sent to your store when a consumer matches on Tailorie.

Canvas Crate orders are sent with a Tailorie tag for easy search and filtering.

Canvas Crate Recipients are automatically created as customers in your store.

CodeADX–Promo Code Marketplace

Install from the Shopify App Store

Increase sales with no investment. Podcasters will run ads for free in return for a modest commission on sales made at your store by their listeners. This is risk-free advertising–No sales, no commission. CodeADX automates the entire process. We bring you the podcasters, write your ad copy, and track purchases listeners make at your store using the podcaster's promo code. You pick what to promote, set your commission, approve the copy, and accept/reject podcasters' requests to promote you. Easy!

Stop Wasting Money On Ads And Clicks That Don't Guarantee Sales.

Make Podcasters Your Commissioned Salesforce.

Harness Podcasters' Influencer Marketing Skills To Sell You.

Effortless: CodeADX Automates The Entire Process.

Major Podcasters Are Standing By To Sell For You.

Fuze Post Purchase Upsell

Install from the Shopify App Store

Create post-purchase funnels, Thank You page funnels & email funnels. COD upsells included. Display upsell & cross-sell offers & increase AOV, boost consumer trust, promote brand loyalty & deliver a better shopping experience. The app helps you build a partner network. This way, you can increase traffic & order volume across stores. You can run surveys & gather insights. In addition, you have access to an analytics dashboard & get a unified view of the app's effect on your sales, CTR & ROI.

Create post-purchase upsell funnels & engage your customers with up to 3 offers.

Promote sales with upsell & cross-sell offers displayed on your Thank You page.

Display enticing upsell and cross-sell offers in order confirmation emails.

Leverage COD upsells: expand your market reach & increase your profitability.

Run surveys, gather meaningful consumer insights & create better offers.

Ultimate ChatGPT Copy Creator

Install from the Shopify App Store

Input your target product in our search bar, and receive information on advantages and solutions for your product, in addition to advertising copy you can use.

Utilises AI to generate new marketing ideas

Save time when creating marketing content

Gain a different perspective on your product strengths

Facing distorted ROI in Google Ads due to refunds? Pinpointed offers a solution by fine-tuning Google Ads conversion adjustments. Our tool excludes refunded orders, revealing your ad spend's real effectiveness. This leads to more informed strategies, optimizing your campaigns for genuine orders. Automated daily API calls remove conversions from orders returned to you for a refund, providing an accurate ROI from your ad spend and training the Google bidding algorithms for better conversions.

Adjust Google Ads ROI by excluding refunds for true conversion accuracy.

Real-time Google Ads API conversion retraction and restatement for clarity.

Dashboard for insights on Google Ads refunds and conversions.

Advanced Order ID tracking for in-depth Google Ads insights.

Live chat and onboarding support.

Supercharge Your Shipping Experience with Postship

Elevate your post-purchase journey! Say goodbye to support ticket hassles and delight your customers with a seamless tracking experience.

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